Saturday, July 31, 2004

How They Could Steal The Election This Time
by Ronnie Dugger

Maloney is trying to throw Robert Jereski off the ballot! The millionaire incumbent, who has voted with Bush too many times (click here: for a comparison between Jereski and the incumbent), is using her PAC money to unleash her election lawyers to thwart Democracy.

Jereski Campaign: Urgent Action Needed! If you reject the world Bush is offering us, then please get involved this week. The following five days are critical for our campaign to be able to challenge the Bush Agenda locally. On Wednesday, August 4th, the Board of Elections will hold a hearing to determine whether our petition to be on the ballot will be honored and whether - as a result - voters in our very powerful district of the country (with the wealthiest zip codes, a cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic, and educated voter base) will be given a choice of a real alternative to politics as usual in our federal government (see

Help raise the visibility of our campaign through outreach on the streets, media coverage, and a well-attended press conference in front of the incumbent's offices to demand she withdraw her petition challenges and accept our offer to inform the voters about their choice, through a series of debates leading up to the September 14th Primary. Our District is in the East Side of Manhattan, Western Queens, Roosevelt Island, part of Clinton (Hell's Kitchen). You can help by sending a check to the following address and/or taking action in the district:

Friends of Robert Jereski
2 Tudor City Place, Apt. 9AS
New York, NY 10017

You must be a U.S. citizen and for donations over $200 and up to $2000 (not more) you must include your name, address, occupation, and employer. Here's what we need you to do:

Press conference this Monday, August 2nd, in front of Maloney's office.
Where: 1651 3rd Avenue (92nd & 93rd Street)
When: Monday, 5:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.
Why: Protect our democracy, demand debates and a withdrawal of technical challenges that will prevent a real election in Congressional District 14. We need a show of strength so bring your friends and enemies and people you couldn't care less about one way or another. Please RSVP to 212.973.1782 or just come by bringing a few friends (true democrats) along!

Board of Elections Hearing [Wednesday, August 4th]
Where: 42 Broadway (take the 4, 5, 6 subway to Bowling Green)
When: Wednesday, August 4th, 10:30 a.m. until we get a decision
Why: To defend the petition signatures of the thousands of people who want a real Democratic choice for Congress in New York City.

Rush Hour Visibility & Weekend Outreach (From today onward). Pick up our new materials to help inform voters at subway entrances. Preview the new flyers by clicking here:
Where: Any subway stop in the district (East Side of Manhattan, Western Queens, Roosevelt Island, and part of Clinton)
When: During RUSH HOURS on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, mornings (6:45a.m. until 9:30 a.m.) AND evenings (4:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.) (August2-4th)

Also, over the weekend, distribute leaflets at throughout the district.
Why: People need to hear what we're offering and to join by volunteering and donating money to our efforts. Give a call to arrange to pick up flyers (212.973.1782) or just come by and get them at the front desk of 2Tudor City Place (41st Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue). We can also deliver flyers to you, if necessary. On Monday and Tuesday, August 2nd and 3rd, we need to have volunteers who really want change (click here: for comparison between Jereski and the incumbent) to join our campaign efforts! With your help, we can win this seat for a true Democratic Party representative!

Please pass this info on to other like-minded Progressive Democrats. Thank you!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty. Benjamin Franklin

Thursday, July 29, 2004

As you know the Republicans are holding their convention here in NYC at the end of August.  On August 29th, the day before the convention opens, United for Peace and Justice is planning a major protest.  It is crucial for all of us to get out there and show our opposition to the Bush agenda.  Please forward this to your email lists!  After many months of negotiations, United for Peace and Justice/UFPJ (the coalition of the many, many organizations working on this event) was able to get permission from the NYC authorities for us to march up 8th Avenue.  The Bloomberg administration will only give the rally permit for West Street (street level section of the West Side Highway) so that's where we will go after the march.  There is a great need to reach out into every neighborhood to get NYC out there on the 29th.  With our campaign experience, we could make a great contribution to this outreach.  You can acquire additional information about this event by visiting UFPJ at  or Not In Our Name at   At these sites you can find out how to get leaflets, posters, flags and/or stickers for the rally.  Pasted below is a call for the march created by Not In Our Name, one of the member groups of the UFPJ coalition.


No to the lies!
No to the wars for empire!
No to the disregard for the health of our planet and the people who live on it!
No to Patriot Acts and the attacks on civil rights!
No to the packed judiciary and stolen elections!
No to the demonization and repression of Arabs, Muslims and South Asians!
No to racial profiling, police brutality and the criminalization of whole communities!
No to the global destruction of women's rights!
No to the tax cuts for the rich and punishment for the poor!
No to the religious right controlling our private lives!
No to everything Bush & Co. are spearheading!
Yes to another course!
Yes to another future!
Yes to another way of relating to the world's peoples and to each other!
More than a million in the streets saying WE WANT A DIFFERENT FUTURE!
More than a million in the streets saying ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE!


We, Democrats, in convention united.  We who built this country with the sweat of our brow, we, the steelworkers, autoworkers, the miners, the aircraft workers, communication workers, the laborers, the people who teach the children, who farm the land, who drive the trucks, who clean the streets; we who hunger for justice, who nurse the sick, who represent the oppressed, who serve the meals, who stand at check out counters, who build the bridges, who sleep under the bridges, who hunger for food; we, who put out the fires, who police the streets; who protect this nation and the freedoms we celebrate tonight: the soldiers, the sailors, marines and air force.  We Democrats assemble united for John Kerry, united to recreate our nation with the power of the ballot, to transform it with the power of the human heart and the power of the human spirit.  Out of many, we Democrats are one. We are left, right, center. We are one. We are black, white, red, brown, yellow. We are one. One for jobs and health care for all. One for peace and fair trade. One for our children's future.  And we are One for John Kerry. We will carry America for Kerry and Kerry will carry America for us.

We remember who we are. We are the party of the people.  We are the party of FDR and the New Deal. The party of JFK and the New Frontier. Of Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society; of Martin Luther King's Dream, of Robert Kennedy's striving spirit; of Caesar Chavez's ‘si se puede!' Of Eleanore Roosevelt and human rights. Infused with the passion of Paul Wellstone from Minnesota, the humanity of Jimmy Carter from Plains, the engaging brilliance of Bill Clinton from Hope, and we are the party of John Kerry, the next great Democratic President of the United States. The history of social and economic progress in America was written by the Democratic party.  Democrats are the party of the minimum wage. The forty hour week. Time and a half for overtime. We are the party of the right to organize, the right to collective bargaining, the right to strike, the right to a safe workplace, the right to a secure retirement. We are the party of workers' rights, civil rights, and women's rights.

We are the party of national health care for senior citizens, of social security, public education and rural electrification.  When we show up holding the banner of social and economic justice, we win. And now must create a new America. In our National Anthem, when Francis Scott Key asked "does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave, o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?" He connected freedom and bravery, democracy and courage.  Courage America! Courage to replace an administration which has usurped our constitution and attacked our Bill of Rights.  Courage to reject doctrines which separate us from the world. Courage to rejoin the world to ban all nuclear weapons, biological and chemical weapons, land mines and small arms. Courage to join the International Criminal Court, to sign the Kyoto Climate change treaty. Courage America!

Courage to take principles of nonviolence and make them part of the everyday life of our nation and work with the nations of the world to put an end to war.  Courage, America, to create a nation where our government achieves legitimacy not from the money it spends on armaments, but from the resources it channels into education, health care, job creation, housing, environmental protection and new sustainable energy policies.  Courage to give John Kerry the chance to restart the 21st century.  Courage America. Courage to shake off the administration's propaganda, the fear: the threats, the deceptions, the color-coded threat systems and the misnamed and ill-conceived Patriot Act. Courage America. This administration led us into a war based on distortions and misrepresentations and we must hold them accountable.  Iraq had nothing to do with 911 or with al Queda's role in 911. There was no "gathering threat". There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

I was mayor of Cleveland, and I tell you have seen weapons of mass destruction - - in our cities. Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. Joblessness is a weapon of mass destruction, homelessness is a weapon of mass destruction, racism is a weapon of mass destruction, fear is a weapon of mass destruction.  We must disarm these weapons and we must turn the military budget into books, schools, teachers, housing, health care, job creation and stronger neighborhoods.  It's been said: "Once we walk there will be a path." So let us blaze a new path with John Kerry and John Edwards.  This convention will lead us toward the victory not just of a party, but the victory of the American people over fear, a victory of hope over despair, of faith over cynicism; a victory for health care, for civil liberties, for workers' rights, for human rights, for the environment, for peace. Courage America. Courage America. John Kerry America.

by Michael Moore, AlterNet
Michael Moore's July 27 speech to progressives, with an introduction by Alternet's Executive Editor, Don Hazen.

by Ian Williams, AlterNet
The people of Sudan are paying a high price for the Iraq War, which blurred the line between humanitarian intervention and moral crusade.

by Amanda Griscom, Grist Magazine
Environmentalism descended on the Democratic National Convention this week in the form of biodegradable balloons and recycled confetti and that's just the beginning. In EnviroHealth:

by David Corn, The Nation
"Even when a decisive election is only three months away, there still is time and opportunity for politicians (and their handicappers in the media) to gaze further down the road."

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


MN Delegates For Kucinich Not Quite Ready For Kerry


Tips For Your Own Liveshot
by Lauren Beckham Falcone

Transcript: Illinois Senate Candidate Barack Obama

Kucinich Delegates Now Must Decide

Kucinich Backers Not Ready To Let Go
by Andrew Kramer

Kucinich Endorses Kerry, But Still Has A Loyal Following
by Jim Provance

Dean Declares Support For Kerry
by Peter Reuell

Interesting Comments From JNS At "kucinich4president" Yahoo Group
I have to say, watching the convention gives me hope. The best so far is Barack Obama...I didn't know about him...I could vote for him for president and Jimmy Carter.  What an amazing man Jimmy is.  We have spent a lot of time being mad at the party and rightly so.  But when you look at history...Democrats have been some pretty darn good folks.  I have to believe that we can make the party stronger and more left leaning, but it will take time.  There's been a lot of brain washing under the bridge.  Ron Reagan did a great job.  I really didn't care for his daddy, but even he was better than what we have now.  But, I found Ron's willingness to speak out very refreshing and enlightening,  I really didn't understand stem cell research myself.  I loved what Clinton said about the Republicans needing us to be a divided nation and democrats didn't need that.  We stand up for issues, he is so right. And Hillary...she sure is a tough act! I admire her greatly. By the way...anyone who has missed the convention can see it at

Since Fox News is unable to rebut the basic premise of "Outfoxed," its anchors have resorted to slamming the film's technique.  Fox News'convention correspondent Carl Cameron, who is portrayed in the movie sucking up to then Governor Bush before an interview, complained "It was an unfortunate piece of editing in the movie that gave a far worse impression than the reality."  To counter this charge, director Robert Greenwald has released the entire footage of Cameron's pre-interview moments with Bush, when he didn't realize the tape was rolling.  The full clip makes Cameron look even worse.  He spends a full three minutes fawning over Bush. See this outrageous footage here:

All this bluster hides the serious fact that Fox News allows political partisans like Cameron to do important journalistic interviews, even when there are blatant conflicts of interest.  Call up Fox News and tell them to reassign Carl Cameron from the conventions and find a political reporter who doesn't carry a partisan bias at:

Fox News Channel
(212) 301-3000

This footage is a smoking gun -- Fox News is a Republican outlet, and the reporters make no bones about it.  At most networks, even a perception of a conflict of interests is enough to reassign are porter.  In 2000, a CNN producer whose husband was a lawyer for Gore was told not to have anything to do with campaign coverage.  LastThursday, the San Francisco Chronicle put its letters editor on leave for contributing $400 to the Kerry campaign.  Not so at Fox News, where Cameron remained in charge of campaign coverage, including the exclusive interview with Bush, despite his wife's involvement with the Bush campaign.  Do conflicts of interest really matter?  Well, to take just one example, the head analyst of election results for Fox News in 2000 was John Ellis, Bush's first cousin.  On Mr. Ellis' advice, Fox News was the first to declare Bush the winner of Florida and the presidency.  Ellis' call for Bush set off a cascade of similar calls by other networks, ultimately leading to the infamous Florida vote-counting controversy.  Blatant conflicts of interest like Cameron's and Ellis' highlight an appalling lack of journalistic balance on the part of Fox News.  To permit such assignments is unprofessional and deceptive.  It's the sort of behavior that gives Fox News such a bad name.  Most news outlets would be embarrassed and apologetic.  Fox News is smug and unrepentant.  Worse, they are doing it again this election.  Before we go any further, demand Fox News reassign Carl Cameron from the conventions and choose a reporter without personal ties to one candidate:

Roger Ailes, CEO and Chairman
Fox News Channel
(212) 301-3000

Of course, Fox News is trying hard to deny its obvious partisanship.  Both Cameron and Roger Ailes always cite a single story as proof thatFox News doesn't favor Republicans: the discovery of George W. Bush's arrest for drunken driving in the final week of the 2000 election.  Fox News takes credit for getting the scoop.  Real journalists at Salon magazine, however, reveal that the story was discovered by a young reporter at a local Fox broadcast affiliate, WPXT-TV in Portland, Maine, not the team at Fox News Channel.  Fox News recently affirmed it has "no editorial oversight" of any Fox affiliate.  Read the Salon story at:

Salon provides excellent, independent journalism without partisanship or personal conflicts of interest.  This is the sort of journalism we need to support with our subscription dollars.  Salon is offering a 50% discount to MoveOn members.  Can you help support Salon's important work? Please subscribe now at the link above.  Thanks for all you're doing to encourage true balance in our national news media. Our democracy dependson it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

by Roberto Lovato, AlterNet
The consensus at the Boston Social Forum is that another world really is possible.

Ohio Representative Kucinich Releases Delegates

by Ted Turner, Washington Monthly
The founder of CNN explains why big media conglomerates pose a serious danger to democracy.

Joshuah Bearman, reporting from Boston for the LA Weekly, chimes in on Kucinich, on-message about Democratic unity.   And on the decidedly non-luxury accomodations he's forced into.

by Brian Montopoli, Campaign Desk
The bloggers came ready to cover the Democratic convention but found that they were the story instead.

by Amanda Griscom, Grist Magazine
All the talk of pending EPA enforcement actions is just that -- election-year talk. It may fool voters, but Bush's big  campaign contributors won't lose any sleep.

Kucinich & Dean Backers To Press On
by W.Buchanan & C.Pope
They are the children of the lost cause, but for the delegates belonging to Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean, the crusade continues.  Read more here:

Kucinich Urges Unity With Washington Delegation
by David Postman
Dennis Kucinich visited Washington's delegation yesterday to urge them not to fall for any media spin about differences among Democrats convening in Boston.  Click here for more on this story:

Supporters Plan To Vote Kucinich
by Elizabeth Skewes,1713,BDC_11917_3067057,00.html

Monday, July 26, 2004

POLL: Delegates, Kerry Differ On Key Issues
by Michael Paulson

Warnings Of Threats Are Threatening
by Lynn Blanke

Dissent Is Now Dangerous
by Steven Laffoley
[Duchess Note -- Dissent is very pro-American and our right to question government, plus keep TRUE democracy alive.  Do not be afraid!  Stand up for your rights!  Don't let those screaming, insane bullies on extreme right-wing news programs [ie: Fox News, CNN, MSNBC] tell you otherwise.  Corporations, media and the Bushies want to instill fear in all Americans, as well as employ total repression.  Its Orwells "1984" come to life and in full blown technicolor.  If we true patriotic Americans mass together, we can squash it and get back OUR democracy.]

Conventions More Show Than Substance
by Richard Allen Greene

Meet The Bloggers [DNC In Boston]
by C.Bailik & E.Weinstein,,SB109045054755870333,00.html?mod=todays_free_feature


“It’s challenging to run INSIDE the Democratic Party!” Dennis spoke to his delegates Sunday afternoon in the atrium of Julie Hall at Emmanuel College, where many volunteers are staying for the convention in Boston this week. But first, he listened. He politely declined Convention Coordinator Tim Carpenter’s suggestion that, since time was short, he first make a few remarks. Dennis wanted to hear what the delegates had to say to him. There is an almost unanimous strong desire among Kucinich delegates to vote for Dennis in the first round, though supporting John Kerry in the campaign for President.

For an hour, Dennis listened intently, taking notes, as most of the delegates present had their one-minute say. “I’m hearing my own words come back to me,” he said at the end. “We have to say simultaneously: ‘We are the Party’ and ‘The Party is becoming us.’ “We stand at the start of the convention, and some say there is no path. There will be one, once we create it. “While we support Kerry, we’re not in any way backing down from what we stand for. You know, 9 out of 10 of all the delegates at this convention already agree with us on just about everything. This morning, the New York Times reported that 9 out of 10 delegates polled oppose the war! In that case, they’re probably nine-and-a-half out of ten in favor of universal single-payer health care.” Kucinich then talked about what is called “cognitive dissonance,” the holding (by many voters and Kerry delegates) of mutually opposing positions simultaneously, adding that we can help clear up this conflict. “I have to hold our position in the Party, in order to keep pressing for change. We’ve come to the heart and soul of the Party, and THEY need US. We have credibility inside the Democratic Party,” Kucinich said.

He finally held up the two pages of notes he had made before coming, the beginnings of what he plans to say this week, followed by page after endless page of notes he had just made as he listened to the delegates’ concerns here this afternoon. Tomorrow (Monday) afternoon, before the convention opens, he will meet again with his delegates to work out strategy for exactly how we can bring the concerns of all the progressives across the country before the convention. The hallway and stairs overlooking the atrium were filled with volunteers watching the proceedings, and Dennis asked at the end to hear from some of them, too, before he left. The meeting ended with heartfelt singing of “Imagine,” followed by a spontaneous chanting of “Peace Now!”  Lenore Luscher

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Ronstadt Gets Audience Walkout Encore
by Bonita Brewer 

Important Message From TRUE MAJORITY - Fox News' Claim To Be "Fair and Balanced" Is Not Only a Lie, It's False Advertising Tell the Federal Trade Commission to Stop Fox from Misleading the Public

It's bad enough that Fox News serves up biased "news" day after day on program after program. But it's even worse that Fox advertises its news as "fair and balanced" when numerous studies have proven this wrong.  A group of organizations, including and led by, have devised a clever strategy to spotlight Fox's deceptive practices.  They've petitioned the Federal Trade Commission to declare Fox's "Fair and Balanced" motto false advertising.  Even if we lose our FTC case, this campaign will educate people about Fox, which is arguably the right wing's most effective propaganda tool. So it's important to dial up the citizen pressure on the Federal Trade Commission.  Here's the complaint that we will send to the Federal Trade Commission in your name:

"Fox News claims that its programs are "fair and balanced," but study after study has shown that they are biased. So it is clearly not in the public's interest for Fox to be allowed to use the phrase "fair and balanced" to promote its programs.  This is false advertising, plain and simple.  Though novel, this argument is no different than other cases that the FTC considers regularly. You do not allow companies manufacturing diet pills to advertise that their products will help consumers miraculously lose weight, if this claim is proven wrong. Fox's claim of "fair and balanced" has been proven wrong, and the ramifications go beyond creating obesity to undermining the proper functioning of our democracy. On behalf of public interest, the FTC should intervene."  Check out this video clip that put together to show just how fair and balanced Fox News' Bill O'Reilly is (click on the photo of O'Reilly on the right of the page):

Click here to read MoveOn's complaint filed before the Federal Trade Commission:

Robert Greenwald has produced an excellent expose of Fox News' unfair and unbalanced news coverage, and examines the dangers of "ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public's right to know." Order it at

QUOTE OF THE DAY - When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.   Thomas Jefferson

An Important Message From Working Families e-Activist Working Familiese-Activist Network

Yesterday the U.S. Senate and House recessed until after Labor Day--failing to block the Bush overtime pay take-away set to go into effect Aug. 23.  Republican leaders repeatedly joined with the Bush administration and blocked votes on two separate pieces of legislation that would have protected workers' right to overtime pay.  Starting on Aug. 23, employers can begin reclassifying many workers as ineligible for overtime, but it probably will take some time for employers to fully understand the extremely complex and confusing new rules and start deciding who can lose overtime pay.  Our fight to preserve overtime pay isn't over.  The two pieces of legislation before Congress would repeal the Bush administration's overtime pay cuts regardless of whether those cuts have been implemented already by employers.  Please take one minute right now to send a fax to your senators and representative by clicking on the link below.  Tell them to block the Bush overtime pay take-away.

We need your continued action.  Pro-working family members of Congress will keep fighting to repeal the Bush overtime cuts after the recess and for as long as it takes to restore workers' overtime rights.  The Bush administration is going forward with this massive pay cut for working families despite opposition from bipartisan majorities of lawmakers and millions of working families.  Look for more alerts on this and other issues soon.  Don't forget to spread the word about Bush's overtime pay take-away to your friends, family and co-workers.

Friday, July 23, 2004

A Small Victory For Progressives
by Steven Rosenfeld
Did Kucinich sell out as Amy Goodman suggested?  I don't think so.  Of course, it's immeasurably frustrating for progressives to campaign on big ideals and higher standards and be offered crumbs by the nominee.  But accepting crumbs from Kerry on withdrawing troops from Iraq in 2004 is better than being cast off by Clinton in 1992.  Take another look at that 2004 platform language. Admittedly, it's pretty vague.  "We pushed hard to get 'withdrawal' language, and they finally gave us 'reduction' language," the Kucinich website says.  To read more of this article, click here:
PRESS RELEASE:  Insurgent Candidate Condemns Ballot Chellenge From Congress Member Carolyn Maloney
On July 15th, the JERESKI FOR CONGRESS campaign announced that we had obtained enough signatures to get on the ballot to challenge the Bush Agenda in New York City.  Four days later, we received word that our petitions were being challenged by people working closely with the Maloney campaigns.  Maloney recently expressed support for U.N. oversight of the U.S. presidential elections.  How ironic that she is trying to avoid a primary election in our own District.  We issued a press release the following day condemning this undemocratic challenge to our ballot access (see below).  The press has steered clear of informing people about this story.  That's why we need your help now more than ever.  We need donations from you and your contacts.  Even $25 each can raise significant amounts of funds, enough for us to overcome this challenge, get on the ballot and win.  That's why Maloney's scared of our challenge and why she's unleashed her election lawyers with these undemocratic tactics.  We need volunteers: to distribute literature, organize events, take on a coordinating role in the campaign.  We need to build our database of contacts to ensure that we turn out the vote on Primary Day, September 14th.  Send a monetary contribution today!

Friends of Robert Jereski
2 Tudor City Place, Apt. 9AS
New York, NY 10017

In peace and solidarity,
Campaign Management Team
Jereski for Congress Campaign

Press release issued on July 20th condemning ballot challenge ... For Immediate Release

Insurgent Candidate Condemns Ballot Challenge from Congress Member Carolyn Maloney From Florida to NYC, Democracy Under Threat

When: July 20th, 2004
Who: Robert Jereski for Congress
Contact: 212 973 1782

Robert Jereski, candidate for Congress (Dem NY 14th District), condemned the challenges to his effort to get on the ballot in the September Democratic primary and offer voters a choice against the Bush Agenda.  Although the Jereski campaign filed almost twice the amount of signatures required to gain ballot access, a number of vague "General Objections" were filed at the Board of Elections yesterday afternoon. One hour before the challenges were filed, Representative Maloney's election lawyer was spotted on site.

"This is a blatant, and coordinated attempt to deny the voters of the 14th District a choice. I represent a challenge to the Bush Agenda that many people in our district are demanding elected officialdom stand up to." Jereski noted.
  Officials at the Board of Elections confirmed that six challenges were filed against Jereski before the deadline of midnight July 19th. The list of challengers included top Democrats aligned with the Kerry Presidential Campaign, Delegate David L. Cohen and New York State Democrat Committee Member Trudy L. Mason, as well as Heather K. Leifer, John Mills, Alexander Tisch, and Micah Kellner.  A Campaign spokeswomen noted the irony of Ms. Mason's involvement in this kind of crass machine politics. "Maloney's own Lexington Democratic club threw Mason off the ballot in an election for the City Council seat, Maloney vacated when she became a Congressperson 12 years ago." Mason, and many others, originally wouldn't support Maloney because of profound questions and denying voters a real contest in the City Council race was seen as petty revenge by most observers.

"I am especially disappointed that a Delegate for Senator Kerry would be involved in this attempt to avoid a primary in the 14th District. Just as I joined the call to count all votes in Florida, we ought to demand that those Democrats in our district demanding a contest in the 14th be heard. This is clearly coordinated by people very close to Representative Maloney. I call on Senator Kerry and her to allow the voters a choice, rescind the inappropriate challenges and engage me in three debates before the election." Jereski challenged. 
The Jereski campaign asserted that this was just one more hurdle to surpass as they engage in a vigorous outreach effort. "We will be on the ballot. When the voters learn about some of her shocking votes to enable the Bush Agenda, I am confident that they will vote for someone who better represents their interests." Jereski said.

For background information on Robert Jereski and his campaign to challenge the Bush agenda and represent the people of the 14th District in New York see:

[A delightful drawing of Sean Bean as Boromir from LOTRs "Return of the King" screen credits.  And shared with me by the ladies at BeanBuffs Yahoo Group.]

The Real Show
by Bill Moyers

The Rep From Fahrenheit 9/11
by John Nichols

The 9/11 Report: Bad News For Bush
by David Corn

Thursday, July 22, 2004 Blog Search Engine
Unity Is Essential
by Dennis Kucinich 

Personal News #29
Well I finally got to see "Fahrenheit 911" this past weekend on Sunday, July 18th. Wow! Oh my gosh! What an intensely, brilliant, well done film by Michael Moore thats based on truth and the facts. I experienced a wide range of emotions throughout this two hour movie. As did the other folk in that upper eastside Manhattan cinema go through similiar feelings [ie: tears, anger, laughter, etc]. At the time of the 9/11/01 tragedy I worked about 6 blocks southeast of the World Trade Center south tower. I was there that day, a day we New Yorkers will never forget. Seeing and hearing that 9/11 segment in the Moore film brought such emotions, plus tears spilling down my cheeks. I was sitting between two elderly ladies and I swear we were all in tears. One of the things this film did for me was cement my intense dislike for the whole Bush Administration and what havoc its brought about in 3 1/2 years. Without a doubt, this is truly one of the worst administrations in American history. I strongly urge many Americans to go see this film BEFORE November 2nd election. It will open your eyes to the selfish, arrogant, corrupt greed of this administration and lack of compassion for poor or middle class Americans [plus the  world]. If you cannot get to the cinema, I've heard from reliable sources that the DVD will be out BEFORE November 2nd. Excellent! Amen!

Back on July 12th we were suppose to have a NYC Friends Of Kucinich general meeting, but it was rescheduled to July 19th. I am so happy it was rescheduled, as I couldn't attend the previous date due to ill health. At Mondays meeting [which was two hours after my dentist appointment] the following Kucitizens were there ... Ellen, Paul, Efram, Sandy, Bill, Linda, Tom, Ken and myself. It may seem like a small gathering, but we had some excellent discussions on numerous topics. One of which was about the upcoming Democratic National Convention being held in Boston. Two people [ie: Ellen & Linda] at the meeting will be heading up that way this Friday.  [I'm told that other NYC Kucitizens will be going.] I am so looking forward to hearing of their experiences at the next general meeting on Wednesday, August 4th. Then on August 5th is the monthly Kucinich Meetup ... location still hasn't been decided. Further talk centered on NYC Kucitizens and asking them to help out several progressive campaigns in the area. The progressive Democrat campaigns are for Frank Barbaro, Jessica Flagg (718-549-4422), Robert Jereski and Diane Savino (718-303-9660).  [Here on the Duchess Blog, I currently have Jereski's website link listed to the right & will have the other three links up shortly.] Sadly the "Candidate Forum" will not be happening before the DNC, but there is a possibly that it may happen before the November elections. THE NATION is still interested in being a sponsor for this event. Recently Nader/Dean had a debate/forum down in DC and it can still be viewed on video via CSPAN website. After the meeting ajourned, I joined Paul for a quick bite to eat at Grand Central Stations food court. We hadn't seen each other in awhile and caught up on news.

On Tuesday, July 20th, I joined others [ie: Ann, Tonya, Angie, Jill, Richard, Evan, myself & a nice Japanese gal] at Saints Alp Teahouse for the monthly Tea Meetup. We spent an enjoyable two hours talking, eating good food and drinking some interesting cold refreshing tea combos. I really like this establishment, as their food is nicely prepared and reasonably priced. It was a very warm evening and seemed like everyone was out in Greenwich Village. All the restaurants and cafe's were hopping with activity and patrons. Lovely seeing Jill again and she has such a bubbly personality. We hadn't touched base since end of April, beginning of May, so that was a nice perk.



Let's celebrate what we've been able to accomplish together so far.
Where: The Nuyorican Poets' Cafe, 236 E. 3rd St. Between Aves. B & C
When: Thursday, July 22nd at 7:30 p.m. until 9:30p.m
What: A benefit for Friends of Robert Jereski (to elect Jereski to Congress)

Performances by:

Casey Neill:  Over the last few years, Casey has busked with Pete Seeger in Grand Central Station, toured with Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra, collaborated with many of the finest traditional Celtic musicians, and toured throughout the US, Canada, & UK.

Folk-soul songwriter Allison Tartalia:   
Her first album Ready won the 2003 Outmusic Award for Best Female Debut and she was recently hailed as an up-and-coming "Indie Chick" by She Magazine. As her album title suggests, Allison Tartalia is Ready - and she's heading your way.

Please bring your checkbooks to contribute inside during the event. We are unable to accept cash.  (You can pay cash at the door.)  If you are unable to make it, please send a check (up to $2,000) to:  Friends of Robert Jereski, 2 Tudor City Place, #9AS, New York, NY 10017.   If you donate more than $250 please include your occupation and the name and address of your employer. If you care about challenging the Bush Agenda, come to our fundraiser, with your friends.  Remember, if you can't make it, send $10, $35, $100, or up to $2000.  YOUR DONATIONS GO TO CREATING A NETWORK OF INFORMED ACTIVISTS DEDICATED TO CHALLENGING THE BUSH AGENDA!  We need your monetary contributions from across the country to take on a millionaire incumbent who voted for the Bush Agenda.  Stop the war, bring the troops home, protect our Civil Liberties,  health care for all, inves t in renewable energies, Marriage Rights for all, supports Choice and more!

We don't hire high-priced consultants; we're not wasting our money on polls. We know what the people of the country are calling for and that's why Rob's running. Your money will contribute directly to the necessary work of organizing an informed, networked, body of voters who are demanding fundamental change. Together we can create a truly representative Democratic Party, one Congressional seat at a time! 
Please send $20 or more if you can afford it. E-mail your friends and family with a personal note about this event and this important election. And ask them to contribute too.  Please RSVP at with "RSVP" in the Subject heading.  Challenge the Bush Agenda!

Robert Jereski ... Democrat for Congress

[From Kucinich For President Website]

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, whose dogged determination and intensely loyal grassroots support carried him through every primary and every caucus in the nation, has endorsed Sen. John Kerry and pledged to "do everything possible" to help elect him as President.  "Unity is essential to bring change in November," said Kucinich. "Unity is essential to repair America. Unity is essential to set America on a new path."  "With the same passion and commitment I demonstrated in my own campaign for President, I intend reach out on behalf of the Kerry-Edwards ticket to unite our Party with all those who may have felt left out. I will let them know that the time has come to unite in a common effort for change which is essential, not only for America but for the world."

In a joint appearance Thursday in Detroit, Kerry responded by saying, "I'm proud to have his help."  "Dennis brings a passion," Kerry continued, "not just to the Party and to the unity that he spoke of, but to our country. He loves this country. He loves the ideals that we're founded on, and he loves the dream that we're still chasing."  Kerry also said he agreed with Kucinich's assessment that many Americans feel left out.  "He spoke the truth when he said there are many people from different parts of our Party who want to feel comfortable that they can find the kind of honesty and decency that they want in their government. And I think that Dennis' coming on board with some of those who've been the most disaffected and the most disappointed is a sign that our Party is going to be unified as never before. We are going to be focused as we've never been before. We are gong to restore America 's sense of right and wrong and its commitment to the average people who are struggling to make ends meet and make this country live up to its dreams."

Stressing the linkage between unity and victory in November, Kucinich said, "John Kerry can win because there is a place within the Democratic Party for everyone, including those who may be thinking of supporting Ralph Nader." Kucinich pointed out, "Most people know I have many of the same commitments that Ralph has." But he added, "If there is room for me in the Party and in the Kerry-Edwards campaign, there is certainly room for Ralph and for his supporters."  Both men acknowledged that they have had differences on some issues. "When we disagreed," Kerry noted, "which we did do on a number of different issues, we agreed to do it agreeably."  Kucinich, said Kerry, "is a man who knows what the middle class is struggling with today, and his fight has been a fight for justice and for fairness. It has also been a fight for peace."  Kucinich described Kerry as "a good friend and a decent man."  "He has a lifelong commitment of honorable service to our nation as a military officer and as a Senator. He can be trusted with power. He will help heal America ."  Kucinich is scheduled to speak at the Democratic Convention Wednesday night.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A Great Letter From “kucinich4president” Yahoo Group member Ann Seidl In Madison, WI To Eli Pariser At

Sorry, Eli.  I don't believe that John Kerry represents the average American.  All I hear out of his mouth is meaningless, centrist and cowardly poli-speak.  He does absolutely nothing for me.  I'm a lifelong democrat.  I am taking it VERY personally that Kerry and Edwards are "beating around the Bush" and failing to show simple courage - specifically on the war in Iraq, and, in Kerry's case, the gay marriage situation in his own state.  In fact, I'd be willing to settle for any ONE of the issues that I deem critical - NAFTA, the war, the Patriot Act, equal marriage rights, ANYTHING.  Until then, yawn.  I am hoping for more pressure from MoveOn, an organization I like and respect.   I'm afraid this rah-rah for Kerry is another yawn for me.  Who are we that we can't pressure our candidates into a little more backbone?!?  If not now, when every single Dem vote is worth having, then when?  If not now, when the transparent motives for going to war have been utterly exposed, then when?  If not now, when the atrocities committed by Americans have revealed the barbarity of war, then when?  If not now, when 56% of Democrats polled believe we should leave Iraq immediately, then when?

I'm tired, Eli.  I'm tired of waiting and hoping and waiting.  I'm done being patient.  I'm done being the good soldier.  I'm through with contributions and house parties and knocking on doors.  And I'm not alone.  Michael Moore is the closest thing to a brave Democrat that we've got, and he isn't running.  I thought for certain that the success of Fahrenheit 911 would prod our Cardboard Candidates into saying something real, and I'm gob smacked that they haven't flung themselves, body and soul, onto that bandwagon.  But nothing.   You tell me.  What am I supposed to think?  Here's an idea.  Why don't you replicate your online primary from last know, the one where Dean won and Kucinich came in second?  Ask people to vote on the importance of each of these issues, and shout it from the rooftops.  That would be great.

Another Terrific Message From "kucinich4president" Yahoo Group member Ann Seidl

I dunno ... I've been thinking hard about this.  I mean, look at the kind of self-awareness and humility that the people of Germany have today.  Look at the Japanese.  We keep crowing about being the greatest country on earht, but really, what have we done to deserve it?  That wihch is gotten without sacrifice is held to be without value.  "Justice"  "Equality"  "Rule of Law"  "Democracy"  "By the People"  These words are meaningless to most people.  We haven't EARNED them, you know?  I think the big, strong, bully democracy of the world needs to be taken down a peg.  I'd rather we do it ourselves [ie: experiencing what happens when these cherished values and practices go away] and come out with a genuine passion for our country than to have someone do it to us. 

Defining Love Of Country - We Ought To Ask Our Presidential Candidates Whether Or Not They Love US
by Patti Davis

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

On The Wings Of A Dove - Kucinich Fights The Good Anti-Fight
by James Ridgeway
Dem Platform Gets A Touch Of Muscle
by John Nichols
Message From ACTION CENTER - Join Us In Boston To Say NO To ImperialistPolice State - We The People Will NOT Be Silenced!
In an attempt to intimidate protest and silence dissent, the Boston Police, in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security, is imposing unprecedented police state measures:

1]  City Bus Drivers were given mandatory "anti-terror"training.  They were shown films to help them identify "terrorists."  The people shown in the film were not terrorists--they were ANSWER activists.  Bus Drivers have been ordered not to allow anyone on the bus carrying political signs.  Peaceful protest has now been officially designated as "terrorism" by the government.

2]  More than 75 high tech cameras have been placed throughout the city, with instant links to "monitoring stations."  From these stations, Federal Agents can zoom in on facial characteristics and license plates.  The surveillance of political activity without probable cause, which has been determined to be illegal and unconstitutional, is designed to intimidate and harass protestors.

3]  The Boston Police has announced planed for the round-up, mass arrest, and detention of political dissenters during the DNC.

We MUST take a stand against the Police State in Boston & bring back Democracy!  How You Can Help ... Call, write, and fax the following.  Tell them we will not tolerate their war on civil liberties:

Thomas Menino
Mayor of Boston
fax:  617-635-3416
phone:  617-635-4500

John Kerry Campaign
fax:  202-712-3001
phone:  202-712-3000

Message From MOVEON.ORG - Fox News Is "Unfair & Unbalanced"

On Sunday evening, over 25,000 people gathered in living rooms across the nation to see "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism."  It was an inspiring turnout.  And we saw just how Fox News delivers the Republicans' talking points under the guise of a news broadcast.  Raising the stakes, Common Cause and MoveOn filed a complaint this morning with the Federal Trade Commission challenging Fox News' deceptive advertising slogan "fair and balanced."  We need your help.  Sign our Fox petition and join in our complaint to the FTC and Congress at:
We need to add hundreds of thousands of signatures and comments by Wednesday, so that the FTC and Congress know they've got to deal with this issue. The challenges to Fox's partisanship are mounting.  Not surprisingly, Fox hasn't offered any real defense.  Instead, they have responded by attacking former employees who are speaking out.  It's crucial that we demonstrate public support for these courageous journalists and voice our disgust with Fox's deceptive advertising.  And we really need to spread the word about this campaign.  On the petition page, there's a really horrifying but funny video clip from the film highlighting Bill O'Reilly's hypocrisy. After signing and giving your comment, you can send the petition and this clip to friends to keep the ball rolling.  This is just the beginning of our Fox campaign.  In this election year, nothing could be more important than demanding fair coverage in the press.  We're putting all the media on notice that we will accept no less.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Comments Posted On ANONYMOSES Blog ... "Outfoxed": FOX Exposed As Biased, Unprofessional Groupthinkers...At Best
Imagine Jayson Blair...the notorious New York Times spinmeister who was canned and ridiculed for making up stories out of thin air.  Now multiply Jayson Blair by hundreds, thousands, and visualize them working for the same company.  You have stumbled into FOX News.  Get out while you can! They will try to indoctrinate you with lies, innuendo, distortion, propaganda...and bullying.  And if you don't believe "OutFoxed".  It will open your eyes to the sad realities.  It will also make you incapable of ever taking these paid liars and buffoons seriously.  They may as well close up shop, bury their heads in shame, and hope to be hired as circus monkeys.  Thanks go to the dear folks, who may or may not want to mentioned, who hosted the wondrous party here in Charlotte...John Edwards country.  The food was good, and the discussion, lively.  Yet another success story for MoveOn, Alternet, and...democracy.

Outfoxing The Conservatives
by Nikki Finke 
Film Blasts Media Bias
by Mike Kalil,1413,102~8862~2280969,00.html

Outfoxing The Conservatives
by Nikki Finke
The Fahrenheit Effect
by Ken Parish Perkins

The following link was shared with me by another "Jereski for Congress" volunteer and acquaintance of mine.  I think you'll find it amusing:



Congressman Dennis Kucinich, in a fiery speech to more than 300 green-shirted public employee union members, accused President Bush of abandoning working people by supporting privatization and outsourcing. The labor rally, sponsored by AFSCME, aimed to gain the attention of the National Governors Conference, which was also held this weekend in Seattle. In addition to the rally, Kucinich attended a private fundraiser and an outdoor picnic with his Washington delegates to the Democratic National Convention while in the Evergreen state. Photo by Gerri Haynes.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Message From NARAL Pro-Choice To All NYC & NY State Volunteers
The Senate returns to Albany on Tuesday, July 20 and we'll be there inforce to urge them to pass the Emergency Contraception Pharmacy bill! Thisbill would allow women to access EC directly from their pharmacist. TheNARAL Pro-Choice New York caravan will leave the office, located at 45Howard Street, one block north of Canal at Broadway, at 10:00AM. We'llleaflet and lobby as in days past and return by 9:00PM, if not earlier.Please let me know by Monday whether you plan to join us.  Destiny Lopez,NARAL Pro-Choice New York, or 212-343-0114 x20
Message From Dennis Kucinich For President Campaign Regarding The Upcoming Democratic National Convention & The Future Of America
A year ago, we decided that we cared enough about changing the direction of our nation that we would stand up, speak out, band together, and work within the system collectively to have an impact far greater and much sooner than we could possibly have trying to effect change from outside the system.  We called on the Democratic Partyto open its arms to all of us and to all of our ideas and ideals.  We trudged through every state in the Union, finding support and encouragement, but also sometimes disappointment and even derision. We fought to expand the base of the Party by demanding that it move away from the comfort and convenience of centrist policies so that, with a broader and more diverse constituency, we could all unite to win back the White House, provide a new vision and new hope for the people of our country, and re-establish ourselves as decent, moral, respected members of the world community.
Has our strategy succeeded? Have we had the impact we had hoped in moving the Democratic Party in a more enlightened and more progressive direction?  Critics, of whom there are many, will say "no." Despite our most concerted efforts in Miami to persuade the Democratic Platform Committee to take bold and principled positions on the most crucial issues of our time, we were overwhelmingly outnumbered by those who preferred to play it safe. We could have fought "to the death," as some critics have urged, and still never garnered enough votes to even force a public debate on the floor.  Instead, we succeeded in getting the Party leadership to acknowledge the legitimacy and importance of our issues, offer compromise language they hoped would be acceptable, and eventually agreed to an amendment calling for a reduction in U.S. military presence in Iraq -- rather than an increase.
Was it enough? No. Yet it was a significant step in a direction that would not have even been otherwise considered.  Leaders of the Party and the members of the Platform Committee came away with an unanticipated appreciation and respect for the depth of national concern about these issues and the intensity with which these battles will continue to bewaged.  Will any of this really make a difference in November? Or beyond?  That depends upon us.  If we continue raising our voices, challenging conventional wisdom, arguing with heightened fervor for peace and justiceand equity in our laws and our policies, then "yes," it will make a difference. The Democratic Party is listening.  Little by little, perhaps too-little by too-little, it is moving and will continue to move in the direction that millions of Americans want it to.  Now is not the time to abandon our efforts or the principles that brought us together, and we don't intend to.  A year ago, it seemed like something more wishful and hopeful than reachable or real. We believed in the journey we were about to start, but we had no illusions about the magnitude of the challenge.
We enlisted in the long-shot Presidential campaign of a candidate advocating "radical" ideas like peace, health care for all, new economic policies that create jobs rather than ship them overseas, protection of our civil liberties, insistence on equal rights under the law, expanded educational funding...a candidate committed to bring about truly progressive change to the politics and policies of our nation, but within the framework of the Democratic Party.  And there we were -- some of us total strangers to the political process: bright, spirited, caring 20-somethings who never imagined themselves as participants in a national political movement.  Some of us, the 50-somethings, had either plunged or dipped our toes in the process in the 60's and 70's but left, either disillusioned or inspired to try other approaches.  And everyone in between, from all over the country, every age, every occupation and lifestyle, every race and religion, and every life experience.  What united us was our candidate, Dennis Kucinich, and what he stood for.  But it was more than that.  Separately, and in different ways, the anti-progressive, pro-war, anti-civil liberties, pro-corporate political agenda of a Republican White House and a Republican-controlled Congress united us.  With just a week remaining in the work defined by the candidacy of Dennis Kucinich, we are gearing up to take our issues---your issues--to the Democratic National Convention where our delegates and our supporters will make sure we continue to be heard. Throughout the city of Boston, at rallies, forums, neighborhood meetings, and other events, thousands of similar-minded people will raise their voices along with ours as we continue to push for more progress.  And more.  To do what still needs to be done, we need the continued financial support of Americans, who believe as we do, that change is absolutely imperative, even if it comes only one step at a time. Your  contribution will help ensure that we can continue moving the Democratic Party and the nation in the direction that all of us want it to go.  Without your support, we wouldn't have made it this far.  With your support, there's no telling how far we can go.  The quest for peace, health care, civil liberties, justice, and all the other issues we believe in did not end in Miami. It will not end in Boston.  It will not end in November. It has only just begun.  Each day, more and more Americans are saying what we all have been saying since those first early days of this historic journey.  It's time for a new direction, a new vision, a new way of looking at what this country stands for and what it needs to do to represent the interests of its people.  And it's happening.  Right now through a political campaign.  We cannot afford to give up on any opportunity. If we are united in purpose and committed to continue the journey, whatever the odds and whatever the setbacks, we will ensure that it happens even sooner.

Friday, July 16, 2004

As I was saying in my last “personal news” update … on July 3rd went to a BBQ at my Aunt Nan’s home. [She lives with her second hubby Nick.] It’s a log cabin that my father helped build [ie: supervise the building] back in 2002/2003 and its rather charming. As is usually the case the men sat out on the back porch talking “guy stuff” and we gals sat indoors discussing several topics. One of which was the Iraq occupation or as several of my relatives say it’s a war with us battling evil Arabs. [Hey, what can I say, their conservative Republicans who watch MSNBC, Fox News & CNN. You already know my views on it.] So I tried to interject with the truth [ie: gleaned from WBAI, The Nation & other reliable sources], plus a few progressive views, and they basically pooh-poohed me. This is typical of certain relatives, so after awhile I quietly sat back and listened to their blather. You may recall me mentioning that my cousin is in the Reserves and may be called up to serve. [He was in the first Gulf War.] Hopefully more news on that in a few weeks. I mostly ate salad & baked beans at BBQ, since I’m a semi vegetarian and haven’t touched meat in 11 years. Then we capped off the evening with cake to celebrate a few b-days et al. Overall an interesting evening.

On Sunday, July 4th, Mom and I went out to lunch in Saratoga Springs. Then some shopping before going to see “Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban”, which we both enjoyed very much. Though seeing “fake” dead ferrets being fed to the Hippogriff upset me abit. The third Harry Potter film has a faster pace than the first two, which I believe is due to a different director [ie: Alfonso Cuaron]. The visuals/details were really good and the acting is always brilliant. [Especially by many character actors. And the young teens in the film have grown up quite abit.] I miss seeing the late Richard Harris play Dumbledore, but Michael Gambon does a decent job of it. I was very much impressed with Gary Oldman [ie: Sirius Black] and David Thewlis [ie: Professor Lupin]. I also noticed that the portrait of the “fat lady” [leading into Gryffindor dormitory] is being performed by a different, more amusing actress [ie: Dawn French]. Overall I do recommend folk go see this film, whether you’ve read the books or not.

Both July 6th & 7th were very busy days at the office. Last minute prep work for the TAS seminar on 7th. Plus actually helping out at the all-day seminar and raking in some paid overtime. Got a call from Rob Jereski on 8th, saying the upcoming weekend was the final stretch in obtaining signatures for the ballot petitions. So on Friday evening, July 9th, I joined Janice [another volunteer with campaign] outside the 86th Street cinema to get signatures. Weather was pretty decent, which always helps. We chatted with people as they waited on line for tickets to see “Fahrenheit 911” or as they were coming out of the cinema. Janice got over 3 pages of petitions signed. She’s really good at working the ticket line. As for myself, I got 1 ½ pages, but I tend to be more sociable with folk and enjoy engaging in political conversations. At about 11pmish Janice and I parted after petitioning for 2 ¾ hours. While heading back to the subway I stopped by street vendor selling paperback books. I noticed he had mystery novels by one of my fav authors … Anne Perry. Got to chatting with the vendor [who’s name is Angel] about many book topics, plus purchased a few Anne Perry Victorian genre murder mysteries. By the time I got home it was about 12:30am. Overall a very good evening.

The following evening, July 10th, was a lot of fun, interesting, different & entertaining. An acquaintance of mine [Thomas G] from “NYC Friends of Kucinich” invited me to a “Barefoot Boogie Dance” down near Houston Street. Thomas was DJing the first half of the event and its held at a dance studio. [To learn more about “Barefoot Boogie Dance”, check out there website at: A totally smoke, alcohol and drug FREE environment.] I honestly had no clue what to expect, as Thomas said he’d be playing some RAVE music during his set. Got there around 8:30pm wearing my weekend garb and we were informed that NO shoes were allowed inside the studio. I’m okay with that. Some folk were barefoot, while others had socks on. Over the course of the evening I not only danced to my own groove, as did others, plus engaged in fascinating conversations with a number of individuals [ie: James, Nancy, Rebecca, etc]. I also got to chat with Thomas. Around 10:30pm the new DJ came on, but before that everyone gathered around in a circle [on the floor] and upcoming events were announced. Afterwards we joined hands and danced around the room, as well as wishing peace to all. I hung out for abit longer, but was feeling quite hungry, so after saying “farewell” to a few people [ie: especially dear Thomas] I left the building. Outside Nancy and Rebecca were engaged in a lively political discussion. Which they happily let me join in and we touched on a number of topics. By this time it was going on midnight and I’m still very hungry. Rebecca and I parted from Nancy then stroll over to a damn good pizza joint on West 3rd Street near 6th Avenue. After a lively discussion on activism et al we parted company and took our respective subways home. Two late nights in a row, but it was so worth it.

Was over to Rob Jereski’s place late Sunday afternoon to finalize the petitions I had gotten signed over the course of a month. All of us Jereski campaign volunteers should be proud of ourselves and obtained well over the required amount of signatures. Rob is definitely on the ballot! WooHoo! Other news … the “NYC Friends of Kucinch” meeting was rescheduled and the volunteer work I was to do for E&Y [ie: Central Park] was cancelled do to horrendous weather. I also heard from my personal trainer [Jamie], as he was out of the country for a few weeks tending to family matters. We had our first training session in three weeks yesterday and my muscles are sore today. Mon dieu!


[Jessica Flagg on left, along with Mary G & Mike L at the Global Day Rally in NYC on March 22nd.  We are all big Kucinich supporters, but I think that is obvious from the signs et al.]

Hello All! I am running for Congress in the 17th Congressional District in a three way Democratic Party primary against Eliot Engel (incumbent), and Kevin McAdams (former Republican). My fabulous team helped me get more than 3,000 signatures to get me on the ballot, and we filed them Tuesday. We came in close to 1,900 over the mark! This is more than double what we did in our district for Dennis Kucinich, but of course, we learned our skills and honed our techniques together working for him.... Thank you Dennis!

This campaign is about getting government back into the hands of the people, and my goal will be to reinvigorate the political process face to face with my constituents. My goal will be to educate on the issues, advocate for change, and motivate informed voters to becoming activists themselves. We are living through a crisis of apathy, detachment, alienation, and what I call structural disenfranchisement, that is the deliberate marginalization of the poor, of labor, and the most fragile of our society our children and the aged. It is up to us to make change happen. As I say to the people I am meeting, "...if you aren't willing to work for change and to vote for change, change won't happen. If you think that government is doing a good job right now don't even think about voting for me.... but if you're not happy with what's going on, then please think about what I stand for and work with me to help turn our government back to being "...of the people, by the people and for the people..."

I support Kerry and Edwards, but unles we elect strong voices in Congress to advocate for the changes we need, we won't get them. We need clean air, clean water, healthy food, affordable housing, universal health care, and a ton of money to be spent on public education. If I thought the Democratic Party was doing a good job, I wouldn't be running for office. We should have been calling for the impeachment of this administration from the beginning. We are dealing with a criminal regime. They have done nothing but lie to us from the moment they took office.

It is wrong that lobbyists for industry write our laws in language that ordinary people can't understand, and they do it because they are hiding sneaky loopholes that cheat us, that allow corporations to pollute, that make us vulnerable to corporate excess without recourse. It is wrong that ordinary workers are carrying the bulk of the tax burden while the wealthy pay taxes in ever smaller percentages of their annual income. It is wrong that our food chain is poisioned with agricultural chemicals, and heavy metals like mercury, and when you buy milk unless you buy organic you are getting bovine growth hormone and it isn't labeled. So our children are getting fattened by cow hormones and we're told not to eat Salmon and Tuna more than once a month. And in the light of what we now know about the pharmeceutical industry manipulating the reporting of the test results of the clinical trials of its drugs, just how certain are we that genetically modified food is 'safe and healthy"? What is our government doing? This is madness!

(I have a very long list of all that is offensive including the weaponization of the world, the lies and deception that led us into this war, the war profiteering, the Patriot Act, the abandonment of the soul of the Democratic Party, the American worker when we signed NAFTA and the WTO, our energy policy which is basically criminal as it ensures destruction of the planet and sets us on a path of confrontation as we need to "secure" our oil sources, the manipulation of public sentiment by an obedient media eager to help dumb down the public and to keep us fearful and feeling helpless to ensure it gets its "perks", to mention a few... but I hardly ever need to get into all of this in one conversation... I pick and choose according to my audience.) SO? Enough! I have had it up to here (hand high above my head). I have so-o-o had it, that I'm running for Congress!

Get me into Congress and I promise you that I will work tirelessly for Universal Health Care, for affordable housing, for huge increases in education funding, and for changes in the way we allow corporations to do business. I will work tirelesly for Peace, to promote global citizenship, for compassion and respect, and for the restoration of our Democracy and for the Light of Truth to once again be seen in the open and just society we must strive to be. Join me in this joyous work to be real Americans. If you would like to help me with a financial contribution, please send it payable to: "Jessica Flagg For Congress" to 2727 Palisade Ave, Riverdale, NY 10463 [tel: 718-549-4422] Thank you for your interest.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

My First [And Last] Time With Bill O'Reilly
by David Cole
Now it was my turn. O'Reilly introduced the segment by complaining that we are at war and need to be united, but that newspapers like the New York Times are running biased stories, dividing the country and aiding the enemy. "The spin must stop--our lives depend on it," O'Reilly gravely intoned. He then characterized the Times story that day as claiming that the Guantánamo detainees were "innocent people" and "harmless." He said the paper's article "questions holding the detainees at Guantánamo." I noted that the Times had said nothing of the sort. And I pointed out that the article relied on a CIA study finding that the detainees seemed to be low-level and had provided little valuable intelligence. That didn't convince O'Reilly, however, who again criticized the Times for misleading its readers by terming the detainees innocent and not dangerous. I replied that he was misleading his own viewers, by exaggerating what the Times had said. "No, I'm not," he retorted. So far, the usual fare on newstalk television. But then I decided to go one step further: "It seems to me like the pot calling the kettle black, Bill, because I just sat here five minutes ago as you re-recorded the introduction to this show to take out a statement from the head of the 9/11 commission stating that there was no evidence of a link between Saddam Hussein and 9/11." Check out the whole article at:


Great News!!! We did it! Tuesday the Jereski campaign filed the petitions with the New York City Board of Elections to get on the Democratic Party ballot. We are pleased to say that because of the hard work of many caring people/volunteers, the campaign filed 1,000 signatures more than necessary! Thank you volunteers, plus thanks to Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 911 and the emerging and growing interest in our changing political landscape. The campaign is now entering an exciting new phase during which we will need to reach out to our neighbors, friends, and community groups (places of worship, tenant organizations, civic organizations, environmental groups etc.) to ask them to get involved and spread the word about our challenge to the Bush Agenda!


The campaign needs your monetary contributions from across the country to take on a millionaire incumbent who voted for the Bush Agenda. Please send $20 or more if you can afford it. E-mail your friends and family with a personal note about this important election. And ask them to contribute too. We don't hire high-priced consultants; we're not wasting our money on polls. We know what the people of this country are calling for and that's why Rob Jereski is running. Your money will contribute directly to the necessary work of organizing an informed, networked, body of voters who are demanding fundamental change. Together we can create a truly representative Democratic Party, one Congressional seat at a time!

Local Outreach and Events

* Thanks to our innovative design team, the Jereski campaign have colorful new campaign literature! It's double-sided, informative, printed on recycled paper and in a union shop. It offers the main point of our platform, a comparison on major issues between Robert Jereski, President Bush and the incumbent, Maloney.

* Fundraiser Nuyorican Poets Cafe
July 22nd, 7:30 p.m.
Mark your calendars!
Allison Tartalia will play her folk-soul originals. Allison's first album Ready won the 2003 Outmusic Award for Best Female Debut.

236 E. 3rd Street between Avenues B & C. Show Time is 7:30 p.m. Thursday night. Tickets are $20 & $15 ($10 for standing room). Invite your friends. Please RSVP us at with "RSVP" in the Subject. We welcome 5 or more volunteers to help with the event.

* If you're a member of New Democratic Majority or of Dean for America, or just a Dean supporter, we are hopeful for an endorsement from Governor Dean and they need to hear from all of you. Let all your Dean friends, especially local ones, know that they can weigh in on this important race! Please have them consider why it is important, click here Then they can write a personal note of support for our campaign which should be specific, include their name and contact info, and a sentence about their involvement with or support for the Dean campaign. They can send that both to us at and to Tom Hughes, the Political Director of Dean for America at

* Appearance on Cable Access show Curry & Spice: Robert just shot a cable television show on "Vegetarianism, the Environment, and the Future of Civilization" on Tuesday, July 13th. We'll keep you posted on when it will be broadcast.

* Stay in touch with the website at and remember to tell your friends and have them plug in by e-mailing (or posting) us their contact information.

Mark your calendar:
Fundraiser Aug. 20th at the Bohemian Beer Garden, Astoria, Queens, with AfroSkull as heard on Air America's Randi Rhodes

Afroskull ... "This is hard-core hard-bop with a thick, walloping sound that would certainly get you evicted if you cranked this stuff up higher than a 5 or 6 on your volume dial. Afroskull churns out intense funk-sludge that takes no prisoners."
- Where Y'At Magazine, New Orleans

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004


"Unstuff Yourself: Finding Joy On The Road To Wellness"
by Dr Nancie Barwick

"Stuff" is the name we give to what is left in the body as a result of all sorts of life experiences. The three types of stuff are: Replay, Critical Mass and Free-Floating can result in health challenges. This book helps individuals learn to reduce and remove the stuff that is creating difficulties. Wouldn't you like to change your life and your health for the better? What is the "stuff" that is holding you and others back? How can we "unstuff" our lives and enjoy life to the fullest? For the answers to these and other questions, I recommend reading this book.

Nancie Barwick and I have been good friends over the many years since fifth grade. She has spent years dealing with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. Read how she triumphed over this disabling condition. Then after traveling the road to "Wellness" herself, she proves to be an able tour guide for her readers as they "choose" to remove whatever roadblocks they are experiencing. Nancie Barwick is a nationally known speaker and lecturer, as well as a clinical hypnotherapist at her private practice in Virginia. Check out her website at: and order her new book today.

Praise For Nancie Barwick & Her New Book. . . . . . .

"Dr Nancie Barwick is a teacher and therapist with a great compassion for humanity. So evident in the ideas and techniques she shares in her new book. Her own inspirational journey to wellness is a miracle that we can all learn from!" Linda Joy Rose, Ph.D & author of "Your Mind: The Owners Manual"

"If you have now, have ever had, or ever could have a problem that you think you can't overcome, read this book. You will never again have to deal with the coulda, shoulda, woulda syndrome." Toni Attell, CHt [Hypnotherapist, Radio Talk Show Host & Columnist]

You are a Blue and Yellow Budgie!
What Colour Budgie Are You?

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Message From WORKING FAMILIES E-ACTIVIST - Experts Denounce Overtime Pay Take-Away

A new report by former Department of Labor officials finds the Bush overtime pay take-away will harm working families and take overtime pay from "large numbers" of workers. The three authors of the report, released today, are government experts who worked at the U.S. Department of Labor under both Republicans and Democrats beginning in the 1980s under President Reagan. The bottom line conclusion by these independent experts:

"...implementation of these new regulations will harm rather than promote and protect the interests of U.S. workers and their families."

The Bush regulation, "removes existing overtime protection for large numbers of employees currently entitled to the law's protections"

We've been saying that for months. Now experts who have dedicated their careers to the most technical aspects of wage and hours laws agree. Even if you have acted before we need your help right now. Please take one minute right now to send a fax to your senators and representatives by clicking on the link below. Action is needed before Congress leaves July 23.

Tell them to block Bush's overtime pay take-away. Potentially millions of America's workers--earning as little as $23,600 a year--will lose income they need to take care of everyday needs like health care, housing costs and even food. The Bush administration's final regulation that would take away overtime pay from millions of America's workers becomes effective Aug. 23. Just a few short weeks from now, employers could begin to reclassify their employees as exempt-denying them the right to overtime pay. That is why action right now is so important.

MESSAGE FROM ARIANNA HUFFINGTON - George W. Bush: Presidential or Pathological?

That is the highly provocative question being asked in "Bush on the Couch," a new book in which psychoanalyst and George Washington University professor Dr. Justin Frank uses the president's public pronouncements and behavior, along with biographical data, to craft a comprehensive psychological profile of Bush 43. It's not a pretty picture, but it goes a
long way in explaining how exactly our country got itself into the mess we are in: an intractable war, the loss of allies and international goodwill, a half-trillion-dollar deficit. Poking around in the presidential psyche, Frank uncovers a man suffering from megalomania, paranoia, a false sense of omnipotence, an inability to manage his emotions, a lifelong need to defy
authority, an unresolved love-hate relationship with his father, and the repercussions of a history of untreated alcohol abuse. Other than that, George Bush is the picture of psychological health.

One of the more compelling sections of the book is Frank's dissection of what he calls Bush's "almost pathological aversion to owning up to his infractions" — a mindset common to individuals Freud termed "the Exceptions," those who feel "entitled to live outside the limitations that apply to ordinary people." Limitations like, for instance, not driving while drunk. Or the limitation of having to report for required Air National Guard duty. Or the limitation of having to adhere to international
law. And it doesn't help one outgrow this sense of entitlement when Daddy and his pals are always there to rescue you when you get in trouble — whether it's keeping you out of Vietnam by bumping you to the top of the National Guard waiting list or bailing you out of lousy business deals with cushy seats on corporate boards or making sure the votes in Florida (just
another limitation) aren't properly counted.

But you don't make it as far as W. has without some psychological defenses of your own — especially when it comes to insulating yourself against your own fears and insecurities. Raised in a family steeped in privilege and secrecy, and prone to the intense aversion to introspection and denial of responsibility that are the hallmarks of a so-called dry drunk — one who
has kicked the bottle without dealing with the root causes of the addiction — Bush has become a master of the psychological jiu-jitsu known as Freudian Projection. For those of you who bailed on Psych 101, Freudian Projection is, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a defense mechanism in which "the individual deals with emotional conflict or internal or external stressors by falsely attributing to another his or her own unacceptable feelings, impulses or thoughts." In layman's terms, it's the soot-stained pot calling the kettle "black." On the 2004 campaign trail, it’s the pathologically inconsistent Bush attempting to portray John Kerry as a two-faced flip-flopper. It's become the Bush-Cheney campaign mantra. GOP talking points 1 through 100. The president's go-to laugh and applause line:

"Senator Kerry has been in Washington long enough to take both sides on just about every issue," chided Bush at a spring fundraiser. "My opponent clearly has strong beliefs, they just don't last very long." Ba-da-bum! (Incidentally, how is this consistent with Bush's other contention, that Kerry is a rock-ribbed liberal?)

Or as Dick "Not Peaches and Cream" Cheney ominously put it at a Republican fundraiser: "These are not times for leaders who shift with the political winds, saying one thing one day and another the next." I couldn't f--king agree more, Mr. Cheney. But it's your man George W. who can't seem to pick a position and stick to it. He's reversed course more times than Capt. Kirk battling Khan in the midst of the Mutara Nebula. Gone back on his word more times than Tony Blundetto. Flip-flopped more
frequently than a blind gymnast with an inner-ear infection. The list of Bush major policy U-turns is as audacious as it is long. Among the whiplash-inducing lowlights:

In September 2001, Bush said capturing bin Laden was "our number one priority." By March 2002, he was claiming, "I don't know where he is. I have no idea and I really don't care. It's not that important."

In October 2001, he was dead-set against the need for a Department of Homeland Security. Seven months later, he thought it was a great idea.

In May 2002, he opposed the creation of the 9/11 Commission. Four months later, he supported it.

During the 2000 campaign, he said that gay marriage was a states' rights issue: "The states can do what they want to do." During the 2004 campaign, he called for a constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Dizzy yet? No? OK:

Bush supported CO2 caps, then opposed them. He opposed trade tariffs, then he didn't. Then he did again. He was against nation building, then he was OK with it. We'd found WMD, then we hadn't. Saddam was linked to Osama, then he wasn't. Then he was sorta. Chalabi was in, then he was out. Way out.

In fact, Bush's entire Iraq misadventure has been one big costly, deadly flip-flop:

We didn't need more troops, then we did. We didn't need more money, then we did. Preemption was a great idea — on to Syria, Iran and North Korea! Then it wasn't — hello, diplomacy! Baathists were the bad guys, then Baathists were our buds. We didn't need the U.N., then we did.

And all this from a man who, once upon a time, made "credibility" a key to his appeal. Now, God knows, I have no problem with changing your mind — so long as you admit that you have and can explain why. But Bush steadfastly — almost comically — refuses to admit that there's been a change, even when the entire world can plainly see otherwise. He's got his story and he's
sticking to it. But that darn Kerry, he keeps shifting his positions! At the end of his analysis, Dr. Frank offers the following prescription:

"Having seen the depth and range of President Bush's psychological flaws our sole treatment option — for his benefit and for ours — is to remove resident Bush from office." You don't need to be a psychiatrist to heartily second that opinion.