Tuesday, September 30, 2008


An Appropriately Populist Anti-Bailout Rant
John Nichols, The Nation

Bailout Rejection Sends out Financial Shockwaves, but It’s Also an Invigorating Moment for Democracy
William Greider, The Nation

The Power of ‘NO’ and the Need to Keep the Pressure on Congress
Dave Lindorff Commentary

How Do You Know When the Bailout is Little More Than Theft?
Chris Bowers, Open Left

The Rich are Staging a Coup This Morning
Michael Moore Commentary

[Duchess Note: If you’re as pissed off as I am regarding this bailout for Wall Street, corporations and the ultra rich; then contact your Congressional representative today. Let them know that they work for you and not the other way around. November election is right around the corner, so let’s put the heat on our representatives. Its time they listen to their constituents and hear our concerns on important issues. If not today, well then, when? Rise up America and take your country back. Please take a moment to send a fax, email or call to Congress and Senate. If we don’t then our hard earned money will go to bailing out greedy, spoiled, arrogant ultra rich. They have plenty of funds to bail themselves out. The poor and middle classes shouldn’t have to do it. No friggin way!]

Monday, September 29, 2008


Press Release – Kucinich: Opposes Bailout & Asks “Is this the United States Congress or the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs?”

Kucinich Says Not Enough Votes for Bailout
Kevin Bogardus, The Hill

A Gift for a Generation: A US Financial System of Our Own
Cynthia McKinney Commentary [scroll down website for the article]

The Financial Meltdown Requires Far-Reaching Green Solutions, Say Green Party Leaders

What You Didn’t See on CNBC – Protests on Wall Street
Daily Paul

Is the Bailout Needed? Many Economists Say ‘NO’
Kevin G. Hall, McClatchy Newspapers
President Bush and his Treasury secretary, former Goldman Sachs chief executive Henry Paulson, have warned of imminent economic collapse and another Great Depression if their rescue plan isn't passed immediately. Is that true? "It's more hype than real risk," said James K. Galbraith, a University of Texas economist and son of the late economic historian John Kenneth Galbraith. "A nasty recession is possible, but the bailout will not cure that. So it's mainly relevant to the financial industry."

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Linda in TX for the articles. If your pissed off like me at the Bush Regime and government in DC; then contact your Congressional and Senate representatives and let them know. I did so last week via fax ... twice! Remember, they work for us, not the other way around. Dissent is patriotic!]

Friday, September 26, 2008

On Sunday afternoon, September 14th, I participated in a lecture and group discussion held by my friend Cielito at Think Coffee in Greenwich Village. It was regarding Maitreya, Age of Aquarius, and peace, sharing with world communities and through http://www.share-international.org/ It was great seeing Cielito and meeting some new people at the discussion, which was really fascinating.

Tuesday, September 16th, I had an appointment with my lung specialist towards end of the work day in Brooklyn. Discussed my situation and how best to deal with it. Afterwards I headed back into Manhattan for the monthly NYDoP board and core team meeting. We had a decent turnout and mostly discussed fundraising, Inwood retreat and Resolution 627. Great seeing everyone, as I wasn’t able to attend August meeting due to still being in quarantine.

Thursday morning, September 18th, I had an appointment with my internal medicine specialist before heading into work. He’s put me on a new meds regime to control the disease in my lungs. Hopefully these new meds won’t cause annoying side effects. After work I joined the Park Slope knitters group for a fun, interesting “yarn swap” at Sweet Melissa’s. [Weather was comfy and we utilized the garden area in back for dining.] It was quite a turnout this evening, with about 25 to 30 folk in attendance. I’d never been to a “yarn swap” before and it’s conducted by a points system. I wasn’t able to bring much, so I did not receive very many points, but enough to get yarn for my “Granny Square” project. I enjoyed socializing with the other ladies, eating some good food, and discussing or working on knitting projects.

On Saturday, September 20th, I joined other NY Tolkien Society members in heading up to Timdalf’s for the annual Bilbo/Frodo Birthday celebration and picnic. Not all of the members could attend, but those of us that could had a fun time. [I wasn’t on my new meds yet, so was able to partake of some wine and get a wee bit tipsy.]
Celebration for Bilbo & Frodo
I met up with Jessica and Anthony at Port Authority between 10am and 11am. We took the 9A bus up to Tim’s place, which is north of Nyack. Weather was sunny with some clouds and around 70 degrees. Everyone brought up some delicious homemade goodies to share at the picnic and Kathy provided the tasty wine. I brought up my homemade brownies and chocolate chip cookies.
Members of NY Tolkien Society
Much socializing amongst the society members, a toast to the Professor and after some serious noshing, we all sat down to answer LOTR Trivial Pursuit questions, which were read to us by Timdalf. At that point, several of us [including me] were tipsy with wine and shouted out some silly answers. While eating the yummy birthday cake we had a raffle of Tolkien items and I won a 2009 calendar. Overall, a good time was had by all. Hurray!

Sunday, September 21st, I had an appointment with “Beyond Ground Zero” grassroots organization on the lower eastside of Manhattan. They help 9/11 survivors with health issues … I mostly spoke with Tosh and Celia. Learn more about them at http://www.beyondgroundzero.org/

Tuesday, September 23rd, I had an appointment with another lung specialist to get a second opinion on my situation. He in turn will discuss his conclusion with my main lung specialist. Last time I’d seen this particular specialist was back in 2006. Later that evening I jumped onto a conference call with the NYDoP CCR committee. Discussion centered on procedure for follow-up calls to the Sept 17th fax to City Council members who are co-sponsors to Resolution 627. We also discussed PowerPoint presentation and drafting a letter to Community Board chairperson.

Protesters Take Their Outrage to Wall Street
Steven Wishnia, AlterNet

Bailout Backlash: Five Surprising Things that Happened on Thursday
AlterNet Staff
Protests on Wall Street, White House pow-wow flops, Bailout plan implodes, and Obama will attend debate and McCain’s suspended campaign stunt.

[Duchess Note: Bravo to ALL the protesters who convened on Wall Street area yesterday. Let those greedy, spoiled, rich thugs on Wall Street know how the majority of Americans feel about them. We will NOT bail you out of the mess YOU made. Clean it up yourselves AND with your own funds. Not ours! If the Democrat majority in Congress allows the bailout to go through, guess what, many of us will NOT vote your disgusting butts back into office. No friggin way!!!]

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Gut Check Time: Will Congress Stand Up To Wall Street?
Robert Borosage, Huffington Post

No Blank Check – Open Letter to Congress
Paul Kruger, OpEdNews.com

Press Release – Kucinich: Keep Congress in Session

Press Release – Kucinich: Voting is a Right, Not a Privilege

Cynthia McKinney Ready to Step in for McCain at Friday’s Debate
Austin Cassidy, Independent Political Report

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Linda in TX for all these informative articles. You’re a gem! FYI … the latest “Personal News”, with photos, will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned…..]

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

[March 2008 - Valley Cottage Library]
Tim at Tolkien Reading Day 08
[Timdalf Officiates at Reading Day]

Dennis & Timdalf
[Dennis & Timdalf perform the Ring Poem]

Charlene & Timdalf
[Duchess reading a portion of “Council of Elrond” from FOTR while Timdalf looks on]

Dennis & Andi
[Dennis & Andi perform “Lament for Boromir”]

Members of NY Tolkien Society
[Some of the NY Tolkien Society members dining out after Reading Day]
Obama says Bailout Will Postpone Spending Plans
Patrick Martin, World Socialist Website

In a further demonstration of his subservience to Wall Street, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said that the $700 billion bailout of US financial institutions now moving through Congress would force a delay in additional spending by an incoming Democratic administration. In an interview Tuesday morning with NBC’s “Today” show, Obama said of the bailout, “How we’re going to structure that in budget terms still has to be decided.” He continued, “Does that mean I can do everything that I’ve called for in this campaign right away? Probably not. I think we’re going to have to phase it in. And a lot of it’s going to depend on what our tax revenues look like.”

The new spending Obama has proposed on programs like education, infrastructure and health care is so minimal, compared to the vast social need, that it doesn’t deserve the label “reform.” It is barely a sop. But even this is likely to be withheld initially, and then canceled outright once the cost of the Wall Street bailout mushrooms, as it inevitably will. As late as the weekend, in an interview with John Harwood of CNBC, Obama had rejected suggestions that the magnitude of the Treasury expenditure for purchasing mortgage-backed securities would put any new social spending off the agenda. He claimed that he would proceed with a proposal to expand health insurance as well as additional funding for education, the environment and child care.

But by Tuesday the Democrat had abandoned even this position, promising only to retain a series of tax cuts in the first budget of an Obama administration—which will inevitably accrue more to upper-income families—while making no such pledge for social spending. Obama also sought to demonstrate his fidelity to the financial aristocracy by attacking his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain, for initially opposing the federal bailout of AIG, the world’s largest insurance company. The Federal Reserve Board agreed last week to take an 80 percent interest in AIG in return for an $85 billion loan last week.
“I think what has been clear during this entire past 10 days is John McCain has not had clarity and a grasp on the situation,” Obama said.

When his NBC interviewer Matt Lauer pointed out that the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, Senator Joseph Biden, had also initially opposed the bailout, Obama pointed out that he himself had deferred comment. “I think that in that situation, I think Joe should have waited as well.” This extraordinary rebuke to his own running mate demonstrates that for Senator Obama, nothing is more important than demonstrating that he puts the future of Wall Street above all other considerations, and that he aims to win the presidency, not on the basis of a populist appeal, but by persuading the financial aristocracy that he will be the most capable representative of their interests.

Wall Street Socialists
Amy Goodman, TruthDig.com

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Carol and Judith for their contribution of articles.]

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The Proposed $700 Billion Bailout of Wall Street, the Largest Government Bailout of Private Industry in US History
Democracy Now!
http://www.democracynow.org/2008/9/22/sen_bernie_sanders_robert_scheer_and OR http://www.democracynow.org/

Incredible documentary Footage of Mass Arrest in St Paul

Let’s Stop the Greatest Theft in the History of Humankind
Otto Spengler, Asia Times

10 Things You Should Know About Bush’s Trillion Dollar Fleecing Plan
AlterNet Staff

Friday, September 19, 2008


Press Release – Congressman Kucinich Sends Warning to Justice Department

Press Release – Kucinich: US Must Stop Abusing Ally Pakistan

Take Another Look at Rosa Clemente
Ashahed Muhammad, Dissident Voice

Alaska Women Reject Palin Rally [video & article]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_4GfAsKvGU OR http://www.huffingtonpost.com/akmuckraker/alaskan-women-reject-pali_b_126315.html

Polar Bear Protest Mocks Palin, Republicans and Lobbyists

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Linda in TX for sharing all these great and informative articles. Bravo to those in Alaska who protested against Barbie the Moose Hunter.]

Jeff Ament's debut solo project, "TONE", is available now at select U.S. CIMS stores (http://www.cimsmusic.com/). "Tone" features ten originaltracks by Jeff culled from more than fifty-plus "works in progress." Pennedover the last eight years, the final collection offers a look into Ament's worldof early life in Montana and how it has shaped his music. Much like Jeff's ownlife story, TONE tells the tale of a group of characters from a small town in Montanaand their slow integration into life in the big city. The album emerged from hisdesire to take care of "unfinished business;" taking the original worksand paring them down to a batch of like-minded and introspective songs. Check it out at http://www.pearljam.com/jeffament/

SPA Partners with Peace Jam
The Student Peace Alliance is proud to announce an official partnership with Peace Jam! Both organizations collaborate to achieve similar goals and are youth-driven. The Student Peace Alliance expresses solidarity with Peace Jam's Global Call to Action directly through two of its 10 sections, 'Investing in Human Security' and 'Breaking the Cycle of Violence'. The other eight sections all contribute to reducing the root causes of violence. Check out the links below.....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyOxbDVNaM8 OR http://www.globalcalltoaction.org/

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I hope you are well and enjoying summer, or perhaps you’re looking forward to Fall’s cooler clime. Here’s what I’m working on until Summer’s end: I’ve taken on the exciting task of raising $3,000 by October 1, 2008 to get our New Yorkers for a Department of Peace website redesigned and online. The current website (www.nyc-dop.com) is no longer best suited for NYDOP purposes. By relaunching NYDOP’s website we hope to accomplish the following:
Create an attractive and easy-to-use website, Rebrand our image starting with a new domain to better reflect our status as an organization, Use a new content management system which will be more sustainable for the organization as a whole.

As you know, websites are a primary tool for communication and outreach and without a website that accomplishes the above goals, NYDOP’s ability to effectively communicate our message is limited. By now you’ve likely given careful consideration to active participation in this peace campaign. Your generosity will contribute to a culture of peace by providing NYDOP with a more robust website that better represents our mission and more fully engages our constituents. You can expect:

A more frequently updated website, with the latest NYDOP news & events
A web store which will increase our fundraising capacity
When choosing how much to give, please consider some (or all!) of these strategies:
Donate your age or the age you hope to live to
Donate the combined ages of your children
Donate $1 for every time you think “I wish I could help” and multiply it by 10
Donate your monthly cappuccino allowance
Donate joyfully!!!!

You’ve heard it before and it remains true that every dollar you give helps and all contributions are enormously appreciated. Please send your gift to: New Yorkers for a Department of Peace c/o Joe Allegro 5-18 126th Street, College Point, NY 11356. Or click the link below and make your contribution online. Because NYDOP is a 501(c)4 political lobbying organization, please be aware that contributions are NOT tax exempt.

Thank you for considering our request and we look forward to our continued collaboration with you as we launch our new and improved website.


Monday, September 15, 2008


On Tuesday, Sept 2nd, I went back to work after a month long medical leave. Felt good to be back at the office and see my co-workers. There was much to do, organize and catch up on since my medical leave, plus several new projects.

Thursday evening, Sept 4th, after work I attended the weekly Park Slope knitters group at Sweet Melissa’s. Great seeing familiar faces and meet some new members of this terrific group. I haven’t been to a weekly gathering since mid July. Archie kindly helped me with my zig zag scarf project, which I’ve been tackling on and off since July.

Friday evening, Sept 5th, after work I volunteered with City Harvest at the Union Square farmers market.

On Sunday afternoon, Sept 7th, I attended a lecture at All Souls Church on upper eastside of Manhattan. Lecture was by Laura Donohue and the subject was on the “Cost of Counterterrorism: Power, Politics & Liberty”. Donohue examines laws in both the US and UK that have been promoted as increasing security at the expense of life, liberty, property, privacy and free speech. As these two countries take a leading role in setting global counterterrorism norms, at stake is the future of liberal democracy. While at this fascinating lecture, I ran into Susan C and Mary G. Haven’t seen either of these progressive, activist ladies in awhile and it was great to catch up on news.

Monday evening, Sept 8th, I participated in the NYDoP conference call with other board members to discuss fundraising strategies. Not only to raise funds for NYDoP, but also our upcoming Inwood Retreat. It was a good, productive call and great chatting with these amazing folk.

Tuesday, Sept 9th, turned into quite a busy productive day. I started the day off with going to the polls to vote in the NYS primary. After a busy work day, I had an appointment with my foot doctor for much needed therapy on my left foot. Last time I had therapy on the foot was in early to mid June. That evening I participated in a NYDoP CCR Committee conference call. We worked on fine tuning the fax we’ll be sending out to City Council co-sponsors of Resolution 627. Plus discuss strategy in regards to local Community Boards etc.

Wednesday morning, Sept 10th, I had an 8:45am appointment with Dr Pujol in regards to these new meds, which are still causing me diarrhea and trouble sleeping at night. He advised I stop taking them for now to give my internal system a rest. Will have a follow up visit with him next week, as well as see Dr Challapalli. After work that evening I had an appointment with my chiropractor for therapy and adjustment.


Cynthia McKinney Speaks on Election Integrity
[McKinney spoke directly to the issues surrounding Election Integrity. She is, to my knowledge, the only Presidential candidate of any party this year, to speak substantively to the most important matter underscoring every freedom we have and every serious issue we face in this nation.]

Remembering 9/11
Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Sean Bean & John Tams at the 2008 Folk Awards
Media: BBC 2 Radio Interview with John & Sean after the 2008 Folk Awards. Watch an interview with John Tams, winner of Best Duo Award with Barry Coope, and one of his biggest fans, the actor Sean Bean: "I'm entirely bowled over by the fact Sean came and presented the award." John celebrates his award, and recalls working with Sean on the drama, Sharpe. Watch it at the original site. . .

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Kucinich: Impeach President Bush Now

QUOTE OF THE DAYThose who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities. Voltaire

Disarmament & Peace Groups Call For Rejection of Nuke Deal

QUOTE OF THE DAYHope has two daughters, their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are. St Augustine

Impeach President Bush Now, Says Dennis Kucinich
Los Angeles Times

Kucinich Announces New Effort – Grassroots Leaders, 2 Million Supporters, Rally Behind Impeachment

Friday, September 05, 2008


Cynthia McKinney [Green Party] is on the Ballot in the Following States – Check out the link below to see the chart

[Duchess Note: Hurray! New Yorkers will have the honor and privilege to vote for McKinney. She is the true voice of change for progressives and liberals. Vote your values and conscious this November … don’t waste it on a Corporate Imperialist. I made that mistake in November 2004 and will not do it this time around. Peace, Justice & Solidarity!]

Hip Hop Pushes a Political Agenda
McKinney ‘08

Green Party Admits Soldiers Testing Positive to Depleted Uranium
All Things Cynthia McKinney

McKinney Banner

Please Help Cynthia Qualify for Primary Campaign Matching Funds

Amy Goodman: Why We Were Falsely Arrested – Government crackdowns on journalists are a true threat to democracy

Palin Pick is GOP Hypocrisy at its Best
Laura Flanders, AlterNet

How The GOP Bought Police 'Tough Tactics' and Political Repression

Thursday, September 04, 2008

From August 5th through 29th I was on “short term medical leave” from work. This was due to a possible TB strain germ in my system. The NYC Dept of Health and my lung specialist had me on quarantine at home. This possible germ was detected from a test around end of July, but since then other tests [NY Methodist Hospital] have ALL come back negative. To appease these individuals at the NYC Dept of Health [who come across like US border Custom officials, Homeland Security & the Spanish Inquisition], I’m adhering to the quarantine rules. I’ve been taking care of things around the apartment; plus making phone calls, reading, painting, crocheting, watching the Olympics, taking several meds, Internet, watching movies, cleaning house, feed birds, organizing and trying to keep “cabin fever” at bay. [Many thanks to those who called me in hospital and when I was at home. Greatly appreciate it.] I’ll be so darn happy when these quarantine/restrictions are lifted and I can resume my normal every day activities. One of which is going back to work, and you may find this hard to believe, but I actually miss being at work and interacting with co-workers.

On Wednesday, August 6th, I participated in a NYDoP board member conference call regarding prep work for upcoming Inwood Weekend Retreat in October.

On Thursday, August 14th, I participated with other NYDoP CCR committee members on conference call to discuss developments over past 3 weeks [ie: DoP Resolution 627].

Tuesday, August 19th, I had an appointment with my lung specialist to see how my health was progressing since earlier in the month. All vitals were normal, as they have been since end of July, plus my lungs sound clear. They did more tests to see if the meds are working and hope that TB testing comes back negative. Later that day I had a phone call with NYC Health Dept and they questioned me for 30 minutes. Felt like the friggin Spanish Inquisition. I’ll be so happy when all of this is over, cause its abit annoying and frustrating.

On the morning of August 25th & 26th, at 10am, I had a visit from the NYC Dept of Health representative who “observed” my apartment, watched while I took my meds, wore a surgical mask, filled out a few forms and basically lectured me on TB. In the afternoon I had an appointment to see my lung specialist, who said all was clear. Life returns to normal. Whoa! The evening of the 26th I jumped on a conference call with NYDoP CCR committee. It was very productive and great chatting with others on NYC DoP resolution 627.

Morning of August 27th I had an appointment with a new doctor [Park Slope] who’s specialty is “infectious diseases”. After speaking with my lung specialist, he prescribed new meds for me to take when the others ran out. Good visit and I learned abit more about MAI. Later that afternoon I had an appointment with my chiropractor, and the pharmacy called to say my new meds would ready afternoon of Sept 1st.

August 28th through September 1st I visited my family in upstate NY for the long Labor Day holiday weekend. Weather was pretty decent most of the time. Checked out two farmers markets, tag sales, bead shop, helped out around the yard, ride my bike, plus shopping in Greenwich and Saratoga. Mom and I watched several movies on cable TV; one of which was “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”, plus the X-Men trilogy. My cousin Robert visited his father, along with his wife Lil and daughter Farah, and we exchanged our recent medical issues. Felt great to be out and about … not cooped up inside. Yippee!


The Police: Certifiable – Exclusive Recordings from the Police Reunion Tour
PR Newswire

Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament Preps Solo Debut
Jonathan Cohen, Billboard.com

Jeff Ament's Debut Solo Album "Tone" - Pre-Sale Starts Today!
Jeff Ament's debut solo project, "Tone," is set to be released on September 16th via TenClub.net and at select U.S. independent music stores. We'd like to give you a chance to pre-order your limited edition copy starting today. "Tone" features ten original tracks by Jeff culled from more than fifty-plus "works in progress." Penned over the last eight years, the final collection offers a look into Ament's world of early life in Montana and how it has shaped his music. Much like Jeff's own life story, "Tone" tells the tale of a group of characters from a small town in Montana and their slow integration into life in the big city. The album emerged from his desire to take care of "unfinished business;" taking the original works and paring them down to a batch of like-minded and introspective songs. Featuring a little help from drummer Richard Stuverud (The Fastbacks, War Babies, Three Fish) and King's X frontman Dug Pinnick, "Tone" is raw and touches on many musical influences; a searing collection of tracks that trace back to Jeff's early music roots. In his own words "Tone" is Jeff "unchecked, left to his own devices, playing instruments he is not comfortable with, singing, pushing and painting himself into corners.”

[Duchess Note: I am so friggin excited about these CD's and DVDs coming out soon from musicians that I love and admire. WooHoo!]


Cynthia McKinney Green Party Music Video “Run (historical moment)” – McKinney Not Obama

An Alternative to Both Democrats & Republicans
The Daily Green

McKinney/Clemente Ticket Also Makes History
Michigan Citizen

Democratic National Convention Outlines Policy of Wider War
Bill Van Auken, WSWS.org

Obama’s Denver Speech: Populist Demagogy in the Service of Militarism
Patrick Martin, WSWS.org

The Democrats Endorse the “Global War on Terrorism” – Obama “goes after” Osama
Michael Chossudovsky, Global Research

Obama, McCain Weak Choices in 2008
The DM Online

QUOTE OF THE DAY“There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party ... and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat. Republicans are a bit stupider, more rigid, more doctrinaire in their laissez-faire capitalism than the Democrats, who are cuter, prettier, a bit more corrupt – until recently... and more willing than the Republicans to make small adjustments when the poor, the Black, the anti-imperialists get out of hand. But, essentially, there is no difference between the two parties.” Gore Vidal in 1977

The Evil of the Lesser Evil
Prisoner of Starvation Blog

Economy May Stall Push for Healthcare
USA Today

Sarah Palin – All You Need to Know
She knows nothing about Foreign Policy - YOU know more about Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia and Pakistan than she does!!
She thinks Alaska should succeed from the “union”
She was FOR the Bridge to No Where until she was against it
She campaigned for indicted Senator Ted Stevens
She knows nothing the American Credit Crisis, Free Trade, Immigration, Economics, Foreign Policy, National Security, Education, Health Care, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea or China.
She is under investigation for abuse of power (she had her brother in law State Trooper Wooten fired during a custody battle with her sister)
She was a sportscaster, a city councilwoman and mayor of a town with less than 10,000 people before she was elected Governor almost by default
She now claims “13 years of Elected Experience”
She claims to have MORE experience than Barack Obama and Joe Biden
She has served less than 2 years as Governor
She did not campaign with John McCain
She did not know John McCain
She hunts from airplanes
She is a radical Christian Right Winger who obviously does believe in choice “Bristol CHOSE to have her baby”
She thinks the Pledge of Allegiance was written by the Founding Fathers Francis Bellamy (1855 - 1931), a Baptist minister, wrote the original Pledge in August 1892. He was a Christian Socialist
She brought the issue of ABORTION into the Wasilla’s “Mayor” race (a non partisan job that pays $68K/year)
Her mother in law won’t vote for her.
She doesn’t know what the Vice President “does all day”
She has a son who won’t take a photo with her, a 17 year old daughter who is pregnant
She stayed in Texas determined to “give a speech” at the Governors Conference AFTER her water broke prematurely with a high risk pregnancy
She is married to a guy who had a DUI
She doesn’t believe Global Warming is real
She doesn’t believe in Evolution
She would be a heartbeat away from being the Commander in Chief of the most awesome military and nuclear arsenal on the planet

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Linda, Carol, Judith and Doreen for their contributions in terrific articles to this blog.]