Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Those of you who hate going to the dentist, raise your hand. Wow! That many? Holy smokes Batman! Me too! Well, with the work situation still in abit of limbo, I said "self" make some appointments while I still have medical/dental insurance. So yesterday I went to my dentist on upper Eastside of Manhattan for X-Rays and a cleaning. Ecky stuff ... phew! I have to go back for some dental work next week. Not looking forward to that ... sigh! Also on schedule for next week, I have my annual eye [visual] exam. Oh joy.............

Yesterday evening I did a silly thing and its only the third time I've done it in 18 years. Accidently left my apartment keys on the kitchen table when I went out to do laundry at local laundromat. Yeah, I know, DUH!! Good thing I'd left the window to my kitchen open to "air out" the apartment. Contacted my landlady and her boyfriend brought me, plus a ladder to the courtyard [rear of building]. Pushed open the screen and climbed through. You know damn well I kept those dang keys ON ME the rest of the evening.

Other news ... have an interview tomorrow afternoon for an internal E&Y position. Maybe I'll get lucky with this one. Stay tuned..................

Monday, September 29, 2003

Well folks … another weekend is behind us and its back to work. Oh joy! The weekend as a good, progressive one and the weather could have been abit better. Well, at least Friday and most of Saturday were decent. Anyhow … enough on that topic. Friday evening I had Rob over to my place for dinner & dessert [wink wink]. It was fun and entertaining. On Saturday I participated in my second Ferret Meetup, this one was held at Bowlmar Lanes down near Union Square. Rob and I showed up, plus two other ferret fanatics arrived [ie: Gary & Sharon]. No sign of Melissa or Randy. We spent a nice two hours talking about ferrets, NYC ban and politics. Early that evening I had a strong urge to watch LOTRs “The Two Towers” on video, so I stopped by Blockbuster in my neighborhood and purchased one for $7. Watched it once Saturday evening, after a phone call with my friend Deb and again Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon around 4pm I attended a “Friends of Kucinich” outreach meeting at Robert K apartment in Tudor City on eastside. The meeting lasted from 4pm to about 6:45pm and was very productive. We got much accomplished and I’m on two more committees, one of which is helping with setting up a NYC based website. Before heading into the meeting, I hooked up with my friend Larry for a chat and he gave me a lift into Manhattan.

The following article may be of interest to some … its at Common Dreams website … check it out if you wish:


Friday, September 26, 2003

As you all can tell by the ratings, Shrub the Lesser's approval has fallen to a record low recently and thats great news. That means Democrats really need to turn on the heat right now. If you wish to find out more on the Democratic party or support them, go to this link:


We cannot have another four years of this crazy president and his empire. We cannot continue to turn back the clock on American values. Let's show the world that we are standing together to win big in 2004.


Check out this interesting article on Dean & Kucinich:



An article on Kucinich on whether he can beat Bush ... HELL YEAH!



This just in ... "Vote No on Bush's Quagmire"

Congress is soon to cast its second momentous vote on Iraq, the first being in October 2002 when Bush was given a blank check to invade. Almost all of the arguments in favor of invading made by the Bush Empire have been proven to be wrong & false. So far, no weapons of mass destruction. No welcome as liberators. No secret harboring of Al Qaeda. No remaking of the Middle East into a region of democracy. Click on the link below to take action:


In the last two elections, the oil & gas, mining and timber industries spent more than $80 million on federal campaigns. Now they are cashing in on their investments. Click on link below to see the top ten pay-offs to industry:



Weekend news ... Rob and I are having dinner & [wink wink] dessert this evening. [WooHoo] Tomorrow I'm attending my second "Ferret Meetup" here in Manhattan and Sunday looks free right now. Some good news on the work front ... received the "Success Sharing" bonus, plus got my review/raise [3.5%]. Still waiting to hear more feedback on whether or not I'll be staying on at E&Y as a floater. This would be good news, if it came true, as I don't want to go to Unemployment.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Good article regarding that wacko Vice President, Dick Cheney, from TruthOut website featuring Kucinich. Check it out if you wish:



Well, I'm finally back in the groove with Genesis Employment agency and took three Microsoft tests. Got 87% on Word, 77% on Excel and 77% on PowerPoint. These scores are a helluva lot better than the ones I took at E&Y back in August. I hope to have my first job interview this coming Friday or Monday at the latest. Possibly a banking firm down in Wall Street area that pays a good salary. Stay tuned...................

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Interesting website ... check it out if you wish:


Monday, September 22, 2003

Well you all ... I had a great Sunday afternoon/evening spent with my new fella Rob G and then Monday turns out to be crappy at work. Go figure!

First, the bad news, I didn't get either of those two jobs I was interviewing for at E&Y. Damn! One went to another E&Y internal person and the second one was given to a temp. Good lord! I've got three weeks left at this place and no other prospects at this time. Heard back from Russell at the agency and went over at lunch time to get the ball rolling. Filled out paperwork and had a good chat with Russell. Not many job openings out there, but hopefully something to sink my teeth into. Stay tuned.............

The second news is better ... spent most of Sunday afternoon and all evening with Rob. We had a great time! We took his two ferrets [ie: Sluggo & Wally] plus a picnic of sushi to a nice little park in western Long Island, near Port Washington. The weather was delightful! Wally and Sluggo have their own harnesses and leash. They loved hanging out at the park ... doing all those ferrety things ... sniffing, pooping, digging, romping, etc. They were sure zonked out when we brought them back to Rob's apartment around 6pm. From there we drove over to my neck of the woods for some ice cream and a stroll around the hood. Rob called up some friends [ie: Donny, Eric, Jesse & Madeline] of his that live not far from me [9 minute walk]. They live in this big loft and were cooking dinner when we arrived. Their a fun bunch & I enjoyed myself. Rob and I headed back to my apartment after 10pm and spent an hour of good sex. Hum ..... yeah! Rob left at 11:30pm and I finally rolled into bed at midnight. Damn good day!

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Greetings & Salutations!

I'm back from my nice, relaxing vacation in lovely Cape May, NJ and I survived Hurricane Isabel. Actually, Izzy was more west of us in NJ and we only had a tropical storm. Still, during times on Thursday, those wind gusts got up to 50 and 60 mph. That's nothing to sneeze at, yah know. A rundown on weather report for the six days I was in Victorian Cape May:

Sunday ... Hazy & Humid
Monday ... Overcast & some Rain
Tuesday ... Sunny, warm, blue skies
Wednesday ... Sunny, warm, some clouds & wind later in the evening
Thursday ... Tropical Storm kicked ass
Friday ... Sunny, warm & 25 mph winds

Overall I had a nice time on vacation, but after six consecutive visits to the southern NJ shore, well folks, its time for a change. I've been seriously thinking of checking out Quebec next year, maybe in late August or early September. As to this vacation ... I had much preying on my mind, did lots of serious thinking and at times was lonely. Some highlights of my visit ... hooking up with a "peace rally" on Sunday, visiting a 19th Century furniture exhibition, participating in a fun Cape May Haunting tour, riding a bike rental all over, good food, shopping, chatting with a few aquaintances, sitting on the beach watching a sunset, etc.


Now on to political stuff ... hell yeah!

From MoveOn website some news regarding the "false statements" uttered by Shrub the Lesser. You may want to check out these websites:


The "illegally" elected President say things that are misleading or just plain wrong every day, but most of these statements are never challenged. Well ... let's challenge them ... cause if we don't our country will sink further and further into a quagmire. With Misleader.org ... check out Shrub's lies and then read the "truth". Here is an example:


G.W.Bush ... "The tax relief is for everyone who pays income taxes, Americans will keep, this year, an average of almost $1,000 more of their own money."

The Truth ... Nearly half of all taxpayers get less than $100. And 31% of all taxpayers get nothing at all.


The US occupation in Iraq has left American soldiers unprepared and vulnerable, the country degenerating into chaos, and the Iraqi people embittered and hostile. Now the President is asking Congress for a staggering $87 billion blank check to fund more of the same. Until he takes strong steps to correct this failure, Congress shouldn't give him a cent. Bush needs to fire the team responsible, starting with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and transfer authority to the United Nations. Please join us at MoveOn.org in telling Congress to hold on to our money until Bush changes his team and changes his course in Iraq. You can send an email to your Member of Congress and sign our petition at:


Please pass this message along to your friends and colleagues. Thank you!

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Had a great time last evening on my date with Rob. We went to a cool little sushi bar [Sapporo] down on lower eastside, then headed back to his place in Queens to have ice cream, do some major cuddling and play with his two adorable ferrets [ie: Sluggo & Wally]. Tried Saki for the first time and that stuff is strong. Whoa! Rob also turned me on to some cool music, Black Flag and Bad Religion, plus "Repo Man" soundtrack. Awesome! I've heard of Henry Rollins of Black Flag punk rock fame ... but never heard much of their music. Both bands lyrics are heavy into politics ... usually against Republicans and anti-establishment. Right-on! Also, Henry Rollins was in the film "Johnny Mnemonic" with Keaun Reeves back in early to med 1990s. Earlier today I was down in Union Square handing out Kucinich pamphlets during the WTO protest/demonstrations and checking out the huge farmers market. Heading down to the New Jersey shore tomorrow for one week vacation. Can't wait! Pray for some good weather! Later.......................

Friday, September 12, 2003

"Help Prevent the Proposed Ban on Ferrets in Chicago!"

Your signature will help reach our goal of 1000 signatures! Together we can truly make a difference!


Please pass this link on to anyone who is interested in Ferrets and Animal Rights. Even if you live in Canada, you are still able to make a difference. Ferrets should not be treated differently than cats and dogs. Ferrets are less likely to pass diseases than a cat or dog as they often stay in the house all the time. Ferret owners are the most likely pet owners to take their babies in for treatment and vaccinations over other types of animals (Read in Ferrets Magazine). If you don't want to sign this, please pass it on to someone who might.

Thank you! Peace & Solidarity!

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Today is the second anniversary of the 9/11 disaster at World Trade Center, Pentagon & Pennsylvania. Light a candle tonight in remembrance of those lives lost on that day.

As John Lennon sang ... "All we are saying is give Peace a chance".


An interesting article and from all sources ... the New York Post! Check it out if you wish:



Also, for an hour or so last evening, I attended the "Circle of Hope" which started in Union Square and headed down to Ground Zero. This is in regards to 9/11 ... we all had candles [well, the folk around me did] and it was a very moving experience.


Came across the "news" below from Kucinich4President Yahoo Group and wanted to share it with you all.

"The Republican corporate media is covertly backing Howard Dean. Here is a clue as to why they are. This is a link to a Republican operative's essay. He is working on the Dean campaign. There is a split among conservatives in which the neo-cons have won out under Bush. Mike Rupert pointed this out several months ago. Rather than assassinate Bush as Rupert says they will, I believe the mainstream Republican corporate conservatives will use a Democrat who is reliably conservative, like Dean, to take the neo-cons out without risking a true change in their corporate control of the nation. The last thing they want is an end to their duopoly control of the political agenda of both major parties. This is why they consistently ignore Kucinich. Yes, there is a conservative establishment conspiracy to deny Kucinich the presidency."


[Note ... We, as concerned American citizens, cannot let this happen to us or Kucinich!]

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

This past Monday evening [September 8th] was my third volunteer meeting with "Friends of Kucinich". The meeting went very well. It was productive and ran over three hours. There were about 30 to 40 people attending, tho some youth left early, as they were very impatient and didn't understand our democratic system of procedure. [Bob Ginsberg again attended our meeting & its great having him there.] During the meeting we covered many topics, learned of upcoming events, talked about what Dennis had been up to lately and set up committees. As to the latter, I am now on a few committees dealing with upcoming events and materials. The next meeting is Tuesday, September 16th, but sadly I'll have to miss out, as I'm on vacation next week. Its been a great learning experience, so far, and great meeting new people and coming together to help out Kucinich. Right-on!


Other news from "True Majority" website:

Rather than admitting the shortcomings of his failed policy and plotting a course to get us out of Iraq. George Bush used the speech to the nation to repeat his lies in the hopes that people will believe them if said often enough. [Yo ... Shrub the Lesser ... we're not dumb!] There was no mention of WMD, Bush continued to equate Iraq with al-Qaeda [everyone knows its Saudi's and NOT Iraqi's] terrorists even though there's NO factual basis for the charge, and then he asked us for another $87 BILLION to bail him out. [Don't do it people!] How much is $87 billion?!? For that amount of money ... America could solve the school budget crisis in every one of our communities, OR provide health insurance for every uninsured American child for 15 years, OR provide food for all 6 million of the children who die from hunger around the world for 7 years.

A day of protest is being planned for October 25th in Washington DC and Los Angeles and places in between. For more information about these events, go to:


Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Yahoo Chat Group geared towards Dennis Kucinich ... check it out if you wish:



We've all been a critical part of the movement to stop the FCC rule change and media monopoly. This week or next, the Senate will vote on whether to roll back the rule change. It could be very close. This vote is the BIG ONE ... the last major vote in the Senate on this issue. Help out for a good cause ... please tell the Senate to put the FCC rule change to bed at:


Then help us reach 100,000 signers by Wednesday by passing this message on to your friends and colleagues and encouraging them to sign as well. On Wednesday, Moveon.org will be holding a crucial press conference with Senator Dorgan [D-ND] and Senator Snowe [R-ME] and groups across the political spectrum to highlight the broad opposition to the FCC rule change. If we can get 100,000 signers, we'll demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt the breadth of support for the roll-back. It could mean the difference between success and defeat. Make a difference, please sign the "Stop the FCC" petition right now, at the link above. Thank you!

Monday, September 08, 2003

Here now the weekend report and it was a good one. First of all the weather cleared up and was very sunny from Friday onwards. Sweet! Secondly, I spent some time Friday evening over at Rob's place in Queens and becoming acquainted with his two ferrets [ie: Sluggo & Wally]. At one point we took the furkids up to the roof and let them romp around, while we cuddled and gazed at the stars [even saw Mars]. Very enjoyable evening! On saturday I spent it up in Yonkers doing my volunteer work at ferret shelter. Two furkids from previous month had to be put to sleep, as their health had gotten worse and their quality of life diminished. Poor darlings! Did my usual duties of brushing fur, cleaning ears, water bottle maintanence, socializing, poopy trays, etc. Didn't get to play with some of my favs, as they'd already had their playtime and back in cages. Sigh! There are several young, energtic, aggressive, adoptable newbies at the shelter. Plus several had been adopted since I was up in August. That evening I went out for a power walk at local track and again spotted Mars. Really cool! On Sunday I had to do some work at the office, then went up to eastside of Manhattan to hangout at Central Park and Metropolitan Museum of Art. This time I brought my camera, since it was another fine day, and I spent some time at Met roof garden. Lovely views! Back home I grabbed a blanket, pillow, book and waterbottle then headed to local park for a relaxing two hours under the trees. Very nice!

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Listed below are some great websites dealing with politics, ferrets and the rock group Pearl Jam. If interested, check them out. Just highlight the chosen link, copy and then paste it up in the "address" area of the internet and hit enter. Voila!

Peace & Solidarity!

















Protest Attorney John Ashcroft's Visit to NYC To Promote that Sicko USA PATRIOT ACT!

When: 12 Noon on Tuesday, September 9th
Where: Wall Street & Broad Street in NYC
Subway: Take the 2/3/4/5/J/Z to Wall & Broad Street area

On Sept 9th, Attorney General Ashcroft [total scumbag] will visit NYC to attend a closed meeting with law enforcement officials to build support for the USA Patriot Act and impending Patriot II legislation. Hundreds of New Yorkers will meet his arrival and gather together to tell Ashcroft to stop his attack on the "Bill of Rights" and to affirm and uphold OUR rights and liberties. Join United For Peace & Justice, the NY Bill of Rights Defens campaign and a coalition of dozens of civil liberties, immigrants rights, peace & justice organizations and political leaders on Tuesday at noontime. [Remember ... today the US government can get a secret warrant to search your home without telling you until later. Today the government can monitor your Internet use. Today the FBI is authorized to monitor your political and religious activities. We can only guess what tomorrow will bring. The fact is, Orwell's vision of "Big Brother" is NOW, for the first time, technologically possible. Join this important emergency demonstration and stand up for the BILL OF RIGHTS! Your rights!]

Friday, September 05, 2003

Last evening I attended my second volunteer meeting for NYC Friends Of Kucinich. It was great ... good turnout ... with more people attending than last weeks meeting. I arrived 20 minutes late, as I had a prior commitment, plus the subways were not kind to me. Typical! Anyhow, when I arrived the meeting was already in progress with lead volunteers discussing many issues. We then watched a 20 video on Kucinich and then Democrat State Committeeman Bob Ginsberg spoke. He is supporting Kucinich and this is good news. [Bob Ginsberg is one of the most progressive and independent members of the Democratic State committee today.] Lets get more democrats, liberals, progressives and independents out there to support Dennis for 2004 presidental election. DOWN WITH BUSH! I also signed up for some upcoming events, as a volunteer, to spread the news around about Dennis. Those of you reading this and living in the NYC area ... if you wish to attend the next meeting for us volunteers ... its being held on September 8th at 6:30pm. The address is ... Organization of Staff Analysts, 220 East 23rd Street, Suite 707, NYC. If you wish to learn more about Dennis, go to the following link:


Peace & Solidarity!!


On the work front ... things are progressing in regards to interviews. I'll know next week whether I got the Client Service Assistant position in Hedge Fund Group. I'll also be interviewing for the Senior Client Service Assistant position in the ASC area. Keep your fingers crossed and pray that next week provides me with good news. Stay tuned...............

Thursday, September 04, 2003

[News from the Dennis Kucinich Democratic Presidental campaign ... if you wish to read it ... great ... if not ... pass it by ... I will not be offended. Thank you!]


Before I tell you about the partying we have planned this month, here's what I saw Monday and Tuesday in Iowa, the crucial first voting state in the country. As mainstream journalists acknowledged, no one had more supporters in the Des Moines Labor Day parade than Dennis, whose talk at the end of the parade was carried by C-SPAN. On Labor Day, our campaign announced the "Rank and File Labor for Kucinich" steering committee, 32 Iowa labor leaders and activists from 15 unions reaching out to other union folks to get them to vote for Kucinich in the January caucuses.

Yesterday, the leading peace group in Iowa, STAR*PAC, resoundingly endorsed Kucinich as "the first president of the new millennium to stand for peace." Citing his antiwar leadership in Congress and his campaign positions, (including cuts in Pentagon spending), STAR*PAC threw its weight 100% behind Kucinich. If you believe the corporate media, Dean is the "antiwar candidate" with all the student support. Wrong on both counts. The Kucinich rally at the University of Iowa Monday night was electric with hundreds of students ready to work for Kucinich from now until January...and beyond.


If you wish to join the Kucinich Yahoo Group, go to the following link:


Another link to check out is:


Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Check out this Newsday website and place your vote on who you think should be next president of USA. Naturally I voted for Dennis Kucinich and his stats are doing very well. So add your vote at the link below ... thank you.



Had a nice, relaxing Labor Day holiday weekend. Weather was great on Sunday and stunk rest of the time. On Sunday Mom and I visited the Saratoga Battlefield Historial Park for an auto tour. This takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours with 10 stops and a few picnic areas. Some of the views were great and two of the stops had folk dressed in 1776 costume talking about Revolutionary War history. It was very enjoyable. While driving thru a heavily wooded area of the park we saw a Doe and two Fawn near the road. Never seen deer that closeup before and they were so pretty. Also over the weekend I did some shopping, yard work, dining out and hairdresser appointment. Had great conversations with two chaps on my bus rides. Going up I sat next to and chat with a hairdresser named Stacy, he was very amusing. On the way back to NYC I sat next to and chat with a truck driver named Dick, who was a cool dude.