Friday, March 17, 2017

POLITICAL NOTE: The ravages to our beloved country are like a terminal cancer and this one runs deep. Sadly, it has been building for decades. It's not just the current POTUS and his evil cabinet; but all the others who cater to the 1%, corporations, military etc. There really is hope, stop blaming others and lets get things done. "We The People" need to come together and not be divided. "They" hate a united, educated, questioning people and will continue the "smoke and mirrors" BS to divide us. Don't let them divert you. Stay focused and strong! {{P.S. There are those who will disagree with me or spew hate. Don't give in to hate or to "them". Unite with us in love, peace, compassion, empathy, helping humanity and our beloved country ... our beloved planet. Rise and be one!!}}

Thursday, March 16, 2017

 NY Botanical Garden
Orchid Show
February 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

 March 14th Blizzard
Downgraded to Wintery Mix
[2:30am window view on top]
[7am window view on bottom]

Saturday, March 11, 2017

March Photo Challenge - "The Art Around You"

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

March 2017 Photo Challenge
"The Art Around You"
[Different Views Around NYC]

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Feb 1st, I had a dental appt at NYU College of Dentistry.  Molds of teeth and spaces taken for permanent crowns and partials.

Feb 2nd, after a much-needed manicure / pedicure, I dashed off to the monthly BFP board meeting.

Feb 3rd, I visited an ex co-worker at my old job.  We caught up on news and she helped me print out updates of my resume.  Then off to an interview with PBH for EA position with CFO.  Afterwards, I headed back to my hood for a much-needed chiropractor appt, and then watched another exciting episode of Sleepy Hollow on TV.

Feb 5th, I had a private yoga class at apt with Fabrice.  Later on, I watched the Mary Tyler Moore tv show marathon on Decades channel.  Brought back memories of my teenage years.

Feb 8th, I had an interview with another employment agency that went well.  Afterwards a late lunch and then visit with a friend at my old job.  Then downtown to stroll around Madison Square Park and the Grammercy Park areas to check out, and photog, fascinating old architecturally interesting buildings.

Feb 9th, snowstorm came through the NYC area and dropped 7 inches of the white stuff  J

Feb 10th, I had an interview with another employment agency that went well.  Afterwards, I headed down the Union Square area and the Halloween costume shop to visit with my friend Wendy.  Then strolled over to the Peacefood Café on 11th Street and University Place for a delicious late lunch.  In the evening, I watched a new episode of Sleepy Hollow on the telly.

Feb 11th, attended the BFP free Teach-In regarding “The People or Trump” at St Joseph’s College in Brooklyn.  The event was insightful, fascinating and informative.  Some of the speakers on the panels was William Hartung, Leslie Cagan, Karen Yau and Shatia Strother.  Afterwards, I headed up to Central Park to meet up with a friend and view part of the Ice Sculpture event.  We went to Nanoosh for a delicious dinner after the Central Park event.

Feb 12th, after my private yoga class at apt with Fabrice, I headed into Manhattan to volunteer at MTC were the wonderful August Wilson play, Jitney, was playing.  Afterwards, I headed down to the Union Square area with my friends Wendy and Deborah for a delicious dinner at Peacefoods Café.  Good food and diverse conversations.  Picked up some groceries at Wholefood’s before heading home.

Feb 13th, started a temp job with my old firm down in the Wall Street area and it feels good to be working once more.

Feb 16th, I had a physical therapy session after work for ankle/foot treatment.

Feb 17th, I finished my first week at temp assignment at my old firm.  Still don’t have a company laptop, security ID card or phone extension, but the temp agency timesheet works and that is a good thing.  Pay day once a week … I like that J

Feb 18th, after my cleaning lady [Dana] finished with my apt, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice, and then picked up an item I had framed.  It looks lovely on the wall in my living room.  That evening I joined other friends and acquaintances at a friend’s birthday dinner in Manhattan.  We had a great time at the Latitude bar and grill on 8th Avenue.

Feb 19th, I joined my friend Debbie in heading up to the NY botanical gardens in the Bronx for the wonderful Orchid Show.  Another lovely, sunny day that felt like spring and the gardens, plus the show, were busy with attendees.  Back in the city we taxied down to the Union Square area for an early dinner at Peacefood Café.  Delicious food!

Feb 20th, after work I got a much-needed manicure J

Feb 22nd, after work I attended a teach-in at “61 Local” called “Resisting the Trump Agenda”.  It was well attended by the community, plus students from Brooklyn College.  Learned about and will join that organization.  Before heading to the teach-in, I stopped by B&N to pick up the Maya Angelou book called “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”.

Feb 23rd, after work I jumped on the productive monthly BFP Fundraising committee meeting and conference call.

Feb 24th, my second week of temp duty at my old firm is done.  It was a busy productive week.  Watched another great episode on the telly of my beloved “Sleepy Hollow”.

Feb 26th, I joined my friend Wendy in the afternoon to see the Oscar nominated film LION at the cinema.  It is an excellent film and I highly recommend it.  Afterwards, we took a taxi to PeaceFood café for a delicious dinner and diverse conversation.

Feb 28th, I participated in the monthly Peace Action conference call after work regarding the DT regime in DC.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Oscar Best Picture Winners – Since 1990 - I've seen 10 of them

Dances with Wolves - 1990
Silence of the Lambs – 1991
Unforgiven - 1992
Schindler’s List - 1993
Forrest Gump – 1994
Braveheart – 1995
The English Patient – 1996
Titanic – 1997
Shakespeare in Love – 1998
American Beauty - 1999
Gladiator – 2000
A Beautiful Mind – 2001
Chicago – 2002
Return of the King – 2003
Million Dollar Baby - 2004
Crash - 2005
The Departed – 2006
No Country for Old Men – 2007
Slumdog Millionaire – 2008
The Hurt Locker - 2009
The King’s Speech – 2010
The Artist - 2011
Argo – 2012
12 Years a Slave – 2013
Birdman – 2014
Spotlight – 2015
Moonlight - 2016

Sunday, February 19, 2017

 Different Views at the
NY Botanical Gardens
and Orchid Show
Feb 19th

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

 January 31st Snowfall
Brooklyn NY
 Park Avenue and 24th Street
 Latest Abstract Watercolor
Painting by Moi
Experimenting with Funky
Cellphone Camera Features

Viewed at NY Public Library
January 2017

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jan 1st, I went a got a much-needed manicure and pedicure to start off my new year.

Jan 2nd, my friend Gail, and her doggie Sage, came over for early “tea time”, and we exchanged gifties.  Lovely visit and chatted about many things.  Afterwards, I had to head into Manhattan, and the office, as I forgot to submit my time sheet.  Then I went shopping to Lord & Taylor with my last gift card.  Got 50% off my purchase.

Jan 3rd, had to go into the office, as it was my last day at the firm.  After 16 years, I turned in my laptop, security badge and filled out the necessary paperwork for closure.  Said my goodbyes to co-workers and then headed to the upper eastside to enjoy a leisurely afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The museum was crowded with mostly tourists, but that didn’t stop me in enjoying several exhibits.  Such as the annual Neapolitan Baroque crèche with Christmas tree, early Islamic world armor, Cypriot art, European paintings, furniture of the gilded age, photography of Auguste Salzmann, Shaker furniture and Fragonard drawings.  Took a break halfway through to enjoy a nice, tasty lunch at the Petrie Court café.  Then headed downtown to Stone Creek lounge for the annual birthday gathering celebrations for Tolkien.  There was a nice turnout as we ate, drank, chatted on assorted topics and watched a documentary on Tolkien / LOTRs.
Jan 4th, I originally had three appts today for health-related issues.  Had to cancel the last one, as the 2nd one took 4 grueling hours to complete.  Started off with a follow-up appt with my foot doctor regarding my ankle and foot.  The second was the final phase of prep work before the 8 permanent crowns are input, as well as the partials.  After 4 hours, my lips were swollen and gums in discomfort.  I went home and collapsed out of exhaustion.  Slept that night for 10 hours straight and felt better the next day.

Jan 6th, I had a much-needed chiropractor appt in the morning.  Afterwards I head to T-Mobile store to purchase a Hotspot device, so I will have Wi-Fi access where ever I am at. 

Jan 7th, I attended the annual BFP holiday party in the evening, and it was held this year at The Commons on Atlantic Avenue.  I made my delicious Rumballs for dessert and hardly any were left at the end of an enjoyable evening.  Despite the snowstorm that day, it was a good turnout for the annual party.

Jan 8th, I joined my friend Dennis in lower Manhattan, and we visited the wonderful Museum of the American Indian.  The admission is free and we took the gallery tour.  Afterwards, we walked down Stone Street to Smorgas Chef restaurant for a tasty, leisurely brunch.  In the early evening, I had a private yoga class at the apt with Fabrice, and then watched “Sherlock” on PBS.

Jan 9th, I had a physical therapy appt at noon time in lower Manhattan for issues with my ankle and foot.  On the way, back to my hood, I had a tasty lunch at The Jungle Café.  Regarding the job hunting front, I received a phone call about a 3rd interview with a bank set for the 17th.

Jan 11th, after a morning of trolling the internet and applying for job openings, I headed into Manhattan for an afternoon of leisure.  I took a free guided tour at the NY Public Library on 5th Avenue and 42nd Street, plus a video screening of what the library has to offer.  Building is gorgeous and the tour was informative.  Afterwards I headed uptown to Rockefeller Center to see St Patrick’s cathedral on 5th Avenue.  It looks stunning since they finished the renovations and took away the scaffolding inside and out.

Jan 13th, after my chiropractor appt in the morning, I headed into Manhattan for an appt with a temp / perm agency.  That meeting went well and hope to have a few job interviews lined.  Stopped down to the Halloween shop in Union Square to visit with my friend Wendy.  That evening watched a terrific episode #2 of Sleepy Hollow on tv.

Jan 14th, after cleaning lady finished with my apt, I took care of chores / errands and then went to B&N to purchase season three of Sleepy Hollow on DVD.  Then back to my hood to get a much-needed manicure.

Jan 15th, hung out with some friends at a birthday dinner party off of Union Square.   Good food, laughs and diverse conversation at the Saigon Market restaurant.

Jan 16th, after my physical therapy session for ankle/foot, I headed uptown to Times Square and my old office.  A friend of mine my old office helped me with printing out copies of my resume on good paper, plus sending out items to a few friends via FedEx.

Jan 17th, I did job hunting on the internet in the morning.  Then 3rd interview with bank in the afternoon and followed by private yoga class at apt with Fabrice.

Jan 18th, more final phase prep work before the 8 permanent crowns are input, as well as the partials.  After 3 hours, my upper lip was abit swollen and gums in discomfort.  Afterwards, I headed down to Union Square to meet up with an acquaintance to pass along the four knitted Pussy Power hats for her to take to the DC Women’s March on Saturday.

Jan 19th, I headed into Manhattan to visit the Museum of Natural History on upper Westside.  While there I took a free-guided tour with Art at 3:15pm.  I was the only one taking the tour, so it was nice of Art to tailor it to my likes.  Afterwards I had an early dinner at Nanoosh on Broadway before heading to the anti-Trump rally / march on Central Park West.

Jan 20th, I headed into Manhattan to take the fascinating free-guided tour of Grand Central Station and surrounding area.  There was 30+ of us on the tour and our guides name was Mattie.  Afterwards I had a late lunch near Times Square and then checked out the Pierpont Morgan library / museum on Madison Avenue.  Nice gift shop and had a tasty hot cup of tea in their café before heading home.  Watch episode 3 from season four of Sleepy Hollow that evening.

Jan 21st, what a day!  The Women’s March in NYC was inspiring and awesome.  At least 250,000 people converged on NYC for this march, and one hears that 500,000 were in DC.  Plus, thousands upon thousands in other cities in the US and around the world.  WooHoo!

Jan 22nd, I had a private yoga class in the morning with Fabrice, and did chores / errands throughout the rest of the day.

Jan 23rd, I had two phone calls in the morning with agencies about being sent out on permanent job interviews.  In the afternoon, I had a Skype interview that went well.

Jan 24th, after job hunting and a few phones during the day, I headed into Manhattan and my old job.  A friend who works there printed out newly updated resumes for me and we talked about the firm.  Afterwards, I headed to the NY public library on 5th Avenue to learn about free lectures / classes.

Jan 25th, meeting with a new job agency in the morning, followed by physical therapy session and then to the upper Westside for lunch at Nanoosh.

Jan 26th, my 2016 taxes are done and submitted.  WooHoo!

Jan 28th, I visited the Museum of the City of New York in the afternoon and viewed many of its interesting, informative exhibits.

Jan 29th, after a private yoga class with Fabrice, I joined some friends in going to the movies to see an excellent film called “Hidden Figures”.  This is based on a true story from 1961.  I highly recommend seeing this film.  Afterwards, we had dinner at the Starlight diner off of 9th Avenue.

Jan 30th, I had a physical therapy session for my ankle/foot at noon time.  Plus, a few phone call interviews regarding possible EA positions with two firms.

Jan 31st, with two incoming phone calls, it was confirmed that I’d be handling 2.5 months of temp work for tax season with my old job.  Will start at the location next week.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

 Museum of the City of NY
Saturday, January 28th

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March
NYC on January 21st
with other Pussy Power hat supporters

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

 End of the 7 Subway Line
34th Street - Hudson Yard
[Not so crowded on MLK Day]

Thursday, January 12, 2017

 Visited the Renovated
St Patrick's Cathedral
on January 11th

 Took a Free Guided Tour of the
New York Public Library
on 5th Avenue on January 11th

 Visited Museum of the American Indian
on Sunday, January 8th, with a Friend

 First Official 2017 Snowfall in NYC
January 6th and 7th

 Visited Metropolitan Museum of Art
on Tuesday, January 3rd

Friday, December 30, 2016

Dec 1st, I had my first job interview outside the firm, since learning many of us BSC EA’s were being laid off on January 3rd.

Dec 2nd, had a physical therapy appt regarding my ankle and foot.  Also chat with firm’s HR department and I have an internal interview on Dec 6th for a transitioning position.

Dec 3rd, I joined up with my friend Dennis in attending the WestPoint annual holiday show, which was enjoyable, on a chilly day.  Afterwards we traveled to Sugar Loaf, NY near Warwick and Chester to do some holiday shopping at their wonderful arts and craft shops.  A delicious dinner at Yo-Sushi, followed by shopping at Woodbury Commons.

Dec 4th, after attending to chores and errands, plus decorating my Xmas tree, I got a much needed manicure in my hood.

Dec 6th, had a friend in the firms IT department upgrade my new laptop, plus had a job interview for a position within the firm.

Dec 7th, I had another dental appt at NYU School of Dentistry for the last of the permanent crown “prep work”.

Dec 10th, I joined friends and acquaintances with NYC TGTSNBN for the annual ice skating meetup at Bryant Park in the afternoon.  We had a lot of fun despite the cold weather and crowds of people at the Winter Village booths.

Dec 11th, I had a private yoga class at my apt with Fabrice.  After taking care of many chores and errands, I joined some friends [ie: Wendy, Debbie and Margaret] to see the film “Fantastic Beasts”.  Afterwards we went out to a diner for a meal and catch up on news.

Dec 12th, I had an appt with my foot doctor in the afternoon.  Concern over my ankle and it is not improving with physical therapy.  Have to go back in a week for a Cortisone shot in ankle to help the situation  L

Dec 13th, had an interesting job interview for EA position with REV 21 Media in the morning at a coffee shop on upper Eastside of Manhattan.  Plus, I had an interview over the phone with a digital tech company [ie: Intellect Design] from Jersey City.

Dec 14th, I had an appt with a temp/perm agency at lunch time, and was referred to them from a friend of mine.  The discussion during the appt went very well.

Dec 15th, I had a physical therapy appt regarding my ankle and foot.  In the evening, I attended a BFP forum at The Commons regarding the next four years under Trump and what we as citizens can do to be pro-active.

Dec 17th, after Dana cleaned my apt, I had to take care of many chores and appts.

Dec 18th, I had a private yoga class at my apt with Fabrice.  Afterwards, I had a much needed manicure, and then my dinner party from 3pm to 9:30pm with friends.  We all had a delightful time, enjoyed good food and fun diverse conversations.

Dec 19th, I had an appt with my foot doctor at 9am, for a minor procedure to my ankle.  Then a phone interview at 2pm for an EA position with a bank.  The phone interview went well.

Dec 20th, I had an in-person interview out at Jersey City for a temp position with a large corporation.  The interview went well and I contacted my agency about it.

Dec 21st and 22nd, I have been assigned to the firm’s downtown office, near Wall Street, to cover for a co-worker who is on medical leave.

Dec 22nd, I had a physical therapy appt regarding my ankle and foot after work.

Dec 23rd to 26th, I visited with the parents in upstate NY for the holiday weekend.  Friday evening had to go to ER in VT, as there was blood in my urine, and found out I had UTI.  Received meds and headed back to the parent’s house.  Holiday brunch outing next day with the parents and friends.  On Xmas Day I took the parents out for Chinese dinner.  Rest of the time was spent taking care of things around their house and watching movies or the Food Network.  Traveling back to NYC was unpleasant.

Dec 28th, I had a good second interview with M&T Bank for two possible positions.

Dec 28th to 30th, I have been assigned to the firm’s downtown office, near Wall Street, to cover for a co-worker who is out on medical leave.

Dec 29th, I had lunch with a co-worker at Taste of Tokyo off of William Street.  After work I had a physical therapy appt for my ankle.

Dec 30th, this is my last day with EY and moving on to hopefully greener pastures.

Dec 31st, I had a private yoga class at my apt with Fabrice.

2017 better be a helluva lot better than 2016!!!

Monday, December 19, 2016

 First Official
Snowfall in NYC
Saturday, Dec 17 2016

Xmas Tree
Dinner Party Nibblers
for Guests
[Sunday, Dec 18th]

Monday, December 05, 2016

 Holiday Decorations
around my Apartment

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 3rd, I participated in the interesting and informative monthly BFP board meeting via conference call.

November 4th, after work I did some volunteer assistance at the WCW office.

November 5th, I attended an anti-war rally at Borough Hall.  Rally and marching with Raging Grannies, Veterans for Peace, World Can’t Wait and other dedicated activists.  Afterwards I took care of chores and errands before meeting up with my friend TJ to see the terrific film “Doctor Strange”.  Highly recommend seeing the film.

November 6th, I had a private yoga class at my apt with Fabrice.  Afterwards, while doing chores, I watched the NYC marathon pass through my hood, and then go get a much needed manicure.  Rest of the day I worked on crocheting a baby blanket for a co-worker.

November 8th, I got on line to vote around 8:30am and the whole waiting / voting process in my hood took about 45 minutes.  Lots of voting poll volunteers to move things along at a good pace.

November 9th, I had another dental appt at NYU School of Dentistry after work, plus learned at work that the BSC unit I belong to will be disbanded at the end of December.  UGH!!  First time job hunting in about 17 years.  This is not amusing  L

November 10th, I attended a fun baby shower for an office co-worker.  I had crocheted a white / blue baby blanket, which she loved.

November 11th, after work I joined my friends Pete and Nadine for a delicious dinner at Candle West Café on the upper Westside of Manhattan.  Conversation centered on assorted topics, but mostly regarding the disastrous election.

November 12th, I had a private yoga class at my apt with Fabrice.  Later on I joined friends and acquaintances at Carnegie Hall for the LUMOS charity event; hosted by JK Rowling and Eddie Redmayne.  We also got to view the wonderful new film “Fantastic Beasts”.  Afterwards about 15 of us went out to dinner at Applejack Diner on Broadway.

November 13th, attended the first “Game of Thrones” reading day at Simple Studios.  Afterwards about five of us went out to dinner at SongKran [Thai].  Again the topic of conversation was mostly about the recent disastrous election.

November 14th, had a foot doctor appt regarding the situation with toe fungus and ankle issues.

November 17th, I took off as a Personal Day, so I could devote it to the annual BFP “Pathmakers to Peace” event at the Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights.  Assisted with the setup of the hall, made sure the catering and liquor was delivered, assist with sound setup and finally assisted with tending the open bar.  Great evening and the four speakers were wonderful, plus we had about 160+ guests.

November 18th, I had a private yoga class at my apt with Fabrice in the evening.

November 19th, after Dana cleaned my apt in the morning, I jumped into car service and headed to GCS.  Took the train up to the NY Botanical Gardens in the Bronx and met up with my friend Dennis.  Weather was a perfect autumn day and lovely sunshine.  We took the tram ride and got off near the conifers to leisurely stroll around to do some photography.  We also checked out the Maple trees and the rose garden before getting back on the tram.  We had some hot tea before strolling to the conservatory to view the wonderful, annual holiday train show.  From there we drove to Nyack, NY to have a delicious dinner at a Thai restaurant.  Dennis drove me to the train, which I took back to NYC.

November 20th, I met up with friends in the afternoon to see the film “Doctor Strange”.  My second time in seeing the film and I still highly recommend it.  Afterwards I headed down to B&N in Union Square to purchase a book / DVDs with gift cards.  Then back to my neighborhood to get a much needed manicure and finally abit of grocery shopping at The Garden.

November 21st, I had another dental appt at NYU School of Dentistry.  The prep work for the 8 temporary crowns to permanent crowns is close to completion.  Still have the partials to do.

November 22nd, I had a physical therapy session for my left foot and ankle.  Plus, I got a call from a “would-be employer” about a job opening in downtown Manhattan.  Sweet!  The interview is for next week.

November 24th, this is my 10th year in volunteering on Thanksgiving Day with Project Find.  Helping them and home bound seniors is the best way to spend turkey day.  Giving back to the community … amen!

November 25th to 27th, I visited the parents in upstate NY for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

November 28th, I had a private yoga class at my apt with Fabrice.

November 29th, I had an appt with the World Trade Center clinic over at Bellevue Hospital about further results on blood tests.  I still have to give three sputum tests and then that is it.  From there the doctors can determine what meds I’ll need to help my lung / bronchial situation.

November 30th, I had another dental appt at NYU School of Dentistry.  The prep work for the 8 temporary crowns to permanent crowns is close to completion.  Still have the partials to do and that’ll be done in January.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

TAKE THE PLEDGE TO HOLD THE NEXT PRESIDENT ACCOUNTABLE TO PEACE ... Now that the voting is over, I pledge to continue organizing for peace. I know that voting alone cannot and will not end American's perpetual wars, so I am recommitting myself to nonviolent direct action and movement building. I will protest, vigil, lobby, sit-in, and take creative action to dismantle the war machine and build a culture of peace with racial, economic and social justice that redirects the billions spent by the Pentagon to fund crucial programs for our people, our communities and our planet. Join me in signing today at the link below or above ...

Monday, November 21, 2016

 NY Botanical Gardens
Saturday, November 19th
[Gorgeous Autumn Day]