Wednesday, April 09, 2014

 NY Mets Against Cincinnati Reds
Friday, April 4th
Mets Won 4 to 3
 Dyanne, Debbie and Deanna
at the ballgame

 Duchess and Margaret
Dressed up Warmly
at a
Chilly, Wet and Windy Game


Thursday, April 03, 2014


Neil deGrasse Tyson Under Attack from Christians Who Want More Biblical Creationism on His Show
Amanda Marcotte, AlterNet

The Supreme Court Just Destroyed Our Democracy in Favor of the Plutocrats
Calvin F. Exoo, Christian Exoo

John Nichols: With McCutcheon Ruling, An Activist Court Opts for Full-On Plutocracy

6 Ways America is in Desperate need of a Big Fix
Jim Hightower, AlterNet

In 'Blow to Democracy,' SCOTUS Strikes Down Campaign Contribution Limits

Michelle Chen: $2.13 an Hour? Why The Tipped Minimum Wage Has to Go

Senator Bernie Sanders: Supreme Court Voids Campaign Spending Limits

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Every Morning a Healthy
Organic and Tasty Smoothie
Shared Alongside the
Continued Growth
of my
Paperwhite Ziva's

On March 1st, I hosted the first annual retreat for BFP A&C committee at my humble abode.  It was a productive retreat with much accomplished.  That evening I went to see “Hobo Grunt Cycle” again, and stayed afterwards to hear the speaker panel.  This panel consisted of three speakers from “Veterans for Peace” organization, plus a terrific Q&A.  Got a ride home afterwards from Charlotte and Oliver.

March 2nd, I had a much needed acupuncture treatment appt with Dr Tan.

March 3rd, I had a private yoga session with Fabrice and Shiva.

March 4th, I participated in an urgent BFP board member conf call regarding the Ukraine crisis.

March 5th, I had a much needed chiropractor treatment appt.

March 6th, I attended the monthly BFP board members meeting at The Commons.  I also finished reading a terrific book by Juliet Nicolson called “The Great Silence”.  The book is about England after the shadow of the First World War to the dawn of the Jazz Age.  I highly recommend it.

March 8th, after a productive morning of errands and chores, I went to get a much needed manicure / pedicure.  That evening I went to Dixon Place [lower Eastside] to hear Capt Paul Chappell speak after the “Hobo Grunt Cycle” performance.  His talk was regarding racism, peace, women’s movement, war and his thoughts on the evening’s performance.  Before and after Capt Paul’s “talk” I was able to chat with him on a few topics.  He remembered me from BFPs Peace Fair in 2012 and my fascination with WW1.  Afterwards, Veronica and I hung out at the Dixon Place bar to chat with a few people who’d seen the show / talk.

March 9th, I had a private yoga session with Fabrice and Shiva.

March 10th, I had a private yoga session with Fabrice and Shiva.

March 11th, I attended the productive monthly BFP Fund / PF committee meeting at Ken’s home.

March 13th, I attended the lecture … Why Peace is Possible: Exploring the Anatomy of Violence and War by Paul K. Chappell [Peace Leadership Director, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation] at Soka Gakkai Buddhist temple down in Union Square.

On March 14th, after work, I went to Dixon Place on lower Eastside to hear a Buddhist monk [Claude AnShin Thomas] speak with honesty from his experiences about how to live a life of peace after the Hobo Grunt Cycle show

On March 15th, after Dana did cleaning of my apt in the morning, I took car service down to Crown Heights in Brooklyn to visit with a friend.  Jackie was showing me how to utilize PowerPoint 2010, plus we had lunch and caught up on news.

On March 16th, after doing laundry, I headed into Manhattan and the office to meet up with an acquaintance that helped me with more PowerPoint training.  All this training is for an exam on March 28th, which I have to pass to keep my job.  In the evening, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

On March 17th, I had an appt with my lung doctor, and the wait was 2 hours.  I didn’t get out of there until after 8pm.  UGH!!

March 18th, I participated in a productive, informative BFP A&C committee conference call.

March 21st, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

March 23rd, at 5am, I was at NY Methodist hospital ER regarding my lung and bronchial tube situation, which started on Saturday.  At least my lung condition has been stable for 2.3 years, which is a huge relief, but the bronchial tubes are an issue.  On meds and took it easy all weekend, which meant I had to miss participating in TRD  L

March 24th, I took a sick day from work, and had an appt with my lung specialist.  We had a lengthy discussion regarding my lungs and bronchial tubes.  Situation may arise were I’ll need surgery on the Bronchial Tubes to address the rupturing of blood.  Will also discuss with my acupuncturist, and get a second opinion from another lung specialist.

March 28th, I had to retake the PPT exam at work.  That evening I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

March 29th, I traveled via MetroNorth up to Brewster with Carol and Kevin to attend the NydoPeace reunion at Karen’s home.  Those in attendance were Karen, Liz, Joe, Kevin, Carol, me and Marianne joined us via Skype [photo below].  It was a delightful afternoon  J

On March 30th, I hung out with my friend Margaret, and went to see the film “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.  It was a fun, entertaining film by Wes Anderson.  Afterwards, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

March 31st, I attended a forum in Ft Greene area of Brooklyn on "What's at Stake in the Middle East". The speakers were Zachary Lockman, Maya Mikdashi and David Wildman. The discussion centered on women's rights, religious tolerance, refugees, politics, history, human rights and threats of nuclear war.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Published on Monday, March 24, 2014 by Common Dreams
Time for a 21st Century US Foreign Policy

With 16,000 of the world’s 17,000 nuclear bombs in the US and Russia, the US should certainly not be fanning the fires for a new cold war after the distressing events in Crimea and the Ukraine.
Rather, we should acknowledge our broken promise to Gorbachev that we wouldn’t expand NATO if Russia didn’t object to a reunified Germany’s entry into NATO when the wall came down, and promise not to invite the Ukraine or Georgia to become members of our old Cold War military alliance.  

We should be disbanding NATO and working for reform of the UN system so that it can fulfill its peacekeeping mission without archaic reliance on regional military competitive alliances.   Further, we should remove our missiles from Poland, Romania and Turkey and negotiate the space weapons ban which China and Russia repeatedly proposed, and which only the US blocked for several years in the UN’s committee on Disarmament in Geneva which requires consensus.  

We should also reinstate the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty which Bush walked out of in 2001 and take up Russia’s offer to negotiate a treaty to ban cyberwarfare, which it proposed after the US boasted about its virus attack on Iran’s enrichment facilities and which the US rejected out of hand.  

We need to stop being the world’s bully, as described last week by Jack Matlock, Reagan and Bush’s Ambassador to Russia who has examined our provocative actions towards Russia which resulted in these terrible events in Crimea.

It’s ironic that Obama is now in the Hague at his third “Nuclear Security Summit” to talk about locking down and securing loose bomb-making materials, without any discussion about how to honor our Non-Proliferation Treaty promise to eliminate our massive nuclear arsenal, for which we are planning to spend $640 billion over the next ten years for two new bomb factories, and new lethal delivery systems—missiles, planes, submarines.

The sad history of our bad faith relationships with Gorbachev and Putin and our aggressive military provocations, including today’s announcement that NATO will be doing military war games in Poland, will do nothing to make our world a safer, more peaceful place.

The US needs more creative 21st century thinking on how to relate to the rest of the world.

Friday, March 14, 2014


America’s New Servant Class
Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet
Income inequality is creating a boom in the servant industry.  Welcome to the world of Downton Abbey.

Bernie Sanders: 'I Am Prepared to Run for President of the United States'

The Propaganda and Nonsense Masking America’s Noxious Role in the World
Patrick Smith, Salon
The New York Times and John Kerry are massive hypocrites on Ukraine and Venezuela.

Mattea Kramer: The Pentagon's Phony Budget War

Robert Parry: Putin or Kerry: Who's Delusional?

How Did College Education Become So Ridiculously Expensive?
Bill Zimmerman, AlterNet

Edward Snowden: What Europe Should Know about US Mass Surveillance

Are Progressives Ready for 'Political Revolution' with Bernie?

David Bromwich: The Voice: How Obama Became a Publicist for His Presidency (Rather Than the President)

Chris Hedges: Welcome to Satan’s Ball

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Attended the opening night
"Hobo Grunt Cycle"
Dixon Place

Monday, March 03, 2014

Fresh flowers and tasty
gluten/dairy free cookies
for the
1st Annual BFP A&C
Committee Retreat
on March 1st

For those of us who are
Vegan and Vegetarian
this Chart is a Great source
of Protein base items

Friday, February 28, 2014

Feb 1st, I had a much needed appt with my acupuncturist for treatment.

Feb 2nd, I visited my good friend Katherine up in CT.  We had a leisurely lunch at a Chinese restaurant, caught up on news / gossip and exchanged Xmas gifties.  Plus, I got to meet her new doggie, Chloe, who is an adorable Boston terrier.

Feb 3rd, I had a private yoga session with Fabrice and Shiva.

Feb 6th, I attended the monthly BFP board member meeting at The Commons.  14 of the 20 board members were in attendance, and it was a productive session.

Feb 7th, I had a private yoga session with Fabrice and Shiva

Feb 8th, I had a much needed chiropractor appt for treatment

Feb 9th, I joined my friend Margaret in seeing the film “The Monuments Men”, which we both enjoyed, and when we came out of the cinema it was snowing  J

Feb 10th, I had a private yoga session with Fabrice and Shiva

Feb 11th, I attended the monthly BFP Fundraising and PF meeting at Ken’s home.

Feb 12th, I had to work at a client site today, and afterwards do volunteer work at WCW office.

Feb 13th, I worked from home yesterday due to the nasty weather and my lung condition.

Feb 14th, I had an appt with my lung specialist, and now on new inhalers for my condition.

Feb 15th, after Dana cleaned my apt, I headed into Manhattan for a much needed acupuncture appt, then back in my hood I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

Feb 16th, after getting a much needed manicure, I headed into Manhattan for a friend’s birthday brunch [ie: 20 in attendance] at Sofrito.  I had a good time and caught up on news with friends and acquaintances.

Feb 17th, at work I attended a Super Bowl volunteer appreciation event and got to meet Tiki Barber.  [Photo below of me with Tiki]  He signed a football and pro-photo for my father.  That evening I had a private yoga session with Fabrice and Shiva.

Feb 18th, I participated in the monthly, and very productive, BFP Arts and Culture meeting/call.  Due to inclement weather, we again had to hold the committee meeting via call.

Feb 19th, I met up with my friend Larry after work, so he can assist me with my taxes and then out to dinner.

Feb 20th, I attended the monthly meetup with “NYC Friends of Tolkien”.

Feb 21st, I had a private yoga session with Fabrice and Shiva.

Feb 22nd, I attended the BFP board members 2nd annual retreat at Martha and Gary’s home.  We covered many topics, goals and set agenda for certain important projects.

Feb 23rd, I watched season four finale of “Downton Abbey” on Channel 13, and it was very good.  Wonderful visuals, costumes and there are some interesting changes in the story line et al.

Feb 24th, I had a private yoga session with Fabrice and Shiva.

Feb 25th, I attended the monthly BFP PEJ committee meeting in Park Slope.  Afterwards did a wee bit of shopping at Barnes & Noble before heading home.

Feb 28th, I volunteered with BFP to assist with tabling at the “Hobo Grunt Cycle” show at Dixon Place in Manhattan.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

10 Reasons to call for MORE Than $10.10 as a Minimum Wage
Richard Eskow, AlterNet

Robert Greenwald Takes on Obama’s Out-of-Control Drone Warfare in New Documentary: ‘Unmanned’
Jeffrey Fleishman, LA Times

Ana Marie Cox: If the 1% Wants Class Warfare, Maybe It's Time to Start Fighting Back

Khaled Beydoun: Deconstructing the Dunn Trial: The Weaponization of Blackness vs. White "Fear"

Michael Parenti: 85 Billionaires and the Better Half

Dud Hendrick: On Peace and Despair: A Veteran’s Musings While Vigiling

Toxic Chemicals Linked to 'Global, Silent Pandemic' Striking Children Worldwide

Thursday, February 20, 2014

 Snowy February
Northern Brooklyn


As TPP Opposition Soars, Corporate Media Blackout Deafening
Jon Queally, Common Dreams

Robert Reich: Why Widening Inequality is Hobbling Equal Opportunity

Richard Long: A Bill To Return Power To The People

No Wonder the World is Terrified of America – We’re the Biggest Threat
Noam Chomsky, AlterNet

Bill McKibben: We ‘Don’t Trust’ Obama on Climate Change
Environmental leader says Obama can stand up for the planet’s health or fossil fuel industry, but his legacy will suffer horribly if he chooses wrong.

80,000 March in North Carolina Proudly Pushing Back Against Radical Right Agenda
Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

5 Ways Rich People’s “Entitlements” Cheat You and Me
Paul Buchheit, AlterNet
And the more they take from us, the greater their belief that they deserve the wealth we all helped to create.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

 JAX's Birthday Celebration
February 16th

Jax and her boyfriend Chris

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Jan 3rd, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva

Jan 4th, I attended the BFP Brooklyn Museum meeting and rehearsal for our upcoming event on the 10th at Matt’s home.  Afterwards I headed into the city for a much needed appt with my acupuncturist.

Jan 5th, my friend Gail came over with her doggie Sage for afternoon tea and we exchanged Xmas gifties.  During the evening I watched the 2-hour season four premiere of Downton Abbey.

Jan 6th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva

Jan 8th, I attended a BFP meeting and rehearsal for our upcoming Brooklyn Museum event on the 10th at Tom’s church.

Jan 9th, I attended the monthly BFP board members meeting.

Jan 10th, I worked from home in the morning, and took half a personal day in the afternoon to participate in a successful BFP presentation at Brooklyn Museum.  This was followed by appts with my acupuncturist and lung specialist.  In the evening I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

Jan 11th, Dana came by to give my apt a good cleaning, and I took down my holiday decorations.  Then a much needed manicure followed by a marathon viewing of episodes 1 through 8 of the TV series “Sleepy Hollow” on DVD.  The latter I continued into Sunday morning.

Jan 13th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.  Afterwards, I watched a new episode of “Sleepy Hollow” on the telly, plus caught up with episodes 9 and 10.

Jan 14th, I attended an intense and productive monthly BFP fund/peace fair meeting at Ken’s apt.

Jan 15th, was up at 4am with bronchial tube issues, and had to take a sick day from work. I had to see my lung specialist regarding the situation.

Jan 17th, I had a much needed chiropractor appt after work, and started to help in feeling better.  Learned my chiropractor was in the hospital week of Jan 6th with a bad bout of pneumonia.

Jan 18th, I had a much needed acupuncture appt with Dr Tan.  The road to recovery is continuing  J

Jan 19th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.  Afterwards, I watched new episodes of Downton Abbey and Sherlock.

Jan 20th, after a much needed pedicure, I watched the season finale of “Sleepy Hollow”.

Jan 21st, due to the inclement weather, our monthly BFP A&C committee meeting was turned into a productive conference call.

Jan 22nd, I volunteered at the WCW office and assisted with computer work.

Jan 24th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

Jan 25th, I hosted a small gathering at my humble abode and invited some friends [ie: Chelle, Laura and Mary] over for good food, wine, and fun conversations on diverse topics.

Jan 26th, I joined others from the NYC Friends of Tolkien group for several hours at Stone Creek lounge to celebrate the Professors 121st birthday.  We all had a good time with fun conversations, food and drink.

Jan 27th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

Jan 31st, I attended a Brooklyn for Peace event at WORD bookstore, which is being hosted by the A&C committee I belong to.  The event is about the book “The Invention of the White Race” with Jeffrey Perry on Theodore Allen’s classic book about the creation of a “white race” in America.  Refreshments for the event were donated by The Garden and attendance was 50+.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


The 10 Obama Policies and Failures that Make Us Angriest
AlterNet Editorial Staff
Obama's sweet talk has begun to turn sour—he has a long pattern of soaring rhetoric and empty promises followed by some fundamental failures to deliver.  It is the lack of action, the hypocrisy, the talking the talk without walking the walk, that have made many progressives and liberals frustrated and angry.

America’s Biggest Crises are Rooted in the Fact That the Economy is Rigged for the Wealthiest
Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, AlterNet

Matthew Rothschild: Rest in Peace Pete Seeger, A True Progressive Hero

Tim Koechlin: Our 'Winner Take All' Economy Is Destroying Us

Bill Moyers on the Dark Money Assault on Democracy and How Racism Still Drives Our Politics
Democracy Now

Harvey Wasserman: So Long, Pete & Toshi Seeger, It’s Been Amazingly Great to Know You

Pete Seeger (1919-2014): Peace Activist and Folk Legend Has Died

Pipeline Protesters Urge Obama: 'Be A Climate Champion'

State of the Union: Obama’s Underwhelming Plan to Tackle Inequality
Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 26, 2014
 Carole Opening the Event
 Timdalf Talking about Mythmoot and Mythcon
 Moi with my Boromir Action Figure
 Mary Proudly Shows off Her 1979 Special HOBBIT Book

Monday, January 13, 2014

Afternoon Tea with my
buddy Sage - Gail's lil doggie
[Jan 5, 2014]
Gail and I had afternoon tea
and exchanged gifts while Sage looked on

January 4th Sunset
Northern Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Museum invited Brooklyn For Peace [BFP] to present a perspective --- a discussion on our organization's view of war, relating it to the museum's current exhibition, War/Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and its Aftermath.

Using poetry, spoken word, music, video and slides, the presentation was attended by a room full of museum goers, many of whom were new to the BFP organization.  Touching on War At Home, War Abroad and War on the Planet, the conversation touched on questions of lopsided spending priorities in Washington that overwhelmingly favor the Pentagon over human needs. A fact-filled discussion on the new face of robotized warfare through the use of drones was presented as well as a section on the effects of war in the destruction of the planet's environment. The audience was invited to participate in all the discussions.  It was an impressive production and the BFP "performers" pledged to carry the show to other venues in the months ahead.

The museum's War Photography exhibit runs through February 2, 2014. It's highly recommended.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Dec 2nd I had an appt with Dr Tan at 4pm and in the evening attended private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

Dec 3rd, after work I volunteered to assist with the yearly BFP fundraising phone-a-thon.

Dec 5th, I attended the monthly TGTSNBN meetup at Simple Studios.  It was great seeing friends and acquaintances who love HP.  This meetup was geared towards decorating holiday cookies with an HP theme.  It was a lot of fun  J

Dec 6th, I along with other EA’s had to take the first 3 of 5 exams today at work.  What a nerve racking nightmare that was and my health suffered due to it.  Despite that, I think I passed 1 of the 3 exams, which means I’ll have to take two of the exams again in March 2014.  UGH!  I thoroughly loath testing!  That evening I attended my private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

Dec 7th, I finished decorating my apartment for the holiday season and my tree looks lovely.  I then participated in the BFP fundraising phone-a-thon and afterwards I did some holiday gift shopping at B&N, as well as Trader Joe’s.

Dec 8th, I attended an enjoyable friends annual holiday party at a delightful Cuban restaurant in LIC.  It was like a mini-NYDoP reunion … we had many laughs, caught up on news, eat good food, etc.

Evening of Monday, Dec 9th, the NYC Area Friends of JRR Tolkien and Fantasy” Meetup group was at the AMC Empire 25 on 42nd Street for a special exclusive screening of "The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug".  This is part two of Peter Jackson's new "Hobbit" trilogy.  [We saw the film at IMAX in 3D, so that explains the special glasses we wore.] What a roller coaster ride of a film! Excellent! My only real gripe was too many Orcs. I sat with Wendy, Margaret and Pauline.  It was great chillin with everyone and seeing others from our meetup group.

Dec 10th, I attended the monthly BFP Fundraising / PF committee meeting, which was very productive.

Dec 11th, I facilitated a conference call with several members [ie: Matt, Charlotte, Tom, Melissa and Gary] of BFP.  We are creating a 1.5 hour presentation for Brooklyn Museum in early January dealing with war, photography and the aftermath.  It was an informative and productive call  J

Dec 12th, I participated in the BFP annual fundraising phone-a-thon after work.

Dec 13th, I attended private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

Dec 14th, I joined my friend Jackie for movies and dinner while it snowed throughout the day.  We saw the film “The Desolation of Smaug”, then dined at Cosi and exchanged gifties.

Dec 16th, I attended private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva.

Dec 17th, I took the last two of the five exams in the afternoon, and I think I did pretty well.  After work I briefly attended the company holiday party at the Marriott before heading home.

Dec 18th, I facilitated a conference call with several members [ie: Matt, Charlotte, Tom, Melissa and Gary] of BFP regarding a Brooklyn Museum event we are participating in.

Dec 19th, I participated in the monthly BFP A&C committee conference call, and we got quite abit accomplished.

Dec 20th, I attended the annual BFP holiday gathering at Martha and Gary’s home in Park Slope … a great time was had by everyone.  We enjoyed lots of good food, drink and interesting, diverse conversations.  Earlier in the day I learned I passed 4 of the 5 exams at work.  I was quite relieved about that and will have to retake the 5th one in March 2014, so as to obtain my certificate.

Dec 21st, I had a much needed chiropractor appt for my neck/back.  Later on I headed into Manhattan to meet up with Wendy and Deborah to see “Desolation of Smaug” in the cinema.  Afterwards we took a taxi down to Chelsea for a delicious meal at an Italian place on 9th Avenue.

Dec 22nd, I had a much needed acupuncture appt, and then in the evening a private yoga class with Fabrice.  I gave his six month old kitten Shiva some catnip toys for Xmas.  Shiva went bonkers over them  J

Dec 23rd to 25th, I headed upstate NY to spend time with the parents, my brother and sister-in-law for the holidays.  While up there I came down with a lung infection and had to take the 26th off from work.

Dec 27th, I facilitated a conference call with several members [ie: Matt, Charlotte, Tom, Connie and Gary] of BFP regarding a Brooklyn Museum event we are participating in.

Dec 27th to 30th, my friend Cindy came in from Ohio for a brief visit before heading off Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England.  We had a very nice time together despite us both being abit under the weather with health issues.

Dec 30th, I attended private yoga class with Fabrice and Shiva in the evening after work.