Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Make it in America: How We Can Bring Manufacturing Back (No, Really)
Joshua Holland, AlterNet
Bringing manufacturing back to our shores is good policy wedded to great politics. So why aren’t we talking about it?

Schools Nationwide Cutting Down to 4 Days a Week, Because Wealthy Refuse to Pay Fair Share
Sarah Seltzer, AlterNet
The GOP’s anti-tax attitude and budget cuts mean some states are closing schools on Fridays, leaving parents, workers and students in the lurch.

8 Ways Conservatives Abuse History and the Truth
Zachary Newkirk, The Nation
The conservative movement is powered by selective memory and convenient history revision.

Bernie Sanders: “Guess Which 10 Companies Aren’t Paying Their Share”
Daily Kos / By the Child
Bernie Sanders on the Ten Worst Corporate Tax Avoiders: It’s time for them to pay up and share the sacrifice.

Nurses Take on Wall Street and the Politicians Who Pander to Corporations
Sarah Jaffe, AlterNet

How Corporate and Political Forces Have Almost Neutralized all Avenues of Resistance in US Culture
Chris Hedges, Truthdig

Ex-Bush Official Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: “I am willing to testify” if Dick Cheney is Put on Trial

It's Official: Obama Not Serious About Economic Recovery

Message to Washington: 'Put America Back To Work'

The 10 States with the Worst Economies in America
Joshua Holland, AlterNet
The global economic crash hurt everyone, but not equally; here are the states that are feeling the greatest economic pain.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WEEKEND IN THE CATSKILLS with friends [August 19-21]

[Hanging out at Lake Minnewaska with Peter, Nadine and Sparky]

Monday, August 22, 2011


Chomsky: Public Education Under Massive Corporate Assault – What’s Next?

Obama’s Passive Conservatism is Making a Lot of People Angry
Clancy Sigal, Comment is Free
In many ways, Obama’s contribution to the left has been to weaken it. Should progressives go elsewhere?

Stop Sacrificing US Soldiers for Afghan Debacle
Medea Benjamin, AlterNet

Ex-Obama Economist Warns of New US Recession

Debt, Debt, Debt: 90% of Americans Experience Income Decline as Wealth Gets Sucked Back into Top .1% - Debt Explodes as We Try to Make Ends Meet
David DeGraw, Amped Status

Can You Hear Us Now? Striking Verizon Workers Rally for Good Jobs and Fair Contracts in New York City
Rae Gomes, AlterNet

Wisconsin: Dems Fight Off Recall, Hold onto Seats

How Wealthy CEOs are Screwing Themselves Over by Squeezing Their Workers
Robert Reich, Robert Reich’s Blog
We’re slouching toward a double dip, and the stock market is imploding, because consumers, whose spending is 70 percent of the economy, have reached their limit.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Bonnie, Becca and Margaret with the barkeeper at The Blue Boar

Margaret and I take a camel ride

Scenes from the Ren Faire


Congress’ 14% Approval Rating, Breaking New Ground in Unpopularity

Our Commando War in 120 Countries: Uncovering the Military’s Secret Operations in the Obama Era
Nick Turse, TomDispatch

Mortgage Company Bailed Out by Taxpayers is Caught Forging Documents to Foreclose on Them
Paul Kiel, ProPublica

Sarah Churchwell: The Willful Ignorance That Has Dragged the US to the Brink

Linda McQuaig: Tycoons Laughing All the Way to the Bank

Tom Engelhardt: Lowering America’s War Ceiling?

John Feffer: Debt and Empire

Amy Goodman: War, Debt and the President

In Coverage of Extreme Weather, Media Downplay Climate Change

Economic Development Leaving Millions Behind

Friday, August 12, 2011


Thursday, August 04, 2011

July 1st to 4th, I visited the family in upstate NY for a nice, relaxing holiday weekend. Got to watch the following films on Cable TV ... Beetlejuice, King Kong [1933 version], Titanic and Chaplin’s City Lights.

Wednesday, July 6th, I attended a “Democracy for America” meeting at Kettle of Fish in Greenwich Village. I haven’t been to one of these meetings in a few years, and it’s time to get back into the groove.

Thursday, July 7th, I attended the monthly “Brooklyn for Peace” board meeting, and plan on doing this more often going forward.

On Saturday, July 9th, after a much needed massage therapy in my hood, plus taking care of many errands and chores; I headed into the city to volunteer with City Harvest. We were working the Union Square farmers market and one of the other volunteers is an acquaintance of mine [ie: Linda G].

Tuesday, July 12th, I picked up the fifth book of the “Fire and Ice” series by GRR.Martin called “A Dance with Dragons”. That evening I attended the City Harvest event for the volunteers at Heartland Brewery.

Wednesday evening, July 13th, I attended the BFP Peace Fair committee meeting at Charlotte’s home. I chaired the meeting, plus took the minutes, and brought printouts of meeting materials.

Thursday, July 14th, I left work abit early with a “white lie” about a doctor appt. I headed down to B&N in Union Square for the G.R.R.Martin “talk & book signing” event. Got there around 5:20pm and the seating area was already packed, and I had to wait on a long line that circled around the bookshelves. Whoa! But at least I was on the same floor as the event and could see the stage area. By the time G.R.R.Martin showed up at 6:50pm to do the talk, there was 800+ fans spread out between two floors. While waiting for Mr. Martin to arrive, I chatted with other fans on line about the “Game of Thrones” series and the new book “A Dance with Dragons”. Mr. Martin talked for about 30 minutes and during that time he answered questions from the audience. Got my book signed and headed out of B&N at 9:30pm.

On Friday, July 15th, my friend Margaret joined me and members of TGTSNBN for the 7pm showing of “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt 2” at the Ziegfeld cinema. Afterwards, we all walked down to Times Square subway hub to do a photo shoot with HP7 posters. [Photos below] Then the group split up and went separate ways. Margaret and I went to Ruby Tuesdays in Times Square for a late dinner.

On Saturday afternoon, July 16th, I volunteered with WCW at Union Square to assist with getting the word out on Bradley Manning, and photog it all. I also chatted with an artist [Joseph Devlin - photo below] who was displaying and selling his artwork next to WCW tabling. Really cool guy whose work was intriguing and I purchased one of his pieces.

Sunday afternoon, July 17th, my friend Margaret joined me again in seeing HP7 at the cinema. It is even better the second time around.

Wednesday evening, July 20th, I joined my friends [ie: Margaret, Donna and Dennis] in seeing U2 out at the Meadowlands Stadium. U2 put on an outstanding 2 ½ hour concert both visually and musically. The warm up band, Interpol, was lukewarm and not at all impressive. Got home around 2am, whew, long day!

Thursday, July 21st, did volunteer work at the WCW national office, and assisted with their database.

Friday evening, July 22nd, I was invited to dine at Kim Grover’s home in the funky East Village. She prepared a totally vegan meal and I brought my homemade vegan lemon cookies for dessert. Kim and I were classmates during our Pound Ridge years.

July 23rd & 24th, I spent most of the weekend indoors with the a/c going full blast as the heat wave continued. Did attempt some errands, shopping, and manicure and attended a “NYC Tolkien” event in Manhattan.

Monday evening, July 25th, I volunteered at the WCW national office, and assisted with their database.

Friday, July 29th, had an appt with my chiropractor and finished book five of the “Song of Fire & Ice” series by GRR Martin.

Sunday, July 31st, I headed into Manhattan during the afternoon, and took a nice leisurely stroll along The High Line on the Westside. [ ] I heard about this via some friends of mine who’ve raved about it. Afterwards I took a bus to the Eastside of 14th Street, and checked out Gothic Renaissance, plus the Halloween shop next door.