I read in The Washingtion Post this morning President Obama is considering residual troop levels “significantly lower than what some in the military have advocated," and that the administration is considering “leaving no troops at all when the U.N. security mandate sanctioning the international coalition expires."
Zero is the number we support and now it's time-- again-- to call President Obama.
President Obama needs to hear from the peace movement on how quickly and completely we need to end US military involvement in Afghanistan and withdraw our troops.
By now, it should be clear to all Americans, even those elected to office, that no residual troop levels can guarantee a political outcome in Afghanistan that will be to our liking.  That’s up to the people of Afghanistan.
If anything, the more troops we leave behind after the planned withdrawal in 2014, the greater our destabilizing impact will be.  Zero is the right number.
Tell President Obama - 202.456.1111.
Right now, the administration is considering a residual force somewhere between 2,500 and 6,000 troops instead of the 10,000 to 20,000 level the military is insisting on.   If that’s true, then it's only because you, me, and the peace movement as a whole, have acted these many years.  You want impact - there it is.  Our persistence is exactly what is needed.
The President will be meeting with Afghan President Karzai on Friday and a decision will be reached soon, so please call today.
It’s time to end this war.  Presidents Obama and Karzai should be promoting a ceasefire and political settlement,  the surest path to ending the nightmare of terrorist attacks, night raids, drone strikes and daily carnage that has tormented the people of Afghanistan for far, far too long.