Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Close friends and colleagues gathered at Amorina Pizzeria on Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn last night. We were there to say thank you to Melissa, who since 2011, served as Brooklyn For Peace's full-time staff person and later its Program Director.
As such she helped keep our peace organization functioning smoothly and performed every task conceivable—organizing Peace Fairs and our annual fundraisers (Pathmakers To Peace). She kept our membership database current (no easy task), kept the office stocked, ran off tens of thousands of flyers to be used in various street corner mobilizations and at street fairs, liaisoned with myriad other organizations, produced peace and justice buttons, chaired forums....the list goes on and on. It's sufficient to say that all of that and more could not have been done fully or successfully without Melissa's hands on the levers of organization. As such, she helped keep our organization and movement alive and growing.
Thank you, Melissa. We wish you the best and know that you are going to greater things in your life, wherever your path may lead.
Brooklyn For Peace
We Say Thank You To Melissa
May 22, 2018

Sunday, May 13, 2018

REFLECTIVE NOTE:  Over the years, for me, milestone birthdays bring about serious, thought provoking reflection.  What have I accomplished and what can I bring about down the road.  Back when I was touching on my 50th birthday, I was excited about it, and would proudly say I am “half a century”.

I remember my paternal grandfather [i.e.: Poppy] saying to me on my 25th birthday, “what have you done with your life”.  At the time, I thought moving to NYC was a big deal.  [I’ve lived in NYC for 35 years.]  Poppy thought otherwise.  He never said much, but when he did it was heart felt and thought provoking.  Because of Poppy’s “question”, I said “self, time to do some traveling and other things”.  In my 40s I became more politically / peace aware and involved in activism.  During my 50th birthday milestone, I wished Poppy was there [damn my eyes / stop tearing up], so I could say “because of your question to me, look what I’ve done with my life”.

I am 5 months away from my 60th and I am reflecting again on Poppy’s question.  Okay self, we are not done, there is so much more to do in life.  Age and health will not deter me.  I’ve always wanted to take assorted college courses and now I’ll be seriously looking into it.  Check out and participate in more events, meet new people, gratitude to my parents / friends, plus be more involved with charities / volunteering.  Kick in with more traveling to different states, cities and countries.

This past winter into early spring wasn’t easy for me mentally and emotionally.  Not looking for sympathy my dear friends … I am just stating facts.  With my reflections this morning, while doing yoga, I need to turn over a new leaf and kick my butt into gear.  It may take time, but dammit, I’ll get there.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

 More fun photos
with the Chris Evans poster
Sunday, May 6th
Helen Hayes theatre

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Went to see at the Hayes Theater for the second time in two months. I really enjoyed it with my friends and I was impressed by the "improved" performance by Chris Evans. Stood 2 feet away from him after the play as he quickly signed autographs.