Monday, June 23, 2014

 Bill, Dawn, Kai and I
went out to
Governors Island
for the
[June 7th]

 Brooklyn for Peace
Tabling at annual
Brooklyn Pride
June 14th

Alison Arngrim of
"Little House on the Prairie"
posed with me

 E&Y held its
5th Annual Unity Art Show
June 18th thru 20th
[I exhibited the 3 items]

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

 Visited the Far
Rockaways for first time
on May 31st with a Friend

 Attended the Annual
Irish Festival
 Assisted WCW
with tabling at
annual Left Forum

Sunday, June 01, 2014

 Memorial Day
Holiday Weekend
Upstate NY

May 1st, I attended the fun and entertaining monthly TGTSNBN meetup.

May 2nd, I attended a BFP event in Park Slope featuring Medea Benjamin of CodePink.

May 3rd, I went to Cielito’s birthday/going away party in Brooklyn and had such a fun time.

May 4th, after a successful shopping trip to Dress Barn, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

May 7th, I had a much needed chiropractor appt after work.

May 9th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

May 10th, started the day off with a much need appt with my chiropractor, and then into the city for an appt with my acupuncturist.  Hung out in the city, did some shopping, and then joined friends for Thom’s birthday dinner at Sammy’s.

May 11th, I headed into Manhattan to spend the afternoon at the lovely Conservatory Garden’s located at 5th Avenue and 105th Street.  I took lots of photographs, as the gardens were gorgeous, and the scents from flowers heavenly.  It was a perfect spring day and everyone seemed to be out and about in the city.  Afterwards I headed over to Gracie Mansion Park off of East End Avenue, then a late lunch on 2nd Avenue.  By the time I got home my lower back and legs were beat.

May 12th, I had an urgent chiropractor visit, as my lower back was still in pain from day before.  Much needed therapy and have to wear a lower back support.

May 13th, I participated in the monthly BFP Fund/PF committee meeting at Ken’s apt.

May 14th, I had another much needed appt with my chiropractor after work.

May 15th, I volunteered at the WCW offices to assist with computer updates.

May 17th, after Dana finished cleaning my apt, I had appts with my chiropractor and massage therapist for lower back issues.  Afterwards, I headed into Manhattan to do some shopping at the Union Square farmers market, and also B&N for Doctor Who DVDs.

May 18th, I joined my friend Sam for some “photo adventures” around lower Manhattan, and then a late lunch near Madison Square Park.  Afterwards, I joined my friend Margaret to go see the film BELLE.  After the delightful film, we had a tasty dinner at a Japanese place on 7th Avenue.  Overall a good day  J

May 19th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

May 20th to 22nd my friend Cindy visited me before flying on holiday to the UK.

May 20th, I participated in a BFP A&C committee conference call.

On May 23rd the office was closed for the long holiday weekend.  I was busy with three doctor appts and private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

May 24th to 27th I visited the parents in upstate NY for the long Memorial Day holiday weekend.  Helped out Mom around the house with chores, plus took her grocery shopping.  I also assisted with some outdoor chores to give Dad a break.  On Sunday we had company [ie: Nick and Roberta] at the house and that was very nice.  Did some reading, baking, smoothies and watercolor painting over the weekend, plus had a hair salon appt.

May 27th, I attended a two hour phone banking session at Ken’s house for BFP fundraising committee.  We were treated to delicious goodies for dinner from Mukti.

May 29th, I volunteered with tabling for BFP at the Park Slope Armory event in the evening.

May 30th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

On May 31st, I joined my friend Jackie in visiting the Rockaways this afternoon, plus stroll along the beach and attend the annual Irish Festival. Afterwards, headed up to Manhattan to visit Wendy Wright at theater, plus see abit of Casa Valentina. It was my first time visiting the Rockaways, and I've lived in NYC for 31 years.