Monday, July 30, 2007

Quote From Recent Speech By 2008 Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich
On reclaim the tenants non-proliferation treaty, that we stop building new nuclear weapons. "We're not here to experience Armageddon, we're here to experience the unfolding of paradise and not make it hell on earth but create heaven on earth, which is a possibility, if we only believe it and act on it. We have that potential in our hearts if only we get rid of our fears, our fear that we're not going to get ours. Everywhere today in our government there is an effort to destroy the commons. I believe in public ownership of all public facilities, because if you do not own them, they will in time own you and destroy your liberty."

New Yorkers for a Department of Peace (NYDoP) announces the launch of CHOOSE PEACE, its second annual September peacebuilding event, and the companion website.

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CHOOSE PEACE is a series of events coordinated by NYDoP and hosted around the world, honoring the 11 days of Global Unity from September 11-21, 2007. The CHOOSE PEACE campaign will raise awareness and funds for the Department of Peace campaign. CHOOSE PEACE will consist of a musical event in New York City on September 7, 2007 that will launch Global Peace Film Fest. Building on last year’s Gandhi film festival, NYDoP asks participants around the world to organize house parties between September 11 and 21, the International Day of Peace, by watching a film of their choice, hosting discussions, raising awareness and funds for the Department of Peace campaign and engaging in postcard writing to key decision-makers in Washington, DC.

Visit to find out more about CHOOSE PEACE, to attend or organize events, to obtain postcards, to support the event and to get more involved. Check back often as the website will be updated with new information regularly. NYDoP appreciates the time and effort you spent organizing a Gandhi film screening last year and hopes you will consider participating this year in CHOOSE PEACE.

House Party Kits are now available (for a requested $25 donation) to assist you in having a successful event. Visit for more details. Share this ad with others and for more information, visit the This September... CHOOSE PEACE website at:

Friday, July 27, 2007

On Thursday, May 17th, I attended the monthly NYDoP Core Team meeting. A new Core Team member joins our gathering and it was great having Lori there. The main topics that we discussed were on the recent “Peace Wants a Piece of the Pie” campaign and also “Strategy Work”. It was announced that 10 Core Team members in NYC, plus parts of NY State were involved with the “Piece of the Pie” campaign. In #124 Personal News I related my experience with regards to this campaign. Unfortunately, three members of our Core Team were not able to access the senate offices of Schumer and Clinton. I had a feeling it would be so for the latter and was surprised to hear it was the case regarding Schumer. Those of us who visited congressional office had no trouble at all. Meeting was held at a new, though a temporary location on 34th Street. Overall it was a productive meeting and several of us brought homemade goodies to share with others.

On Saturday, May 19th, I headed up to Westchester County for my Uncle Ralph’s funeral and memorial service. Actually, Uncle Ralph passed away in February, and his ashes were buried in a grave next to his wife [Ada]. Ralph was my late grandmother’s [Florence] younger brother. Florence is Dad’s mother and she passed away in 1995. Due to delays with Metro North, I missed my connecting train in Stamford for New Canaan, CT. Naturally I was upset about this [lodged a complaint with station manager], as my cousin Judy [Ralph’s oldest daughter] was waiting for me. Since I don’t have a cellphone, I utilized a pay phone and did a few collect calls to my Mom. Poor dear, she was put on the spot in getting through to Judy’s hubby Wayne. Happy to say that all was worked out [thanks Mom] and friends [lovely folk] of Judy picked me up in Stamford. While waiting for my ride I stood outside in the overcast, wet, chilly weather. It sure didn’t feel like spring. We arrived at the cemetery in time for the memorial service. Some of my relatives and friends from Pound Ridge days I hadn’t seen in almost 10 years. [We exchanged many hugs and conveyed warm greetings. First time seeing my Aunt Nan since her mastectomy and I gave her a warm hug. Glad to see her in good spirits.] Weddings and funerals always bring together family and friends, even though it’s brief. The service itself was beautiful, sweet and so moving. Only time I got weepy was when laying a flower on Ralph’s grave and conveying an emotional goodbye. Even thinking about it now, as I type this, brings a tear to my eyes. From my memories of Uncle Ralph, growing up in Pound Ridge; was of a good, kind and thoughtful man.

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[Photo of my great grandmother, Bessie Carmen & her son, my Uncle Art around 1910]

After the ceremony we all drove over to the firehouse in Pound Ridge for food and conversation. Over the course of 2 hours I talked with some relatives and friends, look at family photos, plus eat some good food provided by Scotts Corners market. [For two years in the late 1970s I’d worked there in Meat & Deli Depts.] After most people left and all was cleaned up, I went back to my Cousin Judy’s home in Pound Ridge to hangout for awhile. Judy’s hubby Wayne was there, along with their daughter Wendy and her hubby and adorable little girl. I was given a tour of their home, as I’d never been there before and the terrific back porch with view of wooded area. We sat down with tea to talk and look over more photos for two nice, relaxing hours. Before Judy drove me to the New Canaan train station, we stopped by the garage to chat with Wayne Jr. He’s really into motorbikes and racing them. He has many trophies to show for it. Driving through the back roads of Pound Ridge, we passed by [what used to be] my great grandparents home for many decades. Got to the train station in plenty of time, so we talked about things and I again thanked Judy for the loan of some ole family photos. One of which you see above of my paternal great grandmother. My memories of her growing up were of a nice old woman who passed away in the early 1980s. I didn’t know her that well and wish I had spent more time with her.

Monday, May 21st, I had lunch with my good friend Tom who was visiting from CA for 1 ½ weeks. We were supposed to meet up for lunch or dinner back around September 2001, but then 9/11 happened, and he drove back to CA. Before that I last saw Tom around 1993/1994 on one of his visits to NY. Yeah, it’s been awhile and we’ve been friends since mid-1970s. Met up in front of my office building and strolled over to a nice Italian place for a leisurely, chatty lunch. [We usually stay in touch via phone or email.] Tom’s partner, Ron, flew back to CA that morning. Back at the office I showed him around my department and introduced him to a few co-workers. Then he was off to catch a train at Grand Central Station to see relatives in Westchester County.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Congressman John Conyers Betrays the American People
Media Benjamin

Bush Government to Poor Voters – We Don’t Want You To Vote
Steven Rosenfeld, Alternet

John Conyers Is No Martin Luther King
Ray McGovern

If This Is Such A Rich Country, Why Are We Getting Squeezed?
Heather Boushey & Joshua Holland, Alternet

Office Arrests: The Shame of John Conyers
Dave Lindorff

QUOTE OF THE DAY "Other than the war in Iraq , the Katrina disaster, the deficit, the CIA leak, torture, stopping stem cell research, homeland security, global warming and undercutting science, we've yet to really feel the negative effects of the George W. Bush administration" Bill Moyers, Journalist

After College Ends, So Does Activism
Adam Doster, In These Times

Hazard Warning on Home Cleaners

Bush’s War On Women Is A War On Science
Caryl Rivers, Alternet

Takoma Park City Council Strongly Backs Bid to Impeach Bush, Cheney

In Keeping Down American Workers, Corporate Crime Pays
Ben Zipperer & John Schmitt

Message from - Conyers Wimps Out
On Monday, Rep. John Conyers brushed off the heroic impeachment efforts of Cindy Sheehan, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Ray McGovern, Medea Benjamin, David Swanson, 300 dedicated impeachment marchers, 1 million petition signers, resolutions from dozens of cities and towns, and activists who called his office every 30 seconds. His reasons? First, he doesn't have the support of a majority of the House (218 votes) to impeach Bush or Cheney. Second, FOX News would attack him. These are simply not acceptable reasons to allow George Bush and Dick Cheney to commit war crimes and shred the Constitution - and we're not going to accept them. Instead, we're going to fight harder than ever for impeachment.

Conyers doesn't have 218 votes today, but we can change that. Tell your Representatives to join the 14 sponsors of H.Res. 333, Articles of Impeachment for Vice President Cheney:

Also call them at 202-224-3121 and demand co-sponsorship of H.Res. 333 now. Conyers would be attacked by FOX News, but we can change that too. Let's boycott FOX News advertisers:

We must also give Conyers a backbone transplant. Let's flood Conyers and other House Judiciary Democrats with more emails than ever:

Why Is The White House Pretending That Saudi Insurgents In Iraq Are Iranian?
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!
Nearly half of all foreign militants targeting US troops in Iraq have come from Saudi Arabia. An inconvenient truth for the White House papered over with the lie that Iran is the chief instigator.

Great New Kucinich Video & T-Shirt By Thomas Gallagher
Send the Kucinich (Koo-sin-ich) for President 2008 video link to your e-mail lists! Let your friends know that there IS a candidate that represents THEIR ISSUES!!! Hey everyone - As I'm sure you're aware, Kucinich is once again getting sidelined and maligned by the major media outlets. Well it's time to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I've designed a Dennis Kucinch for President 2008 "viral video" campaign spot that draws attention to essential Kucinich 2008 campaign issues by playfully contrasting them with the sound byte versions commonly, and falsely, attributed to the other candidates. Now that the spot is ready to go, I need all your help to get it out there - EVERYWHERE. Here are several ways you can help network the spot:

1. Copy and paste the link into an e-mail to your friends, especially your friends who don't know who Kucinich is, and they can then watch it on YouTube. Here's that link:

2. Download a copy of the video so you can e-mail it to your friends directly (careful here, the file is about 5mb - make sure they can receive it before you send it) or re-post it to your favorite blogs, web-sites, etc. Download it at my website here:

3. You can order yourself a custom (Koo-sin-ich) t-shirt* in any color / style you like, and spread the word the one inspired conversation at a time - "What's that on your shirt?" "Why, it's the next president of the United States - Dennis Kucinich!"

You are Free - Thomas Gallagher … founder of Forth Position Design & notobush; former Kucinich Delegate in Brooklyn; former volunteer Arts & Culture Coordinator for United for Peace & Justice, Stand Up New York, and New York Coalition for Peace & Justice

*Custom (Koo-sin-ich) shirts are being provided by Neighborhoodies using my graphics. The Kucinich for President 2008 Campaign gets $5 for every shirt you purchase, the rest goes to Neighborhoodies for providing the shirts. All shirts are American Apparel (made in USA - sweatshop free). More on Neighborhoodies here:


Summers The Police Is A New Band
THE POLICE star ANDY SUMMERS has hailed his reformed group "a new band", because their music sounds fresher than ever.

Watching Them Watching You
The Globe & Mail
During the Police's big ride through fame, Andy Summers had a camera in his hands almost as often as a guitar, Guy Dixon writes.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kucinich: Texting for Peace
Joanna Weiss, Globe Staff
It's great for teenage conversations and "American Idol" voting, but can text messaging change the world? Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, a strong opponent of the Iraq war, is calling on the public to join in an antiwar mobilization via mobile phone, and he boldly declares it "the first time text messaging has been used to try and change American policy." How? Kucinich is asking voters to send the word "peace" to the number 73223 -- which, if you look carefully, spells out "p-e-a-c-e" on the dial pad. The Ohio congressman's campaign says it will compile the results, and then send the messages to President Bush and the Pentagon.

Slap a Yellow Ribbon on My SUV, a song parody
April 2005 / Posted on DailyKOS

I finally got so irritated with all those damned yellow ribbons that purport to display support for our troops, that I wrote a parody about the phenomenon. Of course, I had to use a song that was as irritating as the yellow ribbons themselves, and Tony Orlando naturally came to mind:

Slap a Yellow Ribbon on My SUV
(Sung to the tune of "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ole Oak Tree," performed by Tony Orlando and Dawn)

I never served, didn't have the time
My priorities were elsewhere in my prime
But now I've gotten older
And more patriotic, too
And though I'll never fight a war
There's something I can do
There's something I can do

I'll slap a yellow ribbon
On my SUV
I support our troops
Aren't you proud of me?
'Cuz when I slap that ribbon
On my SUV
I'll take it to town, drive all around
A patriot - that's me!
Oh, when I slap that yellow ribbon
On my SUV

My son has just turned twenty-four
But there's no need for him to fight this war
They will not bring the draft back
At least that's what Dubya said
But if they did I'd hide my kid so he won't end up dead
Take someone else instead

I'll slap a yellow ribbon
On my SUV
I support our troops
Aren't you proud of me?
'Cuz when I slap that ribbon
On my SUV

I'll show that I back our troops in Iraq
It's so plain to see
Oh, when I slap that yellow ribbon
On my SUV

Now if a ribbon seems to be
Not enough, then you will see...
A hundred yellow ribbons
On my SUV
Slap a ribbon on my SUV
Slap a ribbon on my SUV
Slap a ribbon on my SUV
Slap a ribbon on my SUV

[Duchess Note: My fellow Kucitizen, Linda Z from TX, sent the following regarding last evenings Democrat Presidential debate on YouTube … The last question was look to the candidate on your LEFT and say what you like and what you don't like about him (or her). Dennis Kucinich was on the end with no one to his LEFT. He said it is interesting that CNN should put me on the end with no one to my LEFT. They couldn't find anyone to the LEFT of me. There is no one to the LEFT of me on Getting out of Iraq, Healthcare and the WTO. And then he said I would like to say something about Mike Gravel. Isn't he courageous for exposing the Pentagon Papers and the truth about Viet Nam … I say bravo Congressman Kucinich! The lies Clinton keeps on uttering is nauseating, to say the least, and last evening was no different. She is NOT a progressive nor is the bitch a liberal. She doesn’t even come close!! Grrrrrrrr]

Points to Richardson, Kucinich, Gravel YouTubers
John Nickols, The Nations

Commentary: Rating the YouTube/CNN Debaters
The Albuquerque Tribune

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Linda in TX for the above articles. Kucinich is shining through in these debates as one of the most compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful, sincere and hardworking people in DC. I have to admit that Richardson isn’t that bad, but when it comes to the primaries, this lady will be voting strictly for Kucinich and no one else.]

Sean Bean a Double Don Valley Don
BBC News

Video of Sean Bean Receiving his Degree

Monday, July 23, 2007


The Photographic Memory of Andy Summers
Calgary Sun
The Police's 30th anniversary reunion tour has exceeded even guitarist Andy Summers' high expectations.

At Concert, Police In Synchronicity
Rashod Ollison, Sun Pop Music Critic,0,7631266.story?track=rss

Friday, July 20, 2007

Bean Bags Honour From Home City
BBC News

Our Local Hollywood Star
Media Center/University of Sheffield

University Honours Local Lad Sean
Media Center – Sheffield

Impeach Now: Or Face the End of Constitutional Democracy
Paul Craig Roberts, CounterPunch

Presidential Candidate, Kucinich, Interviewed at Kaiser Family Foundation Broadcast Studio on Healthcare

Kucinich Released from Hospital on July 19th
Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich has been discharged from a local hospital and arrived in Washington in time to participate in congressional votes Wednesday night.
Kucinich was hospitalized on Monday after experiencing food poisoning symptoms, his presidential campaign said.

Let The People Decide [Ltr to the Editor]
Betty Ward, Concord
Remember when our president stated that he was the "Decider?" It appears that we have a new line of imperials headed our way. At an NAACP candidates forum in Detroit on July 12, Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich raised the issue of the Democratic Party's (Bill Clinton's) complicity in creating the precarious state in which we find our country. At the end of the forum Clinton and Edwards were taped - unbeknownst to them - agreeing that their campaigns need to eliminate the "non-serious" contenders from future forums and debates.

The New Deciders are our imperial candidates, Senator Clinton and former senator Edwards. They think they can decide who will (and will not) be heard. They have taken it upon themselves to decide who is serious and who is not. The last time I checked the Constitution, it was the people who were the Deciders.

It is more urgent than ever that our country have an open, transparent, candid conversation as to the course we need to take.Our current Decider has created a tool box that will be handed to our next president. This tool box contains more power than any other in American history. I'm afraid, though, that when this tool box is handed over, it is unlikely to be given back to who it rightfully belongs, the people of the United States.

The American people deserve to hear from all the candidates, not just the ones the parties select as the "top tier." Even more important at this juncture is creating more of a voice for the citizens of this country.

Edwards Agrees to Smaller Three-Way Debate - Democratic candidate accepts invitation to face Clinton, Kucinich on MSNBC

Monday, July 16, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
[At the entrance to Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga Springs, NY on July 1st]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
[Field in Vermont with bales of hay on July 2nd]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
[The lovely Hildene estate in Manchester, VT on July 2nd]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
[Back courtyard of Duchess apartment building after “cleanup”]

Movie Star Sean’s Leukemia Care Plea
Kate Lahive, The Star [South Yorkshire]

Police Reunion Show Preserves Rockers Legacy
Detroit Free Press
Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland got down to business with a bang, ramping up with energetic takes on "Message in a Bottle" and "Synchronicity II" รข€" crisp, clean and potent renditions of upbeat, timeless rockers.

America's Anti-Hillary Clinton Alliance is Growing by the Day

[Duchess Note: This lady has been anti-Hillary since her husband was president from day one. Never liked nor trusted her, plus she never received my vote for Senate. Take a moment or two to really look into her background, connections and track record in Senate. Follow the money trail. She's been pro-war from the beginning, where as presidential candidate Kucinich has always been pro-peace. She's firmly in corporate/lobbyist pockets and Kucinich IS NOT. He's for all Americans, truth, justice, peace, universal healthcare, troops out of Iraq now, impeaching Cheney, against Patriot Act/NAFTA, education for all and so much more. During the upcoming primaries, please vote for who best reflects "your values", and not what the corporate mainstream media tells you. Be peace!]

Bill Moyers Puts Impeachment on the Media Table
Dave Lindorff, Atlantic Free Press

John Edwards Fortress
David Swanson,

Open Letter To CNN
Michael Moore

The War Debate
Bill Moyers

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Linda in TX for sharing some of these articles.]

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Only a FEW Candidates for Debates? Kucinich & Biden Talk on CNN!

[Duchess Note: I don't know about you all, but this lady is outraged by the suggests implied by Clinton and Edwards to limit Democrat candidates. Outraged!! We need truth and democracy, not what Slick Hill is suggesting. Geez! I've disliked and mistrust her since 1992. She's never gotten my vote for Senate, nor will she during the NY primary. Never! Watch the link above and you too will say BRAVO to Kucinich for what he had to say. Its so undemocratic what Clinton and Edwards are implying.]

Driven to Cheers
Lexington Herald-Leader
"You have no idea what this song is, do you?" Sting asked as the sun set behind the Twin Spires of Churchill Downs on a spectacular summer evening. "You will." With that, a bright guitar agitation by Andy Summers fell into place as Every Little Thing She Does in Magic , one of the 20 hits big and small that The Police restored to often-inventive new life before a crowd of 27,000.

Farr Supports Resolution to Impeach Cheney

Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel, has quietly added his name to an effort to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney. “Many residents in the Central Coast support the removal of Cheney from office, and I am proud to represent their values,” Farr said Wednesday in a statement. An impeachment resolution was introduced in April by Representative Dennis Kucinich, an Ohio democrat and presidential candidate who has been outspoken in his criticism over Cheney’s justification for war. At an anti-war rally earlier this year in Santa Cruz, Farr disappointed many activists who interrupted his speech several times calling for the impeachment of President Bush. Farr said an effort to impeach Bush would take too much time and sap energy better spent on putting a Democrat in the White House in 2008. A Farr spokesman said the effort to impeach Cheney was more a matter of principle, not a top priority for the congressman. Several other Democrats have distanced themselves from impeachment talk. Presidential candidate Barack Obama said impeachment should be reserved for grave, grave breeches of authority. Cheney’s term in office ends on Jan. 20, 2009.

[Duchess Note: Apparently Obama has his head stuck in the sand, because what Cheney and the Bush Regime have done since 2001 are grave, grave breeches of authority. More and more Obama sounds like a weak, inexperienced politician. Bravo to Congressman Kucinich in introducing the impeachment resolution. Bravo! Only Democrat candidate running for president worth voting for. Many thanks to Linda in TX in sharing the above article.]

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I took Friday, May 11th, off from work to join Kevin [fellow NYDoP member] in delivering pies and the DoP message to two Brooklyn congressional offices. Without further ado, here is the update on a delightful 1 1/2 hour visit to Congresswoman Velazquez office on Court Street in Brooklyn. We both brought pies ... Kevin had an apple crumb pie and I brought a raspberry almond tart from The Garden. Our overall perception of visit was receptive, cordial, positive and friendly. We met with Dan Wiley [Community Coordinator] and Diane Febus [Caseworker]. We "broke the ice" by talking about the affordable housing situation in Brooklyn. Plus the annual DoP campaign … "Peace wants a Piece of the Pie". Kevin gave Mr. Wiley a color printout from National on Dept of Peace campaign. We also mentioned who has co-sponsored in NYC & NY state. Kevin and I inquired with Mr. Wiley why the congresswoman hasn't co-sponsored the bill this time. As she had the past three times, the last being Feb 2006. Mr. Wiley commented that since Democrats took the majority in Congress back in November Velazquez has been more active. She has a new LD [Legislative Director] in her DC office and is chairperson of the Small Business Committee.

While Kevin and I prepared the pies, Dan Wiley called the LD in DC office and brought the bill [HR 808] to his attention. While eating the delicious pies, one of the points Mr. Wiley brought up was a possibility of incorporating a portion of DoP into the State Dept. To which we responded how domestic aspect of the bill wouldn't fit into State Dept. And that we'd relate the suggestion to National. We talked more about the domestic portion of the bill, which Mr. Wiley was very receptive to. We touched on many diverse topics and talked with Diane who's very savvy on immigrant issues. [Since then I’ve sent several faxes to Mr. Wiley and the LD in DC in hopes of keeping their thoughts on DoP.] Afterwards, Kevin and I headed back to his home for lunch and discuss the meeting. Kevin and his lovely wife Irene have a lovely home they share with their two adorable daughters. Then it was off to our next congressional meeting at Kevin’s congresswoman’s office. Yvette Clarke was in DC and heading back to NYC that afternoon. While waiting to speak with one of Clarke’s staff, we conversed in the waiting area. After an hour the Chief of Staff apologized to us, said a meeting was out of the question due to an office crisis. Kevin rescheduled to speak with her on Monday. I took car service home from Kevin’s place and zonked out for a 2 hour nap. The weather was very warm, plus sunny, that day and whacked me out abit. That evening, around 6pm, I volunteered with City Harvest at the farmers market in Union Square. It was just Phil and I that evening. Not much to pick up from the vendors and farmers. By the time City Harvest truck arrived it was almost 8pm and the vendor/farmers nearly gone for the evening. It had also cooled abit in the evening and I was glad I put on my hoodie jacket. Overall it was a terrific, productive day.

On Sunday, May 13th, I joined members from CodePink and Granny Peace Brigade in a Mothers Day Peace Parade. It was a nice, warm, sunny spring day in NYC and perfect for a parade. We all converged at the fountain next to Columbus Circle and Central Park entrance. Everyone was wearing some form of pink; whether it was clothing, hats, buttons, scarves or banners. I was given a lightweight CodePink banner to carry and actually tied it around my hips. Was pleasantly surprised to see Norman Siegel there in support of the parade. Learned that he’ll be running again in 2009 for NYC Public Advocate and I firmly believe he’d do a great job. Will definitely support his new campaign and volunteer like I did in 2005. Before the peace parade set off the Granny Peace Brigade sang some great protest songs. We set off from Columbus Circle, over to Lincoln Center and then up through a street fair on Broadway. We even had police escort to help with traffic while crossing intersections. They behaved quite nicely. Along the way we received applause and thumbs up from many pedestrians. I also got to chatting with Sharon and a friend of hers. Sharon had two of her cute, sweet, little dogs [ie: Daisy & Scruffy] with her. By the time we stopped at Central Park West and Museum of Natural History we had a group of 30+. At this spot we gathered for some speeches and five minutes of respectful silence to morn the 3000+ dead American soldiers. This war and occupation of Iraq has taken a toll on our American soldiers, as well as the citizens of Iraq. As we headed east through Central Park I helped Sharon carry Scruffy. Several in the parade were handing out flyers about bringing our troops home now. We ended the peace parade at steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Which happens to be one of my fav museums in NYC. The Granny Peace Brigade again sang their protest songs and as the people on the steps watched, we did another five minutes of silence to morn the dead. The only sound around us was that of the traffic going by on Fifth Avenue.

Tuesday, May 15th, I joined my friend BC in having drink and checking out a possible location for future NYC Kucinich Meetups. The 11th Street Bar is in the East Village and were NYC Kucinich meetups were held from Nov 2003 through Feb 2004. Obtained the bar managers contact info from bartender and phoned Roger a few days later. After hanging out with BC, I hopped on the subway home to catch the season finale of “Gilmore Girls” on TV.

Wednesday, May 16th, was the NYDoP Strategy evening workshop. Sadly, not many showed up for the workshop, but those of us [ie: 8 total] that attended accomplished a lot in 3 to 4 hours. Our main goal is in regards to the September Peace building event we’ve titled CHOOSE PEACE.
2008 Democrat Presidential Candidate – Congressman KucinichOn Universal Healthcare … “We’re Note Gonna Take It!”check it out at:

Climate Change Town Hall Event Via
On Saturday, Dennis and the other candidates outlined their ideas about global climate change. You can go to: to see why Dennis is the leading candidate on the issue of climate change. If you're not already a member, just go to: and sign up.

Watch the Democratic Candidates Third Debate with DFNYC on Tuesday, July 23rd ... Join DFNYC [ ], ACT NOW, and other local progressive groups as we watch the Third Democratic Primary Debate.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Nobody Marched to Impeach Bill Clinton
Linda Milazzo Commentary

Sheehan Plans Run Against Pelosi Unless Bush Impeachment Sought

Live Earth Concerts: Pop Goes the Planet
Cole Moreton, Geoffrey Lean / The Independent

UFPJ Says “Don’t Mend It, End It!”
Too many members of Congress may support a troop reduction but settle for a modified version of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. They may vote to bring "combat" troops home, but allow Bush to keep tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers in Iraq to "fight terrorism," protect U.S. installations and train Iraqi troops. And they are doing nothing to address the growing numbers of U.S. mercenaries involved in the occupation -- mercenaries now outnumber troops in Iraq. (Read this recent article in the Los Angeles Times for more details:,1,7340256.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

UFPJ is concerned that many members of Congress will be willing to open the door to a permanent U.S. military presence in Iraq in exchange for the near-term withdrawal of some troops. According to the Wall Street Journal, "Defense Secretary Robert Gates and some allies in the Bush administration are seeking to build bipartisan political support for a long-term U.S. presence in Iraq by moving toward withdrawing significant numbers of troops from Iraq by the end of President Bush's term" (July 3, 2007). This is a dangerous development.

Call your senators and your representative TODAY! Tell them ... I know you will be faced with a number of votes on Iraq in the near future. I want you to support only measures that will bring all U.S. troops and military contractors home from Iraq immediately.

* Do not allow any troops to be left behind.
* Halfway measures to bring some troops home from Iraq are not acceptable
* A long-term U.S. troop presence in Iraq will only further destabilize the country and the region.

Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to the offices of your senators and representative. Find out who your members of Congress are here: OR read up on UFPJ website at

'Supporting the Troops' Means Withdrawing Them
Gen. William Odom

BlueCross Secret Memo Re: 'Sicko'
Michael Moore Commentary

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Reunion is Fun, but Copeland says There's More to Life Now
St Louis Post-Dispatch
The power trio reunited at the Grammys earlier this year, leading to a full-blast tour that plays Monday at Scottrade Center, is rock history in the making.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Every Little Thing They Did Was Magic
Chicago Sun-Times,SHO-Sunday-police01-col.article
There were some rock groups I liked as a kid simply because they had cool videos or a fetching lead singer who looked good in tight leather pants. And then there were the Police, who, in the words of a philosophical groupie in Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous," I loved so much it hurt.

Police Reunion Turmoil?
Dotmusic via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News
The Police’s reunion is already in the balance, just a matter of months after they reformed, it has been claimed.

Pop Goes The Police
New Orleans Times-Picayune
The destructive dynamic that splintered the Police at the height of their popularity boiled down to a simple yet inescapable quandary: Sting was Sting, Stewart Copeland was not, and both of them knew it.

New Yorkers for a Department of Peace (NYDOP) announces the launch of CHOOSE PEACE, its second annual September peacebuilding event, and the companion website.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


CHOOSE PEACE is a series of events coordinated by NYDOP and hosted around the world, honoring the 11 days of Global Unity from September 11-21, 2007. The CHOOSE PEACE campaign will raise awareness and funds for the Department of Peace campaign.

CHOOSE PEACE will consist of a musical event in New York City the weekend before September 11, 2007 that will launch 11 days of a Global Peace Film Fest. Building on last year’s Gandhi film festival, NYDOP asks participants around the world to organize house parties between September 11 and 21, the International Day of Peace, by watching a film of their choice, hosting discussions, raising awareness and funds for the Department of Peace campaign and engaging in postcard writing to key decision-makers in Washington, DC.

Visit to find out more about CHOOSE PEACE, to attend or organize events, to obtain postcards, to support the event and to get more involved. Check back often as the website will be updated with new information regularly.

NYDOP appreciates the time and effort you spent organizing a Gandhi film screening last year and hopes you will consider participating this year in CHOOSE PEACE.

House Party Kits will be available (for a requested $25 donation) to assist you in having a successful event. Visit for details.

For more information, visit the This September Choose Peace website at

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Actor Sean Bean to Receive Honorary Degree
University of Sheffield – Media Center
Internationally acclaimed actor Sean Bean will return to Sheffield this month to receive an honorary degree from the University of Sheffield. Sean’s achievements as an actor and his ongoing commitment to the City of Sheffield will be recognized in the degree ceremony on Friday, July 20th, when he will be become a Doctor of Letters.

Medicare: Why Are Conservatives Scared of Competition?
Dean Baker, Truthout Editorial


14 Congress Members for Impeachment
David Swanson, Scoop Independent News

Considering Kucinich
Rufus Sanders, Register Columnist

“The Consumerist” Interviews Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Presidential Candidate

[Duchess Note – Many thanks to Linda Z in TX for her contribution of DJK articles.]

Feminists: Women Don’t Trust Hillary
Hillary Clinton enjoyed staunch support from feminists when she was first lady, but now as a presidential candidate she’s being increasingly criticized by left-leaning women. "Women don’t trust Hillary. They see her as an opportunist. Many feel betrayed by her, Susan Douglas wrote in an In These Times article titled "Why Women Hate Hillary. Clinton does have strong support from women in general, with 42 percent of likely women voters in the Democratic primaries choosing Hillary in a recent Zogby poll, more than twice the 19 percent garnered by No. 2 candidate Barack Obama. But "Hillary has a feminist problem, and more so with those who lean left, an article in the liberal publication The Nation observes.

Here’s a sampling of what some feminists have been saying about Hillary, according to the Nation article, which also appeared on the liberal AlterNet Web site:

* Writer Nora Ephron, at one time a gushing admirer of Hillary, late last year wrote in the Huffington Post that she is among those who believe Hillary "will do anything to win, who believe she doesn’t really take a position unless it’s completely safe, who believe she has taken the concept of triangulation and pushed it to a geometric level never achieved by anyone including her own husband, who can’t stand her position on the war, who don’t trust her as far as you can spit.”
* Lisa Jervis, founder of Bitch magazine, wrote: "Having a woman in the White House won’t necessarily do a damn thing for progressive feminism.”
* Jen Moseley expressed a similar view on the blog Feministing: "As women sign up to work with anyone but Senator Clinton, of course, they’re being asked why, They’re all giving the same answer. Being a woman does not get you the automatic support of women.”
* Jaclyn Friedman, director of the Center For New Words program, wrote: "Hillary’s not my friend. She’s not actually progressive. The fact that she’s a woman is an unfortunate red herring.”

[Duchess Note – I so agree with what these ladies have to say about that individual. I’ve never trusted Slick Hill since her husband first came into office back in the early 1990s. She’s definitely NOT a progressive nor a liberal. Far from it! My vote during the primary will go to Kucinich and no one else. Many thanks to Judith in sharing the above article from Newsmax.]

Music Review: Pearl Jam – “Live at the Gorge” [CD Box Set]
Charlie Doherty / BC Blogcritics Magazine