Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Latest in the News

Campaigners Bid Harper Adieu While Vowing to Hold Liberals Accountable

‘We Are Not Ashamed’ – How Abortion Providers are Pushing Back Against Stigma and Intimidation
Sarah Lazare, Common Dreams

Friday, October 23, 2015

 Different Views
of October in NYC
and Brooklyn

 Celebrating my 57th Birthday
with a visit to Brooklyn Botanical Garden
and Prospect Park with Friends

Friday, October 16, 2015

 October Views - So Far

Here at work today [Oct 15th] ... me and others got to meet Ray Knight of the NY Mets. He scored the winning home run that got the 1986 team the World Series. Got some autographs and that is my NY Mets knitting bag in front of us.
NY Mets beat the LA Dodgers
Heading to NLCS against the Chicago Cubs

Monday, October 05, 2015

 Samples from the
Sept Photo Challenge

 Assorted Blooms
at the
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Sept 2015

Friday, October 02, 2015

 Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Annual Chili Pepper Festival
Sept 26th

Sept 1st to 7th … I was on vacation and visited Salem MA, Sherman ME and the parents homestead in upstate NY.  Put in a lot of driving mileage during that time frame.  Also, I celebrated my Dad’s 80th birthday with a surprise party.  Weather was warm, with many humid days, the whole time and no rain.

Sept 8th, I had a much needed manicure after work  J

Sept 10th, I attended the monthly BFP board meeting, and afterwards there was a “going away” party for one of the members, as he’s moving to Arizona.

Sept 11th, I had a much needed chiropractic treatment after work.

Sept 12th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt.

Sept 14th, I stopped by The Brazen Head pub on Atlantic Avenue to assess the scene for a future BFP A&C “happy hour” event.

Sept 15th, I attended the productive and informative monthly BFP A&C committee meeting.

Sept 16th, I had another much needed chiropractor treatment after work.

Sept 17th, I stopped by a Bernie Sanders for President location in midtown Manhattan after work to update my voter ID from Green Party to Democrat Party.  So that I may vote for the senator during the upcoming presidential primaries.  Afterwards I headed down to Union Square and purchased some DVDs from Best Buy.

Sept 18th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt.

Sept 19th, I met up with my friend Judith to see the film “Learning to Drive”, which was excellent, and afterwards we had lunch at Nanoosh on Broadway near West 70th Street.  Later on I headed down to Chinatown for much needed acupuncture treatment at Dr Tan’s office.

Sept 22nd, I had my first appt with NYU Dentistry on First Avenue in Manhattan.

Sept 25th, I participated with other EY volunteers at the EY Connect Day at the Food Bank in Hunts Point.  Later that evening I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt.

Sept 26th, I joined my friend Debbie in attending the annual Chili Pepper Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  It was a lot of fun and I got lots of photos of flowers.

Sept 27th, I volunteered with other BFP members at our table during the Atlantic Antic street festival.

Sept 29th, I participated at the annual EY FallFest for Diabetes at the office.  I was one of the vendors tabling and selling my “C of B Design” bead style earrings.

Sept 30th, I had my second appt with the NYC Dentistry for gum work and a cleaning.  I learned that I will have to see a different dept at NYU Dentistry for lots of work to be completed on my teeth.  I need to sign up with CareCredit, as it’ll cost abit, and not sure if they will “take” my office dental insurance.