Friday, September 22, 2017

 The BFP "Open House"
Office Party - Sept 7th
 Dad celebrating his
82nd B-day during
Labor Day weekend

 NYC Friends of Tolkien
Meeting - Discussing Silmarillion
 Duchess at Work
 Commuting to Work
Outside Grammercy Park

Friday, September 01, 2017

 Brooklyn Botanical Garden
August 2017
Photos converted w/Waterlogue

August 1st, after work, I had a physical therapy session for my ankle and foot.

August 3rd, after work, I participated on a conference call with the BFP board meeting.

August 4th, after work, a group of us from the office headed out to Staten Island, via the ferry boat, to attend a baseball game at the St George ballpark.  We had food, drink and an air-conditioned luxury suite to watch the game.  It was enjoyable!
August 8th, after work, I had a physical therapy session for my ankle and foot.

August 9th, after work, I headed home to participate in the BFP Fundraising conference call at 7:30pm

August 10th, after work, I headed uptown to take my friend and ex co-worker out to dinner as a “thank you” for all her help with my job hunting.

August 11th, that evening, at my apt, I had some new friends over from the SGI Nichiren Buddhist group.  We did the enshrinement of my Gohonzon in its special case.  Afterwards we chanted, talked and drank teal.

August 12th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt, and afterwards did many chores / errands.  In the evening, I watched a DVD called “Gifted” with Chris Evans in the lead role.  Good film and highly recommend it.

August 13th, around 11am I headed to Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn for the Peace Rally against the white supremacist’s terror acts, not only in Charlottesville, but around the USA.  Then I joined my friend Deborah in going to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to renew my membership and stroll around.  Sunny, warm day and not as humid as day before.

August 16th, after work, I had a long overdue appt with my “internal medicine” doctor.  Had several tests done, all my vitals were okay, and discussed obtaining a new lung specialist, since mine had passed away back in July.  I also got my lung medication renewed, which I was happy about, since I was running out.

August 17th, joined my friend Irvin for lunch, and we went to Battery Park, while there we were briefly interviewed by “The Street” on our political views.  After work, I had a physical therapy session for my ankle and foot.

August 18th, after work, I had a much-needed chiropractor appt for adjustments to lower back and neck.

August 19th, after Dana cleaned my apt, I took care of errands, chores, grocery shopping and laundry around my hood.

August 20th, after my private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt, I headed out to the East River ferry boat for a visit to Governors Island.  Weather was sunny and less humid than day before.

August 21st, the solar eclipse took place today in the afternoon.  Around 3pm I borrowed special glasses from a co-worker and went out to Federal Hall steps to view it.  It was so cool and everyone was out doing the same thing and sharing their special glasses.

August 23rd, after work, I headed home to jump on the 7:30pm BFP fundraising committee conference call.

August 26th, I headed up to White Plains, via Metro North, and my friend picked me up for a day of adventures.  Drove over the newly built Tappan Zee Bridge, which is now called Mario Cuomo bridge.  We visited Nyack, Sugarloaf, Warwick, Greenwood Lake, etc.  Checked out antique shops, farm stands with goodies, Hudson River views, Mexican lunch, sculpture gardens, shopping, etc.  It was an enjoyable day.

August 27th, I attended the weekly Williamsburg chapter of Introduction to Nichiren Buddhism meeting.  Great meeting new people and some I already know.  Chanting and community spirit.

August 29th, I got a much-needed manicure after work.

August 30th, had a chiropractor appt after work for treatment.

August 31st, after work, I had a physical therapy session for my ankle and foot.