Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Awesome! Excellent! WooHoo! Received some cool CDs from a few Pearl Jam e-pals via postal delivery. I'm so looking forward to going home tonight and listening to lots of Pearl Jam live. This group is totally groovy! I love them! They'll be touring next year ... starting with Australia in February, then Japan and finally [after a brief break] through the USA. Now that I'm a member of the Ten Club [since October 2000] I'll be able to get some good seats/tickets. Also in the mail today I received the clothes I'd ordered via Newport News. I soooooo needed new jeans, leggings and pants. I know this entry is short, but I just wanted to express my joy on these topics. Yeah!

Monday, October 28, 2002

Lets see ... what has been going on since my last entry. Had a one hour session with my personal trainer on the 22nd. Mostly worked on legs, butt and stomach ... added in some cardio too. Always a pleasure seeing Jamie and he highly recommended that I see the film "Bowling for Columbine". He's always filling me in on films he has seen. On the 24th, after work on upper westside of Manhattan, I met up with my PJ e-pal Andrea. We went to the Cafe section in Barnes & Noble to chat for a few hours about Pearl Jam, work and men. We both adore Jeff Ament of PJ and looking forward to hearing their new album [Riot Act]. Its due out on November 12th and they'll be appearing on Letterman November 14th/15th. Yeah! I believe it was the evening of the 25th, that I heard on the radio that Irish actor Richard Harris passed away. Very upsetting news ... as he's a wonderful actor and making a comeback in his career. His last two films were the Harry Potter series playing Professor Dumbledour. He was perfect for the part and it'll be hard to replace him when they start working on third in the series. Yesterday I joined Debbie and a co-worker of her's [Holly] in a delightful Halloween tour at Greenwood Cemetery [Brooklyn]. It started at 12:30pm and ended around 3:30pm. It was lots of fun, interesting and the weather was decent. Mostly cloudy, tho the sun did pop out several times. We even got to check out catacombs. Debbie and I had been on a different tour there two years ago. Plus we'd visited the cemetery with my friend Larry in his car. The landscaping is wonderful, so many pretty trees, ponds, birds, squirrels, etc. I believe there are over 400 acres of land and over 600,000 dead buried. Pick a lovely spring or autumn day ... take the R subway to 25th Street stop and walk up the hill to the entrance. Admittance to the cemetery is free and its worth the effort to stroll around. The further into the cemetery you walk the more it feels like being in Vermont and not Brooklyn. Well, it does to me. Thats about it for this entry. More next Monday ... on November 2nd I'm off to the ferret shelter to do my volunteer work and on the 3rd is the NYC Marathon. This huge event passes thru my Brooklyn neighborhood. Its fun to watch and cheer on the runners. On that note............time to sign off...............remember to keep rocking in the free world!!

Monday, October 21, 2002

Yesterday was a cheerful, fun, productive day. Delightfully sunny, warm Autumn weather with few clouds and a light breeze. Left my apartment at 9:30am and took subway into Manhattan, more specifically down to South Street Seaport. Sunday was the annual MS Bike Tour and I was participating as a volunteer. Arrived shortly after 10am and went to volunteer check-in. They assigned me to handing out the goodie bags to incoming bikers, but I soon tired of that and wanted to do something really productive. So I inquired around with a few MS Event Marshalls and they sent me to help with food production. Worked on a assembly line in putting together many grilled chicken sandwiches for the hungry bikers. With special gloves on my hands I started out stuffing the grilled chicken into the rolls. Then was shifted to a different part of the line to put Ranch 1 special sauce on the sandwiches. Several assembly lines were going at once and this chore lasted two hours. Several thousand bikers, volunteers, etc needed to be fed. Afterwards I was delegated to man several tables with food [ie: donuts, chips, apples, yogurt & water] and see that the bikers were well provided with free goodies. This part I enjoy too, as I get to chat with other volunteers, as well as the bikers. In the background we could hear a live band playing music and occasionally observe what was going on at other stations or booths. Everyone was in a good mood. After the grilled sandwich assembly line I was able to drink some bottled water, plus nosh on a donut and frozen fruit ice cream. Before leaving the area at 4 pm, I too grabbed a goodie bag and filled it with some free food. From there I walked south to where my office is located to utilize the computer [ie: answer emails & surf the net]. Got home after 6pm, nibbed on a sandwich and read LOTRs rest of the evening.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Good Heavens! Another week has gone by and I forgot to update. Actually, I haven't forgotten, just been busy with work and other activities.

This past Thursday, October 17th, I celebrated my birthday. Nope ... sorry ... ain't tellin you my age. Go ahead ... figure it out. Huuummmmm. . . .their saying. . . .what could it be as they scratch their noggins. I'm not ashamed of my age and don't feel old. Its a state of mind thingy ... 100% ... tho at times my body will try to tell me otherwise. Dammit! Anyhow, my b-day started out terrible and then got better. Work that morning sucked, but after a few wonderful emails from Jorge and then a fun dinner out with friends at a good Vietnamese place in Chinatown, it ended on a nice vibe.

Today I received a few more emails from Jorge and our friendship is blossoming. Its best to let a friendship with a man run its own course and not rush ones fences. If its meant to mature into a loving relationship, then so be it. All I can say right now, is that I really like this man and I'm attracted to him in many ways.

Last Sunday I was up in CT visiting my good friend Katherine. I took her out to brunch at IHOP and we noshed on yummy pumpkin pancakes. [Afterwards we went to a delightful Art & Craft Show in our old hometown.] During brunch Katherine filled me in on all the latest "goings on" in her life. It breaks my heart to see and hear how much she's suffered over the last few years due to her ex-husband and DCF. Not only has Katherine suffered so much, but her daughters too. Not going into details, as it would take too long [plus upset me in the process] and not advisable with all the court procedures going on. Where is that damn light at the end of the tunnel? Sigh!!!

When I hear people say ... "oh woe is me, I cannot afford petrol for my lovely boat" ... I'm like you've got to be f--king kidding me. Get out of my face asshole! Thats not suffering, thats just being a whiny spoiled brat. Try walking in someone elses shoes and then your own "situations" don't seem so bad.

Okay ... so I vented a wee bit.

Let me end this journal entry on a good note. Stopped by a tag sale earlier this afternoon and purchased four hardcover books for $10. Hum ... a $2.25 per book. Sweet deal! The books I purchased are:

"Nicholas II ... The Last of the Tsars" by Marc Ferro
"The Celts" by Gerhard Herm
"Victoria - The Young Queen" by Monica Charlot
"Castles" by Molly Moynahan

At the moment I'm reading part three of LOTR called "The Return of the King". Great trilogy by JRR Tolkien and I recommend it to all. Also, this past week, I saw the trailers for two films and they both look fantastic. The first one was "Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets" ... the second one was "LOTR - The Two Towers". There due in theaters November and December. Can't wait!

Okay ... enough chatter for one day ... time to sign off. Take care ....... Joy, Love & Peace!

Friday, October 11, 2002

Okay folks ... this entry is going to be quick, to the point and then I have to get my butt back to work. Yesterday I had a meeting with my companies Administrative Manager regarding my annual review and raise. I received many high praise during the review, tho some things need improvement [naturally]. But overall I'm looked upon as an asset in the downtown office. For the first time, in a very long time, I'm being treated with respect at a job and that feels damn good. As for my raise in salary ... well its better than the 2.5% raise of last year. This year its 4.25%! And, if the company does very well next year, I could receive 5%. Plus, every September, E&Y employee's receive a bonus [it is taxed] from the Success Sharing program. You have to be with the company for 12 months to qualify. Was happy to see that bonus in my September 30th paycheck and put it to good usage. Well, thats it for now and back to work. Ciao!

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Greetings to All!

I know we need the rain, but overcast, wet days in NYC are abit depressing. You guessed it, today is one of them. Plus this weather messes up my sinus. Oh well ... can't win for losin.

Anyhow ... interesting news ... went out last evening on a dinner date with a new chap. Jorge is from South America, recently divorced, a successful business man, charming and about five years older than I. We met via Yahoo Personals, exchanged several emails and a phone call or two before going on a date. We arranged to met at 6:30pm outside a very chic French bistro [La Goulue] on Madison Avenue and 65th Street. Many of the restaurants on Madison Avenue [upper eastside of Manhattan] are very nice, good food/service, as well as abit pricey. A gal with my salary really cannot afford to frequent them, but maybe once or twice a year for special occasions. The Maitre'd escorted us to a cozy little corner table with views outside the open windows, a few other tables and front entrance activities. It was still early in the evening and the bistro was only half full. Jorge has excellent manners, intelligent, considerate and as I said before ... charming. That jerk I had lunch with in August cannot compare.

We ordered wine [I had white & Jorge had red] and listened to what our waiter had to say about the days "specials". The selections sounded very agreeable, but we still wanted to check out the menu. While looking it over we engaged in delightful conversation on numerous topics and it stayed like that throughout evening. For our appetizer I picked a delicious mixed green salad with truffle dressing and Jorge had a fois gras. Our main meal consisted of lobster/crab cakes on veggies [me] and a roasted pheasant with spinach/mushrooms [Jorge]. We shared a yummy dessert of French apple tart with lemon sorbet.

All the while we were eating and conversing the restaurant was filling up with customers. Let me tell you ... these people have that "rich/snobby" look stamped all over them. Even Jorge said that most of them are big ass snobs. Most of the men [obviously of successful business dealings] wore expensive looking suits with confidence. But it was the women that surprised me the most. Most of them ranged in age from 30 to early 60s. All of them wearing expensive clothing, jewelry, elegant hair-do's and tons of makeup. Many of the older women you could tell had one or several facelifts. Two older women sitting two tables away from us [with two older men] were a sight to see. I was like ... OH MY GOD! Freaky! It was like looking at an older, female version of Michael Jackson. I'm sorry all, but that dude is freaky looking these days with his thin white face, makeup and breathless Marilyn Monroe voice. I even brought to Jorge's attention the one elderly dame with dark hair-do. Jorge glanced and then laughed. He said, thats not her hair, she's wearing a hat. I looked again and we both laughed. During that last half hour at the restaurant I felt frigid glances from several of the women. It was very strange. Even tho my manners et al were just like theirs or even better, I felt abit like a country bumpkin. Afterwards we strolled around the neighborhood talking. At 9:45pm Jorge drove me to Citicorp on East 51st Street so that I could catch the subway home. He's a charming, delightful chap and I wouldn't mind seeing him again. Stay tuned........................

Sunday, October 06, 2002

Greetings Everyone!

Had a nice, long, busy, fun day yesterday [October 5th]. The weather held up nicely and was abit on the warm side, but got windy as the evening progressed.

Around 10am I had my weekly chiropractor visit in my neighborhood. Got the usual heat treatment/therapy ... which always feels so good. Followed by the adjustment [I refer to it as "snap, crackle, pop"] of my back and neck. I'm good to go for another week. Yeah!

Got back to my apartment in time to grab my things [backpack] for the day/evening outting. Heading into Manhattan and specifically Grand Central Station to catch the 12:20pm train to Yonkers. Its been two months since I saw the wee furkids at the Ferret Shelter and I missed them. Caught the train with 15 minutes to spare ... whew! Pleasant ride up and I worked on my crocheting [ie: winter scarf]. Got to Joanne's house [she runs the shelter out of her home] shortly after 1pm and we talked about on a number of topics. While I'm changing out of my sandals into socks/sneakers [ferrets love to nip at peoples toes - so its best to keep well covered] I was visited by Joannes numerous cats and of course her lovable dog Poopy. Then it was time to go into the shelter area and attend to my duties. Since my last visit in August, Joanne informed me that five furkids were adopted and four new ones taken onboard. Soon as the ferrets got scent of me ... they ran over to inspect me. Several of my favs are still there like Sweet Pea, Spats, Emily, Bouncy and Oliver. Speaking of SweetPea and Spats, those two were following me around alot during the first hour. I'd pick them up to cuddle and they'd try to get comfy. Oliver loves my sneakers ... plays with them, sniffs, lays across them if I'm standing still or tries to nip at the leather. He's a character and only 1 year old. Did my usual duties ... clean & fill up water bottles, brush the ferrets, clean their ears, clean up poopy accidents, socialize with them, break up fights, wash the floors, give them a few treats, etc. One of the furkids was showing signs of weak hind quarters and I discussed this with Joanne. After my sitdown lemonade/cookie break with Joanne in the kitchen, we put the youngsters back in their cages and then took out the geriatic group. That group seemed to be doing okay, except for one, he was just lying on a step near door looking lethargic. He was also trying to cough up a furball, but nothing was happening. Joanne said Laxatone usually works pretty good, but he wouldn't touch it. Nor would he touch water, Feratone, chicken flavor baby food or a raisin. Nothing! Not good ... so Joanne whipped up a small mixture of "duck soup". This is a mixture of several things that are good for ailing ferrets. She had to make him eat some using a dropper, plus a shot of medication. Afterwards, as I was working on something else, I'd check up on the wee thing and he seemed to perk up abit. With my duties finished I used the bathroom to change into fresh clothes and clean up abit. Joanne took me to catch the 5:30pm train back to NYC.

Back in the city I jumped on the subway at Grand Central Station and headed to Brooklyn. Was invited to attend a birthday BBQ at my gym. One of the trainer/owners of the gym was celebrating his 31st b-day. Lots of people were there when I finally arrived just before 7pm. Ate some good BBQ food, potato salad, nibbled on yummy desserts and drank abit of wine. It was lots of fun and talked with many cool, interesting people. The backyard area behind the gym was were the action was happening. Music was rocking over the speakers and the Yankees game on two tellys. Well, well ... the mighty [they think they are] Yankees lost out [hee hee] to the CA Angels and won't be going to the World Series. I wouldn't mind seeing Minnesota Twins in the series. Anyhow ... it was a fun evening that capped off a good day ... loved it!! Got home around 11pm feeling abit drunk and tired.

On that note ... time for this gal to sign off until her next entry. Take care all ... remember to keep rocking in the "free" world!