Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 1st, I had an interview with Morgan Stanley for an EA position that is temp-to-hire.  Interview went well.  Afterwards I headed to my old office in Times Square to meet up with a friend and ex-coworker.  We caught up on news and she printed up the latest version of my resume.  Back at the apt I went online to do job hunting and in the afternoon had an interview / call with a new agency.

May 2nd, I had an interview / meeting with another agency early in the afternoon.  Afterwards, I headed over to the WCW headquarters to do some volunteering with office projects.  Also, learned I have a second in-person interview with Morgan Stanley on the 8th.  And wrapped up the day with a message from a good friend that an ex-boyfriend from the 1990s passed away this morning from pneumonia.

May 3rd, I had a private yoga class this morning with Fabrice at the apt.  Afterwards, I did more job hunting online and also applied for unemployment.

May 4th, joined my peace activist friend, Liz Gannon, and her friends in Bryant Park this afternoon for tea, goodies, networking and conversation.  Later on, I attended the monthly BFP board meeting.

May 5th, I had a much-needed foot doctor appt in the morning and dealing with fungus on three of my toes. Afterwards, I had tea and oatmeal at a café before heading uptown to do volunteer work with WCW.  Weather is raining heavily, windy and cool.

May 6th, after my cleaning lady, Dana, took care of my apt, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice.  Then took care of many errands and chores.

May 7th, I had friends over for a small, intimate dinner party.  I had a few delicious vegan entrees catered from The Jungle Café.  My friends brought over dessert, veggie salad and a tasty fruit salad.  Good time was had by all.

May 8th, I had a second interview with Morgan Stanley at a different location and it went very well.  Afterwards, I had a late lunch at Wasabi before heading back to Brooklyn for my lung doctor appt.

May 9th, after taking care of job hunting, errands, laundry, grocery shopping and chores I headed to the monthly BFP fundraising committee meeting.

May 10th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at my apt, and afterwards headed into Manhattan for GCS.  Took Metro North to the NY Botanical Gardens and met up with my friend Dennis.  Walked around the gardens for most of the afternoon, as well as see the wonderful Chihuly glass art exhibit.  Afterwards, we had dinner with a friend of ours in Yonkers.

May 11th, I had an interview with NY Life and it went very well.  Back at home worked on job hunting online, plus assorted BFP committee projects before heading into Manhattan for physical therapy appt.

May 13th, I had a much-needed chiropractor appt for adjustments / therapy.

May 14th, I had a much-needed manicure after doing some chores around the apt.

May 15th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at my apt, and afterwards headed into Manhattan for a dental appt.  Got four of the eight temporary crowns replaced with permanent ones.

May 16th, after job hunting online in the morning, I headed into Manhattan and the upper eastside to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Checked out several exhibits; especially the wonderful roof garden with its exhibit of sculptures and statues.  Afterwards, I headed downtown to my physical therapy session for my ankle / foot.

May 17th, I had a call with a new agency in the morning, and a job interview / call in the afternoon with a securities firm.  Both calls went very well.

May 18th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at my apt, and afterwards a call with another agency.  Missed a Skype interview for a job due to that software on my laptop not working.  I tried everything to get it to work and upset about missing out on an interview.  After that disaster, I headed into Manhattan to visit with ex-co-workers at my old job in Times Square.  Then strolled over to Bryant Park for tea, muffins and diverse conversation with friends.  That was very enjoyable!  In the evening, I participated in a webinar online on how to land a job.  Very informative.

May 20th, I had a much needed 30-minute massage therapy appt today, and thankful I have insurance to pay for it.

May 21st, it is street fair season in New York City and Brooklyn for Peace will be tabling at many of them. Volunteered with Brooklyn for Peace today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Park Slope on 5th Avenue. Many thanks to Molly, Sam, Charlotte, Melissa and Monroe.  Afterwards, I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 movie and enjoyed it a lot. Saw the movie with my friends Wendy, Deborah​​ and Margaret​​. Afterwards we had a wonderful meal at PeaceFood Cafe.

May 22nd, After I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at my apt, I headed into Manhattan for an appt with a new agency about a temp job downtown.  That interview with the agency went very well.  Then I headed over to the NY Public Library on 5th Avenue to check up on workshops and see two exhibits for free.

May 23rd, I visited with my good friend Katherine in CT for the afternoon.  We hadn’t seen each other in months, so had much to catch up on, plus I took her out for a belated birthday lunch.  We exchanged holiday gifties and did some shopping at a fabric store.

May 24th, I met up with another temp / permanent agency this morning and it went well.  Spent some time at Starbucks with a cup of tea and scone before heading downtown for my 3pm job interview.  That job interview for a temp position went very well  J

May 25th, I had a call with the Lucas Group agency this morning to prep for my interview in the afternoon.  That interview for a permanent EA position went very well.  Back in my hood I got a much-needed manicure before heading home.

May 26th, I headed into Manhattan in the morning for a second interview with a security firm near City Hall.  That interview went very well.  Afterwards, I headed home to do some shopping for the holiday weekend, and I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at my apt.

May 27th to May 30th, I spent the long holiday weekend in upstate NY with the parents.  Took them out to dinner and breakfast.  Friends of ours visited on Sunday.  Worked on an Excel spreadsheet with info on my assorted job hunting.  Did some shopping, watch cable TV and got my hair done at the salon.

May 31st, I had an appt with NY Dept of Labor in the morning for orientation and they provided resources for job hunting.  In the afternoon I had an appt with another agency regarding permanent work.

Friday, May 19, 2017

 Roof Garden Exhibit
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Tuesday, May 16th

Saturday, May 13, 2017

 NY Botanical Gardens
Flowers, Blossoms and Nature
Wednesday, May 10th

 NY Botanical Gardens
Wildlife on View
Wednesday, May 10th

 NY Botanical Gardens
Chihuly Glass Exhibit
Wednesday, May 10th