Wednesday, December 31, 2003


Willie Nelson, who has endorsed Dennis Kucinich for President, and who will lead a fundraising concert for Kucinich's campaign in Austin, Texas, on Jan. 3, 2004, wrote a new song on Christmas that he will perform in public for the first time at the Austin concert. The lyrics have not been released before now:

What Ever Happened To Peace On Earth

There's so many things going on in the world
Babies dying
Mothers crying
How much oil is one human life worth
And what ever happened to peace on earth

We believe everything that they tell us
They're gonna' kill us
So we gotta' kill them first
But I remember a commandment
Thou shall not kill
How much is that soldier's life worth
And whatever happened to peace on earth

And the bewildered herd is still believing
Everything we've been told from our birth
Hell they won't lie to me
Not on my own damn TV
But how much is a liars word worth
And whatever happened to peace on earth

So I guess it's just
Do unto others before they do it to you
Let's just kill em' all and let God sort em' out
Is this what God wants us to do

And the bewildered herd is still believing
Everything we've been told from our birth
Hell they won't lie to me
Not on my own damn TV
But how much is a liars word worth
And whatever happened to peace on earth

Now you probably won't hear this on your radio
Probably not on your local TV
But if there's a time, and if you're ever so inclined
You can always hear it from me
How much is one picker's word worth
And whatever happened to peace on earth

But don't confuse caring for weakness
You can't put that label on me
The truth is my weapon of mass protection
And I believe truth sets you free

And the bewildered herd is still believing
Everything we've been told from our birth
Hell they won't lie to me
Not on my own damn TV
But how much is a liars word worth
And whatever happened to peace on earth

Dennis has planned various events in Austin, Texas, January 2nd and 3rd, including a fundraising concert at the Austin Music Hall with Kucinich Endorsers Willie Nelson, Tim Reynolds, Michelle Shocked, and the Doobie Brothers; Pat Simmons, along with Jim Hightower, Bonnie Raitt, Tish Hinojosa, and Michael McDonald. Following the show there will be an artist's reception at La Zona Rosa, 4th St. and Rio Grande.


The concert will be webcast live at

and will include live interviews throughout from Kucinich and from celebrity supporters in the audience. Be watching at 8 p.m. Central Time on Jan. 3rd.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Press release from Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich [Democrat from Ohio] on December 29th. The headline reads:



On Saturday, Dec. 27, the Concord Monitor in Concord, NH, noted: "Dean recently mailed brochures to homes in New Hampshire with a headline stating that Dean is the only candidate who 'opposed the war from the start.'" Here is an image taken from the brochure, which the Dean campaign has mailed to people in New Hampshire and other states:

It's hard to believe that Dean supporters would stand for this kind of misrepresentation. Kucinich supporters won't stand for it!


1. Contact all of your friends who are Dean supporters.

2. Contact the media and ask them why they are not asking Dean about his misrepresentation. Remember to be polite and keep to the point. Make each communication unique. No form letters.

Here are Email addresses for letters to the editor:

Here are phone numbers for talk shows:

Here are a few key places to contact:

New York Times News desk phone 212-556-7356, fax 212-556-7614

Email ...

Los Angeles Times News Desk phone 213-237-7001, fax: 213-237-4712

Washington Post Political Desk phone 202-334-7410, fax 202-334-3883

USA Today News Desk phone 703-854-7121, fax 703-854-2078


As you all know so well, Dennis Kucinich led the effort against the war in the House of Representatives, is the only candidate who voted against the war, is the only candidate who consistently opposed the war from the beginning and continues to oppose it now, and is the only candidate with an exit strategy. His "Prayer for America" speech against the buildup to war in February 2002 catalyzed this campaign. Rev. Al Sharpton and Ambassador Carol Mosley-Braun also opposed the war. The war is NOT over. Soldiers are dying every day. And Dean would like to continue the military occupation of Iraq for "a few years," as he said in the debate on December 9th. Dennis is campaigning on his record of opposition to the war and his plan to end it in 90 days. Dean's flyer and mass mailing effectively calls Dennis a liar. People have begun asking Dennis whether he really opposed the war. Dean knows the truth. After we complained in October about his similar misrepresentations in TV ads in New Hampshire, he acknowledged Dennis' leadership against the war at an AFL-CIO forum and stopped running the ads. He later acknowledged Dennis' courage on this issue during a national debate. And yet he continues to use a flyer that says "Only Dean Opposed the War from the Start."

If the arrogant Dr. Dean chooses to gloss over the inconsistencies of the positions he took during the first stage of this war, that's his business. But when he denies Dennis's record, that becomes our business, and it ought to be the business of the media. Dean is misrepresenting a material fact, and doing so despite his demonstrated knowledge of the truth. It is the media's responsibility to find out why he is doing this. The public has a right to know.

Here is information on who opposed the war:

Please forward this important news to friends, family and co-workers [via email] quickly and widely.

Thank you ... Peace on Earth!

Recent news from UKs BBC ... Iran Quake Toll Could Reach 50,000. So upsetting to hear that whole families have perished in this lethal earthquake, which struck the city of Bam on Friday, December 26th. More news via this BBC link:

Those of you who have children in school or will be sending them soon. Please read the article below, as it is about the deplorable state of our education system under the Bush Administration [ahem ... Empire]. True, the students will be good at reading and math, but they'll know NOTHING about important topics like history, art, languages, geography, etc. The current system is WRONG and needs to revert back to what it once was. We all need to band together, make a difference and oust the pigs in DC. We need to take back our country and that includes schools.

"No Child Left Behind" Program Leaves True Education Behind
Capital Times Newspaper Article
by Dave Zweifel

Monday, December 29, 2003

Sign the petition for America. Send a clear message to your government. Truly investigate 9/11 and bring the troops home. Repeal the Patriot Act and rethink the insane defense policy. Endorsed by Howard Zinn. Check out the website today:



Ads by George Lois & Includes Voice Over by Danny Glover

The Kucinich campaign is launching nine new television ads created by the legendary George Lois.

Who is widely regarded as one of the most creative and successful advertising communicators of our time. Lois has also produced new print advertisements and campaign posters for the campaign. Lois created the winning ad campaigns for Senators Jacob Javits, Robert Kennedy, Hugh Scott, and Warren Magnuson, and ran the "celebrity" ad campaign that helped free the innocent Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. The nine TV ads include the voice of movie star, film producer, activist, and United Nations Peace Messenger Danny Glover.


The quacks that are running the "Shrub the Lesser" show down in DC have had years of experience. Their training ground was the Nixon/Reagan/Bush years with Rumsfeld high up on list of elite quacks. Found this article on TruthOut website which relates some important facts that one will never hear about on crap tv programs like Fox News, CNN or MSNBC. Check it out:

Rumsfeld Backed Saddam Even After Chemical Attacks
by Andrew Buncombe from UK newspaper THE INDEPENDENT

Take the What's Your Song? quiz and visit Castle Diqueria.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Did some backtracking on Common Dreams website earlier today. Lots of fascinating, important articles. Came across this one [Bush's 'Ownership' Scam] from December 24th issue of BOSTON GLOBE by Robert Kuttner. Its well worth reading and a true eye-opener. Folks, its damn scary what this Administration is getting away with, not only here in America, but the whole world. Please read this article, as well as the new one I place under "Kucinich" section of my Blogger. Thank you!

Well folks, the last few days have had its share of eb and flow. [So sit back a spell ... as I have much to relate.] In the days leading up to my long Xmas holiday weekend I received nifty cards and gifts. Always a pleasure receiving pretty cards, newsletters, etc from family, friends near and far. From some of my co-workers I received the following gifts ... gift certificate to Sephora, Godiva chocolates, cosmetic accessories, pot holders and kitchen items. I brought in a big tin of assorted homemade holiday cookies, along with a small selection of Petit Fours a dear friend sent from VA, to share with my co-workers. Everyone enjoyed the goodies. For some of the bosses I've been admin to over last few months ... I made them my raisin/walnut tea bread as gifts ... I also gave a tea bread to the admin who sits next to me.

On the morning of December 23rd, I received a call from Mom saying that Dad was in the hospital. Oh dear ... the doctors are not sure [until more tests can be done] if he's got a nasty case of Bronchitis, heart trouble or pneumonia. As he had some pains in his chest and a fever. After two days of being in the hospital [Mom & I drove him home morning of Xmas Day] they found it was just Bronchitis and he may be borderline Diabetic. More related news on this later. While talking to Mom on 23rd, I asked who'd be picking me up at Albany bus terminal since Dad is in hospital. My uncle contacted a friend of his who has a taxi service in town and they [ie: Bobbie] picked me up when I arrived around 7:30pm. Even tho in the NYC area we haven't seen snow on the ground for quite some time, its still on the ground upstate NY. Tho slowly disappearing due to the rain and slightly warm temps.

Anyhow ... I took December 24th off as a vacation day from work and the office is officially closed 25th & 26th. Amen! I love long weekends! The 24th was a busy day starting off with my hair appointment at salon in the early AM. John James [Hollywood actor] was there with his son Phillip getting haircuts. They live in Coila on a farm. I believe he was on that TV show DYNASTY back in the 1980s. Still a handsome dude. Before going out to brunch, Mom and I visited her friend Doris. She has a lovely collection of Santa dolls. After brunch we drove over to hospital to spend time with Dad. I brought him one of his gifts, which was a 2004 Road Atlas. He loved it. Mom & I did some shopping in Bennington ... let me tell you ... the roads, parking lots, stores were jam packed. Whoa! Back at the house we relaxed, watched some cable TV, exchanged gifts and then went to Nan & Nicks place for some snacks & socializing. Also got to see Nan's lovely displays of Xmas decor throughout the whole house and two Xmas trees. My aunt really gets into Xmas and even has a small village setup down in the "fun room" or basement of their log cabin. My Uncle Bob joined us. We nibbled on snacks and talked for a few hours.

Next morning was Xmas Day and I whipped up a yummy banana pancake breakfast for Mom and I. Then we drove to Bennington to pick up Dad from hospital and drop off a tin of my homemade cookies to the nursing staff. Nice bunch of gals. After lunch Dad felt well enough to drive me [Mom came along for the ride] to Albany bus terminal to catch 3:30pm transport to NYC. While waiting for the bus some jerk tried to cut in front of me and another dude. Told us it was his original spot in line. Bullshit! I'd been standing there for 20 minutes and never saw this dude before. [Only three ladies in front of me.] He was trying to pull a fast one and this gal wasn't standing for it. Not while I'm PMSing. Hell no! So me and this dude next to me kicked his stupid ass OUT of line. Told him end of line was BACK there. You know what ... seems he'd been giving the staff at bus terminal a hard time as well. They fixed his ass and he never made it on the bus. Hurrah! Bus ride down to NYC was uneventful and no traffic. We arrived back into NYC 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Sweet! Left Port Authority and got a taxi right away. By this time its 6pm and I didn't get home until 6:30pm! Sort of a taxi ride from hell. Took the cab driver 10 minutes to get thru Times Square! The traffic of cars and pedestrians was incredible. Felt more like New Years Eve than Xmas Day. Unbelievable! Once out of the Midtown Tunnel I told driver to turn a quick right. But NOOOOOOOO ... the dumb f--k doesn't listen to me and we're heading on Long Island Expressway to Queens. I'm still PMSing and cursing like a sailor. After many wrong turns and me still trying to give this dumb ass directions, we make it back to my neighborhood. He wavered the tunnel toll, just as well as I wasn't about to pay it and I didn't. What was suppose to cost me only $14 tops ended up costing me $20. Good Lord!!! But, I'm home in my little apartment and that is the important thing.

[Hang in there ... still more news to come.]

December 26th was my dear friend Katherine's wedding up in CT. Up at 6:30am to get ready for the event and out the door at 9am. Had already purchased my train ticket back on 21st, so I wouldn't have to stand on any long lines. [Got the "monthly" this morning.] Was wearing my nice, new navy pinstripe suit with gold/pearl jewelry and my hair was down and looking stylish. Hopped aboard the 10:07am train to New Canaan where Katherines Mom [Joan] and beau Bob picked me up at the station [11:15am]. The weather that day couldn't decide if it was going to be cloudy or sunny, but it was definitely cold. Arrived at Katherine's Mormon church at 11:30am. She converted to Mormon back in the early 1990s and her fiance [now her hubby] Maurice is a Catholic. Its both their second time at marriage, since they divorced their first spouses years ago. The wedding and reception were to be a small, charming, intimate affair and it did turn out to be so. Maurice was already at the church, along with his folks, brother/wife/children and a good friend. Katherines brother Al was there with girlfriend Andrea.] As the other guests arrived, we waited [socializing] in the lobby for Katherine to show up with her two daughters. Wedding was suppose to start at 12 noon. Ah ... well ... it didn't.

One of the guests to show up was Laurie, who's also been a long time friend of Katherines. We knew each other since Elementary School in Pound Ridge. Anyhow ... Laurie and I used to be best buddies until senior year of high school. Haven't really spoken much to each other in 26 years. Yeah, I know, long time. Tried a few times to "talk" to her over the years, but I guess she wasn't ready, so I didn't force the issue. I basically told her to f--k off in May 1977, via snail mail, and in October 2003 Deb told me to basically f--k off via email. Many similarities to both events and would take to long to discuss now. During those 2 to 3 hours at the wedding/ reception we did socialize. I was fine and at ease with it all, plus I think Laurie was too. Katherine later told her Mom that one of the happiest memories she'll treasure was seeing the two of us talking. [That made me feel good.]

Anyhow ...back to the wedding events. Katherine did finally show up with her daughter Aimee at 12:35pm. She wasn't being fashionably late, it was all due to her older daughter Cherie, who's been having some emotional traumas lately. After getting Katherine to calm down and make adjustments to her pretty satin/velvet green dress with Xmas style velvet shoes [plus silver cross necklace]. The wedding would be able to proceed, which it did around 12:50pm. The ceremony was very nice, so touching and short. [Sermon, music, prayers/blessing & vows] Both Katherine and Maurice looked very happy, plus emotional, when taking their vows. Afterwards the guests hugged the newly wedded couple and socialized before heading into the buffet style reception. Yep, everything took place in the same building/church. Her fellow parishioners did a lovely job of setting things up. Very amiable folk. The buffet was simple & country style, but very tasty affair and I enjoyed eating some corn/potato chowder, plus egg salad finger sandwiches before nipping into wedding cake. [No liquor was served, just water with lemon slices.] Before sitting down at bridal table to eat and chat with others I brought some of the wedding party out to the main lobby to take pix. One of the shots is of Laurie, Katherine and I ... it turned out very nice. Everyone had a lovely fun time, plus gave the bridal couple some gifts, cards & money. Joan and Bob drove me back to the New Canaan train depot and I caught the 3:30pm train bound for NYC. Since the wedding was during midday, sadly not all the invited guests could attend due to work commitments. I'm so happy that E&Y gave us staff the day off.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003


Just got off the phone about 30 minutes ago with Mom. She called to tell me that Dad is back in the hospital again. My Uncle Bob and Mom drove him to Bennington this AM around 7pm, when he complained of chest pains and was abit feverish. So far the doctors are saying that he has an infection in his lungs and Bronchitis. Their also bringing in a heart specialists, as well as checking all other areas. Doctors hope to have Dad home by tomorrow afternoon and in time for Xmas. One can only hope so and pray. Good thing he already got his flu and pneumonia shots.

Christmas Traditions In England

Christmas is Britain's most popular holiday and is characterised by traditions which date back hundreds of years. Many Christmas customs which originated in Britain have been adopted in the United States. The first ever Christmas card was posted in England in the 1840s, and the practice soon became an established part of the build-up to Christmas. Over a billion Christmas cards are now sent every year in the United Kingdom, many of them sold in aid of charities.

Christmas decorations in general have even earlier origins. Holly, ivy and mistletoe are associated with rituals going back beyond the Dark Ages. (The custom of kissing beneath a sprig of mistletoe is derived from an ancient pagan tradition.) The Christmas tree was popularised by Prince Albert, German husband of Queen Victoria, who introduced one to the Royal Household in 1840. Since 1947, the country of Norway has presented Britain annually with a large Christmas tree which stands in Trafalgar Square in commemoration of Anglo-Norwegian cooperation during the Second World War.

Popular among children at Christmas time are pantomimes: song and dance dramatisations of well-known fairy tales which encourage audience participation. Carols are often sung on Christmas Eve by groups of singers to their neighbours, and children hang a stocking on the fireplace or at the foot of their bed for Santa Claus (also named Father Christmas) to fill. Presents for the family are placed beneath the Christmas tree. Christmas Day sees the opening of presents and many families attend Christmas services at church. Christmas dinner consists traditionally of a roast turkey, goose or chicken with stuffing and roast potatoes. This is followed by mince pies and Christmas pudding flaming with brandy, which might contain coins or lucky charms for children. (The pudding is usually prepared weeks beforehand and is customarily stirred by each member of the family as a wish is made.) Later in the day, a Christmas cake may be served - a rich baked fruit cake with marzipan, icing and sugar frosting.

The pulling of Christmas crackers often accompanies food on Christmas Day. Invented by a London baker in 1846, a cracker is a brightly coloured paper tube, twisted at both ends, which contains a party hat, riddle and toy or other trinket. When it is pulled by two people it gives out a crack as its contents are dispersed.

Monday, December 22, 2003

The History of the "Wiener Christkindlmarkt"

The beginnings of the Viennese Christmas Market date back to more than 7 centuries! Since then the market strongly appeals to the Viennese citiziens as much as to the visitors of the city. From then on, it was already the small traders with their stalls which formed the appearence of the market. 1294, the emporer Albrecht II granted the privilege of organizing a "Dezembermarkt" *December market* in order to ensure the supply of the urban population. In the 16th century, today's "Christkindlmarkt" was named "Thomasmarkt" and took place around Christmas time and New Year's Eve. Beside the supply of the standard range of goods (like textiles and groceries) it offered for the first time the goods from pastry cooks which already then were high fashion. About 200 years later, we are in the 18th century, the market went under the name of "Nikolo-und Weihnachstmarkt" resp. "Krippenmarkt" (crib market), again reserved for the small trade.

Since the beginning only small traders are allowed to run this market. Because it was them, who also in troublesome times, took up the gauntlet to ensure that a steady range of goods could be offered to the people. Christmas, like it is celebrated today, was first seen in the "Biedermeier", when it was the high aristocracy who, for the first time, set up Christmas trees in their feudal homes thereby following northern German tradition. It was not until the time of the "Wiener Kongress" at around 1814, that this was accompanied by the custom of giving presents. At this period the market was located "Am Hof" and presented itself just like any ordinary market with the exception that it did offer some pre-Christmas goods (silverplated nuts, candels, tinsel, etc.) as we know from invoices dating back to this period.

But also at its new location at the Wiener Rathausplatz, where the market takes place each year since 1975, did it not lose any of his charm - quite the contrary: it attracts more and more visitors each year. As a consequence the little Christmastown does not belong any longer to the Viennese alone. With it's more then 140 stalls it became the possesion of each and every visitor. These guests, more then 3 million each year from which more then 500.000 are coming from abroad, are visiting the market! The City council, the Viennese economic community as well as the retailers themselves, are very proud to offer enjoyment to such a large number of people from all over the world.

Thus the market paved it's way from the past into our days as well retaining all its charm and beauty which guarantees us the recurrent joy of this pre-Christmas magic. Annually it conquers especially the hearts of the children. Today it is no longer the tin soldiers from once, but newer toys; yet the joyful faces of the children remain the same! Throughout the centuries the Christmas markets were the place where one not only got ones supplies, but also had an important function in serving as meeting place for people. In that way contributing, on a reduced scale, to the modern goal of rapprochement.


The weekend started off great Friday evening with calls to some dear friends of mine and chatting for hours. Left voicemail for some and hope to hear from them soon. On Saturday I spent the day shopping, cleaners, laundry, cooking, baking, reading, crocheting, emails and wrapping last of gifts. In the evening, after a good long invigorating power walk thru the neighborhood. [Which, I might add, looks so pretty with many a house decorated in lights and other festive decor. Some have a few, simple decorations while others are lite up like large Christmas trees. Brings a smile to ones face, espcially when one sees a Christmas tree in someones window. Lovely!] I sat down with a cup of tea, plus a few cookies, to watch one of my fav holiday movies on telly. The movie was done in England over 50 years ago and stars Alastair Sims ... the classic "A Christmas Carol". Other holiday movies I love is the 1966 animated classic "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and also "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer", plus the Tim Allen movie "The Santa Clause". On Sunday I went into the city to do several errands, shopping and checking out the laser show at Grand Central Station. Also received a call in the AM from PJ friend Melissa and we had a fun chat. After doing an invigorating power walk at local track I sat down with a cup of tea to watch the movie TITANIC on telly. My first time in seeing this film and I loved it. Cried my eyes out during last 10 minutes ... geez ... I can be such a watering pot at times. The city has issued a Code Orange alert, as they think terrorist may attack NYC over Xmas. Personally, I don't think it likely, just the government doing another "fear factor" tactic. Don't get me started on that topic. If terrorist do attack, make it Bush's ranch in Crawford, TX.

To end this post on a pleasant note, its only 3 days or so until Xmas Day. From some of my co-workers [whom I've been working with since August] I received some lovely gifts [ie: gift card to Sephora, tiny cosmetic bag, kitchen items, note pads & Godiva chocolates].

Peace, love and joy to those celebrating Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

Just this morning a good friend of mine told me about two wonderful websites [ie: Voices of Sept 11th & Working for Change] and I've added them to my "Fantastic Links" section. Check them out, if you wish.

Common Dreams Readers Choice - Essays on September 11th

[The essays at link below on September 11th are those which Common Dreams readers most often chose to send to friends using the "Share this Article with your Friends" feature.]

Go to the link below, if you wish, to take a free test to see who your 2004 presidential candidate should be or to see general results. Its called 2004 Democratic Presidential Candidate Selector and its really cool. My dude ended up in the top three when I saw my "results".

Friday, December 19, 2003

Quite an eye-opening, informative article [World Knows our Foreign Policy Better Than We Do] by Jay Bookman in yesterdays ATLANTA JOURNAL. The link is below, but first a quote from the article:

"The younger Aliyev had been "elected" president in October with 80 percent of the vote in an election that international observers dismissed as a sham. Afterward, street protests were brutally suppressed, opposition figures tossed in prison and opposition press muzzled. And yet, shortly after the fake election, U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld arrived in Baku to congratulate Aliyev on his victory, express support and, according to Azerbaijani officials, to negotiate the stationing of thousands of U.S. troops on bases in Azerbaijan.

Why? Because Azerbaijan possesses enormous reserves of oil and natural gas, hosts a strategically critical oil pipeline and shares a border with Iran. It's a troubling echo of events that occurred 20 years ago this week, when Rumsfeld traveled to Baghdad to greet a man named Saddam Hussein."

[NOTE: Since I won't be able to update this site over the weekend, I've included several Christmas traditions instead of one. More to follow next week. Happy Holidays!]

The Barbara Branch Custom

Traditionally in the German-speaking countries, particularly in Austria and the Catholic regions of Germany, a small cherry branch is cut off and placed in water on December 4th, Barbaratag (St. Barbara's Day). Sometimes a twig from some other flowering plant or tree may be used: apple, forsythia, plum, lilac, or similar blossoms. But it is the cherry tree that is most customary and authentic. The cherry branch (Kirschzweig) or other cutting is then placed in water and kept in a warm room. If all goes well, on Christmas day the twig will display blossoms. If it blooms precisely on December 25th, this is regarded as a particularly good sign for the future.

Tradition, Three Kings, and Kris Kringle

Although we usually take today's Christmas celebration customs for granted, most of the so-called "traditional" Christmas practices only date back to the 19th century. Even the date of the celebration of Christ's birth has fluctuated. Until the Roman church adopted December 25 in the 4th century, January 6 was the day of celebration -- today's Epiphany or Heilige Drei KÃnige (the "Wise Men," "Three Kings," the Magi) in German. To this day, the initials of the Three Kings -- C+M+B (Caspar/Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar) -- plus the year are inscribed in chalk over doorways in German-speaking countries on the eve of January 6 to protect house and home. (Although historically the three letters are supposed to come from the Latin phrase for "Christ bless this house" -- "Christus mansionem benedicat" -- few of the people practicing this custom are aware of this fact. In many parts of Europe, including Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, the Christmas celebration does not end until this date, now considered the arrival of the three "kings of the orient" in Bethlehem -- and the end of the "twelve days of Christmas" between Christmas and January 6.

Many "American" Christmas elements have come from German Europe. Kris Kringle is a corruption Christkindl ("Christ Child" - It is the Christkindl who brings gifts on Christmas Eve in Germany, not Santa!) And it was the German-American Thomas Nast (1840-1902) who gave us the modern image of Santa Claus (and the animal symbols for both the US Democratic and Republican parties!) in the 1860s. (Nast was born in Landau, Germany and came to the U.S. with his family as a young boy. His Christmas illustrations for Harper's Weekly were later published in book form and, along with Clement Clarke Moore's "The Night Before Christmas," helped establish our "jolly old elf" image of Santa -- not to be confused with St. Nikolaus. His day, Nikolaustag, is on December 6. One German Christmas custom the US has yet to adopt is the two-day celebration. The day after Christmas Day -- der zweite Weihnachtstag, known as Boxing Day in Britain -- is also a holiday in Germany.


About a week or so ago I set up two holiday lunchs for work. The first one was with some of my co-workers [admins], whom I've had the pleasure of working with this past year or so. This lunch took place Wednesday afternoon in one of the small conference rooms we reserved. Wasn't a nice day outside [ie: rain & fog] so staying indoors suited us just fine. We picked up our lunches from the company cafeteria, back to the conference room and spent an enjoyable hour chatting about company events or gossip.

The second lunch [2 hrs long] was held at Bryant Park Grill yesterday with co-workers from current department I'm supporting. I'd never eaten at Bryant Park Grill before and was told food was very good and pleasing atmosphere. They weren't lying! There were 12 of us at a long table with views of the Craft Fair booths outside. The meal was delicious ... I had a mixed green salad with peas/mushoom/cheese ravioli and topped with a fantastic creamy roasted butternut squash sauce, plus a glass of white wine. The delightful, fun and witty conversations ranged from office topics to LOTRs critique and everything inbetween.

After work yesterday I had a one hour session with my personal trainer and he had some interesting bits of news. First of all, he broke up with his long time girlfriend and he's going back to England for a 1 to 3 week holiday. Whoa! Says I can utilize the cardio room discretely until he returns and my sessions start up again. I brought him a gift box of my homemade Xmas cookies. His fav being my version of Shortbread. Overall work has been abit quiet this week and will be even more so over next two weeks. Many folk take their vacation time at holidays to be with family. The company has officially given us staff December 26th and January 2nd off as paid holidays. Nothing like two four-day weekends in a row. Hell yeah!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Advent and Other Customs

The Advent tradition is a religious celebration in preparation for the arrival (or "advent") of the Christ Child (das Christkind) on his "official" birthday, the 25th day of December. The Advent season and its celebration have changed over the years from a more serious, somber character (including giving up things, as for Lent) to one of a more joyous nature - including such treats as chocolate-filled Advent calendars. The four weeks leading up to Christmas Eve are a happy time -- at least for those not too caught up in the increasingly hectic and commercial aspects of this time of the year. Today in German Europe many families set up an Advent wreath, or Adventskranz on the first Advent Sunday (the fourth before Christmas) to start off the Advent season. A typical evergreen Advent wreath with its four candles, one for each week of Advent. Traditional families gather around the wreath on each Advent Sunday to light the next candle and sing Christmas carols. This was even more important in the past, when the Christmas tree was usually reserved for a special unveiling only on Christmas Eve. Until then, the Advent wreath provided the evergreen look and aroma in the house.

The Advent or Christmas calendar began as a plain card with paper backing. On the face were 24 windows, that when opened revealed various Christmas symbols and scenes. These windows or small doors were to be opened, one each day, over the 24 days leading up to Heiligabend or Christmas Eve. The largest window is still reserved for December 24th and usually offers a view of the Nativity. Today the most popular version of this calendar is the candy-filled variety. Instead of mere pictures, the windows open to reveal pieces of chocolate shaped to resemble stars, fir trees, and other Christmas symbols.

Of course, there are many other Germanic Christmas contributions. For instance, it is a real treat to wander through Germany's annual Christmas markets -- the most famous being Nuremberg's Christkindlesmarkt -- to see, taste, and smell all the Christmas goodies, from Lebkuchen to Stollen (fruit bread). Marzipan, made with almonds and sugar, is also a German treat. And the aroma of Glühwein ("glow wine") will warm you up even before you actually drink this German version of hot mulled wine.



Don't forget to sign the petition asking ABC News to provide fair and substantive coverage of this election.

And check out the Media Watch page at:


Came across this eye-opening, informative article [Keeping Secrets - Bush Administration is doing the Public's Business out of the Public Eye. Here's how and why.] by C.H. Schmitt & E.T. Pound in US News. Comment from US Appeals Court Judge Damon J. Keith "Democracies die behind closed doors". Check it out at this link:

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Here it is a week before Christmas and ever wonder about certain holiday traditions or how they came about. Well, I'll be filling my Blogger with tidbits on up to Christmas Eve. Seasons Greetings, Peace on Earth & Happy New Year!

Germany's Tannenbaum (Christmas Tree)

The German religious reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546) is often credited with starting the Christmas tree custom, but the first appearance of a Tannenbaum was recorded in Germany many years after Luther's death. It was in 1605 in Strasbourg in Alsace, then in Germany, that a chronicler wrote (in old German): "Auff Weihenachten richtett man Dahnnenbäum zu Strasburg in den Stuben auff..." ("At Christmas they set up Christmas trees in their rooms..."). But it is likely that the custom dates back to at least around 1550, since the first of several "Tannenbaum" ballads was circulating in print at that time. By the 19th century this custom had spread across most of Germany and beyond. Several royal Germans are credited with helping extend the tree decorating custom beyond Germany's borders. The Duchess of Orleans (from Mecklenburg) brought it to Paris, while other Germanic royals (Prince Albert, consort to Queen Victoria) brought the Christmas tree to England and other European countries. But it was commoners–emigrants from Germany–who brought the Weihnachtsbaum to America. The Austrians, Germans, and Swiss are slowly using more "electric candles" for tree decoration, but many a Germanic Christbaum continues to glow with the warm light of real wax candles. (Germans use special candle holders and have learned how to do this safely; the candles are not left to burn for a long time or without someone in the room.)

The use of evergreens as a Christmas symbol of everlasting life goes back much further than even 1550s, but still with a Germanic connection. St. Boniface is said to have introduced the use of evergreens in connection with his efforts to Christianize the Germanic tribes in the 8th century. He dedicated the fir tree (Tannenbaum) to the Christ Child, displacing the pagan oak tree of Odin. A more recent "old" Bavarian tradition is the so-called "Bride's Tree," upon which a dozen special ornaments are hung to help ensure a better life for a married couple. The 12 ornaments and their symbolic significance are: angel (God's guidance), bird (joy), fish (Christ's blessing), flower basket (good wishes), fruit basket (generosity), heart (true love), house (protection), pine cone (fruitfulness), rabbit (hope), rose (affection), Santa (goodwill), and teapot (hospitality). Special hand-blown glass ornaments in these forms are still produced in Bavaria.

Shrub the Lesser was seen on telly recently being interviewed by Diane Sawyer. He made a big ass lying comment in saying he inherited the recession. Sawyer, being a real journalist, ignored his reply and moved on to another question. Why? Cause she knew he was spitting out a lie. [Recession offically started March 2001] Read the truth from economists in this detailed article:

Economists Call It Recession
CNN Money Magazine

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

NOTE: This morning a good friend of mine told me about some articles relating to the recent capture of Saddam Hussein. Check them out, if you wish.

We Finally Got Our Frankenstein
by Michael Moore

We Caught the Wrong Guy
by William Rivers Pitt


A fascinating look at the American Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton.

Say what you will about him ... he was a far far better president then Shrub the Lesser could ever hope to be. I never gave a damn about Clintons personal life, [its private so leave it be] just his role in politics. That whole impeachment fiasco was drummed up by Republicans who were pissed off at having their 12 years of US and World domination cut short. Plain & simple. If another Democrat gets elected in 2004, you can place sure bets in Las Vegas/Atlantic City that the Republicans will do the same thing all over again. [Just remember there were many past presidents, such as Kennedy & Roosevelt, who fooled around at the White House and were never judged about that. Those so called conservative Republicans are mostly hypocrits. The phrase ... "do as I say, not as I do" ... aptly describes them all.]

Monday, December 15, 2003

Second weekend in a row of baking holiday cookies marathon, plus wrapping more gifts and finishing up on decorating the apartment. Quite pleased with the outcome et al. NYC area received another batch of snowfall Sunday morning. Not blizzard conditions, but a gentle snowfall and soothing to watch from my livingroom window. At one point I bundled up in coat, scarves, gloves and went out to stand/walk around in it. Lovely! The peaceful quiet was occasionally broken by the distant sound of someone shoveling or a lone car driving by.

Then the news on the radio that Saddam Hussein was captured in Iraq. [Well, its about time. Congrats to our troops.] And having to put up with watching that "toxic texan" gloat on telly. Makes one want to barf. Please remember the main reason that those insane DC republicans wanted to oust Hussein was, NOT to liberate the Iraqi, but to get their greedy claws on the oil fields. Oh and to further their imperial domination of the middle east. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, those poor Iraqi are cheering in the streets now, due to capture of Hussein. I don't blame them. [Iraq never threatened the US nor had anything to do with 9/11 ... but Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and the Saudis do. Big time!] After 24 hours or so the Iraqi mood will go back to what it was before, hating the US military and government for occupying their country. They are far from being liberated and I'm sure the "attacks" to US soldiers will continue. Its sad and upsetting to see anyones life hurt or damaged. I'm not talking just about US soldiers, but thousands of innocent people throughout the world. I continually wish for peace, solidarity and universal love ... never war or greed. Please pray for peace on earth!

P.S. Naturally it didn't take long for the Conservative Republican controlled corporate media to put a huge spin, and I mean huge, on Sundays events out in Iraq. I watched some of the programs and couldn't believe the bullshit. One of the reports was lead by one of media's biggest dickhead, I'm talking about Dan Rather. He should be retired and have duck tape permanently across his mouth, and the same goes for Ted Koppel. If you want the truth ... watch or listen to free-speech, non-corporate news. [Like WBAI on FM radio 99.5] Its the only way to get the truth in America.


Came across this fasinating article [Hussein's Capture is Yesterday's News] on AlterNet website written by Christopher Scheer. Check it out if you wish:



That's the headline of an article at that shows that the website is the second most read presidential campaign site, and which presents other reasons to believe Kucinich's low ranking in some polls is quite misleading.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Interesting article [The Howard Dean Spin Machine] from WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah. Check it out if you wish:


Several acquaintances agree with me on views regarding Liberman, in that, he's more republican than some republicans. Came across this article [Lieberman Doesn't Deserve Pity Party by John Nichols] on this very same topic the other day and wanted to share with you all:


December 17th is opening day of the third and final film of the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. Can't wait to see it. Have posted here a link to a terrific article [AP: Final "Rings" Has Many Endings] by David Germain. Check it out if you wish:

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Below is a really cool article, plus interview with Pearl Jam's Mike McCready ... "FISH Hooks Pearl Jam for Rare Soundtrack Tune" from LAUNCH magazine by Jonathan Cohen.

While on the subject of my fav band, I received a surprise phone call yesterday afternoon from IRWTpt2 pal Melissa. We gabbed for over 30 minutes. She's visiting Pearl Jam mecca ... Seattle ... lucky gal. Melissa even visited Jimi Hendrix grave site, Studio X, Space Needle, shopping, clubs, neighborhoods, etc, etc.


Recent headlines from Kucinich Campaign - There's No Debate - Kucinich Creates Excitement

Hear Dennis' remarks:

See Dennis' remarks:


Dennis and Ralph Nader took turns standing on a chair addressing an after-party in a University of New Hampshire campus pub. The pub was filled to capacity, with a line of people outside waiting for the chance to get in should someone leave. While at the after-party, Dennis placed call to a speakerphone at another campaign event in Chicago, which was being led by Dr. Patch Adams and by the Kucinich supporters who are walking from the Atlantic to the Pacific for Peace. The enthusiastic Chicago crowd cheered so loudly that they could be heard above the noise in the packed New Hampshire campus pub.


For once I totally agree with Nancy Reagan [yeah, I know, a rarity for me] in that keep FDRs face on the dime [coin] and do not change it to Reagan's face. [major barf!]

Read all about it in this terrific article [Ronald Reagan: Not on my Dime] by Ruth Rosen of the San Francisco Chronicle. Check it out:

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Kucinich Changes Focus of Debate, Brings Cheers from Crowd

Last night Dennis Kucinich participated in the New Hampshire Democratic debate. As evidenced by the sound of the thunderous applause in the room, Dennis spoke for nearly everyone there when he addressed the moderators' [namely Republican media idiot Ted Koppel] lack of focus on the issues:

"I want the American people to see where media takes politics in this country," Kucinich said to cheers from the crowd. "We start talking about endorsements, now we're talking about polls and then talking about money. When you do that you don't have to talk about what's important to the American people."

As reported by the Associated Press, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairwoman Kathy Sullivan was "thrilled" by Dennis' statement, and said she wished the candidates had spent even more time talking about the issues important to New Hampshire voters.


Press Release [December 9th] link from the Kucinich Presidental campaign:

Kucinich on Gore & Dean


For those who are interested in or love Seattle rock group Pearl Jam ... check out this really cool review of the LOST DOGS cd.

Pearl Jam Releases CD of B-side Gems
Daily Nebraskan
by Jeremy Buckley

Great article by John Nichols of the MADISON CAPITAL newspaper called Go-Along Media Ignoring Kucinich. First line reads ... "Dennis Kucinich cannot get a break from big media". Nichols is right. Why? Cause corporate media is mostly controlled by greedy, rich, ultra conservative Republicans who don't want the American people to know the truth. They'd rather fill newspapers and newscasts with trivial fodder. We're a democracy ... right ... well to be truly informed you need to know the truth, facts and issues. Corporate media doesn't want that ... their f--king Imperialist. Bastards! Kucinich stands by the issues with honesty and intregrity. This scares media moguls [as well as the Bush Administration] and they are keeping his wonderful campaign from the public. Hello people ... this is sooooo wrong! Unpatriotic! Read this article [see link below] ... as well as find other outlets for the truth. Its out there and not on Fox News, MSNBC or CNN. Become informed and screw those media moguls! Peace & Solidarity!

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

One of E&Ys holiday parties was last night at THE PLAZA ... which is located right on Central Park South. I went with some of my co-workers and had a very nice time. Compared to last years party, where I only knew 6 or 7 people. This time around I knew more, at least 1/4 of the huge crowd. This is mainly due to working now at Times Square location and not downtown.

Last nights event was held in the Grand Ballroom and I must say The Plaza is quite elegant. Appetizers, buffet [ie: lots of shrimp/pasta/cheeses/veggies/cookies], drinks/wine and band were all quite good. Tho the band was a wee bit too loud for the ballroom and mostly played 70s/80s tunes. On top of that everyone trying to talk and the noice volume was high. Got there around 6pm and left at 9pm. Several of my co-workers mentioned this AM that they stayed until 10:30pm. I'm looking forward to the holiday luncheon on 18th with the department I've been on assignment with since August. You've heard me mention other assignments over the last four months, but I've mainly been with one particular department since August 1st. Their a cool bunch of folk and it'll be a fun luncheon on 18th. Plus there is one more holiday party ... which is the evening of the 18th at a westside club. Going to that one with some co-workers to hangout and dance.


A co-worker recently told me about this cool progressive website, which I checked out and bookmarked. Love it! Wanted to share the link with you all.


Take a look at this interesting, witty article [Turkeys on the Moon] from Michael Moore. Love this guy! Check it out:


Fantastic article from Felicity Arbuthnot at CommonDreams website called Dear Mr President, About the Iraq National Symphony Orchestra.

Monday, December 08, 2003

For some holiday cheer, to go with the snow on the ground, click onto this link:


While listening to WBAI this morning they mentioned a few really cool, informative websites. Check them out when you get a chance:

Important Note: WBAI is a free-speech radio station here in NYC and is currently in great need of donations. Listen to a fabulous radio station at 99.5 AM or check out their website at:


[NOTE: This message from Vote To Impeach, if you wish to read, great, if not, thats okay too.]

For the first time the demand to Impeach Bush is appearing all over the country - on cars and in front yards and apartment windows, on sweatshirts and t-shirts. Across the United States people are making clear what they think of this criminal administration and spreading the word through the Stick(er) it to Bush! campaign.

The message of impeachment is being carried by bumper stickers, t-shirts, sweat-shirts and lawn signs around the country. It is a sign of the times that so many people are using the VotetoImpeach / Resource Center to get materials to spread the word in their communities and to their friends, families, neighbors and loved ones. Visit:

Send us your photos of well-placed bumper stickers and lawn signs, and of you and your family and friends or local Impeachment committees wearing the message so we can post some of the images under a new
Stick(er) it to Bush! section on the VoteToImpeach/ website. E-mail your pictures to:, or mail them to VoteToImpeach c/o 1901 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 607, Washington, DC 20006. (By your sending us your photo, we understand it is okay for us to post the image. Photos cannot be returned, so keep copies for yourself.) Let's cover the country with bumper stickers, lawn signs, t-shirts and sweathshirts and spread the word to Impeach Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft!


Late breaking tidbits from the GUARDIAN newspaper in the UK by Mark Lawson:

"Stuffed by a Plastic Turkey" [Bush's Gesture Politics Suggest a Man Seriously Worried About his Career]

Friday, December 05, 2003

Weather Report ... NYC is experiencing its first snowstorm of the season and its not even the first day of Winter. Typical of most morning radio weather reports, when I'm getting ready for work, they say one thing and something else happens. In this case, they announced that it won't start snowing until tonight. Naturally Mother Nature foils them and starts when she pleases. In this case, almost 3 to 4 hours ago and its accumulating. I love snow ... sadly I forgot to bring or wear boots. Damn! On top of that I have two assignments at work today and splitting my time between two desk areas on two different floors. I'll be lucky if I get out by 5:30pm or 6pm. Sigh! Okay ... enough bitching for one day. Its Friday and the weekend is almost here. Hurray!

After my one hour session with Personal Trainer last evening, I had to take three subways to get to Kucinich Meetup in Park Slope [Brooklyn]. Got off at 7th Avenue stop and the long trek to OZZIEs on 5th Avenue near Garfield. Sadly I arrived 35 minutes late [damn trains], but fortunately I didn't miss too much. Whew! I later learned of two other subway stops closer to OZZIEs. Sigh! Main thing is I made it, wasn't last to show up and over 30 people were in attendence. Much was discussed; such as: delegates/primaries, upcoming events, new website [see below for description/link] and joining a new committee. The latter one will involve designing/making/displaying posters all over Brooklyn. Also talked with Robert J about acquiring transcript of the Nov 21st gala event and other topics. I also conversed with Ed G, Jason and Eric. The latter two are the gents who designed and set up the website. It was a good evening.

NOTE ... The NYC/Brooklyn area now has its own Dennis Kucinich website. Its still in the "rough diamond" stages, but give it time, it'll look awesome. Right now it provides some interesting news/info on Dennis and the 2004 Presidental Campaign. Check it out at:

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Here now my Thanksgiving holiday weekend report … better late than never.

Headed upstate NY on the morning of turkey day. There is usually less traffic on the highways and the buses aren’t so crowded. Mind you, it’s still crazy at Port Authority bus terminal in NYC, but not as bad as the evening before. Bus ride up to Albany was uneventful and arrived on time. Dad picked me up, plus had Duane and Michelle in the car with him. Michelle was spending turkey day with her family and we were just dropping her off. A quick mention of the weather; which was sunny and warm that day, not so rest of the weekend. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Up at the homestead, after a quick lite lunch, Dad helped me put the icicle lights on the outside of the house. The four of us [i.e.: Mom, Dad, Duane & I] went up around 3:30pm to Nan & Nick’s log cabin home for the big turkey event. Also there was Bob, Robert, Lil, Deena & Farrah. My cousin Chris, his wife and their three children joined us later during dessert. This is Nan and Nicks first Thanksgiving celebration in their new home. We sat down at 4pm to a large, yummy spread of goodies and Nick made a toast. The wine was flowing that day. After an enjoyable time … got back to my parents house after 7pm.

Next day was spent helping Mom, who is still laid up with cast on foot, with the decorations around the inside of house. Took down autumn décor and put up Xmas décor. All looks pretty, cheerful and festive. Later in the afternoon I made a quick run over to Greenwich to purchase yarn for a crocheting project. Then we headed back to Nan & Nicks for turkey trimming leftovers, plus I borrowed their computer/internet. [Congrats to Rusty on adopting a new ferret.]

On Saturday I went to hairdresser in the AM and in the afternoon we drove to Saratoga to shop at Wilton Mall. When I went to rent a wheelchair for Mom, the lady told me the Mall was insanely crowded on Friday and they sold $8,000 worth of gift certificates. Damn! Mom and I got lots, but not all of our holiday shopping done. On way back to the homestead Mom noticed that Union House Restaurant was having an Art Show. So as soon as I could borrow the car from Dad, I drove back and attended it. The artwork [mostly watercolor, pastel & some oil paintings] was done by Jane Bates, who is a retired nurse and also runs an Alpaca farm. Had an enjoyable time, sampled some free food at the buffet and engaged in fascinating conversations with artist, as well as other patrons. Wish I had some extra buckos, as there were some lovely paintings I’d have purchased for my apartment. Sigh! On Sunday I took an early bus back to NYC, so I could purchase groceries, do laundry and put up my Xmas tree.

P.S. Over the holiday weekend I got to watch some cable tv. Always enjoy viewing EMERIL LIVE, the food network and got to see the film X-MEN, plus DR NO and GOLDFINGER. While shopping on Saturday I finally purchased the new Pearl Jam DVD called LIVE AT THE GARDEN. WooHoo!


Don't Buy Wal-Mart for the Holidays

Wal-Mart engages in some of the worst labor practices in the country: paying its employees substandard wages, forcing unpaid overtime on its workers and refusing to provide affordable health insurance.

This holiday season, pledge not to shop at Wal-Mart and to ask your friends and families not to buy you gifts from Wal-Mart until the chain:

*Pays its one million workers a living wage
*Provides affordable health insurance to its employees
*Stops discriminating against women
*Stops attacking employees who want to be represented by a union
*Ceases forcing unpaid overtime on its employees
*Stops pressuring suppliers to lower their labor costs.

Tell Wal-Mart that until it changes its ways, you will take your holiday shopping to other stores and will urge your friends and family to do the same.

Click here to take action!


[Note ... A message from website]

Over the last eight months, we've fought to stop President Bush from getting rid of overtime and to stop the FCC from changing its media ownership rules. Amazingly, we've won. But today, both of these victories are at risk. Bush is now pushing Congress to approve one of the biggest spending bills in its history -- 820 billion dollars. He's also cutting lots of last-minute, back-room deals that would reverse our victories on overtime and on media ownership, while taking corporate giveaways to a whole new level. And he's trying to force votes on this 400 page bill before Democrats have had a chance to read it.

Join us in calling on Congress to stop this bill, at:

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

[NOTE: If the message below does not interest you, feel free to pass and move on to next segment, which are links to holiday shopping at some groovy websites. Thank you.]

The Food and Drug Administration will soon decide whether to give women a second chance to prevent unintended pregnancy. Anti-choice activists are trying to stop them - we've got to stand up and be counted.

Emergency contraception (sometimes called "the morning after pill") is one of the safest and most effective ways to prevent unintended pregnancy and reduce abortion. Yet in the vast majority of states, it's only available through a doctor's prescription, which means that women, including thousands of rape victims, aren't always able to use this option when it's most effective.

Click on the below link to urge the FDA to make emergency contraception (EC) available over-the-counter:

The FDA is taking public comments through Friday, December 5. This application comes at a time when we face an extremely hostile and anti-choice Administration. Make sure the pro-choice movement's voice is heard! Help NARAL Pro-Choice America generate 25,000 emails to the FDA by Friday - if you wish, please forward this message to a friend today:



Tuesday, December 02, 2003

This Sunday, December 7th, over 2,000 MoveOn members are hosting house parties to screen the new documentary "Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War." Some of these folks are opening up their homes to other MoveOn members, and you’re invited to attend. You can find a public party in your area and sign up at:


The NYC Friends of Kucinich volunteer group has set up a monthly newsletter and its full of terrific information. Check out our previous and current newsletters:

Glad to read that not all of the media is gushing over Dubya's recent mini jaunt to Iraq. Check out the article by Harvey Wasserman from FREE PRESS [Columbus, OH] called ... "Was Bush's Turkey Breakfast In Iraq Aimed At Hillary?" Hum, was it or just a replay of Lyndon Johnson's tragic visit to Vietnams Cam Ranh Bay back in 1966. You decide.........


NOTE ... Came across a pretty good Blogger website called "bill & diana's blog" [Random thoughts on the local & national political scene]. Check it out, if you wish at:

Monday, December 01, 2003

Terrific, informative article [Bush & Iraq: Mass Media, Mass Ignorance] by Jeff Cohen on the CommonDreams website. Check it out if you wish:

Also in the news [ on the Internet] comes this report [see link below] on Senator Hillary Clinton's recent visit to Iraq. [You go girl!] She was there for a full day, were as "Toxic Texan" was barely there for 2 1/2 hours. Whom got more media coverage ... naturally that dumbass Shrub the Lesser. You know those soldiers in the food hall were handpicked cause they like Shrub. It was all carefully and I mean carefully orchestrated to promote Republican standings for election year 2004. [Barf!] Naturally the media doesn't mention that the Bush Administration has been taking a sledgehammer to the Veteran Bill and short changing all our brave men/women. But enough on that ... here is the link to the article ... enjoy:



[November 27, 2003]

While other candidates at yesterday's presidential debate, which aired on MSNBC, traded charges and accusations over slim differences of policy, Dennis Kucinich presented a clear contrast and fundamentally different solutions. Dennis cut through the debate about cuts in Medicare by pointing out that as long as private insurance companies are left in control costs will continue to spiral out of control. Kucinich's plan for single-payer universal health care (HR 676) would provide comprehensive health care for every American and cost less in a tax on employers than employers who provide coverage currently pay on average.

Dennis pointed to the need to address basic economic issues, the kind of issues that parents talk about at the kitchen table, the issues that unite people across regions and across races. He cited his proposals for a full employment economy, single-payer health care, free college tuition, and the creation of affordable housing. Dennis made clear that other candidates' talk of modifying NAFTA is little more than talk, that modifying NAFTA will prove virtually impossible because of the WTO. Kucinich has promised to make his first act in office replacing NAFTA and the WTO with new bilateral trade agreements based on workers' rights, human rights, and environmental quality principles.

The debate about Iraq made clear that Dennis Kucinich has been the strongest opponent of the War on Iraq and the Occupation of Iraq. Congressman Gephardt cited Gov. Dean's record of support for the war and the occupation. Tom Brokaw cited Gen. Clark's similar record. Kucinich presented his plan to bring U.S. troops home and turn control over to the United Nations. He challenged the other candidates to join him. As Gov. Dean said, only Dennis Kucinich had the courage to vote against the war. Dean also said that he opposed the $87 billion. But in a debate aired live on CNN on Oct. 10, 2003, Kucinich challenged Dean on the $87 billion and the occupation, and Dean said he supported it. Prior to yesterday's debate, MSNBC's Chris Matthews dismissed Dennis Kucinich as less than a serious candidate. The debate proved Dennis to be the most serious candidate.

[Note ... More news regarding the Kucinich presidental campaign from the "NYC Friends of Kucinich", of which I proudly belong too.]

If we act quickly, we can set in motion a remarkable chain of events. If we each contribute as many dollars as we possibly can by Friday, December 5th -- the following should happen:

1. There will be a major jump in Kucinich campaign income, allowing immediate expansion of the campaign.

2. The media will report this as a sign of increased campaign vitality.

3. Each individuals donations (up to a total of $250) will be matched by federal matching funds in January, in time for use in the critical early primaries.

4. Many new Kucinich supporters will be attracted to the campaign.

This is not a dream. This is not wishful thinking. We can make this happen! Individuals can contribute up to $2,000, although only the first $250 will be matched with federal dollars. This is a critical chance to put your ideals into practice. Call toll-free 1-866-413-3664 or click here:

"We're not asking the right questions. We just accept that war is inevitable, and that this fear that's over the country is something we're stuck with. My presidency would be about the end of fear and the beginning of hope -- to try to regain that essential American optimism that really gives us that can-do attitude. We've lost a little bit of that since 9/11.
>I think I can help the country regain it." -- Dennis J. Kucinich