Saturday, April 30, 2005

FROM BEST SELLING AUTHOR, NEALE DONALD WALSCH, A NEW BOOK CALLED … “What God Wants” … Please Help Promote This Wonderful Book & Read The Following
During the 24 hour period on May 13th, we invite you to join in and make a statement to the World that our beliefs about WHAT GOD WANTS are not working! Best-selling author Neale Donald Walsch released a book in March 2005 titled, WHAT GOD WANTS. This is one of the most revolutionary books you will likely ever read. Neale explores the commonly held ideas of WHAT GOD WANTS, delving into them to examine why these ideas are not serving us as a society and as a species. If we really know everything that it is truly important to know about God—and if all that has been revealed, all that has been taught, all that has been said and sung about God has brought humanity to this, then what good has all of it been? Yet if there is something new for us to learn, something more for us to understand about God, then it’s still possible for the human condition to change. Hope returns. "Chapter 13 provides bold insight into what God may actually, truly want from us. It is probably the best statement about the wants of God that you will ever read.

What you can do … You can use the link below to purchase copies of WHAT GOD WANTS from Humanity's Team United States has an associate’s agreement with Amazon, which allows you to support Humanity's Team while obtaining a copy of this amazing book! Our intention is to drive WHAT GOD WANTS to a number one ranking on, giving the book high visibility to thousands who could benefit from its message! Just click on the copy of WHAT GOD WANTS to be taken directly to the purchase page on Amazon's website. Thank you … Peace & Solidarity!

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Progressive Democrats of America has great expectations and hopes for a petition we have launched on the PDA web site:

This petition is aimed at pressuring the Democratic leadership to support a call for an end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq. We ask you to join us in our demand that the troops be brought home. To do so, just go to:

While there, please review PDA's well-reasoned suggestions on specific plans for withdrawal that address the security and sovereignty issues for the Iraqi people. Together, we trust, we can make this happen. Please add your voice and vote, and forward this petition to your network.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Paul Waldman,
At Justice Sunday, speaker after speaker told of the terrible injustice being perpetrated by Senate Democrats. Sinister, powerful liberals are attacking you, your children and everything you believe in. Despite all evidence to the contrary, it's the conservative rallying cry.
[Duchess Note ... The injustice, lies, deception are not coming from Liberals or Progressives, but from the very people who'll do "anything" to get and keep power over ALL Americans ... right-wing conservative repressives. Who gave women the right to vote, Roe v Wade, 40-hour work week, Civil Rights, cleaner environment, better schools, respect throughout the world ... Liberals! Who tried to stop them over the last 100 years at every turn ... Republicans! We The People should make our own careful research/discussion AND not have it twisted by right-wing, repressive Christians hell bent on destroying the world.]

THEN THEY CAME FOR THE CHILDREN - Feds Arrest Girls for Teen Snottiness
Ted Rall,

Joshunda Sanders, Bitch Magazine
The new assault on black male sexuality focuses on the supposed trend of black men who hide their homosexual encounters from unsuspecting wives and girlfriends.

Molly Ivins, Daily Camera [Boulder, CO]

Tom Engelhardt,
In Iraq, we can see the same basic pattern recurring as happened in Vietnam -- recent glowing statements about insurgency downticks that were followed by reports on upticks in fighting with a similar slow erosion of support for the war in the United States.

Amitabh Pal, The Progressive

Rory O'Connor, AlterNet
A progressive film festival would do almost anything to respect a union boycott of the Hilton this May -- except lose over a half million dollars in penalties. The union will accept nothing less.

Ari Berman, The Nation
[Duchess Note ... I love this TV station, because 9 times out of 10 it brings us Americans a fantastic variety of programs for over 35 years. Definitely far superior than programming on the three major networks. Great shows like NOW, NOVA, American Experience, BBC News, Sesame Street, Great Performances, Masterpiece Theater, etc. If the repressive Republicans take over this glorious station, you can bet most of these terrific programs will be given the boot. If your a member of PBS or live in NYC [ie: Channel 13], I suggest writing to them and express your deep concerns. Don't delay! Peace & Solidarity]

Trish Wilson, AlterNet
Presumptive joint custody has become the norm in many states, as judges attempt to force cooperation in contentious divorces. But instead of bringing families closer together, mandated joint custody can tear them further apart.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson, AlterNet
Many blacks have chosen to show their opposition by just saying no to the military. A death sentence for U.S. Army Sgt. Hasan Akbar won't change the view that the army is a deadly place for them.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Not quite caught up with relating the latest "personal news", but here is the next batch. . . . . . .

Monday, April 11th, I attended my third Democracy for America [DFNYC] meetup, which took place in Williamsburg [Brooklyn]. The meetup space [ie: Royal Red Oak tavern] was abit better and quieter than the last one [ie: Union Pool Bar]. Eleven locals were in attendance, including the two chaps [ie: Paul & Ben] who hosted the meetup. One of the attendees, Gary B, I'd met at the previous meetup was there and we got to talking about a number of issues. Gary is also a "massage therapist" and charges a decent fee for one hour sessions. Good info to know in relation to troubles with my neck and back. The main topic on the meetup agenda that evening was about the Williamsburg/Greenpoint Rezoning plans for the waterfront AND the race for Brooklyn District Attorney. Meeting ended around 9pm ... Gary and I walked back to our neighborhood.

In recent "personal news" I've mentioned new DVD purchases, usually at 50% off. Well folks, I'm still on this DVD buying kick. Yep ... that ole DVD bug has really got a hold on me. My recent purchases are the brilliantly inspiring "Chariots of Fire", "Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves" [Morgan Freeman & Alan Rickman are fantastic] and "La Femme Musketeer". The only reason I purchased the latter one was it had Gerard Depardieu in it. Who's acting I admire alot. Depardieu is the only good thing in this truly horrible film. Personally, I'd rather send the DVD back to the club and demand my money in return.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ... We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results. Herman Melville

On Tuesday, April 12th, I was invited by fellow NYC Kucitizen [Paul B] to a Norm Siegel fundraiser that evening at his friend Jean's home. [I contributed to the evening buffet by bringing my homemade brownies.] There was about 15+ individuals in attendance that evening to hear Mr. Siegel speak. [Individually and as a group.] One of which was Cielito, a friend from my Kucinich 2004 presidential campaign days. She has her own blog called "Sprouting the Acorn" [see column at right]. First of all, Mr Siegel is a personable, easy-going and very much committed person. Yep, I was feeling good vibes from this man. He's a "people person" and would be so appropriate for the office he's running for, which is Public Advocate here in NYC. [His background is quite extensive from late 1960s to present.] Mr. Siegel feels the NYC Public Advocate should be the "peoples advocate". And the office should investigate mismanagement, neglect and corruption in NYC agencies, plus provide solutions to those problems.

To learn more about Mr. Siegel's campaign, go to: It was a pleasure seeing Paul and Cielito again, plus meeting new people. Our hostess of the evening [jean] was such a charming dear, open minded older lady. Overall, a very good evening out.

Joined the monthly "Trust Circle" conference call on the evening of April 13th. This was hosted by NYC Dept of Peace member [Coco]. These calls are to help promote "self trust" within each of us. Resistance and fear can keep us from self trust. This "self trust" occurs in the moment and you listen within yourself with acceptance/wisdom. There was mention of an author named John Corbet Zinn, though in what context, I do not recall. Along with Coco and myself, there were five other ladies on the call. I did a lot of listening, as these other ladies had such fantastic and inspiring thoughts to convey. To learn more about the "Trust Circle" go to:

Hurray! April 14th was my last dental appointment until October. Amen!

On Saturday, April 16th, I had a one-hour gym session with my new personal trainer. Marie is married to fellow NYC DoP member Joe A. The workout was conducted at a Bally's in Manhattan. August 2004 was last time I had a session with a personal trainer. God only knows where Jamie disappeared too. [Been a regular member at Lucille Roberts gym since October.] I really miss the discipline and focus that comes from these sessions. Oh lord, were my muscles sore as hell for days afterwards.

[Duchess Note ... Good news! Some new commentary has been posted on FRIENDS OF FRIDAY FORUM. Check it out at:]

NYC FRIENDS OF KUCINICH … Weekly Digest April 23rd

On the “Spotlight Section” of SK’s Congressional Website
In December, Congressman Kucinich requested the Congressional Research Service (CRS) compile a report on military construction in both Iraq and Afghanistan. On April 11, 2005, Congressman Kucinich received the final report and is now releasing it to the public. CRS found "projects that suggest a longer-term U.S. presence" in Iraq. These included $214 million for Balad Air Base and $49 million for the Taji Military Complex. This is the first congressional report that identified specific locations in Iraq where the U.S. is possibly constructing a permanent military presence in Iraq.

Dennis Kucinich Speaking from the Floor of the House
April 14, 2005
"Mr. Speaker, almost half of the bankruptcies in the United States are connected to an illness in the family, whether people had health insurance or not. Middle-class Americans, who had the misfortune of either experiencing a medical emergency themselves or watching a family member suffer, were then forced to face the daunting task of pulling themselves out of debt. Bankruptcy law has allowed them to start over. It has given hope. Now this new law will put people on their own. Illness or emergency creates medical bills. We are telling the people that they themselves are to blame. At the same time, we are removing protections that would stay an eviction, that would keep a roof over the head of a working family. We allow the credit industry to trick consumers into using subprime cards, with exorbitant interest rate hikes and fees. Then we hand those same consumers over to an unforgiving prison of debt, to be put on a rack of insolvency and squeezed dry by the credit card industry. We are protecting the profits of the credit card industry instead of protecting the economic future of the American people. Americans are left on their own. That's what this Administration's 'Ownership Society' is all about -- you're on your own -- and your ship is sinking." (from the “Floor speeches from the 109th Congress” Section on the Home Page of

Baltics and Annexation
April 18, 2005
RIGA, Latvia -- Leaders of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on Friday welcomed a proposed U.S. congressional resolution calling on Russia to admit the Soviet Union's annexation of the Baltic states during World War II was illegal. U.S. lawmakers Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat, and John Shimkus, a Republican of Lithuanian heritage, said they were cosponsoring a resolution demanding "a clear and unambiguous" admission by Russia that the Soviet Union's five decade-long occupation of the Baltic states was wrong. (AP) NEWS IN BRIEF SECTION

Russian Senator Expresses Bewilderment over U.S. Congressmen's Resolution
April 18, 2005
MOSCOW, April 18 (LETA--ITAR-TASS) - The chairman of the Federation Council's Foreign Affairs Committee, the vice speaker of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Mikhail Margelov, expressed bewilderment over a draft resolution from nine U.S. congressmen which urges Russia to recognize the fact of the Soviet occupation of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Hazards at the Capitol?
By Jackie Kucinich
April 19, 2005

House Roll Call Fuel Economy
April 20, 2005
In the 254-177 roll call Wednesday, by which the House rejected an attempt to require automakers to increase fuel economy to a fleet average of 33 miles per gallon over the next decade, Congressman Kucinich voted YES, in support of requiring automakers to increase fuel economy. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Congressmen call on Moscow to Admit Occupation
April 20, 2005 and again April 22, 2005
The resolution urges the Russian government should issue a clear and unambiguous statement of admission and condemnation of the illegal occupation and annexation by the Soviet Union from 1940 to 1991 of the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. According to the draft, such a step by the Russian government would lead to improved relations between the people of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania and the people of Russia, form the basis for improved relations between the governments of the countries, and strengthen stability in the region. The resolution was initiated by Congressman John Shimkus and joined by Dennis Kucinich and Christopher Cox, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security. By THE BALTIC TIMES staff

Progressive Democrats of America….Not an Oxymoron
April 20, 2005
One goal of PDA is to take back the Democratic Party, from the grassroots to Washington. Democrats can be Progressive? Really? Though there are certainly many elected Democrats who are not Progressive, Joe Lieberman comes immediately to mind, they are not reflective of the base of the Party. During the 2004 Election Cycle, the large number of progressive Democratic candidates got national attention in the Democratic Camp including Dennis Kucinich. Alysia Fischer is the National Policy Director of the Progressive Democrats of America and can be reached at: AND

Thursday, April 21, 2005

QUOTE OF THE DAY ... Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission. Eleanor Roosevelt

BENEDICT AND GEORGE - WE ARE NOT LEAVING!! [A Progressive American Catholic Manifesto]
Commentary by Bill Quigley

March and Rally Against the Iraq War & for Nuclear Disarmament
Assemble 11AM
1st Avenue and 50th Street in NYC
March by the United Nations
Rally 2PM at Heckscher Ballfields in Central Park
Join us in New York City for a major peace demonstration on the day before the U.N. reviews the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. A treaty the Bush Administration is threatening to undermine, as part of its larger empire-building agenda. Join us on Sunday, May 1st, NO WAR, NO NUKES! End the War in Iraq: Bring Our Troops Home Now, Fund Essential Programs at Home, Not War Abroad AND Abolish All Nuclear Weapons Worldwide

9/11 Activist Solutions: Revealing the Evidence
Judson Memorial Church 239 Thompson St. (near Washington Sq. Park)
Friday April 29th, 2005 - 7 pm
Half of New Yorkers feel the government had fore knowledge of 9/11 and consciously failed to act according to a Zogby Poll released on 8/31/04. However, the media and government officials have been mostly silent on the massive deception surrounding 9/11, even though the facts show the reality behind the actual crimes are distinctly different from what we've been told. Therefore, spreading the realization that the government's conspiracy theory doesn't hold up to scrutiny remains largely a grassroots operation. In other words, it's up to We the People. If we follow through, at any point the story of the official deception could break and the tide of history can take a decisive turn towards truth and accountability in our political paradigm. So what do we do? How do we organize? Come to this workshop! We'll have activists who just went to Oklahoma City to attend the 10th anniversary of the Murrah Building bombing.
See full details and directions at

9/11: The Quest For Truth Continues
West Park Presbyterian Church
Saturday April 30th
Doors open 6:30 PM, event begins at 7 pm
Understanding what really happened on 9/11 requires us to widen our political awareness. We must see 9/11 in a larger geo-political context to realize the broad ramifications of this event in history, how it has shaped our present, as well as how it's determining our future. Therefore, the urgency for truth only gets stronger with time since new evidence continues to surface. Speakers will include Phil Berg (RICO lawsuit against Bush administration), Ray McGovern (retired CIA analyst), John Buchanan (9/11 Truth Candidate), Nick Levis (anthrax research), Kyle Hence (911 Citizens Watch) and others. Also, we'll hear a special statement from Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Come learn what the 9/11 truth movement has accomplished and the outlook for the foreseeable future. Learn the difference each one of us can make in calling for full disclosure and accountability. Waiting decades for the truth is not an option!
See full details and directions at
Sponsored by NY 911 Truth
Contact: Les Jamieson, 718-492-2192

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Marla Ruzicka, AlterNet
Just before her death, Marla Ruzicka wrote about the importance of recording and publicly releasing Iraqi civilian casualty numbers.

Maureen Dowd, NY Times

The Progress Report
DeLay ducks and covers in a misleading mass-mailing to his constituents.
[Duchess Note ... Not to mention a whole slew of lies he mentioned on Fox News yesterday. And most intelligent, sensible (non-brainwash) Americans know, Fox News is the propaganda mouth piece for the Republican Repressive Regime.]

Rabbi Michael Lerner,

Jan Frel, AlterNet
Does peer-to-peer file sharing spell feast or famine for the recording industry?

Mary Jo McConahay, Pacific News Service
In the 1980s, Pope Benedict XVI led Catholic Church efforts to quell liberation theology, which many Latin American priests embraced after watching their parishioners' struggles for survival. Now, many in the region hope the pope will hear with new ears "the cry of the people."

Tom Cosgrove, AlterNet
Americans may know what group we stand against [Republicans] but they do not know what ideas we have for change or what principles and moral values we share as a party. An open letter to Howard Dean.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Finally plunked my buttocks down in front of the home computer and set about composing my "personal news". I'm not sure who said the quote ... half the battle is in just getting started. So strap yourselves in for a nice, long babbling of words.

During the weekend of April 1st thru April 3rd I attended 2 1/2 days of basic training for "non-violence & peace". This spiritually enlightening and informative training is presented by "The Fellowship of Reconciliation".

Their motto being "for a world of peace, justice and nonviolence" and I highly recommend that others take the training. [Also joining me on this course were some of my fellow Dept of Peace folk.] During the course of 2 1/2 days I met and got to know some wonderful and deeply inspiring individuals. For me especially, I was deeply touched by vibes and aura of Susan and Evelyn. [Attendance: Mia, Kolya, Carol, Karen, Maria, Liz G, Tom, Cy, Susan, Evelyn, Donna, Wang-Feng, Heather, Janet, Kate, Liz and Jane] I've been doing more meditation since this training and find it very soothing. During the meditation I have the lights off in my apartment. The soft, scented glow of several candles gently illuminates the living room and the CHANT cd by Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos plays in the background. It all lends itself to calmness. One of the chant/songs we sang during the training goes like this........

Oh lord prepare me
To be a sanctuary
Pure and holy
Tried and true
And in Thanksgiving
I'll be a living
For you

Lord teach your children
To stop their fighting
Start uniting
All as one
Let’s come together
Loving forever
For you

On Tuesday, April 5th, I participated in the monthly National Dept of Peace conference call [9pm]. Matthew Albrecht was the moderator that evening and sadly Marianne Williamson couldn't join the call, as she was visiting her mother in hospital. Many people from all over the US joined in the call. It’s really exciting being part of these calls and even injecting occasional commentary. Some of the topics touched on were ... set up houseparties, suffragette Julia Ward Howe, reintroduction of the bill in September, set up "Peace Summit" in ones area, etc. Earlier that evening I had an appointment for massage therapy on my back, neck & pelvic area. This massage therapy is covered via my jobs insurance and one gets 12 visits per year. Only have to pay $20 per visit, which is great. The session only last 15 minutes and during the first 5 minutes it sure hurt like hell, but I felt fantastic afterwards.

On Wednesday, April 6th, I participated in the NYC Dept of Peace Strategy Committee conference call with Carol, Coco and Karen. We covered many topics on this call ... such as ... Mothers Day vigil, volunteers, education workshops, elevator pitch, mission statement and possibly organize a World Peace Day Summit in September.

Thursday, April 7th, was the monthly Kucinich 2008 Meetup and held at a new location in Manhattan. Ellen and I were in attendance for the meetup. Several days later we learned that two gents went to the "old" location for the meetup. Unfortunately, they encountered an incredibly unbalanced vicious individual who "used" to be involved with NYC Friends of Kucinich. I'll leave it at that, because any further talk about that person would just bring bad vibes into this blog. Think peace, joy, love and justice.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ... Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Saturday, April 9th, turned out to be a beautiful sunny spring day. It was a gorgeous day and warm enough so that I could wear my sandals. That evening I attended a meeting with National and NYC Dept of Peace members. Those in attendance were: Marianne, Dot, Matthew, Kevin, Carol, Liz, Karen, Ellen, Joe, Maria, Kelly, Marie, Cielito, Nick and I. An intense, productive and as well as a fun meeting which combined some tasty food from a health food place. We mostly discussed and worked on the DoP Citizenship Primer. To read up on the final version and pass it out to friends, family and co-workers ... go to: OR

On Sunday, April 10th, I hung out for abit with Kevin [DoP member] at his work address and we gabbed about two of our fav bands [ie: U2 & Pearl Jam]. Later on I attended Marianne Williamsons lecture at Covenant House, as well as help out at our NYC DoP table. We did brisk business in selling of new "peace bracelets" by Marylou, plus buttons and t-shirts. Some quotes from Marianne during her lecture were:

1] Put out love, then love comes back to you
2] Media is a psychopathic institution
3] Authenticity demands truth
4] Ego doesn't want you to be firmly grounded in who you are
5] State of being is more important than state of doing
6] Honesty without compassion is brutality

It was another gorgeous spring day outside, such a blessing, and did lots of chores in the morning before heading out to seize the day.

Please stay tuned for more "personal news". . . . .


SUNDAY, APRIL 24 @ 12:45PM

Lakoff is a Professor of Linguistics at UC Berkeley and author of a number of books, including "Don't Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate – The Essential Guide for Progressives"and "Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think". Language is a powerful tool. Conservatives use terms like "tax relief" and "war on terrorism" to get the public to think about issues their way. Lakoff explains how progressives can be just as effective, if not more so, how we can use language to effectively frame public debate in terms of our values, the traditional American values. By 'reframing' the debates that are polarizing our country, we can take America back.

Or call 212-868-5545

March and Rally Against the Iraq War & for Nuclear Disarmament Assemble
11AM, 1st Ave North of 50th Street
NYC March by the United Nations
Rally in Central Park


In the next 9 to 10 days the Republican leadership is planning to pull the trigger on their scheme to break the rules of the Senate, seize absolute power over judicial appointments, and stack the courts with extreme judges. Overnight, some of our most treasured rights, like the 40-hour work week, basic environmental protections, and the right to privacy, would be in danger. We must act. We can win this fight if we sound an unwavering note of protest on a national scale in the next two weeks--emboldening the Democrats to fight in Congress and ensuring that moderate Republicans know the American people are counting on them to hold the line.

We're kicking off the 9 to 10 day sprint with a drive towards 10,000 letters sent to the editors of at least 1,500 different newspapers nationwide. These letters are extremely powerful tools to shape the national debate and apply direct pressure on the Senate. Two weeks ago MoveOn members published thousands of letters in papers in all 50 states. Soon afterwards, three Republican senators came out against the nuclear option, including John McCain. If we get three more, we'll win. It just takes a few minutes to write and send a letter online--please write one today.<e_campaign_id=20&id=5369-2148547-FIrras.Gban542xuqFOAiw

The Republican scheme is known as the "nuclear option". It would break the Senate rules to eliminate the filibuster--the right to extend debate on controversial votes--that has protected minority rights for centuries. Once they "go nuclear," there will no check on who they can force into lifetime appointments on the federal courts, and the Supreme Court. Janice Rodgers Brown will most likely be the first judge the radical Republicans push through using the nuclear option--onto the D.C. Court of Appeals, a stepping stone to the Supreme Court. It's not hard to see why she is so important to them AND so dangerous for the American people. Judge Brown is against the most basic protections for workers and the environment that have kept our country strong since the Great Depression. She follows a radical judicial philosophy, (often called "Constitution in Exile") that says courts have a duty to block Congress from interfering with a corporation's "right" to profitably pollute, or an employer's "right" to demand unlimited hours at any wage from their employees. With judges like Brown flooding the bench, and as many as four Supreme Court vacancies coming in the next four years, bedrock laws from the Clean Water Act to the 40-hour work week could be struck down and eliminated forever. We can stop this, but we have to act now. Please send a letter today:<e_campaign_id=20&id=5369-2148547-FIrras.Gban542xuqFOAiw

After this letters-to-the-editor campaign, we'll send out signs you can put in your windows and give to your neighbors, then organize door-to-door canvasses in major cities to hand out more window signs and flyers. We'll run hard-hitting ads on television, in print, and on the radio. We'll flood target senators with constant phone calls and all manner of grassroots pressure. And we'll culminate next week with a day of coordinated national rallies in cities all over the country. Our big push began yesterday on our local editorial pages. The most powerful weapon we have against this assault is the power of our voices. Please take a few minutes to write your local paper about why extremist Republicans must not be allowed to break the rules and roll back decades of progress protecting poor and middle class families by forcing through judges like Janice Rodgers Brown.

Monday, April 18, 2005


Date: Friday, April 29th @ 7:30 p.m.
Location: Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock, 48 Shelter Rock Road, Manhasset, New York 11030 [Long Island]

[Read the interview at the link below ... Peace & Solidarity!]

Saturday, April 16, 2005

NYC Friends of Kucinich – Weekly Digest April 16th

Dennis Kucinich speaking from the Floor of the House
April 6, 2005
"Mr. Speaker, yesterday the President of the United States, in a speech at West Virginia University at Parkersburg, said with respect to Social Security, 'There is no trust fund, just IOUs.' On February 16, 2005, at a meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the President again made the claim that there is not a Social Security trust. "Now, Mr. Speaker, the people of this country have a right to know that the money that is put into that Social Security trust fund is safe; and the President, with his remarks, has put that in question and in doubt. "Two weeks ago, the Social Security Administration issued a report saying that all of the money there is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. Do we no longer have faith in our country’s financial obligations? This is the time for Congress to step forward and back H. Resolution 170 that demands the President transmit information to the House backing up his claim that there is no trust fund."

House Resolution 170:
Introduced: Mar 17, 2005
Sponsor: Rep. Dennis Kucinich [D-OH]
Status: Introduced (By Rep. Dennis Kucinich [D-OH])
Action: Mar 17, 2005 [Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means]

Of inquiry requesting the President to transmit certain information to the House of Representatives respecting a claim made by the President on February 16, 2005, at a meeting Portsmouth, New Hampshire, that there is not a Social Security trust. Resolved, That the President is requested to transmit to the House of Representatives, not later than 14 days after the date of the adoption of this resolution, information in the possession of the President that provides specific evidence for the following statement that the President made on February 16, 2005, at a meeting Portsmouth, New Hampshire: ``And by the way, there is not a Social Security trust''.

Politics and NASA's Management Culture
April 10, 2005, UPI
As reported by, the Web site for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, this Tuesday elected officials in Ohio teamed up to tell NASA and the president under no conditions would they tolerate budget trims at the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. Speaking in opposition to any cuts were Democratic Reps. Sherrod Brown and Dennis Kucinich, as well as Republican Sen. George Voinovich and former Democratic Sen. John Glenn.

John Kerry: "There He Goes Again"
April 11, 2005 [Conservative Tymes Section of “Mens News Daily]
“Kerry continues to whine the never-proved allegations of “Republican voter intimidation”.
Scroll down to the Comments to Article: “As far as the whole Kerry comments "real" liberals never wanted him as President anyway. They were all for Nader or Kucinich.” (You can say that again!) by Sher Zieve, who is a Conservative political commentator who firmly believes that if Leftists ran the country (left to their own devices), it would be the end of the United States as a sovereign nation
. [Duchess Comment … If Liberals and Progressives ran the US we’d be a more democratic, Jeffersonian nation. There’d be less invasions/abuse of other countries and money here for such things as education, jobs, healthcare, etc.]

Capitol's Westside Evacuated
By Jackie Kucinich
April 12, 2005

Senate to consider National Mall
By Jackie Kucinich
April 12, 2005
In 2003, Congress passed a moratorium declaring the Mall a “completed work of civic art” and established the area as a reserve. However, as security projects are executed and more monuments are proposed, many citizens and lawmakers are asking: What’s next?

Exchange on “Diagnosing the Green Party”
by Scott McLarty and Joshua Frank, April 12, 2005
Dissident Voice is an internet newsletter dedicated to challenging the distortions and lies of the corporate press and the privileged classes it serves. A discussion of Cobb’s overall campaign strategy] David Cobb - I propose the following strategy for the Green Party Presidential campaign in 2004 … The candidate should publicly state that if Dennis Kucinich or Al Sharpton wins the Democratic Party nomination, we will withdraw from the race. By publicly making this statement we demonstrate our willingness to work across party lines with genuine progressives, and when Kucinich and Sharpton are rebuked by the Democratic Party leadership (as were Jesse Jackson and Jerry Brown), it will continue to illustrate that the Democratic Party is not the progressive party in the US.”

Two Sides to Every Coin – Heads
Renew the Patriot Act by Rocky Lore
Tech News Staff of Worchester Polytechnic Institute (WPI TECH NEWS)
April 12, 2005
Rocky Lore supports The U.S.A. PATRIOT ACT. Maybe he stands to gain from the high-technology survey jobs provided by the war economy. He mentions that Congressman Kucinich was one of sixty-six U.S. Representatives to vote against the Patriot Act.

House Ethics Resolution Rejected
By Jackie Kucinich
April 13, 2005
A resolution promoting the establishment of a bipartisan task force to review House ethics procedure offered during a meeting yesterday of the House Standards of Official Conduct Committee failed to pass.

Capitol Rally Promotes Reeve Bill
By Jackie Kucinich
April 13, 2005
From his place on the grass on the Capitol’s west lawn, Ronald Verni watched as a bipartisan group of lawmakers spoke at a rally for the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act (CRPA), a bill that would support an increase in research, rehabilitation and quality-of-life programs for people suffering from paralysis.

House Roll Call Estate Tax
April 13, 2005
The 272-162 roll call Wednesday by which the House voted for a permanent repeal of the estate tax ... Kucinich Voted No [Hurray!]

Insights and Outbursts: Seeking Common Ground on Cape Ann
April 14, 2005, Gloucester Daily Times [MA]
Eileen Ford writes about Congressman Kucinich speaking about the Department of Peace at the River Church in Amesbury, MA last month.

April 14, 2005, by Deborah Orin
SEN. Hillary Clinton suddenly morphed into Howard Dean last Saturday when she raged on about election conspiracies and "a brave new world of extremism" — sparking some Dems to wonder if she feels a need to protect her left flank. This article goes on to mention that Dennis Kucinich is a possible presidential candidate for 2008. [Duchess Comment ... If DJK does run in 2008, I will very much volunteer a good portion of my free time to his campaign.]

Larger military gets Left-Right Backing
April 14, 2005-04-14
Kevin Zeese posted a report on that noted that Dean has been silent on Iraq since becoming chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and that, during his presidential campaign, he criticized Rep. Dennis Kucinich for urging cuts in defense spending. Published by Shay Totten of VT GUARDIAN FOR THE INDEPENDENT MIND

New Twists for Bush's Road Show
By Dan Froomkin, Special to
Friday, April 15, 2005
President Bush's Social Security roadshow pulls into Kirtland, Ohio, today and in at least two ways promises to be a break from the almost indistinguishable events of the past several months. Invitation Only (Sounds like the Bush Criminal Administration!!!) Bush is scheduled to have coffee with a group of (presumably pre-selected) small business owners at the Yours Truly of Mentor coffee shop before heading over to Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, about 20 miles east of Cleveland, to speak in a rented hall.

Kucinich Says Nasa’s Budget Should be Tripled
Ohio – 2004
DK “As a member of the generation that came of age watching the first humans soar into the outer reaches of our atmosphere, then to Earth orbit, and then to the moon, I am keenly interested in continuing the peaceful exploration of space. The Space Exploration Act of 2003, which I cosponsored, restores a vision for the United States human space flight program. It outlines a series of incremental goals over the next 20 years that will facilitate the scientific exploration of the solar system, aid in the search for life elsewhere in the universe, and rekindle the spirit of discovery that created this nation. These goals include the development of reusable space craft that will be able to rendezvous with near-Earth orbit asteroids, carry humans from lunar orbit to the surface of the Moon and back, and carry humans from low Earth orbit to and from Martian orbit. A human-tended habitation and research facility on the surface of one of the moons of Mars is also among its goals.” Source: Kucinich Press Office

["Imagine" a world that is very peaceful. It can happen! Make it so by joining the Dept of Peace campaign today @]

[Some of the members of the NYC Chapter Dept of Peace - March 2005]

Thursday, April 14, 2005


John Feffer, AlterNet
Not only does the world hate us, a new poll shows that for the first time most countries want us to get the hell out of the driver's seat.

David Corn,
With prominent Republicans publicly denouncing him, how much longer will Tom DeLay survive as majority leader?

Chris Mooney, The American Prospect
A new government website misinforms parents about how to protect their kids from sexually transmitted diseases.

Rebecca Hyman, Clamor
Some advocacy and human rights groups have issued a thinly veiled ultimatum to queer activists: If you want to fight for gay rights, you have to act straight.
More Rights & Liberties:


Glenn Michael McDonald, PopMatters
What exactly is true in the mega-hit that spawned a cottage industry?


Today at 2:30 pm ETS, Marianne Williamson and I will discuss the Department of Peace on CNN's "Live From..." show with host Kyra Phillips. We are at a time when our country has been besieged by a militarization of thought which stems from deep fears about personal security. As a result we find ourselves still at war in Iraq and preparing for war against Iran and North Korea. We need a deep discussion about the roots of war-thinking as well as a compassionate reflection on the roots of violence in our own society. This show will be the beginning of a new discussion as we prepare to expand our efforts to create a cabinet-level Department of Peace.

The structure of peace in our own lives, in our society and in the world is a major theme of our new website at In the past week, we have posted stories about meetings with peace groups in the UK, discussions with Belgian Senators, and reflections on the Pope and his quest for peace. I have met with several youth groups to gain their involvement and we are building our coalition within the Congress, preparing to re-introduce the Department of Peace legislation in September.

You are an important part of these efforts. Your support is essential to our success. We built great momentum during the presidential campaign because of your participation. Your involvement is no less important now. Please help us continue to reach out to build a more peaceful society and world by contributing now to our campaign. We need assistance today. Please contribute online at Your immediate contribution will provide critical assistance, not only in maintaining our website, but in keeping our grassroots activities expanding - for peace, civil liberties, to protect social security, for universal health care, for education, for workers' rights, human rights, voting rights, the environment, fair trade, new energy policies, a new manufacturing policy, a new commitment to America's research and development at NASA and in the private sector... and more.

Please forward this message. Work with us, help us now to continue to serve our nation and the world from the highest octave so that we may bring about the triumph of hope over fear and lift up the human condition. Thanks for everything you have done and will continue to do. You have my ever-present commitment. Always, Dennis

[DUCHESS NOTE: Many of my regular readers may or may not know, I am board (secretary) member of the NYC Chapter Dept of Peace. If you live in the NYC area and wish to become a volunteer ... please contact us at If you live throughout the US and wish to locate a DoP chapter in your area, please contact the national office at Become involved today and help us make peace possible. We owe it to ALL the children of the world.]

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

ALERT! Department of Peace on CNN
Thursday, April 14th
Marianne Williamson and Dennis Kucinich will be on CNN Thursday, April 14th at 2:30 p.m. eastern, 11:30 a.m. pacific. The discussion will be about the U.S. Department of Peace. Check it out!


ET TU, U2?
Kimberly Chun, San Francisco Bay Guardian

QUOTE OF THE DAY ... Without freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech. Benjamin Franklin [1722]

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

QUOTE OF THE DAY ... The only real failure is the failure to grow from what we go through. Marianne Williamson [ The Gift of Change]

DUCHESS NOTE ... Check out this website, featuring song and video by Ian Rhett called "Didn't Know I Was UnAmerican". We who protest, march and/or dissent peacefully are not unAmerican, but very patriotic. We love our country AND loath the corrupt, inmoral, repressive regime that has stolen the White House and Government. [click on "see it - launch movie]

Sunday, April 10, 2005


NO WAR, NO NUKES! End the War in Iraq: Bring Our Troops Home Now! Fund Essential Programs at Home, Not War Abroad! Abolish All Nuclear WeaponsWorldwide!

Weapons of Mass Destruction Found in Iraq: 0
Nuclear Weapons Stockpiled by the U.S.: 10,350
Cost of the War in Iraq: Tens of Thousands of Lives and Billions of Dollars

In May, world leaders, mayors and people from around the world will converge on the United Nations to decide the fate of the endangered Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Signed by 189 nations including the U.S., the NPT prohibits non-nuclear states from acquiring or producing nuclear weapons, and requires nations that have nuclear weapons to negotiate their elimination.

Now, the Bush administration is on the verge of undermining the NPT and generating a dangerous new nuclear arms race. The Bush administration's posture toward nuclear proliferation has been utterly hypocritical. It threatens war against nations such as Iran and North Korea if they violate the NPT, while flouting the treaty itself. The U.S. is legally obligated under the NPT to eliminate its nuclear weapons, but in fact, the Bush administration is upgrading U.S. nuclear weapons systems and infrastructure, seeking to build a new generation of "battle-ready" nukes, and has even threatened first use of nuclear weapons.

These terrifying moves are part of the larger Bush agenda of aggressive empire-building, the same drive for U.S. military and economic domination that led to the disastrous Iraq war. Nuclear weapons -- or rather, the fiction that Saddam Hussein was developing them -- were a key pretext for the Bush administration's invasion of Iraq. The whole world now recognizes this lie as an attempt to justify a war to control access to Iraq's oil and enhance U.S. power in the Middle East. The war in Iraq rages on with mounting casualties and a country in ruins, while here in the U.S., the cost of war translates into drastic cuts in vital services in our communities, hitting people of color, the poor, and working people the hardest.

The world has seen many horrific conflicts since the first and only use of nuclear weapons in war 60 years ago when the U.S. bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nevertheless, nuclear weapons have not been exploded in war again. Now the Bush Administration is threatening to breach that "firewall"by including nuclear weapons in its war-fighting plans. On Sunday, May 1st, the day before the NPT Conference opens, United for Peace and Justice and Abolition Now! are organizing a massive demonstration in the streets of New York City. We will call for our troops to come home from Iraq and for complete nuclear disarmament. Join us!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Jonathan Cohen, Billboard Daily Music News

QUOTE OF THE DAY ... It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder. Albert Einstein

Associated Press,2933,88470,00.html

Abid Aslam,
Some of America's wealthiest individuals have declined billions of dollars in tax cuts bestowed upon them by President George W. Bush's administration and have urged others among the country's richest and most famous to donate their federal tax cuts to campaigns against the Bush package, often described as ''tax breaks for the rich.''

Thursday, April 07, 2005

First There Was Florida In 2000... Ohio in 2004... Will New York Be Next?!?

Join us to stop unverifiable electronic voting in New York State! We need volunteers to contact legislators, write letters to the editor and educate others on the important Democracy issue. Come to this meeting and get involved!

"Verify the Vote" Forum
Sunday, April 10th, 2005
2:00 - 6:00 PM
Community Church
40 East 35th Street, Manhattan (6 train to 33rd St.)

Come learn about electronic voting machines-the easiest kind to tamper with and the hardest to verify. Diebold and other manufacturers want to install these machines in New York. The NYS Legislature will act soon-within a few weeks-to decide what kind of voting machines will be used by millions of New Yorkers for many years to come. Voters need to make sure that the Legislature makes the right decision. Speakers will include:

1] Teresa Hommel, founder of
2] Doug Kellner, NYS Board of Elections
3] Local and state elected officials

Come support proposals for:

1] 100% verification and recount
2] Paper trail-with paper ballots and optical scanners
3] Full citizen oversight of elections

TrueVoteNY was established by activists working on the recent Ohio Recount of the vote in the 2004 presidential election, and is now responding to the crisis of democracy in New York. We defend the right to vote, to have all votes counted, and to have them counted openly and accurately. This event is free and open to the public. Its sponsored by TrueVoteNY and the Green Party Office in Manhattan [] For more information, contact Daniel Starling at (212) 240-0501

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Dennis has written and produced a deeply analytical one hour DVD presentation on Social Security [purchase via], which is the product of over a dozen town hall meetings held throughout his district. The presentation, which is being extended into a book, is a highly critical assessment not only of the Administration's plan to privatize Social Security, but also of the Administration's overall handling of the economy.

Just as Kucinich built the case that the Administration was fabricating a cause for war against Iraq, he makes the case that the need for privatization is also manufacturered. As usual, he is quite blunt in his assessments. This is the video [] for those who are looking for a host of arguments to refute the privatizers. More than 100 slides including charts, graphs and pictures are integrated into a fast-moving Powerpoint production.

The presentation is especially designed for a town hall format. Dennis will be available, in person, for a limited number of town hall presentations outside Ohio. He also will be available to call in to town hall meetings where the Kucinich Social Security video is shown, subject to scheduling limitations.

Social Security is the first in a series of hour-long Town Hall videos forthcoming from Kucinich. Others will focus on Energy and the Environment, the American Economy, Health Care and the Department of Peace. [Duchess is board secretary for NYC Chapter DoP] The Town Hall videos will become a powerful, new organizing tool for a new social and economic movement in America. To learn more about Ohio Congressman Kucinich, go to:


Rahul Mahajan, AlterNet
The latest WMD report merely confirms what antiwar activists were claiming all along -- way before the invasion of Iraq.

Robert Parry, Consortium News
The problem with the CIA -- and the Washington establishment -- is cultural, systemic, even ethical, not structural.

Rebecca Ephraim, Common Ground
Emerging science suggests that untold numbers of cosmetics and personal care ingredients may be silently and insidiously promoting cancer, ravaging women's reproductive functions and causing birth defects.

Andrew Seifter, Media Matters for America
In wooing African-American voters the GOP is resorting to deception and cynical claims of racism -- in other words, business as usual.

An open letter to the CEO of Wal-Mart: "We believe that it's time for Wal-Mart to focus less on image and more on substance."

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

NYC Friends of Kucinich ... Weekly Digest April 9th

Steroids Issue Another Baseball Barrier
April 3, 2005
A positive viewpoint of DK re: steroids and baseball.
By Monte Pool, African American Sports Writer

Politics, Yes, but No Fistfights for Jerry Springer on Radio
April 4, 2005
Jerry Springer donated $2,000 to the presidential campaign of Dennis J.Kucinich.
By Mark Glassman

Does the US Really Need a Bigger Military? "Progressive" Dems Sound Like Conservative Repubs as Draft Drums Beat Louder
April 4, 2005
During Campaign 2004 Dean criticized SK for calling for cuts in military spending.
by Kevin Zeese

Doonesbury Cartoon

Monday, April 04, 2005

On Sunday, March 20th, attended another wonderful Marianne Williamson lecture at the Covenant House in Manhattan. [This woman is brilliant and I so recommend checking out her website at] Actually I arrived 25 minutes late due the continually messed up, corrupt NYC mass transit system. Anyhow … Marianne gave a terrific lecture and connected it with Palm Sunday theme. [I purchased several of her lecture CDs.] During the gospel singer segment, as well as the long Q&A segment, we at the NYC DoP table did brisk business with interested folk. People took flyers, asked questions, purchased t-shirts/buttons and signed up on our mailing list. Those from NYC DoP, who were there: Carol, Karen, Ellen, Liz, Maria and I. [Always a pleasure seeing my fellow DoP board members.] Marianne’s next appearance at Covenant House is slated for April 10th.

Next day, at lunch time, had a dentist appointment for cleaning and X-rays. [Commentary on this topic will be brief, as I loath going to the dentist as do most folk.]

Received several mail deliveries around this time of goodies I’d ordered online. Several DVDs [ie: Lady Chatterley, Sense & Sensibility and Le Femme Musketeer] and a few Bernard Cornwell SHARPE short stories. Also, my Pearl Jam MF friend [Michelle] sent me the “Three Fish – The Quiet Table” on vinyl. Which I have in CD format, but on the vinyl there are a few bonus songs. WooHoo! So very happy with all my new wonderful goodies.

Wednesday, March 23rd, turned into a busy evening. Started off with a NYC Dept of Peace Strategy Committee conference call at 5:45pm, of which I conducted at the office. Covered items I’d found on DoP Activists listserve. I left office around 6:20pm to attend a free documentary [Hotel Palestine – Killing the Witness] screening at the Unitarian Church of All Souls. Was invited by fellow Kucitizen Stephanie and hung out with another Kucitizen [Linda G]. A brief description of what the movie is about … “On April 8, 2003, the same day it bombed the Al Jazeera offices killing one of its journalists, a US military tank fired on the Palestine Hotel and killed two more journalists. Was this intentional? The family of Spanish journalist Jose Couso, who died in the attack on the hotel, presents a compelling case in this 50 minute film that his death was NO accident.” Also at the event was “Democracy Now” Amy Goodman and Jose Couso’s brother. [The latter spoke eloquently and with much feeling.] I highly recommend others see this documentary, because the facts speak the truth and the US Military, along with US government, are shown in their true light. Evil, corrupt, no compassion and total disregard for all of mankind, as well as the environment.

The weekend of March 25th through 27th I spent with family in upstate NY for Easter holiday. Helped out Mom, as she was laid up from surgery on her foot, and couldn’t get around the house too well. Dad was having troubles with his sciatica, plus I wanted to give him a break from taking care of Mom. Other things I did over the weekend … hairdresser appointment, yard work, shop for new bed linens/stereo system, watched some cable TV, etc.

On Tuesday, March 29th, I learned there was to be a National DoP conference call at 9pm, which I participated in and it was most informative. Also, my new stereo system [turntable came separately], which I purchased in upstate NY over Easter weekend, was delivered via UPS delivery to my apartment. Yippee! I can listen to my vinyl once again. Oh happy day! My old stereo system was given to me as Xmas gift by my parents back in 1990. Only part of that old stereo working in last year or so was the radio. Yep, it was time to retire and move onward. Now I need to save up the bucko’s and purchase a new computer for my home. This will take awhile……

On March 30th, via postal delivery, I received “Sharpe’s Tiger” [by Bernard Cornwell] audio cassettes.

Which I ordered via in the UK. Why the UK and not US? Cause there I was able to find the cassettes that were narrated by the very talented British actor Sean Bean. In my past ramblings one may recall me mentioning that Sean Bean played Sharpe in the TV series.


Stan Cox, AlterNet
The peak oil idea -- which says that world oil production will go into irreversible decline sometime in the next decade or two -- is quickly morphing into conventional wisdom.

Maureen Dowd, NY Times
It is absurd to have yet another investigation into the chuckleheaded assessments on Saddam's phantom W.M.D. that intentionally skirts how the $40 billion-a-year intelligence was molded and manufactured to fit the ideological schemes of those running the White House and Pentagon. As the commission's co-chairman, Laurence Silberman, put it: "Our executive order did not direct us to deal with the use of intelligence by policy makers, and all of us were agreed that that was not part of our inquiry." Huh? That's like an investigation into steroids in baseball that looks only at the drug companies, not the players who muscled up. We don't need a 14-month inquiry producing 601 pages at a cost of $10 million to tell us the data on arms in Iraq was flawed. We know that. When we got over there, we didn't find any.

Michael Blanding, AlterNet
At minimum, a true "culture of life" would support these ten positions.

Marcin Krol,
The death of the Pope John Paul II was not unexpected, and his immense influence on the modern world will be judged and commented on by everybody who thinks that he has something to say. Before explaining one of the less known aspects of his teaching, it should be emphasized that one of the comments that is now being heard repeatedly is based either on stupidity or on a lack of understanding of what the Catholic Church is about: the charge that the Pope was and is “conservative” is nonsense. John Paul II was undoubtedly conservative when he commented on Catholic dogma, but the institution of the Catholic Church is based on the Ten Commandments and dogmas which cannot be changed. Being truthful and faithful to what is the bedrock of Church teaching cannot be deemed conservative.

Jonathan Tasini,
Manipulation, greed and wrongdoing in the name of profit are as much a part of the Wal-Mart business model as are those low, low prices.

Mitra Ebadolahi, AlterNet
The hit show 'Alias' may make for rollicking good television, but how realistic is its portrayal of the CIA?

Sonali Kolhatkar, AlterNet
Laura Bush's visit to Afghanistan focused media attention on the still-struggling country. But not a single news article dared to question her empty talk of solidarity with Afghan women.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Meet Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX), the man Republicans have chosen as their Majority Leader in the House of Representatives. Tom DeLay is at the center of a bewildering array of investigations into corruption, abuse of power, and ethics violations. As the courts and committees investigate DeLay's misdeeds and hand down indictments, keeping track of all the scandals can be a full-time job. So we thought it would be helpful to offer folks a quick and easy guide:

People need to get to know Tom DeLay. He personifies the kind of government we're getting from Republicans -- corrupt, power-hungry, and out of touch. They also need to know that his Republican colleagues in the House have been complicit in his pattern of sleaze. They even changed the ethics rules to protect him, and packed the Ethics Committee with a bunch of DeLay cronies for good measure.

It is vital that you help the DNC spread the word about Tom DeLay. The more people who know about his record, the more pressure he'll face. Forward this message to your friends or use this handy tool:

Even conservative commentators and editorial boards see the writing on the wall -- they have been weighing in against DeLay's misdeeds and shaming his fellow Republicans for supporting him. But House Republicans don't care --his money for influence machine and his power-hungry crusades have become standard practice for the GOP. The DeLay boat is sinking. And it's taking the entire Republican Party with it. Thank you for making sure every American knows it:

Will Lester, Associated Press
The Bush administration repeatedly warns about nuclear weapons and is using diplomacy - and force - to try to limit the threat. Two-thirds of respondents say NO nation should have nuclear weapons, including the United States. Most of the others surveyed say no more countries should get the weapons.

Jim Spencer, Denver Post
In the past week, two White House spokesmen have told me they don't know the name of a Republican staff member who refused to let three people attend President Bush's March 21 Social Security "town hall" meeting in Denver. The three were banned because they arrived in a car with a "No More Blood for Oil" bumper sticker. The White House doesn't know who did this because the White House doesn't care to find out.

Commentary by Joyce Marcel
How can I not care? Because I refuse to have my emotions manipulated by the news media. These are serious times, and I guess I'm a serious person. From the media, I'd like to learn more about America's debt load, and whether it's good for China and Japan to own so much of our country. I'd like to know about our plans for competing with China and India for oil and other natural resources. Come to think of it, I'd like to see a detailed analysis of whether we're really running low on oil. Will we run out during our lifetimes, or are the doom prophesies scare tactics, allowing billionaires to make more billions on the backs of the rest of us? I'd like to know the implications of the dollar's shrinkage against the Euro. Politically, just about everything my government does worries me. And then there's the war in Iraq.

[Duchess Note ... The below item was sent to me by a fellow NYC Kucitizen[ie: Ed W], who found it on the Internet. Just wanted to share with you all, plus presents a solid case on how immoral and corrupt these right-wing repressives are.]

SCHIAVO CASE - Were You Aware??? Whatever Your Personal Beliefs Are Concerning Terry Schiavo.

Were you aware that George W. Bush signed a law in Texas that expressly gave hospitals the right to remove life support if the patient could not pay and there was no hope of revival, regardless of the patient's family's wishes? It is called the Texas Futile Care Law. Under this law, a baby was removed from life support against his mother's wishes in Texas just this week. A 68 year old man was given a temporary reprieve by the Texas courts just yesterday.

Were you aware that Republicans have voted en masse to pull the plug (no pun intended) on Medicaid funding that pays for the kind of care that someone like Terry Schiavo and many others who are not so severely brain damaged need all across this country?

Were you aware that the tort reform that is being contemplated by the Republican congress would preclude malpractice claims like that which has paid for Terry Schiavo's care thus far?

Were you aware that the bankruptcy bill will make it even more difficult for families who suffer a catastrophic illness like Terry Schiavo's because they will not be able to declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy and get a fresh start when the gargantuan medical bills become overwhelming?

Were you aware that this grandstanding by the congress is a purely political move designed to appease the religious right and that the legal maneuverings being employed would be anathema to any true small government conservative?

We are seeing a spectacle on television in which the news anchors repeatedly say that the congress is "stepping in to save Terry Schiavo" mimicking the unctuous words of Tom Delay as they grovel and leer at the family and nod sympathetically at the sanctimonious opportunists who are using this issue for their political gain. This is why it's become so difficult to trust the mainstream media [ie: CBS, ABC, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, etc]. Most people get their news from television. And television is presenting this issue as a round the clock one dimensional soap opera pitting the "family", the congress and the church against this woman's husband and the judicial system that upheld Terry Schiavo's right and explicit request that she be allowed to die if extraordinary means were required to keep her alive. The ghoulish infotainment industry is making a killing by acceding once again to trumped up right wing hypocrisy.