Tuesday, November 25, 2003

For several months now I’ve been very much involved with a volunteer committee to set up a small, but important event that took place this past Friday, November 21st. The sold-out event was called “Bringing Vision Back Into Politics” and featured Congressman Dennis Kucinich. The event was held at The Kaye Playhouse in the Hunter College complex in Manhattan. Also featured that evening was James Schamus [producer of the film Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon], Barbara Ehrenreich [author of “Nichel & Dimed”], Angela Gilliam [writer/professor] and musical group “Harbor of Refuge”. I arrived just after 7pm to help staff the Kucinich materials/pamphlets tables. All the items were free and I enjoyed conversing with many folk on Dennis and politics. Unfortunately Dennis could not be with us in person that evening. This was due to Congress extending its session in DC on Energy and Medicare bills. He’s a very committed person to the issues. The evening before the event he’d done up a video of himself speaking on many important issues. Issues that concern ALL us Americans and that are being destroyed by the Bush Empire. The audience really got pumped from watching and listening to this video. The young rock band "Harbor of Refuge" performed two songs. Then Ehrenreich and Gilliam interviewed Dennis via “modern technology”, as there was an “intermission” in Congress. Great hearing Dennis speak “in real time” … plus handle the questions with honesty and integrity. This man firmly stands by everything he believes in and doesn’t change his “spots” like Howard Dean. I greatly enjoyed the short, but dynamic evening and being with other like-minded individuals.


Tidbit from recent article in THE NATION [11/24/03] by Alexander Cockburn called “Why We Still Need a Third Party”.

“Despite the best efforts of our doctrinal leaders, the moral sentiments of the people are not entirely corrupted. Consumers, for example, are prepared to pay a premium if they can be assured they are buying products not made in sweatshops. And third World countries need not survive only under the sweatshop conditions [‘tremendous good news’] praised by Krugman and his colleague at the TIMES, Nicholas Kristof. They have to be permitted to return to the somewhat protected conditions encouraged in the development policies of an earlier era, without agencies of the US government decreeing that their reformers and their union organizers be murdered by death squads. I’m sorry, but you won’t be hearing these ideas from Howard Dean.”

[Note: Really good article by David Swanson called "Why I Quit My Job to Work for Dennis Kucinich". Check it out, if you wish:



[Note: Another brilliant, fascinating and important article by someone I respect and admire alot ... Bill Moyers. The article is called "Essay on the Media and Democracy" ... definitely check it out:


Monday, November 24, 2003

From CBC News ... DEADLINE IRAQ "Uncensored Stories of the War" ... broadcasting on CBC News on Sunday, November 30th at 10am [10:30NL] on CBC TV. See and hear the truth of what the US government and Bush Empire DON"T want you to know. This is important coverage ... check out this website today ... if you wish:



Great article from the TORONTO SUN by Eric Margolis called "Mr President, Oil Isn't Worth Dying For". Check it out today:


[Note ... Here are some quotes from the November 23rd TORONTO STAR article by Antonia Zebisias called "Michael Jackson Story is a Plot".]

But perhaps, along with their pals in the boardrooms of Big Media, they've hatched a scheme to dumb down the nation so that they can inflict their will upon the world while American voters are transfixed on "Bachelor Bob" burning the beef on the barbecue.

How else to explain last Thursday's orgy of Michael Jackson coverage on CNN; hours of choppercam shots of airport runways and police station parking lots; on the day that Bush was being trashed in effigy in London, 27 people were killed and 400 injured by truck bombs in Turkey, a U.S.-Canada task force report on the causes of August's massive blackout was released and who knows how many U.S. troops were becoming casualties in Iraq?

Was CNN merely pandering to the stupid for commercial reasons or deliberately avoiding the news? Has last spring's "That's Mili-tainment!'' revue reverted to "That's Info-tainment!'' Have the networks run so far from serious reportage on domestic, economic and international affairs that they no longer know how to do anything but scandal? Or; and here comes my conspiracy theory; is there something else afoot, and people are too catatonic to recognize it?

[Continued notes by yours truly ... personally I'd rather have real, complete world news then be forced to watch stupid film clips of Wacko Jacko. Celebrity scandal tidbits are NOT news, definitely not front page of some Republican, corporate-media controlled newspaper. These tidbits are better off briefly mentioned in the half page gossip section. Its not news! Like that reality tv crap ... it stinks like 3 day old diapers. Need I say more ... FIN!]

Sunday, November 23, 2003


The Republican National Committee is paying attention to Dennis Kucinich's leadership against the war and occupation, and has launched a TV ad aimed at frightening people. It begins with President Bush saying "It would take one vial, one canister, one crate slipped into this country to bring a day of horror like none we have ever known."

Here's what Dennis said yesterday in response: "The Republican National Committee is using money that derives largely from the wealthiest few in America to pay for advertisements aimed at keeping all Americans scared. We will not be frightened into submission. We will not forget the lies we were told about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We will not forget that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. We will remember that for the hundreds of billions we are spending on an unjust and destabilizing occupation in Iraq, we could have an investment in American education that would include free pre-kindergarten and free college tuition. We need to get our priorities straight and not give in to the fear-mongering. I offer America the hope of a new approach and a clear choice in the next election." VOTE FOR KUCINICH ... HE IS THE RIGHT CHOICE!!!!

[Note ... Review from Internet on Pearl Jam latest DVD release of MSG show I saw back in July 2003.]



Pearl Jam's new DVD proves that the band deserves mention alongside other legendary rock acts such as The Who and Led Zeppelin. Pearl Jam no longer sounds like the band dozens of others have copied since its 1991 debut, "TEN." Nor does Pearl Jam fly around the stage like crazed hummingbirds anymore.

What Pearl Jam does do on their new DVD, "Live at the Garden" (recorded July 8 at Madison Square Garden), however, is prove it's one of the greatest rock bands in the world. Not to take anything away from other bands that can make great music in the studio and on stage, but Pearl Jam runs the gamut of musical extremes.

"Live" (4 stars of 4) gives fans a slew of punk rockers like "Save You" and "Last Exit," the sailor song "I Am Mine" and some soft, melodic tunes like "Black" and straight-forward rock songs like "Faithful."

What truly makes this DVD special are the close-ups of the band as well as special guest appearance by the Buzzcocks and Ben Harper, who walks out on stage as Pearl Jam's lead vocalist Eddie Vedder adds Harper's "My Own Two Hands" to the end of "Daughter."

But what's most impressive about "Live" is the sound. It's powerful, challenging, fearless and explosive — and a more accurate representation of a Pearl Jam concert than any one of the 72 CDs of the concerts the band performed this year. Since Pearl Jam decided to step out of the spotlight by refusing to make videos, award-show appearances or music that caters to specific rock radio formats, they've secured their place among the greatest bands in rock history.

Don't believe me? At one point on "Live," Vedder tells the audience the band was frightened during their song "Do the Evolution," because the stage was shaking. A Madison Square Garden official then walks up to Vedder and says that's only happened three other times — once during a Grateful Dead concert, another during an Iron Maiden performance and once during a Bruce Springsteen concert.

Unlike the band's Florida performances earlier this year, which seemed to lack energy and precision, Pearl Jam is tight and flawless in its execution on stage at MSG. Covers of Mother Love Bone's "Crown of Thorns" and The Who's "Baba O'Riley" are played to perfection. And Vedder's singing and smoking during "Crazy Mary" is sure to conjure up images of, dare I say, Frank Sinatra.

While grunge-lite bands like the Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, Creed, Staind and Nickelback have become stars by ripping off the Pearl Jam sound found on "TEN," Pearl Jam has evolved into something much more than the Seattle sound of the early 1990s. They're true rock musicians who deserve a place right alongside rock gods such as Neil Young, The Who and Led Zeppelin.

Friday, November 21, 2003

An important as well as terrific article [Crimes Against Nature] by Robert F. Kennedy Jr in the 12/11/03 issue of ROLLING STONE. One can also access this lengthy article via the following link:


Please share it with others ... word needs to get out to all on the crimes performed each week by the Bush Empire. We need to stop him and vote his insane empire OUT of office in 2004. Lets pull together America!

Great article in Wednesday edition of USA TODAY by Dennis Kucinich called Regain 'Essential American Optimism'. He's the man to vote for as THE Democrat to oust that "toxic texan" and set this country back on a better course. We need to vote ALL those crazy Republicans OUT of office. Take back OUR country ... now! Check out the article ... if you wish:


Thursday, November 20, 2003

ACT FOR CHANGE ACTIVISM ... From A November 19th Update


FEATURED ACTION: President Bush, Honor Fallen Soldiers and Attend a Funeral or Memorial

While American casualties in Iraq increase daily, President Bush is turning a cold shoulder to the grieving families of slain American servicemen and women.

As of November 17th, 422 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq, over 2,200 have been wounded and there are an average of 35 attacks on Americans every day, yet President Bush has not attended a funeral or memorial of a single American killed in action.

Click here to take action!


Regardless of one's feelings about the war in Iraq, American servicemen and women who follow orders and pay the ultimate price deserve our respect. This is especially true for President Bush, their Commander-in-Chief, who sent them into the face of danger in Iraq. President Bush's predecessors -- Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan and Carter -- all attended memorials or funerals for soldiers killed in action.

Call on President Bush to show his respect for our fallen soldiers by addressing the rising casualties in Iraq and attending at least one funeral or memorial for soldiers killed in Iraq.

Click here to take action!



This past weekend I enjoyed a nice, long visit down in the DC/VA area and stayed with high school friend Nancie. Took the Friday off from work as a personal day. Unfortunately the weather and Amtrak wasn’t cooperating that Friday morning … causing delays from 10 to 40 minutes. Train was supposed to depart Penn Station at 9:35am and we finally left NYC at 10:15am. The ride down was for the most part uneventful. The woman sitting next to me either slept or read. As for myself, I listened to my CD Walkman or read THE NATION periodical. Finally arrived into Union Station just before 2pm and Nancie was waiting for me at gate. We decided not to visit Mt Vernon that afternoon, due to lateness of Amtrak. Hung out at her house [hubby Tim was visiting their daughter in upstate NY], ate fruit, talked, then went shopping for groceries and ended up at Tyson’s Corner Mall. Before doing some Xmas shopping at the Mall we had a tasty dinner at Rainforest Café. [We discussed, in detail, plans for our 30th high school reunion in 2007.] Later on at the house we utilized the Jacuzzi / hot tub in backyard. Love it!

Next day had a leisurely breakfast before heading into FairOaks and Nancies office. She had paperwork to do and one of her co-workers gave me a full body massage. Damn that felt good! Kim, the masseuse, told me about this wonderful Xmas Shop near the office that Nancie and I should check out, which we did afterwards. The day was wearing on, plus we were getting hungry for lunch, so headed south towards Mt Vernon. Kim told us the restaurant there serves a yummy peanut soup. We first headed into Alexandria [beautiful town], promptly got lost, inquired at Visitors Center and finally arrived to Mt Vernon around 2pm. Of course the next bit I’ve already documented a few days ago [see 11/17/03]. After a quick bite to eat we drove over to Woodlawn Estate and Plantation, which is across ridge from George Washington’s Mt Vernon. It’s a smaller estate, but has lots of charm and isn’t as crowded as Georgie’s place. This suited us just fine and we spent several hours. The tour of the mansion was delightful and so informative. The property nicely landscaped with the aroma of boxwood in the air. Heavenly! Back in Nancie’s van we headed north to do some holiday shopping at FairOaks Mall, then had a delicious dinner at a Thai restaurant. Back at the house I made calls to Mom and Katherine relating the “Tracey encounter”. Then its off to the hot tub / Jacuzzi to relax the muscles. Throughout most of the day Nancie was ill with a nasty cough and she was slowly losing her voice. On Sunday she was reduced to whispering, poor thing.

We went to IHOP for pumpkin pancake breakfast, my treat. After partaking of a yummy meal at IHOP we drove to Fairfax High School to check out the huge excellent art/craft show. We spent over two hours at the show, sometimes going separately to cover more turf. Thru Nancie I was able to meet several friends of hers who were selling their items, two of the chaps are from the alternate rock band THE FURS. They'll be playing some gigs up in NYC in the new year and we exchanged email addresses. It was all very enjoyable and I had some terrific conversations with several artisans. Nancie showed me their previous house, which they’d been renting out since 1997 and have now sold it. Its in a nice, working class neighborhood … one level with garage and sitting on ¼ acre of land. We also checked out a place that sells British goodies and has a tea room. Next year we’ll go to the tea room, as this time it was booked solid. So we ended up in Fairfax eating a late lunch at a Chinese Buffet. Lots of good food, especially the stringbeans, for a reasonable price. We rounded off the afternoon by heading back into DC. I decided to take the 5:20pm Amtrak instead of the 6:20pm, so we hung out at the station in a cafe. The ride back to NYC was uneventful and I slept half the time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I'm so glad people in high positions in the UK are speaking out against Bush and his destructive administration. Good article ["Livingstone Says Bush is 'Greatest Threat to Life on Planet"] from London's INDEPENDENT/UK. Check it out if you wish:




Justice Frank Barbaro of the New York Supreme Court for the Second Judicial District, who served from 1973 to 1996 as a member of the New York State Assembly, and who ran for mayor of New York in 1981, heads up a list of seven prominent New Yorkers who have just endorsed Dennis Kucinich.



From the endorsement statement:

"We left the Democratic Party because they did not offer a real progressive choice of leaders, until Dennis Kucinich. Dennis shares many of the same values that we have as Greens. Therefore he was an easy choice for president: a candidate we feel has, not just the best platform, but the best chance of beating George W. Bush in 2004. Our endorsement of Dennis Kucinich is an endorsement for progressive values. Our endorsement is also a statement for coalition building across party lines."

Monday, November 17, 2003

Will relate my long weekend visit to DC/VA shortly, but first abit of a tidbit from that weekend [Saturday]. Or, as my friend Nancie says, it was "weird stuff". I was visiting my friend Nancie and we both used to know this gal name Tracey. Many legit reasons why we're no longer friends with this individual and her family. Those stories are for another time. Basically Tracey only knows how to do waitressing, as she's never done anything else [married since Dec 1981 to an Air Force man] and her years of college now seem a waste. Anyhow ... who'd have thought she'd be working in the nice restaurant, which is part of the Mt Vernon estate. Neither Nancie or I, that's for damn sure. We got to Mt Vernon Saturday afternoon at 2pm and were hungry for some lunch. Figured we'd eat a quick bite before touring George Washington's beloved home. I might add its quite a busy place. One of Nancie's co-workers told us that the restaurant [not the food court] serves a delicious peanut soup. We walk in to find a bar with seating to the right & in back. Gal at the bar says we have to go around the bar, to the left and up some stairs to be seated properly in restaurant. It was as I'm heading towards the stairs that I recognize Tracey looking down at some "checks". [Hadn't seen her since 1996.] My whole system jolts and I keep on walking past her and up the stairs. Nancie is behind me the whole time. Tracey must of looked up after I pasted her [I never said a word] and saw Nancie. I heard her say behind me ... "Nancie!" ... I vaguely hear Nancie reply "Oh My God!!!". Nancie dislikes her as much as I do, ever since Tracey invited herself and children to Sam's [Nancie & Tims son] bar mitzvah back in early to mid 1990s. Typical of Tracey, thinks she's being cute, but is actually terribly rude. Anyhow, her daughter Connie took all the disposable cameras home with her from the bar mitzvah. She even admitted it to Nancie! Yet when Nancie called Tracey a day later, she gets shit from Tracey and never saw those cameras [with pix of son's bar mitzvah] ever again. I remember Tracey telling me about it and I was upset. [She thought it funny. Stupid bitch] Told Tracey off big time, said she should of done the honorable thing and fessed up, plus send the camera's back to Nancie. Okay ... enough of that ... so I keep walking [and shaking] until I get to Mt Vernon gift shop, turn around and Nancie is pulling up the rear. Nancie told me after she uttered OMG! she kept on walking too and never looked back. We're both upset and saying ... "lets get the hell out of here" ... stood there debating cause we were so hungry. So finally we said "screw it, lets eat at food court near gift shop and then leave". The food court is very much separate from the restaurant. After a quick lunch of crab cake sandwiches, french fries & bottled water, we left Mt Vernon to tour another plantation/estate. [Woodlawn -- which we greatly enjoyed.] It took over an hour for my darn nerves to calm down. Both Nancie and I agreed Tracey looked like crap. Too many years of sitting in the sun [tanning], bad eating habits, dysfunctional married life and not taking care of oneself does take a toll. She's only two years older than me. So, there you have it in a nutshell.


Today, in the mail at work, I received a wonderful parcel of Pearl Jam goodies from sweet and thoughtful Kim in Michigan. WooHoo! Rock on girl! It consisted of the new CD called LOST DOGS, which is of the bands rarities, plus a very detailed RIOT ACT tour 2003 journal by Kim herself. [ie: photos, setlists, etc] Back in June she saw the band four times in concert with Josee, Liam and Melissa. All buddies from the Yahoo Group IRWTpt2. I am touched and honored to receive a copy of this journal. Thank you Kim!

While still on subject of Pearl Jam, there is this young [probably mid 20s] chap who rides my subway in the AM and believe me he looks alot like sexy Jeff Ament [PJ bass player]. Only difference is he's younger than Jeff and his hair is fashioned into dreadlocks. Woooof!


"The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq," by Christopher Scheer, Lakshmi Chaudhry and Robert Scheer. It is an insightful and incisive primer exposing the misinformation campaign George Bush's White House used to secure the support of Congress, the media, and a majority of Americans for a preemptive invasion and occupation of Iraq.



At a recent Planned Parenthood forum in New Hampshire, John Kerry, Wesley Clark, and Howard Dean supported requiring 18-year-old women to register for the military draft, as 18-year-old men are now required to do. Dennis Kucinich opposed this further expansion of war into our culture. He favors working to eliminate mandatory draft registration for men. Here's a transcript:


Thursday, November 13, 2003

Have been reading a fascinating speech by someone I admire alot ... Bill Moyers [Founding Director of Public Affairs Television]. He recently made a speech on November 8th in Madison, Wisconsin titled "Keynote Address to the National Conference on Media Reform". A topic I've been reading about in the November 17th issue of THE NATION periodical. I came across the Bill Moyers speech on Common Dreams website and I'm sharing the link with you all. Enjoy!



Due to my back troubles & arriving late ... I could only stay long enough to drop off materials at the Kucinich Volunteer Meeting last evening. Wasn't able to stay and participate in the discussions, but will get a full update from either Rob or Stephanie via email. [Work was busy yesterday and I had to put in overtime. Extra money in paycheck is always welcome, especially with the holidays around the corner.]


The five members of the Canadian musical group Barenaked Ladies are all fully clothed men and big fans of Dennis Kucinich. Check out this post from singer/guitarist Steven Page's Blog: "Why does even the left-wing media say things like: 'Howard Dean is the most progressive option for the Democrats (besides Kucinich)'? This occurs in both the Progressive and the Nation's current issues. It's time to take Dennis Kucinich out of the brackets and treat him as the viable and believable candidate he is. I'm sick to death of progressives settling for right-leaning centrists as some kind of 'electable' compromise. We just did the same thing in Ontario, by electing an overwhelming Liberal majority government, simply as a way to oust the Conservatives of the last 8 years. In the process, we've screwed ourselves out of a progressive voice, and into a stagnant, US-style two party system. The left needs to remind people that they reflect the values of the community, as opposed to the values of the boards of directors."

The Barenaked Ladies jammed at a sold-out concert at Constitution Hall in D.C. Monday night, invited the Kucinich Peace Walkers as special guests and asked the crowd to applaud them.


Good article and interesting interview with Pearl Jam's Mike McCready, on the recent release of their rarities CD called "LOST DOGS".

Check it out if you wish:


Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Just when I think I’m getting ahead of things … I get another setback in the health department. Geez! Yesterday, while at my desk working, I received another setback. It was going on 11:30am that I felt piercing lower right back spasms. This was similar to what I went thru in May 1999, but not as severe and on left side. Difference this time is that I’m working for a company with very good health benefits and flexibility. Anyhow, the spasms are doing there thing, so I head off to restroom to stretch in hopes of “working out kinks”. No such luck … damn. Head back to desk to call my chiropractor and make an appointment before he left office at 1pm. The man has short office hours on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Got a hold of the office and they said to get there by or before 12:30pm, which meant I had to leave ASAP. Left message with one of my bosses and secretary who sits next to me. Hauled ass out of office at 11:45am. Took two subways and got to chiropractor office in my neighborhood at 12:25pm. Was set up in a room for Dr Abott to examine me, then I received heat therapy and finally adjustments. Doc wanted me to take remainder of afternoon off from work and rest. I was still feeling pain and soreness in the lower back, but he assured me I’d be 100% within 4 to 7 days. I'm scheduled for a one-hour, full body massage appointment on Saturday morning and it'll work wonders. Plus, I'm also visiting friends down in the DC/VA area and be able to utilize their hottub/jaccuzzi too. That will be so sweet and so relaxing. So my chiropractor typed a note for work, I headed home, called the office to leave detailed voicemails and relaxed rest of day. [Also did hot/cold therapy for afflicted area.] While resting I caught up on reading, plus writing in my ferret shelter journal. Took a nap and watch some telly. Now I’m back to work and the back is feeling abit better today. Tonight is the Kucinich volunteer/committee meeting at 6pm, which I’ll only attend for a short spell, then head home to take it easy.

Just learned that the secretary I'm covering for here at E&Y will be out until early January. [She's extending her maturnity leave - without pay.] That means my floater assignment has been extended. [Hurray!] I've been in this spot since early August and I'm working for a terrific group.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Came across this fascinating article from Common Dreams website. I personally find it fascinating as it talks mostly about World War I, as well as Iraq and the Bush Administration. Those who know me very well ... know of my interest in anything to do with WWI and the events leading up to it.

It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you care to read it:

"Hiding the War Dead: What a Great Poet Would Tell Bush"
by Adam Cohen


Saturday, November 08, 2003

This past Thursday evening was another Kucinich Volunteer Meetup here in Manhattan. It was held in a funky back room of the 11th Street Bar in the East Village. Sadly it was abit of a cool, wet evening and I arrived 1/2 hour late, as I'd been uptown at a workout session with Personal Trainer. The meetup lasted roughly two hours and a few things were accomplished. One of which is that we raised over $90 in campaign contributions. Yeah! Other notes ... Rob J made announcements, many spoke of why they are passionate supporters of Kucinich and finally groups were formed in discussions of Delegates/ Petitioners. [Only sour note of the evening was a brief, heated debate on abortion issues.] I offered to contact those who attended the meetup, via email, of the upcoming Kucinich event on November 21st, plus send Yahoo Group URL. This I took care of upon arriving home after the meetup. I'm also responsible for sending out the advertising, on November 21st event, to different websites. Such as WBAI, WNYC, United for Peace & Justice, MoveOn.Org and so on. Past week or so has been not only busy at work [E&Y], but with this political volunteer stuff. It feels great to be part of something like this and meeting so many cool, like-minded folk.

While still on the subject of Dennis Kucinich ... this past week via the WashingtonPost.com website ... they're sponsoring [or hosting] conversations with the Democrat candidates. Here is link to transcript of conversation with Kucinich back on November 4th. Check it out:


Quote by Francois Hertel

"I believe the art of living consists not so much in complicating simple things as in simplifying things that are not."

Other News & Links

* The coolest anti-Bush t-shirts are available at:


* Decompression for the Democrats! Go to:


Outrageous political shopping for your progressive state of mind.

* Bush House of Cards ... Get'em before they fall. 54 hilarious caricatures of Commander George and friends. Go to:


* Bush/Orwell 2004 and other unique political bumper stickers, t-shirts, satire and commentary. Go to:



Interesting article [Two POWs, One an American Icon, the Other Ignored] from the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. Check it out if you wish:


Thursday, November 06, 2003

Interesting article [Troops Suffer While Bush Cronies Make Out Like Bandits] from the CHICAGO SUN TIMES off of Common Dreams website. Check it out if you wish:


Normally I'm not a big fan of Rap music, but came across this on Common Dreams website and liked it alot.

LET THE RICH GO FIRST -- A rap poem by U. S. Representative Major R. Owens

Working Families Keep your soldiers at home,
For overtime in Iraq
No cash
No comp time
Not even gratitude,
Republicans intrude
To exempt all heroes,
No combat rotation
Life on indefinite probation
Scrooges running the Nation.
To the front lines
Let the rich go first--
For blood they got a thirst,
Let the superstars drink it
In the glorious trenches;
Leave the disadvantaged on the benches.
Working Families
Let the rich go first:
The battlegrounds they always choose
Their estates have the most to lose;
Send highest IQs to
Take positions at the front,
Let them perform their best
High-tech warfare stunt;
Working Families
Keep your malnourished sons home--
Harvard Yale kids should roam
The world with guns and tanks,
Reserve gold medals
For the loyal Ivy League ranks.
O say can you see
Millionaire graduates
Dying for you and me?
Welfare Moms
Have a message for the masters:
Tell Uncle Sam
His TANF pennies he can keep
For food stamps we refuse to leap
Through your hoops like beasts;
Promise to leave our soldiers alone
And we'll find our own feasts.
To Uncle Sam we offer a bargain--
Don't throw us dirty crumbs
Don't treat us like bums
And then demand
The full measure of devotion;
Our minds are now in motion
Class warfare
Is not such a bad notion;
Your swindle will not last
Recruiters we won't let pass,
Finally, we opened our eyes--
Each family is a private enterprise.
Each child a precious prize;
We got American property rights,
Before our children die in war
This time we'll choose the fights.
Let the rich go first:
They worry about
The overtime we abuse;
The battlefields they always choose
Their estates have the most to lose.
Let the rich go first!

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Today is Election Day! As a New York resident, I'm writing to urge you to go to the polls and vote NO on Question 3. [I did earlier this AM.] Since this is an off-year election, we'll need every last vote to make sure that Mayor Bloomberg and wealthy Republicans don't eliminate party primaries in New York.

If Bloomberg's proposal goes through, minority voters would lose influence in city elections, the city's landmark campaign finance program would be hamstrung, and voters would lose the opportunity to pick their own party's candidates for the general election. In practice, this system will mean a shift in power to the wealthy and the Republican party.

It's not often that we agree with the New York Post editorial pages, but the Post is just one of a number of newspapers who oppose the initiative. The New York Times, Newsday, The New York Sun, and The New York Amsterdam Sun also have written editorials opposing it. As the New York Times editorial observed, "it is telling that the mayor has not been able to garner much support for this proposal and has found himself opposed by every major good-government group." (Editorial, 10/29/03) Those good-government groups include the League of Women Voters, Common Cause NY and NYPIRG.

Despite this strong opposition, the fate of ballot Question 3 will be determined by a few votes. That's because Mayor Bloomberg is bankrolling a massive mail blitz to get this ballot measure adopted. Last week The Amsterdam News called a brochure mailed by the Mayor's campaign committee deceptive, because it featured misleading quotes that suggested the paper supports non-partisan elections, when in fact it does not.

Please go to the polls today and vote NO on Question 3. Also, please ask your friends and colleagues to vote NO as well. Thank you!

Artist Against The War [website]

Monday, November 03, 2003

I feel so jazzed and energized when I go through [or experience] a terrific, productive weekend. Plus the weather was so sunny and warm. What is known as an Indian Summer. Love it! I've always been more intuned with the Spring and Autumn seasons.

Most of the weekend was very good and positive, plus some upsetting news. Before going into the "jazzed" stuff ... I'd called Mom early Sunday AM [before going out to view the Marathon] and she told me she'd fractured her right ankle late Saturday afternoon outside the house. [Also bruised her right knee in the fall.] I'm referring to my parents home in upstate NY. Dad was at the golf course and Mom couldn't get up or pull herself onto the front porch. [Thankfully the weather was comfortable and dry.] Fortunately there was someone visiting my Uncle Bob next door. He saw Mom as he was leaving, went back into Uncle Bob's house and they both came over to help out. Whew! My father was called, he came home and took Mom to the emergency room. I did call my parents around 6:30pm Saturday evening and left a voicemail. Mom said she was still at the hospital in VT. Doctor says it'll take several weeks or so to heal properly and she's got to rest alot right now. I told her I could take some time off from work to come up and help out. Mom said it wasn't necessary, as there were family and friends up that way to help out.

Saturday was my monthly visit to ferret shelter in Yonkers. On the way to Grand Central Station via subway [the G line to be exact] ... me and all the other passengers in our particular car were gazing in wonder, awe and mirth at a male passenger. He looked to be dressed in the remains of a Halloween costume, that resembled something out of the 1970s. It wasn't so much the outfit or funky sunglasses, but the huge [and I mean huge] afro he was sporting. I haven't seen one like that in 25 years! You could barely seen his face. It was a sight to see and even a 2 year old in a nearby stroller was gawking at him. On the 12:20pm Metro North train to Yonkers I was reading my new book, "One Minute for Myself". One of the quotes it mentioned was ... "In one minute I can change my attitude, and in that minute I can change my entire day". So very true ... powerful, yet simple stuff. So, during the last 10 minutes or so of the train journey, I let happy thoughts slowly weave through my head and gazed at the Palisades. The Fall Foliage was at its height in color; with lots of golden yellow, brunt orange and glimpses of maroon. Sparingly dotted along the Hudson River were sailboats drifting on the water. Lovely, peaceful sights to behold.

Aliza picked me up at the train station in her new, second-hand car [Volvo] and we chatted on drive to Joanne's. Briana was at home getting over a cold. Poor darling. When we arrived Joanne was outside attempting to clear up the Halloween decor in the front yard. I took some pix ... as its all really cool looking. Aliza couldn't stay long to chat ... but had to run home to her daughter. In the house and shelter Joanne and I caught up on news et al. She told me the shelter is running at full capacity with 30 furkids. Over next two hours I took care of two groups of 8 to 10 furkids. One of them was dear, little Fuzzbutt who has an enlarged spleen. I gave him lots of loving cuddles and extra FerreVite. He'd nap for awhile in a sleep sack and then follow me around the shelter while I did my duties. Every so often I'd pick him up for more cuddles and he gave me a kiss [licked my nose]. Such a good boy. These new shelter additions weren't familiar with the poopy paper routine, so I'd be cleaning up "accidents" all over the place. Had a tea break with Joanne and we talked about relationships with men. Back in the shelter I took all the waterbottles and filled with fresh water, cleaned up poopy papers, put away toys and mopped the floors down. Then it was time to freshen up, change clothes and had back to train station. It was a good day!

Sunday found me taking care of many fun projects, household chores, cooking pasta sauce from scratch, as well as viewing the annual NYC Marathon which runs [ahem, pardon the pun] through my neighborhood. My long distance phone service is working again ... Hurray ... so I was able to make calls. While out in the early evening doing my "power walk", I bumped into a fellow Kucinich volunteer [Michael] I know from meetings. We had a fascinating conversation on several topics and he'll be at the upcoming Meetup. It was a damn good weekend and I was following some of the principals of "One Minute For Myself". I highly recommend this book to others.