Thursday, August 28, 2008


Dissent Debuts in Downtown Denver

Kucinich Electrifies Convention Arena

Denver 2008: Hope is for The Weak
BAR Managing Editor Bruce Dixon

Dennis Kucinich to Democrats: Where's the red meat

[Duchess Note: The above journalist makes some good points in the article, but what I find vile, is how many mainstream journalists still insult Kucinich. He’s not some shallow matinee idol but what he is; is a true leader, patriot, progressive, intelligent, compassionate man and is not beholden to any corporations/lobbyists. Kucinich has always been there for “We the People” and always will be. He is never beholden to the Corporatnazi’s or the rich elite. Bravo Dennis!]

Kucinich Wakes Up the Crowd
Lydia Gensheimer, CQ Staff


Cynthia McKinney: Power to the People! Stop the War!

Police Continue Repressive Tactics in Denver [DNC]
Tom Eley, World Socialist Web Site

Union Bureaucrats Attack Their Own Members as “racist” for Failing to Back Obama
Shannon Jones, World Socialist WebSite
The two main competing factions within the US trade union bureaucracy are temporarily setting aside their bitter rivalry to unite behind the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. One prominent feature of their intervention has been to attribute the lack of enthusiasm among their own members for Obama on white racism, a charge that they make no attempt to substantiate, and in fact is contradicted by polls that reveal growing anger and alienation among workers for the Democrats and the two party system. Read more at…………………

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Linda, Judith and Carol for their contributions.]

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday evening, July 17th, I joined several other Park Slope knitters at Sweet Melissa’s and started work on a new scarf with a zig zag pattern.

The following evening, July 18th, I volunteered with City Harvest at Union Square farmers market.

Saturday evening, July 19th, I joined my friend and neighbor [Gail] in checking out the local “festival” in eastern part of Greenpoint. Had an enjoyable time, drank some tasty Daiquiri and took a whirl on the ferries wheel.

The next day, July 20th, I joined other peace activists at the “Arthur Ross Pinetum” in Central Park for the “Feasting on Peace” picnic. Weather was warm and humid. No amount of water or shade could help out. By the time I got home early that evening I felt drained. During the picnic, not only did we nosh on the potluck, but we also participated in NVC empathy labyrinth, old fashion cake walk and dances of universal peace. One of the chants went like this … “We are one with the infinite sun; forever, forever, forever”.

Tuesday evening, July 22nd, was the NYDoP CCR Committee conference call to prep for our upcoming meeting with City Councilmember Mendez. It went well and we are so looking forward to this meeting.

Thursday evening, July 24th, I joined several other Park Slope knitters at Sweet Melissa’s. A few of the ladies helped me out with some troubles I was having with the zig zag scarf pattern. Food is delicious at this delightful café in the heart of Park Slope.

The following evening, July 25th, I volunteered with City Harvest at Union Square farmers market.

The next day, July 26th, I attended an event at FIT called “Maitreya – An Evening with Benjamin Crème”. My friends Cielito, Linda and Max are part of a group or organization called Share International, which were hosting this fascinating event. I first heard about this organization, Creme and Maitreya via my three friends back in 2005. This is the third time I’ve heard him speak about world events and Maitreya. To learn more, go to

On Tuesday, July 29th, I took the afternoon off as a partial personal day to attend two appointments. The first was an excellent, productive meeting with City Councilmember Mendez at her district office in Manhattan. Kevin and Joe [NYDoP CCR Committee members] also joined me in talking with Mendez about DoP Resolution 627. There were also legislative aids from council member White and Dickens offices. Both those councilmember’s are co-sponsors of this important resolution. I plan on connecting with several Community Boards in the NYC area, and work towards scheduling DoP presentations. Joe drove me home as I wasn’t feeling to well after the meeting. I took a nap before heading to the clinic, in my hood, for an appointment with my lung specialist on my health situation. Read more on that ... which was posted on August 8th.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MESSAGE FROM CONGRESSMAN KUCINICH - September 10th: The day before our world changed, a day to change the world!

On August 1st, I delivered to Speaker Nancy Pelosi; a petition bearing the names of over 100,000 Americans that, like us, feel that the President must be held accountable for abusing executive power and disregarding his Constitutional obligations. Your voices have been heard and your support continues to send a powerful message to lawmakers. That is why I call on you again to help us in a new effort to deliver 1 Million signatures to Speaker Pelosi on September 10, 2008.

Together we can:

1. Urge real Congressional action to hold President Bush accountable now
2. Reinstate the authority of our Constitution
3. Document crimes committed by President Bush for historical account
4. Facilitate post-Administration law enforcement and prosecution
5. Reset the standard for the incoming and future administrations
6. Demand justice for the over 3,000 who died on 9/11 and whose deaths were tragically exploited to take us into an illegal war in Iraq
7. Demand justice for the estimated 30,324 U.S. military personnel who have been injured/wounded
8. Demand justice for the estimated 4,138 U.S. military personnel who have been killed or died
9. Demand justice for the 1 Million innocent Iraqis who have died
10. Avert another illegitimate looming war – this time against Iran

We need your active participation to deliver 1 Million signatures to Congress by September 10, 2008. Please give at least ten of your friends the opportunity to stand up for our country – the way you and I have, by inviting them to sign the impeachment petition online at Send your friends an email invitation to sign the petition by clicking here. Tgether we can make September 10, the day before the world changed, a day we change the world! Tank you for your active and ongoing citizenship.

Friday, August 08, 2008

August 1st through 4th
NY Methodist Hospital
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

Since July 25th I’d been having troubles with my lungs and bronchial. At work around 4:30pm to 5pm I started to spit and cough up blood. Not a lot, but enough to alarm me. Did my volunteer duties [lightly though as I was feeling abit light headed] with City Harvest down at Union Square farmers market that evening. Next day nothing happened, but on Sunday I again spit up some blood. Didn’t sleep well that night and decided to take ½ a personal day on Monday, so I could see my doctor at neighborhood clinic. They also had me get a chest X-ray, plus take meds and afterwards I went in to work.

On Tuesday I worked half a day and took afternoon off as ½ a personal day. Went to meeting at City Councilmember Mendez office with Joe and Kevin [NYDoP CCR Committee members]. We had a great, productive meeting with the councilwoman, plus legislative aids from White and Dickens office. Five to ten minutes after the meeting, I had another “blood spitting” attack, so Joe drove me home to my apartment. So sweet of Joe to do that for me, he’s a great guy. Later that afternoon I had an appointment with my lung specialist at neighborhood clinic. He gave me new prescriptions and said I have Bronchiectasis. He also mentioned that if the spitting/coughing up of blood got worse, that I should check myself into a hospital.

Next day wasn’t so bad, but things started getting worse on Thursday and Friday, especially the latter. Around 3:30pm on August 1st the coughing up of blood and clots was on and off for an hour. I called my lung specialist and he strongly advised I check into emergency at New York Methodist Hospital, as he is affiliated with that place. I made phone calls to cancel plans I had for that evening; plus made calls to my friends Larry and Linda. The latter was available and said she’d pick me up at home to take me to hospital. So sweet and kind of her, at this point I was getting upset and wore my sunglasses all the way home to cover up the tears. I left the office at 5:30pm.

Got home just after 6pm; made more phone calls to cancel upcoming appts, packed my small backpack with necessary items for stay at hospital, fed the birds outside, had something light to eat, and took care of other things around the apartment. Linda showed up at 7pm and we talked for abit before heading off to the hospital. Found parking in Park Slope and went into emergency check-in area; filled out forms, went through Triage and registered by 9pmish. Then it was time to wait, along with others, to get “service” in ER. While waiting we watched TV and worked on a granny square crochet project. At one point a nice, young man joined us to figure out these two puzzling crochet patterns we were working on. Nice chatting with him and his partner. Apparently the delay for folk to get into ER was caused by injured firemen from a huge building fire near Lincoln Road, or was it Lincoln Street. During all this I got water from a fountain using a Styrofoam coffee cup. Plus purchased tasty crackers from the waiting area vending machine at 11pm and 2:30am [8/2/08], and from 12:30am on many folk in waiting room, including me, tried to sleep or nap. Linda stretched out on 3 chairs and I sat up with my head against the wall for support. The hospital staff provided many of us with sheets for cover, as the a/c was abit chilly. Let me tell you, try to nap there was not easy.

I finally got called into the ER at 3:30am, and before that I had coughed up more blood clots twice in the public bathroom. In ER a nurse and doctor saw me while I was comfortably placed on a gurney type bed. I took off my blouse and bra to put on a hospital gown which was abit itchy around the collar. I was taken to get a chest X-rays just before 6am [8/2/08]. Another doctor spoke to me at 7am and said they’d have to admit me due to visuals in my right lung. Linda headed home at 7:30am and will make calls to my Mom and Larry with news. In the meantime, more waiting and napping, spoke with another doctor about CT-Scan and a possible bronchoscopy. I hope the latter doesn’t need to be done, as the memories from July 2005 still upset me. At 10am I was still waiting to be taken up to my room. A nice orderly [Kevin] gave me a pillow and closed the curtains in my area. At least I had privacy, but no real quiet. Kind of difficult when in a busy ER, yah know. Dang, was it busy with patients moaning and groaning with pain all around. Abit unsettling to say the least.

Than another orderly [Troy] came at 11:15am with a wheelchair to take me to 7N, Room 7063, bed B. So far I have the room to myself, and near the window. Spoke with Nurse Fraser, a dietitian and a doctor, whose name I can’t seem to recall. Drinking water and making phone calls while waiting for my lunch to be delivered. Checked at nurse’s station at 1:30pm and again at 2:15pm. I was feeling so hungry and lightheaded at that point. Last time I’d eaten anything was around 2:30am and that consisted of a few crackers with peanut butter. While waiting for lunch I read, washed up and walked around 7N. Nurse Fraser found my lunch and brought it in at 2:30pm. The lunch consisted of a plain turkey sandwich on whole wheat, diced peaches, apple juice and tea. Took my time eating it all, as Mom urged me to do for nourishment, afterwards I felt so much better. Shortly after this another doctor came in to see me about my upcoming CT-Scan of chest area. Plus he asked me questions and I signed a form. Nurses made up the other bed area in the room and brought in a Caribbean woman, with her two daughters, around 3:45pm. So much for going solo and then the doctor came back for further questions on my medical background. The other patient didn’t stay in the room long and was moved to a different section of the floor an hour or so later. So back to being in room solo, not sure how long that’ll last.

After that I briefly called Mom and Dad to give them an update, and then the new patient in the room was moved to a new location. The nurse came around to set me up with IV meds. I napped for awhile, had another “coughing up blood” attack and before dinner was brought I developed an allergic reaction to the meds. My scalp and eyes felt like they were on fire, a red rash formed on my stomach and I felt chilly all over. I immediately called the nurse and she stopped the IV and called the doctor. He explained that the allergic reaction I has was common and would try a different variation. While all this was going on my dinner was brought and I slowly polished it off. It consisted of baked chicken leg, rice, broccoli, tea, cranberry juice, slice of whole wheat bread and apple sauce. Only thing I didn’t like nor finish was the white rice. Also, my sister-in-law called to see how I was doing and I told her the whole story. She’ll call tomorrow to follow up.

Not sure if the CT-Scan will happen today. Watched some TV for abit, as each patient has their own and doesn’t have to share. Changed into the nightgown and bathrobe I’d brought from home. Gave a nurse the hospital gown … good riddance to the itchiness. While calling my friend Nancie in VA another patient [woman in her 60s] was brought in around 8pm and put in bed next to me. Nurse Denny came in to give me new meds via IV around 9pm, so there goes my chance for early bedtime. Sigh! I’m feeling so very tired, like I haven’t slept for days. Watched a movie [Nanny McPhee] while dealing with the IV, plus napped abit, plus brought up abit more blood. No CT-Scan tonight and most likely on Sunday, August 3rd. Watched abit of the movie “Titanic” before the meds finished and finally allowed to get some sleep after midnight. Throughout that Saturday evening the new patient had “issues” with nurses, meds, made calls and her telly was on too loud, but got it all sorted in the end.

Next thing I knew a doctor came in at 6am on Sunday morning to give me a shot, something about determining if I had TB. Went back to sleep after he left. Woken up by Nurse Denny at 7:10am and asked to give a urine sample, then a male nurse stopped in to take two vials of blood for more tests. I was told that breakfast would be delivered around 8:30am. Before breakfast was delivered I utilized the bathroom to wash up, apply abit of makeup and change my undergarments. Nurse Kathleen took my vitals, which were normal, and then served breakfast. The meal consisted of tea, apple juice, cereal, soymilk, whole wheat toast, jam, plus I had abit of the fruit cup left over from day before. Felt good after eating and gazing out the window it’s a sunny day with blue skies. I’d love to be outside right now in the sun and walk around Park Slope. Constantly sitting in a hospital bed is boring, so around 9:15am I took a walk around the 7N floor and spoke with a few nurses.

The female [Susan] patient in the room is abit loud on the phone and with the TV. After 9:30am Dr Sood came to check up on me, talk about meds for future, the scheduled CT-Scan and the next IV meds this AM. My brother called at 10am and we talked abit until a nurse came in to change my IV from right to left arm, then I walked the halls until Nurse Fraser came to say IV meds time. Back at my room Nurse Kathleen was changing my bed linens and Nurse Fraser hooked me up to Mr. IV. Around 11:15am I called Anni to talk and she’ll stop by to see me at hospital, plus bring some magazines. Today is her 10th wedding anniversary. At 11:30am the orderly [Milton] showed up to take me to CT-Scan on 1st floor. It didn’t take long and I was back in my room by 12:10pm. While waiting for the CT-Scan I was told a man was in there with his 2 year old son, who was being examined and the poor little boy was screaming. Later learned the boy was very scared and father was trying to comfort him. The CT-Scan was quick, painless and over quickly. Fortunately I had no coughing fits.

Back at my room I was brought lunch at 12:30pm and it consisted of baked chicken breast, brown rice, collard greens, apricots, whole wheat bread, jam, tea and soymilk. The chicken was good and very tasty. I was brought the wrong soup [split pea], so I passed on that, as I don’t care for it. Then my good friend Katherine called and we talked for abit. Good to hear her voice. Then the patient next to me started to cough and vomit. I had to abruptly end call with Katherine and go get help at the nurse’s station for Susan. I then walked around the 7th floor to get the blood circulating in my system and out of the bed. Plus look out the windows to see the daily activity in Park Slope. Today looks like such a nice day outside with sunny skies and some clouds. Anni showed up at 2:15pm for a visit. It’s great seeing her and so sweet of her to visit me, plus she brought me some magazines and tasty oatmeal/raisin cookies. Then Dr Sood showed up to give me results of the CT-Scan and he mentioned Bronchiectasis, plus nodules in my right lung. I’ll need to be on meds for awhile after I leave the hospital. After he left Anni’s husband called, they are going out that evening to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. After Anni left at 3:25pm I looked over the magazines and then took a nap. My friend Linda called at 5pm and we talked abit. She’s heading back to Brooklyn from northern Westchester County.

Rested abit and then called Jay in Florida to chitchat. While speaking with Jay my dinner was brought in and they messed up again. I asked for pasta, not mashed potatoes. The gist of the menu was pineapple juice, baked Tilapia, peas/carrots, whole wheat bread, apple sauce, tea and soymilk. Enjoyed the call with Jay and he was also checking out online about Bronchiectasis, plus reading it to me over the phone. Mom and Dad phoned me at about 7pm to hear about the CT-Scan results. Took another stroll around the 7th floor before heading back to bed and read some of the magazines. Then I nodded off for abit and when I woke up Linda was standing there, which startled me abit. It was abit after 8pm and good to see her. She’d found a better pattern to crochet granny squares and show me the gist of it. Definitely easier to understand and work with the yarn. We chatted while crocheting and she left at 9:20pm. Washed up, back into bed and getting more IV treatment at 10pm for a few hours. Watched some telly and read more of the magazines. The nurses took more darn blood before and after I received the IV. While I was receiving the IV I would try to sleep or nap. Not sure when all was said and done, but I’m sure it was after midnight. Was woken up around 4am when a nurse came in to administer treatment for patient in the other bed. This happened again at 5am. Went back to sleep for another 1 ½ hours and then up again to utilize the bathroom. Sponge bathed myself, brush teeth, wash the face, put on clean undergarments, and applied some makeup.

Another nurse came to my bed to take more blood. My arms and right hand will be sore, plus black & blue for days because of this. I just want to go home at this point and waiting for the “green light” from Sood and Challapalli. Around 8:15am on August 4th, the doctor stopped by to say he’ll consult with Challapalli after more tests are done. I may be going home today or tomorrow. With this news I called the office and learned Claire was on vacation, so I spoke with Ginger instead and explained the situation. She’ll inform co-workers in my department that I’ll be out for a few days. My breakfast was delivered by a volunteer and I noshed on apple juice, Cheerios, bran muffin, jelly, soymilk and an herbal tea. Tried to call Mom and left a voicemail. Then Nurse Kathleen came in to check my vitals, which were normal. Around 9:30am I took a long stroll around the floor for 15 t6o 30 minutes, while other patient [Susan] in the room was being attended to by nurses. Also, there is a cop sitting out in the hallway since 8am this morning. From what I learned there is an ill “prisoner” in the room across the hall from me. The cop is a nice, pleasant fella who is probably 30 something. I called Mom and Dad around 10:30am to update them on latest developments.

Afterwards I washed my dirty undergarments and placed them over a towel draped on a chair to dry. After a bathroom break I again strolled around the 7th floor for abit. I further learned that there is not one, but two ill “prisoners” on the 7th floor. One across the hall and one next door, plus the female patient in my room is going through some serious issues, both health and otherwise. Dear lord, please don’t let me get like that when I’m elderly. Its very unsettling and abit scary. About 11:30am Nurse Sanduson came in to set up my IV meds and this will probably last an hour or so. Called Dee at EY to touch base, talk and see how things were at work. While waiting for lunch to be delivered at 12:30pm I read some of the magazines. There were brought by Anni yesterday:

Stampington & Co Hand-Crafted Vol 4
Country Living
House Beautiful
Better Homes & Gardens

For lunch I had broth, roast fresh turkey, French cut beans, apple sauce, crackers, tea and soymilk. Turkey was tasty and tender, plus it feels like I’ve lost a wee bit of weight over past 4 days. After lunch I took a nap until 1:30pm when Dr Sood showed up and we talked about my health situation. I’m hoping I can go home tonight and he’ll see what can be done. Need a break away from the other patient, as her phone calls and demands on staff are unsettling. So I went for another walk at 2:10pm, and this time I brought along Mr. IV along around 7th floor. I looked out the windows on a nice, sunny day. Back at the room they came to take patient [Susan] for some X-rays and I was left with a quiet room, so I took a one hour nap. My sister-in-law called at 3:30pm to chat and see how I was getting on. [BTW, the meds are Vancomycin and Detrose plus Benadril to counter the allergic reaction to Vancomycin.] Dr. Sood showed up around 4:20pm with another doctor to check my breathing and ask more questions. After a brief consultation they said I could go home this evening. Hurray! Great news! Dr. Sood will give me prescription for meds and I need to do a follow up visit with Challapalli. I’ll call to make an appt tomorrow with my clinic.

I called Linda to see if she can drive me home and she said yes, will be here around 7pm. I called Mom with the news and will phone them as soon as I arrive home. Also called Ginger at EY with the news and she said take off Tuesday as a sick day to recover. The other patient in the room was brought back from tests around this time. I went for a walk around the 7th floor one last time and say goodbye to some of the nurses. Nurse Sanduson said I couldn’t be discharged until Dr Sood put the info into the computer. So I head back to my room and called him ASAP. He was still doing “rounds” and would take care of it shortly. In the meantime, I washed up, got my things packed and ate dinner at 6pm. My last meal at the hospital consisted of cranberry juice, Salmon, broccoli, fruit cup, crackers, tea and soymilk. After that I dressed in my street clothes and finished organizing my things, waited for Linda, plus the nurse to remove that darn IV. Talked with Susan for abit to kill time, and Linda arrived at 7:30pm and we talked about stuff.

Nurse Sanduson arrived with paperwork shortly after 8pm, which I had to sign, plus 2 prescriptions and a final report. Apparently I had Hemoptysis and I knew about the Bronchiectasis. Then Nurse Sanduson removed the IV, cleaned the area and put a bandage on it. I was free to go home. Hurray! Said goodbye to Susan, the nurses and got on the elevator with Linda. Her car was across the street and it felt good to be outdoors once again. Arrived at my apartment around 9pm, got my mail, turned on the a/c and called Mom. Took a long bubble bath in my tub and was in bed by 10:30pm. Amen!