Friday, March 28, 2003

Damn … has it been almost two weeks since my last entry?!? Geez! Naughty me!

Well, lets see if I can correct that today. Okay … where to begin. Hum. . . . . . .

First of all … back on March 22nd, I went to the Protest March, which started in Times Square and headed down Broadway to Washington Square Park. It was a gorgeous day out and felt very Spring-like. Got off the subway at Rockefeller Center and walked over from there. Got all the way to Broadway and 42nd Street was stopped there at intersection by a wall of cops. The protesters were on the other side of intersection, surrounded by barricades and heading down Broadway. At that moment, it all seemed frustrating, so I started talking to a chap standing there with a blue flag [world on it] on a poll. It was rather pretty.

We were there for about 15 minutes or so observing the action around us. Times Square, even without a protest march, is still a busy area on Saturdays. At one point I notice three teens [with small protest banners], their mother and an elderly chap in a wheel chair asking the cops how to get to march. Cops were sending people down to 6th Avenue. Way too far. So this group left and I nonchalantly kept them under observation. Next thing I know, there across the street and thru a small opening in barricades to the march. So I said to the chap I was talking to … roll up your flag cause we’re moving into action. Walked about a 100 yards or so down towards 6th Avenue, crossed the street while traffic was stopped at light, strolled down opposite sidewalk and casually thru the small opening in barricade. Voila!

At this point I turned to my companion and rather belatedly introduced myself. His name is Michael, about my age and works in film/music industry. At this point it’s about 12:20pm. So roughly over the next two hours Michael and I hung out at the march. What a turnout of people! It was awesome! Along the way, we talked to lots of different people, general observations, read the many banners/signs, buy buttons/pins and took some photos. Plus Michael and I talked between us on many different topics. I found myself really liking this man and quite frankly was attracted to him. Before parting ways I asked Michael for his phone number, which he gladly gave me and he asked me for mine. At about 2:15pm we’d gotten as far as 36th Street & Broadway, when I had to leave and make my way to Grand Central Station.

At GCS I had some sushi for a late lunch and purchased my train ticket to Yonkers. Caught the 2:53pm to Yonkers where Aliza and her daughter Briana picked me up. From there we went to Joanne’s home [ferret shelter] … as we’d been invited [amongst others] to celebrate her 60th b-day. We got there at about 3:30pm and Joanne was already there. So much for the surprise, yah know. Despite that it was a fun party and I met some really cool people. Joanne’s daughter Liz and a friend [Maggie] organized it all. Did a good job! At the party one could have soda or wine; naturally I chose the latter, plus nibbled on some taste food and later on some yummy desserts. A few days before I whipped up some homemade cookies and brought those with me for the festivities. While socializing I also went into the shelter to visit the furkids, play with some and fill up their water bottles. There all such darlings and most were busy snoozing. Finally, sometime around 6pm, Joanne sat down in the living room to open all her presents. She received lots of lovely items. I purchased a small, charming book called “Pets Letters to God”. Around 7pm Aliza took her daughter to her fathers and came back to Joanne’s place. We hung out until 8:30pm or so, when I noticed the time and said I had a train to catch. Missed the 8:49pm train to NYC, so I hung out at Aliza’s place for a while before catching the 9:49pm train. While at her place I played with her two adorable furkids … Vanilla and Chocolate. One is an albino and the other a dark sable. Got home that evening a little after 11pm. Overall it was a terrific day!

On Monday, March 24th, I received a phone call from Michael, the chap I’d met on Saturday. What a delightful surprise! We talked for about 15 minutes and he asked me out for dinner/drinks on Thursday. Naturally I said yes. We also exchanged email addresses and said he’d try to call me in a day or so. On Wednesday we connected again by phone and finalized plans for following evening. On March 27th I met him at the Starbucks, which is next door to my building, at 5:20pm. From there we had a great evening … drinks at Mercantile Grill, sushi dinner at Taste Of Tokyo and ending the evening at Delmonico’s Grill for tea/coffee and dessert. The whole time talking about many things and getting cozy. Got home at 11pm. I really like this man and hope to see more of him. Stay tuned........

Well folks, that is about it, for now. I think I’ve prattled on long enough, yah know. More news next time. . . . .

Thursday, March 20, 2003

The website listed below is regarding a petition to impeach Bush. If you feel strongly about all the issues going on at this time and want to lend your support, then check out the URL Make it known that as a law-abiding American you are displeased with the Bush Administration.

Monday, March 17, 2003

Happy St Patty’s Day! Erin Go Braugh!

OMG! The first day of spring is just around the corner. And we’ve been feeling some of its glory within the last week or so. Good thing too, cause its been a long, harsh winter and the warmth of the sunshine is a soothing balm. The first signs of spring hit us here in NYC last weekend, March 8th & 9th. It put me in the mood to do some Spring Cleaning. Did all sorts of stuff from cleaning windows to washing bed comforters [blankets]. It was an energizing experience. This past weekend was also very nice outside and felt damn good to walk about in it.

Speaking of this past weekend … I went to the annual Triple Pier Antique Show yesterday. It’s located on the Westside of midtown Manhattan [piers 88 thru 92]. Huge display’s of antique items to look upon or purchase. Everything from books, linens, toys, furniture, clothing, jewelry and so on. Every year I noticed at least one item that seems to be HOT. Well, this time around its ladies handbags from the 1940s up to 1970s. All types of styles, sizes, and materials … you name it. I did not purchase anything this year [though was tempted] … as I’m trying to keep a watchful eye on my wallet.

Yesterday evening I participated in a Candlelight Vigil for peace in my neighborhood park. It was held from 6pm to 8pm and many people brought their children too. The total of peaceful protestors against an upcoming war with Iraq numbered about 50. I met several interesting folk [i.e.: Don, Barbara, Jennifer, Tom, etc] and had stimulating conversations on current world topics. Most people agreed that it feels like we’re heading towards a George Orwell society. And that’s not good. Check out these web sites on how you too can become involved.


Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Have several things to chat about today and will do it in segments.

First segment ... check out this cool FM radio station called WBAI [99.5]. Especially on Monday nights ["Homefries"] from 9pm to 11pm, tho the rest of the week is cool too.

Second Segment ... The Yahoo Group I belong to called "inrockwetrust" is looking for new Pearl Jam fans to join. Swing on by and check out a fun, interesting group of Pearl Jam fans. [If your picked as MOTM you'll receive free goodies from the groups founders.] We chat about everything from our fav band, books, movies, music, current world events and even the weather. Its a blast! Here is the URL:

You can also access via a link on my Duchess website:

Third Segment ... If you live near Missoula, MT then check out this college radio station [KBGA]. Hum ... so you don't live near Montana, well then you can check out this cool radio station's website at:

Especially a great program on every morning from 8am to 11am EST. [Hosted by a cool e-pal of mine] This Monday, March 10th, they'll be playing music associated with Jeff Ament [Pearl Jam] ... since its his 40th b-day. WooHoo!

Fourth Segment ... Did volunteer work at the Yonkers ferret shelter this past saturday and as always, an awesome experience. Did all the usual duties and I never think of them as chores. Being around the furkids is always an interesting, fun, soothing theraputic experience. Since my last visit in early February, several furkids had come into the shelter and then promptly got adopted. Many of my favorites [ie: Oliver, Sweet Pea, Big Willy, Emily & Spats] are still there and just as adorable as always. During my tea break with Joanne ... she gave me a lovely one-year anniversary gift. So sweet and thoughtful of her. Oh my gosh ... has a year gone by already?!?