Friday, October 31, 2003

[Note ... This just in from the Kucinich National Campaign office]


No, it's not a Halloween poltergeist. Dennis Kucinich's new book is flying off the shelves because of your orders. Already in the first three days over 1,500 orders have come in. We've shipped our initial supply and restocked. "A Prayer for America," is a paperback collection of Dennis's amazing essays and speeches. We have yet to find a reader who is not profoundly moved. Your purchase counts as a campaign contribution. The books cost $15 each, or $12 if you buy 10 or more. To order, click on the link below:

Last weekend when I was visiting my good friend Katherine in CT ... we stopped by a tag sale near the IHOP. I found this book which I felt would "kick start" the process of guiding me; when I sometimes feel annoyed, even angry, with myself or others. Its called "One Minute For Myself" by Dr Spencer Johnson and well worth the $2 I paid for it.

["In his latest parable, Dr Spencer Johnson, whose famous books have inspired millions of readers around the world, takes his readers on an exciting journey of self-discovery, showing us how to let go of the hidden resentments and anger that come from denying our own needs, telling us how to listen to our inner wisdom and teaching us that the more we care for ourselves, the more loving we become toward ourself and other people. The co-author of the world renowed ONE MINUTE MANAGER shows how taking ONE MINUTE FOR MYSELF can lead to a lifetime of fulfillment and personal success ... for us and for others.]

One of Dr Johnson's quotes from the book states:

"I treat myself the way I would like others to treat me"

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

[Note: This latest news in from the campaign headquarters of Kucinich for President 2004]


Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign has just received endorsementsfrom a number of prominent Americans, including actor and activist Danny Glover, author Howard Zinn, Democratic leader and former Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate and former head of the NFL players' union Ed Garvey, Founder of the School of the Americas Watch Father Roy Bourgeois, Co-Founder of Global Exchange Kevin Danaher, the American Vegetarians, and Comedian Professor Irwin Corey.

The Kucinich campaign has also just been endorsed in the first primary state, New Hampshire, by the New Hampshire Green Party, and has also received the endorsement of the Kent County, Mich., Greens.

These endorsers join a growing list, available at:

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

[Note ... Came across another article ["Political Threat To Bush Growing"] on Common Dreams website and its from the Long Island newspaper NEWSDAY. Good ole Newsday joining in the bash Bush and his Administration/Empire. If you wish to check out the article, click on the link below, if not, thats cool too.]

[Came across another great article ("Kucinich Stands for True Democratic Principles") via Common Dreams website by the CAPITAL TIMES newspaper. You bet its on Kucinich ... he's the man to beat the pants off of Bushie. Check out the article, if you wish, plus share it with others. If not interested then move on to the "non political" items below. Thank you.]


And now for something completely different ... a non-political moment. [Hum ... do I hear deep sighs of relief from many of you? Well, you know I'll bring the conversation around to that subject sometime down the road. (smiling)]

This past weekend I had a lovely time visiting two friends of mine. Was up in southern CT on Saturday and in a different part of Brooklyn on Sunday.

Coordinating a visit with my good friend Katherine takes some planning and whether she'll have free weekend time from Wal-Mart. She is still relatively new at Wal-Mart, so her weekend options are next to nil. Katherine sent me an email a week or so in advance, stating that October 25th was free and clear. Hurray! We were fortunate in being blessed with a nice, comfortable Autumn day and no rain. To condense the visit into a nutshell ... took her to brunch at IHOP [ate some yummy pumpkin pancakes], went shopping [didn't buy a thing, but fun to look] at two really nice stores [Home Goods & Trader Joes], stopped by cemetery to tend my grammies grave, had pumpkin ice cream at Carvel and then stopped by to see her fiancee Maurice working on their new home. It'll be a nice place when its finished and situated not far from the train station. Sweet! Katherine and Maurice are hoping to get married sometime in late December. Can't wait! Katherine also filled me in on the latest news concerning her two daughters and ex-hubby. Some of the news was good, but much of it was upsetting.

On the train ride back to NYC there were lots of folk onboard wearing Yankee items. They were going to game six of the World Series that evening at the stadium. I had a strong feeling the Marlins would win the series that very night. And they did! I guess you can tell I'm not a Yankee fan. Your right ... I always cheer on the underdog. I'm more of a NY Mets fan. Was happy to see another team win other than the arrogant, over-paid Yankees.

Sunday afternoon I was invited over for lunch to Anni's home in southwestern Brooklyn. I'd visited her families home back in March, not only for a tasty lunch, but to see her 2 month old daughter Rachel. Same thing this time, only Rachel is going on 9 months old and is one happy baby. [Learned her oldest brother, his wife and children have moved to California.] Had a lovely visit, enjoyed partaking of some yummy Indian food, chatting with Anni [& family] and playing with her daughter Rachel. [Such a sweet, cute, lovely temperment, happy child.] Haven't seen Anni since I moved from E&Ys Broad Street to their Times Square location, which was back in mid to late July. So we caught up on news, work stuff and gossip. This coming weekend I'm heading up to ferret shelter to do my beloved volunteer work and then watch the NYC Marathon. Yeah!

Monday, October 27, 2003

[Note ... Good article ("Bush Is Not Welcome In Britain") from GUARDIAN/UK newspaper on Shrub the Lessers upcoming "state" visit to UK. Check it out if you wish:

If you wish ... check out this article [Rallying To Bring U.S. Troops Home] ... from the October 26th edition of NEWSDAY ... which is a Long Island newspaper. Would have liked to joined in with the demonstrators at this rally in DC, but had prior social commitments. [Will chat about those enjoyable events shortly.] An interesting point made by the article, is that, tens of thousands of demostrators were there who are against Bush and war in Iraq. But there were only 50 supports to the Bush Administration. Hum ... seems we outrank those wieners ... HA! Lets further outrank them in Presidental elections next November 2004. Lets take our country back from greedy corporations, distructive politicians and bring our troops home!

On October 25th, supporters of Congressman Dennis Kucinich's bid for the presidency participated in marches and rallies around the country, including in Washington D.C. and San Francisco, organized by United for Peace and Justice and intended to advance the cause of bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq. Busloads of Kucinich supporters made their way to D.C. and handed out flyers in a crowd containing many Kucinich signs, banners, and T-shirts.

Congressman Kucinich himself phoned in to WPFW, the radio station airing the DC event, and expressed his support for the cause on the air. Kucinich also wrote remarks which were read on stage at the DC event by Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, the Kucinich campaign's National Director of Community Outreach and New Voter Development. The remarks follow:


"I wish I could have been with you today, as I have been with you in marches against this war over the past many months, including the powerful march in New York last February. I am campaigning for President, which required me today to speak out against this occupation at a forum with other candidates rather than with you where my heart is, rather than with you in Washington, D.C., a city that I intend to see become a STATE in the very near future. Today I spoke at an AFL-CIO forum in New Hampshire urging labor to get behind ending the occupation.

"It was a year ago February that I gave a speech titled "A Prayer for America" that flooded my office with Emails, letters, and phone calls asking me to run for President. In that speech I protested the Bush Administration's build-up to war, and I have continued to oppose that war unwaveringly and do so still today, because this war has been declared
>over but our soldiers continue to die, our occupation continues to destabilize the region, and our public resources continue to be drained by this fraudulent and unjust project.

"While I organized in communities with you against the war, I also organized in Congress. I led an effort that persuaded nearly two-thirds of the Democrats in the House to vote against the war. I also sued the President in an attempt to prevent him from going to war without a Congressional Declaration. And I led the effort to oppose the recent
funding increase for this occupation to the tune of 87 billion dollars. That's more than all the states' deficits combined.

"Let me say it clearly: It is time to bring the troops home! It is time to get the UN in and the US out of Iraq! This is not a demand I make casually. I have developed a plan to make this happen and it can be found on my website at Kucinich dot US. We must go to the UN Security Council for a resolution that includes these three points:

"One) The UN must handle the collection and distribution of all oil revenues for the Iraqi people, with no privatization. "Two) The UN must handle the awarding of all contracts - no more Halliburton sweetheart deals. No more war profiteering by Republican contributors and Bush Administration cronies. "Third) The UN must work to create conditions for Iraqi self governance.

"It is time for the United States to rejoin the world community in the interests of international security. I am running for President to completely change the direction of US foreign and domestic policy. I plan to cut the bloated Pentagon budget by 15 percent and use the money for universal pre-school. I plan to establish a cabinet-level Department of
Peace to make nonviolence an organizing principle in our foreign and domestic affairs.

"If those of you who share these goals join this campaign, help us organize door-to-door and over the phone lines, we will win the Democratic nomination and give the American people a real choice in next year's election, a reason to vote, an opportunity to make this country a leader in peace, not war. And it will be the war profiteers who have to gather in
a small corner of this great space and hold a protest, because the White House will be closed to them. Thanks you."

Friday, October 24, 2003

An article from todays SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE newspaper on military families dealing with the conflicts in Iraq. This article [The Moral Authority Military Parents Lend to the Peace Movement Comes at a Price] coinsides with the huge march/demonstration being held tomorrow in Washington, DC and other cities throughout the US. Check it out, if you wish:

Some famous actors [two particular favs of mine] celebrating birthdays in the glorious month of October:

Kevin Kline is 56
Viggo Mortenson is 45

[Note ... A message from ... check it out if you wish. Thank you!]

For three years, President Bush has worked to build an image for himself that resonates with the American people. He's bullied the media, distorted the facts, and cowed his political opponents. Through it all, we've worked together to expose the gap between Bush's carefully constructed image and his failed policies. That image is now falling apart under the weight of a mismanaged economy, daily losses in Iraq, and the accumulated evidence of the President's distortions.

Thanks in part to MoveOn members' hard work, the tide is turning. This represents an enormous strategic opportunity: Americans are beginning to realize that President Bush misleads. The President will fight this unveiling with tens of millions of advertising dollars, especially in the few "battleground" states that will determine the 2004 election. But we
can beat him to the punch. That's why today we're launching our biggest -- and perhaps most important -- campaign yet. We need you to be a part of it.

Over the next months, we're going to raise an unprecedented $10 million for the production and placement of ads that take the truth about the Bush administration directly to the American people in key battleground states.

To kick it off, some MoveOn donors have contributed a matching pool of $300,000. Every dollar that you donate today will be matched one-for-one -- it's great bang for your buck. The sooner this money starts coming in, the sooner we can get those ads running -- if we raise $300,000 today, we can start running the ads in less than two weeks. Please help however you can -- be it $25 or $2500.

You can give right now by credit card on our secure website at:

Yesterday evening had a damn good one-hour session at the gym with my Personal Trainer. Certain muscles are pretty sore today. Whenever we have a session, Jamie and I always chat about current events, movies or personal stuff. Depends on the mood, I guess. Jamie's a terrific person, funny, considerate and a good trainer.

Also, the other day, I had to arrange an important meeting for a Partner I work for at E&Y. Required contacting the secretary of Partner from another firm to get things in sync, which we did. Anyhow, a 5 minute conversation turned into an enjoyable one hour conversation on a number of topics. Joan and I have several things in common, one of which is we both lived at Ten Eyck Womens Residence on East 39th Street. I lived there back in the early to mid 1980s and she's been living there for last 10 years. Good location and great views from the roof garden. That brought back memories. Joan is very much into theater, an actress and a romance writer. Back about 15 to 10 years ago I was very much into reading Regency style romance novels, as well as going to Broadway shows. Overall we had lots of fun talking, with many laughs, plus exchanged email addresses.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Interesting NEWSDAY article [You May Justifiably Want To Take Friday Off] I found today on Common Dreams website ... check it out if you wish:

From the Columbus, Ohio FREE PRESS news is a fascinating article called "Senator Byrd, Major Media Spread Coverage of Bush-Nazi Nexus". Check it out ... if you wish:


Another interesting article [Protesters To Bush - How Dare You?] shown on Common Dreams website from the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD ... check it out if you wish:

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

[Note ... Snippets from an article written for Common Dreams website by John & Elaine Mellencamp & well worth reading.]

The word Democracy means literally "by the people." This is the basis of our government and society. It is what this country was founded upon and what makes us American. It is not just our "right" but also our duty to speak out and voice our thoughts and opinions. How, then, was it possible that, in the land of freedom, those who opposed the common opinion were called"un-American?" Resentfully, we wonder.

Who is to say what is or isn't "patriotic?" Do the flags that wave from every minivan really offer any support? Where is the support for the thousands of service men and women who return to the states to see their benefits cut, their health problems ignored, their jobs gone and their families living in poverty? How are they repaid for their efforts; for risking or losing their lives? So far, dismally.

The Governor of California was removed from office based on finance troubles. And yet George W Bush has lied to us, failed to keep our own borders secure, entered a war under false pretense, endangered lives, and created financial chaos. How is it that he hasn't been recalled? Perhaps this time we could even have a REAL election . . . but that wouldn't fit the Bush administration's "take what you want and fire people later" policy. Take an election; take an oil field; take advantage of your own people -- a game of political Three-Card Monte.

The fight for freedom in this country has been long, painful, and ongoing. It is time to take back our country. Take it back from political agendas, corporate greed and overall manipulation. It is time to take action here in our land, in our own schools, neighborhoods, farms, and businesses. We have been lied to AND terrorized by our own government, and it is time to take action. Now is the time to come together.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

[Note ... More news on Kucinich (he's running for President in 2004). It would be great if the media paid more attention to him, but sadly their not. So its up to people like me and other concerned Americans to pass the word on this intelligent, compassionate Congressman.]


Congressman Kucinich is the only candidate who voted against the war on Iraq, and on Friday night he voted against funding the occupation with another $87 billion. Two other candidates joined Kucinich in this vote, but it was too little too late. They, as well as some candidates not in Congress, have yet to take a strong position against the occupation or to
join Dennis in his proposal to bring U.S. troops home and turn control of the transition over to the U.N.


November 6th at 7 p.m. is your next chance to welcome new supporters into the campaign through We are putting a special emphasis this month on inviting members of third parties. There are also Democratic Party MeetUps on November 19 at which you can probably recruit Kucinich supporters.

Monday, October 20, 2003

[Note ... I received these interesting news items from the website ... check them out if you wish]

* THERE IS NO EMERGENCY NEED FOR THE 87 BILLION. The Congressional Research Service issued a report yesterday showing that the funding bills already passed provide enough funding to continue the occupation of Iraq and protect the troops until spring of next year. Congress could have taken the time to properly debate and analyze the request, but Congressional Republicans wanted to rush the request through in order to limit the political damage. Oct03.pdf

* IRAQ CONTRACTS ARE RIFE WITH WASTE AND CRONY CAPITALISM. Halliburton, the firm Vice President Dick Cheney led in the 1990s, is receiving billions of dollars in contracts. According to the two lawmakers, Halliburton has charged the government $1.62 to $1.70 a gallon for gasoline that could be bought wholesale in the Persian Gulf region for about 71 cents and transported to Iraq for no more than 25 cents. Meanwhile, local Iraqi businesses are shunned, and other contractors whose bids are lower are being ignored. And U.S. companies are charging taxpayers exorbitant rates for reconstruction -- $50,000 per bed, for example, for new Iraqi prisons, which is more than twice what we pay on average here.

[Note ... Some news related to Dennis Kucinich, which I find very inspiring and wonderful. Check it out, if you wish.]

Two days ago Jonathan Meier, age 20, departed Portland, Maine, on a coast-to-coast walk to raise awareness for Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign. He and a group of local supporters headed down Route 1 towards New Hampshire. Volunteers from 24 states have already committed to joining in portions of the walk when it reaches their regions.

At a kickoff event in Portland, Jonathan delivered an eloquent speech. He said, "I walk because people need to know -- people deserve to know that Dennis John Kucinich is running for President in 2004! I am walking to let people know that now is the time for us to act. This is the moment that will change the course of history, because this is the moment that people decided to come together for one grand cause - the cause of global peace."

Kucinich issued a statement of support posted in the National Forum for Kucinich volunteers:

Expected Arrival in NYC: October 30, 2003
Expected Arrival in Washington, DC: November 11, 2003
Expected Arrival in San Francisco: February 29, 2004

For more information or to join in and get a little exercise:

Abit of light-hearted news ... this past Saturday I visited the Bronx Zoo for the first time. I've been living in NYC for 20 years and figured its about time. Right? Well ... yeah ... plus the company I work for ... E&Y ... generously gave its employees "free admission" to the zoo on October 18th/19th. All we had to do was show our E&Y Photo ID at the gate and they let us waltz in. Hell yeah, that works for me! Only thing not included was rides, events and food. [As to the latter, bring your own, cause they are overpriced.] Those we had to pay for separately, but it was worth it. The subway ride up to the zoo took an hour longer than usual, due to construction work being done on several subway lines. Pain in the ass! Finally arrived about 2pm and stayed for almost three hours. The weather was a typical Fall day with some sun, a few clouds and brisk. I actually needed gloves to go with my turtleneck and heavy sweater. Whew! Anyhow ... I paid the fee to ride on Bengali Express Monorail and Skyfari East. Both of which I greatly enjoyed. The zoo grounds are quite large and nicely maintained. Also visited Asia Plaza, Monkey House, Zoo Center, Tiger Mountain, plus a view a slew of animals. I have to admit the Snow Leopards were my fav. They are so exquisite with beautiful fur and markings. I highly recommend it to all to visit the Bronx Zoo and spend a fun afternoon. Wish I had more time to visit the Botanical Gardens, just north of the zoo, but sadly that will have to wait another day.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Another great website I try to read several times a week is TRUTHOUT. Recently came across two "special remarks" made by U.S. Senators Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy. Both are Democrats.

First one is a Senate floor remark by U.S. Senator Robert Byrd on Final Passage of Iraq Supplemental Appropriations Bill. He borrows some of his comments from the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale called "The Emperors New Clothes".

The second one is a lengthy, important and fascinating statement by Senator Ted Kennedy.

I say let the "triumphant procession along the Mall" [barf] continue, so these two filthy rich autocrats can see and hear how THE PEOPLE really think. Listen to the people cause they are the heart, soul and backbone of US and UK.
From Common Dreams website:

RHETORIC & REALITY [Halliburton vs US Troops]

Rhetoric ... "Our whole nation has been reminded that we can never take our military for granted. I will keep our military strong. America counts on the men and women who have stepped forward as volunteers in the cause of freedom. I want to thank you all for your good service. Thank you for the credit and honor you bring to our country every day." [President G.W. Bush on September 12, 2003]

Reality ... By a recorded vote of 213 ayes to 213 noes, the House rejected an amendment to increase the basic rate of pay to all military services by $265 million. The amount needed to provide a $1,500 bonus to each person serving in operations in Iraq or Afghanistan for fiscal year 2004. The $265 million is roughly equal to what many suspect Halliburton is overcharging the U.S. government in Iraq. [House Roll Call Vote #554 on October 17, 2003 ... Source of Halliburton Figure]

Saturday, October 18, 2003

After the personal events that took place this past week and which caused me much heartache. I did some serious reflection. Many aspects of this Pearl Jam song seem to hit on issues of this past week. The first paragraph best describes an ex-girlfriend, just replace "he or his" with "her". [One doesn't need a degree in Psychology to figure it out. HA!] And the first and second paragraphs best describe the ex-beau. [Yep, they coulda' been something. . . . .]

Album: Vitalogy
Written By: Vedder & Ament

once divided there's nothing left to subtract
some words when spoken can't be taken back
walks on his own with thoughts he can't help thinking
future's above, but in the past he's slow and sinking
caught a bolt of lightning...cursed the day he let it go
isn't it something, nothingman?
she once believed in every story he had to tell
one day she stiffened...oh yeah...took the other side
empty stares from each corner of a shared prison cell
one just's left inside...oh well
and he who forgets will be destined to remember...oh, oh, woh...
yeah, isn't it something, nothingman?
oh, she don't want him
oh, she won't feed him after he's flown away...yeah
oh, into the sun...yeah, into the sun
burn, burn, oh burn...
oh, isn't it something, nothingman?
oh, nothingman...nothingman...
oh, coulda' been something, nothingman

Friday, October 17, 2003

More terrific links to websites where one can purchase gifts for Christmas. Check them out:


Too bad for the national media pundits who've wished the Kucinich campaign would just go away. Because Kucinich for President has surged in recent weeks. Other campaigns have seen their fundraising decline; ours is growing!


The tour that began in Cleveland with the formal announcement of candidacy and headed to 10 cities in 3 days has been a smash success. Large enthusiastic crowds have greeted the candidate -- Minnesota Public Radio estimated last night's Minneapolis crowd at 2,000! Local news coverage has been decent, with perhaps millions of new people learning about our campaign. Along the way, Dennis was joined and supported by such well-known figures as Ani DiFranco, Studs Terkel, Mimi Kennedy and Dr. Patch Adams.


Unlike other campaigns that are in decline, the Kucinich campaign today announced an increase in fundraising -- $1.65 million this quarter (up from last quarter's $1.54 million). We raised nearly $1 million in September alone! With an average donation of $72, the vast majority of our funds will be federally matched. A chunk of September's funds came from the Peace Day parties, showing that house party fundraising plus Internet fundraising is the wave of the future. As a grassroots campaign with a huge volunteer base, Kucinich for President doesn't need to equal other campaigns dollar for dollar.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Oh happy, happy ... joy, joy! I finally was able to purchase the Pearl Jam CD of their Boston3 show [July 11, 2003]. Can't wait to listen to it this evening after I get a manicure and go grocery shopping. Speaking of nails, I ran into my old manicurist of mine yesterday evening, on way home via subway. Rosita now works for a chic salon on Jackson Avenue in Queens. I'll swing by there Saturday and check out the facilities. She used to work for this salon that I frequented near Rockefeller Center several years ago, when I worked in that area. Yesterday I chatted with my friends Larry and Katherine on the phone. Just catching up on news, gossip and stuff in general.


Another interesting article from the Madison "Capital Times" newspaper on Kucinich and the media. In my humble opinion definitely worth reading:


Tuesday, October 14, 2003

More cool websites dealing with decorating, stuff & travel:

Interesting website ... check out link below [if you wish] ... thanks for sharing it with me Josee.

Article on Dennis Kucinich from Madison "Capital Times" newspaper [10/13/03]. Check it out if you wish:

What is it with men [some, not all] these days on Yahoo IM?!? Friends tell me its my "handle" and I should change it. Yeah, their so right. How can I feel like a "sexybroad" when assholes on IM ask me if I'm "on the rag", "watch them jerk off on webcam" or have an "anger problem". Okay, I admit I sometimes have an "anger problem". But when dealing with some morons on Yahoo IM its understandable to get abit peeved. Certain world events, boyfriend stuff, work situation, money matters anger me too. I've been meaning to take up yoga again to help things along. Maybe get a "self-help" book on how to deal with or channel that "anger". An ex-boss of mine said to me years ago ... "don't sweat the small stuff" and he's right. Tho sometimes its easier said than done. As to the "boyfriend stuff", I haven't heard from Rob since Thursday and quite frankly I don't care if I do. [Tho I'll miss dear little Wally & Sluggo.] There have been some "warning bells" and "issues" over last few weeks that I can't ignore. He was a fun guy to hang out with, so its not all bad. Having said that, I have to listen to those "warning bells" and move on. I'm actually feeling abit better having written this paragraph. On to some good news ... my friend Larry called last evening and we had a nice, long chat. He finally found a couple to sublet his apartment in Brooklyn, while he lives in his new digs in Manhattan. Getting a good monthly rent from them too ... $1,700. Sweet!


Quote from Napoleon ... "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

Monday, October 13, 2003

Well, the verdict is in from my dentist, I need three crowns. My dental insurance will only allow me to get one done in 2003 and the other two in early 2004. The insurance only pays half of the cost for each crown and I must pay the other half, which amounts to $200 per crown. Ouch! Sigh! I've worked out a deal with my dentist, who is a good guy, where I pay him $50 out of each paycheck. That'll start on October 15th and end on November 28th. Good news tho ... he says there is no decay or cavities. Whew! Okay ... that aside ... the rest of my news today is all politically related. If you wish to read it ... great ... if not ... then thats cool too.

Please spread this far and wide, dear friends. The Presidential debates have been sold to the corporations. They are NOT sponsored by the League of Women Voters as in years past. Is it no wonder that Dennis or others cannot get equal time????

We citizens must take back this debate process! Please sign the petition at:

Thank you so much!

News from the "Friends Of Kucinich" presidental campaign:

Congratulations on a successful National Kucinich in 2004 Meetup Day on October 2nd! See photos from every city:

Please join all 15927 across 481 cities, including 469 Kucinich in 2004 Supporters in New York City for your next Meetup.

If you are not yet a Kucinich Meetup subscriber, please visit:

Dennis Kucinich Announces White House Bid ... article from Yahoo News:


Message From Robert Jereski, Outreach Coordinator, NYC Friends of Kucinich

Please feel free to forward this to all of your progressive friends. Even if they are not committed to Dennis Kucinich's campaign, this is a great opportunity to learn more about progressive positions which all thoughtful Democrats could embrace.

Come to a House Party on Tuesday, October 14th to celebrate the official announcement of Dennis Kucinich's candidacy for President.

Where: 2 Tudor City Place, 9AS
41st Street, between 1st and 2nd Avenue

Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Come to listen to beats of a live hip-hop MC, enjoy some of the finest Puerto Rican cuisine from the Lower East Side, chat and hear about Dennis Kucinich's progressive platform for peace, social justice, balance and prosperity, and an end to the Drug War, the war on the poor, and the war on Iraq.

Feel free to bring your friends and please RSVP asap to let us know how many people you expect to bring. Despite your busy schedule and all of your hard work to defeat the fascist Bush agenda, please try to make it for a fun celebration. there will be a prize for the most erudite, thoughtful, provocative t-shirt.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Well ... well ... things have been busy, interesting and even fun. First off ... some news from the Internet. Found a fascinating article on Common Dreams website, which I wanted to share with you all. If your interested, read on, if not, bypass it to non-political related stuff.


Hung out briefly with Rob Thursday evening at my place ... out on the front stoop [weather was nice]. He'd brought over some things for me to take up to the Yonkers Ferret Shelter on Saturday.

On Friday evening I went to BIRDLAND jazz club on West 44th Street to see the Andy Summers Trio perform live. Andy was THE POLICE guitarist [one of the best rock bands from early 1980s] and the group was recently inducted into R & R Hall of Fame. I've been happily following Andy's musical career since 1983. The man is one brilliant, talented guitarist. Got to the club around 8:20pm, paid the "fee" at the door, sat at the bar [prime view of small stage] and waved to Dennis as he was finishing the setup of Andy's equipment. Dennis is Andy's road manager and we've been corresponding via email for a number of years. He's a great guy! Ordered a glass of wine and settled in. When Dennis had a free moment he came over, gave me a hug and we chatted for abit. Shortly before 9pm Andy strolled into the club and walked backstage with his guitar case strapped to his back. Before the first set began [sometime after 9pm] the jazz club filled up abit more. Then it was show time! Andy came out followed by Ernest Tibbs [bass player] and Toss Panos [drummer]. Much applause and me shouting BRAVO. Well, someone had too. During the hour long set Andy played songs from his new CD called ... EARTH & SKY. Some of the songs played from the new CD during the set were ... Above The World, Now I'm Free & The Diva Station. Awesome groove! During the first song or two Andy was experiencing some technical difficulties and Dennis worked on the situation while the trio played on. During the course of the set ... inbetween songs ... Andy would chat in his usual dry witty banter. Which I always find amusing. Overall I very much enjoyed the news songs and Andy was in top form. After the set I talked abit with Dennis and he got me Andy's "guitar pick" he used during the set. WooHoo! I also chatted with the bass player, who is a very congenial chap. Andy came out briefly after having some dinner and talked with folk sitting at the bar, plus some fans who wanted autographs. Before going backstage Dennis brought Andy over to me and we had a short, pleasant conversation. Andy also shook my hand and thanked me for coming to his gigs. Told Dennis I'd hangout for abit and watched the first song of second set before heading home. The way the trains were running [or not running correctly] led me later to think I should of stayed for whole second set. Left BIRDLAND jazz club around 11:20pm and didn't get home until after 1am. If the damn trains hadn't been so messed up I'd of been home at midnight. Geez!

For more on Andy Summers, check out his website at:

On Saturday I headed up to Yonkers to do my volunteer work at ferret shelter. Aliza and her daughter Briana met me at the station, along with their adorable new toy poodle Mitzi. She's only 4 months old, such a lovable little ball of fluff and loves to give kisses. It'd been awhile since I last saw Aliza, so we caught up on gossip. Got to Joanne's place and waltz'd in with Mitzi. Gave hugs to Poppy [Harley was out in dog house since it was a nice, sunny day] and several of the cats. Joanne was with a couple in the shelter who'd come to adopt not one but two ferrets. Yeah! We brought Mitzi in with us to see how she got on with the furkids. Rather amusing to behold as the ferrets didn't know what to make of this little bundle of fur, but she romped around with them. Aliza has two ferrets, so Mitzi is acquainted with furkids. After the couple left with their two furkids the four of us headed back into the kitchen to chat for abit. I'd brought up some things that Rob gave me and it took the three of us to put one of the items together. [smiling] Aliza and Briana left shortly, so Joanne filled me in on ferret news since my last visit. Several newbies, as well as adoptions. Then it was time to do my duties ... such as brush fur, clean ears, fill waterbottles, play with furkids, etc. My favorites [ie: Oliver, Emily, Big Willy & Sweet Pea] had already had their playtime and were sleeping in the cage. My duties included taking care of two different groups before heading into kitchen to have a tea break with Joanne. We talked about ferrets, Cape May and Politics. Afterwards I mopped the floors and put down fresh newspapers for their poop. Another fav of mine ... Fuzzbutt ... stomach area is abit larger than usual and I inquired with Joanne. She says his spleen is enlarged and not much one can do for him medically. Its an occurance that happens to ferrets over 5 years old and Fuzzbutt is over 6. So she keeps him happy and comfortable. I gave him lots of cuddles too plus some extra FerreVita. Poor darling ... he's such a good boy too.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Marvel at the fiery shades of Fall before they're gone ... four top places in the Northeast to go leaf spotting:

Mount Greylock [Appalachian Trail]
Lanesborough, MA

Killington, VT

Mount Monadnock
Jaffrey, NH

Rhinebeck, NY

Yesterday I had my annual eye exam and it sounds like I'll be needing those reading glasses in about two years. Dr Nachum says my eye sight for distance is perfect [amen!], but my eye sight for reading et al has deteriated since my last visit 1 1/2 years ago. Sigh! Plus I'm having some troubles with my right eye, which he said dries up [or irritates easily] alot, so gave me drops for that. Oh joy!

You may not know it ... but I've been a subscriber to THE NATION weekly periodical since the Peace Rally back in February. Fascinating reading from a progressive periodical and I highly recommend it to others. In a recent issue [Oct 6, 2003] there were some "In Fact" bits I wanted to share with you all. . . . . . .


Take that, Rupert Murdoch! Invoking its authority to "veto" decisions of regulatory agencies, the Senate voted 55 to 40 to overturn FCC moves to loosen controls on media ownership. "What Americans see, hear and read is increasingly controlled by a few people. That is not in the public interest," declared Senator Byron Dorgan, sponsor of the measure that the White House, Senate leaders and the broadcast conglomerates sought to derail. Before the vote, Dorgan accepted petitions from 342,000 American calling on Congress to kill the FCC rules. "Broadcast stations operate on airwaves that are owned by the public ...The FCC seems to have forgotten that, but the American people have NOT forgotten," Dorgan said. Next step: Pressure House Speaker Dennis Hastert to let his chamber follow the Senates lead.


"The Defense Secretary should resign ... now," we wrote back in April, and we believe it even more strongly now. That's why we support the Move On/Win Without War "Change the Team" campaign. As we noted in our bill of indictment, Rumsfeld, together with his deputy Paul Wolfowitz, his adviser Richard Perle and Vice President Cheney, were the principal architects of the Administration's Iraq venture "in pursuit of which they have deceived the American people, misled US soldiers whose lives are at risk, scorned the UN and defied international law."


Several websites I heard about this morning on WBAI [free speech radio - 99.5 AM] while getting ready for work. Check them out, if you wish: [click on English icon to view site in english, not russian]

Monday, October 06, 2003

Check out this great website ... if you wish:

On this website I belong to called ... within the last month or so I posted two POLL questions of a political nature. Sadly, not many responses, but if it'd been of a sexual nature, then I'd of gotten lots of replies. This is sad when many Americans would rather think and talk about sex [f--king] ... than talk about important issues like politics or world events. Don't mind my bitchiness ... I'm just PMSing.

Q: What are your political leanings or preference?

Democrat 23%
Liberal 8%
Republican 31%
Green Party 0
Independent 23%
Other 15%

Q: Which Democrat would you like to see be the one to take down Bush's [Shrub the Lesser] Empire? We Americans need to take back our country from Corporations and greedy wealthy folk.

Kucinich 9%
Dean 22%
Kerry 13%
Gephardt 0
Sharpton 9%
Clarke 9%
Lieberman 39%

Good News ... I've heard that I'm being kept on as a Permanent Floater with E&Y and at my present salary. WooHoo!


Websites with great decorating ideas & items to purchase for your home. Check it out!

More to follow.............

Saturday, October 04, 2003

An interesting article by Michael Moore ... yeah dude ... rock on!


This morning into early afternoon I participated with many other "Friends of Kucinich" [Democrat Running For President In 2004] volunteers out at the big rally for Immigrant Rights in Flushing Meadows [Queens - #7 Subway line]. (This event is part of the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride rally, which originally started out on the westcoast.) Lots of people came to the Rally and we volunteers were there to hand out leaflets/pamphlets/buttons regarding Kucinich. Check out website below on Kucinich's stance on immigrant rights. A good portion of the responses were good and very encouraging. The weather was not so inspiring ... cool, windy and overcast. [I'm now just finishing my hot lunch & cup of herbal tea. Ahhhhhhhhh]

[Please pass on this link to those whom you'd think would benefit or be interested.]

Remember ... we Americans must pull together ... vote for a good Democrat and totally oust Bush [Shrub the Lesser] and his Empire. Stop the occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan ... bring our troops home ... NOW.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Well all ... the Kucinich NYC Meetup last evening was great, inspirational and we got alot accomplished. Ran for about 2 hours ... we started at Third & Long Bar but it was way too noicy ... so we moved to the outdoor section of the Barking Dog bar/grill. It was abit cool out last night, but a yummy hot chocolate warmed me up quickly, plus the inspiring speechs of several dedicated, energetic volunteers. We'll be participating in the Immigrant Worker Rally on Saturday out in Queens, to promote the Kucinich campaign with leaf-letting. Peace & Solidarity!

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Last evening my landlady's beau finally showed up at 6:30pm to fix the pipes under my bathroom sink. Amen!

Other news ... well yours truly did a silly, absent-minded thing earlier today. I can just hear you all now ... "What the hell did she do now?!?" Well, I'll tell you and I'm not proud of it either. Had to deliver some papers to a partner on the 15th floor at E&Y and when heading back to the elevator realized I had to pee. Naturally I assumed [yep, bad move on my part] the bathrooms were in the same location on 15th, as they are on 28th floor. Wrong!!!! I walked right into the mens bathroom! Elderly, business type gent is coming out of a stall [fully dressed I might add] and sees my surprised look, plus me saying "oh my". I say ... "I'm sooo sorry" and he says "I'm not" with a smile on his face. Well, I turned around, said "excuse me" and left. Went down the hall and found the ladies room and stayed there for 5 minutes or so. I was abit embarressed, to say the least. [Okay .... you all done laughing .... good .... next paragraph is political stuff.]

The Kucinich campaign reached its "third quarter" fundraising goal and the tally comes to a nice $1.54 million. Everyones efforts with fundraising are greatly appreciated. If you missed the third quarter deadline, you can donate now to get the campaign off to a brisk start on the fourth quarter. Here is the link:

OR call 866-413-3664

Also, the monthly "NYC Friends of Kucinich" meetup is tonight at 7pm. Being held at the Third & Long Bar. The address is 523 Third Avenue at East 35th Street. Bring a friend or two along. If you can attend, please RSVP at:


Late Breaking News Regarding My Position Here At E&Y

Found out about 1/2 hour ago that I didn't get another position I was applying for and was upset by my continuing misfortunes. After getting my composure intact ... I called my Administrative Manager and discussed things with her. She confirmed that I'm being kept on at E&Y in the capacity of "floater" and she's got a few "assignments" lined up for me over next month. This is good news and a big relief, cause the job market "outside" sucks!


Great article! You the man Bruce "the boss" Springsteen! Hurray! WooHoo!

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

An interesting and important article to read from Common Dreams website:


Ah yes, the joys of living in a small apartment here in NYC. Sigh! Last evening, after getting a manicure/pedicure, I come home and the pipe under my bathroom sink bursts. Run over to my landladys place and her boyfriend comes back to help me out. Able to get the water shut off for pipe leading to bathroom sink and then he removes the corroded pipe et al. Not a pretty sight. They don't have the parts to replace, so job needs to be finished this evening around 6pm. Stay tuned...............

Was suppose to have an internal E&Y position interview this afternoon. Its been postponed to Friday. So far nothing from outside agency on interviews. Frustrating! Yesterday afternoon my Administrative Manager insisted that I attend this "Scorecard Performance Training". This training is set up to help you with your E&Y goals for the next year. I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I'LL BE WITH THE FIRM AFTER OCTOBER 10TH! Why am I at this training, yah know. I even asked my Admin Mgr that question and her abrasive response was "Go To It Anyway". I'm thinking "what the f--k?!?" So, I went, took the one hour training [waste of time] and wrote up something on my future goals. I handed it in to the supervisor and explained my situation. She's like "why are you here", so I told her what so-so said. The supervisor just shook her head and told me not to bother with "goals". I've been with E&Y since January 2001 and in the last three months I've encountered more difficulties than in all the time I've been here. I've tried to be patient, but thats wearing thin. Yah know? Sigh!!


Time to pass on some interesting links to a variety of websites: