Monday, November 25, 2002

Not much to report since my last entry. Been busy baking cookies and candies for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Looking forward to getting out of the city for a few days and breath some clean fresh upstate NY air. Last week at work was a nice, steady flow of duties or projects. This week will most likely be quiet, as many folk take vacation time to be with their families, those with children et al. Can you believe a month from today will be Christmas Day. The end of the year sure do sneak up quickly on one. Damn! Other brief news and it will be brief. Jorge is totally out of the picture and has been for 1 1/2 weeks. Good riddence to that snobby asshole! I should of heeded the warning signs of emails and conversation [mostly one-sided ... his] during our October dinner date regarding his recent divorce. The man still has issues & much anger regarding his ex-wife and seems to catagorize ladies in conjunction with her. There were other things that annoyed me regarding him, but I will not waste my breath relating it here in this journal. Time to move onward. Lately I've been corresponding with an interesting, fun, fascinating, good looking chap who lives in the midwest. He's into Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Monty Python. Yeah! On that note ... time for this gal to get her ass back to work. Remember to keep rocking in the free world!

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Well folks ... another week has gone by and I've been very busy at the office. Meetings, coordinating conference calls, making travel plans, etc. There is an all day meeting going on today in our large conference room. Had to set up for this at 8am ... as well as set up the breakfast buffet at 8:30am. At least I get free breakfast ... yeah! Then there were troubles with the projector and I took care of that and then at 11:30am I set out the lunch buffet. You guessed it ... free lunch for me too. Partook of a tasty pasta salad with spinach and sundried tomatoes. Very good! Rest of work week should be relatively quiet, but things can change at last minute. It has in the past.

This past Saturday I travelled up to Yonkers. Yep, its volunteer time again at the ferret shelter. Got to see my darling, sweet, musk smelling furkids again. Several had been adopted since my last visit, two new ones are there and the little fella that was very sick died two weeks ago. The wee thing had stomach cancer and was only five years old. Sigh! As always did my usual duties around the shelter, as well as chat with Joanne during tea break. Can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Nope, didn't fall off the face of the earth or even the island of Manhattan. Its been abit quiet lately ... tho I did watch the NYC Marathon on November 3rd. The race goes right through my neighborhood in Brooklyn and its fun cheering on the runners. It was abit cold and windy that day ... these people are running with barely shorts and t-shirts on. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I've been taking some classes within my company [E&Y - free] to improve my skills as a valuable employee. Its interesting, fun, informative and gets me out of the office for a few hours. A nice way to relief some boredom. Boredom you say? YES! August and September were such busy months here ... then it was mostly quiet and dull during October and now November is picking up. Amen!

Oh happy day! Pearl Jam is in NYC! Their taping at the David Lettermen show tomorrow at Ed Sullivan Theater. Most likely doing songs from their new album called RIOT ACT, which is soooo good. If anyone is interested ... check out "Late Night with Lettermen" on November 14th & 15th starting at 11:35pm on CBS. Yeah!

This past weekend I went down to DC/VA to visit my friend Nancie. She lives in a nice community not far from Fairfax, VA. Children are at college and hubby was down in Florida for a long weekend visit. I think he was at a function dealing with guitars. Anyhow ... took friday off from work as a vacation day. Left NYC on Amtrak at 9:35am and arrived into DCs Union Station at 1pm. Weather was very nice that day ... sunny and warm. Headed to her house so that I could unpack, drink some tea, relax and catch up on gossip. At 5pm we went to get one-hour massages by physical therapist that Nancie knows. What a wonderful experience! I highly recommend it to everyone. Stick with licensed professionals and not those cheap ass, sleazy joints. Afterwards we went out to dinner and had sushi. Yummers! Before heading back to her house we did some grocery shopping at a huge store called GIANTS. Back at her house we put on our swimsuits and utilized the jaccuzzi/hottub next to the house back porch. Soooooooo relaxing! The next day we headed out just after 10am for abit of scenic sightseeing. Drove west thru Virginia to such towns as Warrenton, Manassas [checked out the civil war battlefield & museum], Sperryville, Luray and finally Shenandoah National Park. Along the way we checked out a cemetery, road food stands, church bake/craft sale, emporium and lots of pretty scenery. Finished off the evening with dinner out [Nancie's son Sam joined us] at a good Afghan restaurant. My first time trying that type of food and I loved it. I stuck with vegetarian dishes. Delicious! And the waiters were soooooo cute! Afterwards we dropped Sam off and then went shopping at a local Mall. Back at Nancies house we again put on swimsuits and jumped into the jaccuzzi/hottub. Wonderful! On sunday my sinus/allergies are really bothering me big time, but the medicine I took helped out abit. Most annoying! On Sunday, before heading back to NYC on Amtrak, we went to a craft sale at a local Jewish temple and then toured a plantation [ie: Sully]. I really enjoyed that latter one. Followed that with lunch out at a place called BOB EVANS. And then more shopping at another Mall before Nancie dropped me off at Union Station in DC. Got home after 9pm sunday evening and my allergies cleared right up. Very strange! Next year I'd love to check out and tour more civil war battlefields and plantations. Totally fascinating!

Well, thats all for now. Later.....................

Saturday, November 02, 2002

Hey All! Hope everyone had a fun, but safe Halloween. I'm kind of glad its over, cause I definitely had my fill of candy corn. Oh dear ... I think I'm due for another cleaning at the dentist. Usually do that AFTER Halloween. :-)

This afternoon I spent my time [leisurely] at the crowded Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue. There were two exhibits I wanted to view ... famed photographer Richard Avedon's Portraits and 18th/19th Century American Drawings & Watercolors. Both were very enjoyable, tho the latter one wasn't that crowded. In regards to Avedon, his work is wonderful, but I prefer his fashion photography from the 1940s thru 1970s. Before arriving at the museum, I stopped to chat with an artist who was selling his watercolor paintings. I was impressed with his work and we had a fascinating conversation. His name is Georgi Dimov, painting for 20 years and check out his web site ... Since Monday, October 28th, been listening to lots of new Pearl Jam CDs I received in the mail from e-pals. [Rock on Seany!] Even tho their new album isn't due out in stores until November 12th, a sweet darling e-pal in Finland sent me a burned CD she received from a friend. Thank you so much Jeanie ... I'm grooving to it. One of my fav songs on the album ["Riot Act"] is called "You Are". I LOVE IT!!

I know this is short, but I just wanted to touch base with everyone out there in Internet Land. Remember to keep rocking in the free world!