Friday, August 27, 2004


On Tuesday, August 31st, [6pm to 10pm] there is an anti-war convention at Columbia Universities Miller Theatre. I understand the NY Times will be there covering the event. The event has been mentioned on the following link:

On Saturday, August 28th, A Green World is Possible event from the Green Party and being held in Washington Square Park [12pm to 6pm].

On Sunday, August 29th, is the big RNC PROTEST MARCH and Demonstrations in Manhattan.

On Monday, August 30th, at 7 PM, will be Fighting the Bush Agenda. To be held at Saint John the Divine's SYNOD HOUSE (110th Street & Amsterdam Avenue). The "Can We Do Better Than Anybody But Bush Panel" will feature Peter Camejo, Naomi Klein, Jeremy Scahill, JoAnn Wypijewski, Shujaa Graham and Ahmed Shawki.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Next week in New York, Republican politicians will try to make the case that their party represents mainstream American values. Don't be fooled. Because at the same time that Republicans claim they represent all of America, they're fielding candidates who have some pretty outrageous and radical views. Republican congressional candidate and eugenics supporter James Hart, for example, recently explained his campaign strategy to reporters: "Every person who opens the door — as long as they're white — I'll say, 'I'm James Hart. I'm running for Congress." We can't afford to let people like James Hart run our country. So today, we're highlighting five of the candidates who are going to take it back – folks running against far-right candidates in very close races. If we support all of them, we have a great chance of winning back control of the U.S. Senate. Contribute to their races and watch our shocking new web video featuring more radical Republican quotes at:

Our video is comprised of actual quotes from Republican candidates and office holders, highlighting the truly extreme, hate-filled views of many of the Republican party's top officials and current candidates for public office. It's short, and definitely worth watching. Check it out at the link above. The right wing's strategy for tightening its control over America and the world depends on convincing us that the Republican party is fundamentally moderate. But the fact is, Republican candidates hold a lot of views that sharply differ with those of ordinary Americans. And they try to gloss over these differences through spin — remember Bush's 2000 campaign theme of "compassionate" conservatism and his promise of a "humble" foreign policy? We can't let Republicans get away with this bait-and-switch any longer. If we want to take back our country and defend the values that make it great, defeating President Bush is not enough. Even if Kerry wins, he won't be able to turn things around if Republican extremists still control the U.S. Senate.

We've got to win back the Senate, seat by seat. Today, we urge you to support five Senate candidates who have a great chance of winning important races and knocking out the kind of extremists highlighted in our web video. They are: Ken Salazar in Colorado, Tony Knowles in Alaska, Erskine Bowles in North Carolina, Inez Tenenbaum in South Carolina, and Brad Carson in Oklahoma. Each of these candidates is running in a state that has increasingly come under Republican control. Yet their races are still competitive. And with your help, we have a real chance to win these crucial Senate seats and an opportunity to take back the U.S. Senate. These five candidates will be competing against some of the most right-wing Republicans in the country, all whom will be well funded. Pete Coors, beer magnate and leading donor to the conservative Heritage Foundation, is the GOP nominee in Colorado.

In Oklahoma, the Republican Senate candidate is U.S. Representative Tom Coburn, who criticized Newt Gingrich for being too moderate and also said, "I favor the death penalty for abortionists and other people who take life." And while each of these candidates has an opponent who has proven themselves to be far to the right of the mainstream, each of these five Democratic candidates has proven their ability to win, often against great odds. Inez Tenenbaum, currently the Commissioner of Education in South Carolina, won more votes on the 2002 ballot than any other state-wide candidate in this increasingly conservative state. Tony Knowles, the Democrat who was twice elected Governor of Alaska, remains popular in Alaska, a solid Republican state. And Erskine Bowles, former Clinton Administration Chief of Staff, continues to lead in the North Carolina polls, despite the GOP's best efforts to undermine him.

Personal News #33

“Sharpes Rifles” is the first in a series of 14 teleplays starring Sean Bean as the rough, tough, commander [as well as ladies man] of a band of sharp shooters [ie: Chosen Men], who fight for England during the Napoleonic Wars in Spain. Bean really excels at the role, as well as looking quite dashing in his dark green uniform. The Sharpe series is based on the adventure novels written by Bernard Cornwell. The 14 teleplays chronicle the adventures of Richard Sharpe in the British military during the early 19th century [ie: 1807 thru 1815] at the time of Napoleonic era in Europe. Another series that comes close to being just as good and set during the same era … are the six Horatio Hornblower teleplays. Hornblower is in the British Navy and Sharpe is a ground soldier. If either series comes to your cable station, I highly recommend watching them.

This is among the better Sharpe outings and fourth in the series. Sharpe’s adventures as the Duke of Wellingtons common soldier promoted to officer. [Actor Hugh Fraser plays Wellington. Fraser is known to many as Captain Hastings in the Poirot series.] In this episode there is great interaction between the characters, some fighting, espionage, rescuing damsels and great scenes with Teresa, dealing with new weaponry and speaking some French. On doing some research on these teleplays, I learned that many of these early teleplays were filmed in the Crimea. And that there was a draught at the time, plus other rough conditions. Can you say … please pass a bottle of Evian. As I’ve said before, if you have an interest in the Napoleonic era, then definitely watch this series. You will not be disappointed.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

God Is Not A Republican. Or A Democrat.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM MOVE ON & PETER SCHURMAN - Stand up for America the Beautiful

The Bush administration has announced plans to open 60 million acres of America's last pristine wild forests to logging, drilling, and mining. It's the biggest single giveaway to the timber industry in the history of our national forests. It's time to speak up -- the official comment period on Bush's proposal is now open. Let the Bush administration know you want them to protect our last remaining wild forests, at:

The Clinton administration issued a new rule protecting the last wild and intact roadless areas in our national forest system in 2001. The "Roadless Area Conservation Rule" was the product of more than two decades of broad debate and three years of official review and public participation. According to then Secretary-of-Agriculture Daniel Glickman:

Never before have the American people so actively participated in helping to decide how their public lands should be managed. The fact that more than 1.5 million comments were received from Americans shows that these truly are all of the people's lands, not just a few, and they care deeply about how they are cared for.

But the Bush administration's actions demonstrate clearly that they care only for the few and not the many. Since the year 2000, the timber industry has given $25 million in political donations to President Bush and his allies in Congress. According to The Salt Lake Tribune:

The proposed policy favors local loggers' interests over many Americans justifiable expectation that their last surviving forests will be protected by federal oversight. The national forests are, after all, owned by all Americans, not merely those who stand to gain economically or politically from logging.

Tell the Bush Administration that America's National Forests belong to ALL of us, not just the timber corporations. Let them know we won't be silent while America the Beautiful is threatened.

SAVE AMERICA AND DEFEAT BUSH! Great Articles Pertaining To NYC, Signs & The Upcoming Invading RNC.

GOP Delegates Met With Anti-Bush Signs
by Sara Kugler

Signs, Signs Everywhere: Activists Welcome Convention With Bush-Bashing Banners
by Sara Kugler,0,972969.story?coll=ny-ap-regional-wire

[Graphic artist Thomas Gallagher leaves a Motor City bar on the Lower East Side, Wednesday, August 18th, in New York, after posting one of the 3,000 anti-Bush posters he printed for storekeepers to display during the upcoming RNC. Throughout the city protesters like Gallagher are making their discontent clear with signs expressing anti-Bush sentiment. (photo by Kathy Willens)]

By now, you know about the PDA - Progressive Democrats of America, the "progressive wing of the Democratic Party." In the New York Times, Tim Carpenter, a former Kucinich Campaign staffer and the new Director of the PDA was quoted thus:

"Support for serious, sustained progressive effort to transform the Democratic Party is striking a real chord--both with rank and file Party activists, progressive activists and with the media."

The PDA is our natural continuation as supporters of Dennis Kucinich, and we are looking to this organization to bird dog John Kerry into a more humanistic and progressive president. There is a matching grant going on RIGHT NOW - they must raise about $4,000 to get a lump sum BY FRIDAY. Don't delay, Kucitizens. $20 or $30 apiece ought to do it. Please circulate this widely, too. Thank you so much! Here's the link:

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The battle to protect the right to protest in Central Park continues, and your help is needed! The City has again refused to open the park for the Sunday August 29th demonstration by United for Peace and Justice. Instead, the City still insists the rally be held at the fringe of the city, on the West Side Highway. The NYCLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a lawsuit on behalf of UFPJ seeking a court order to open the park for the UFPJ rally. The case will be heard in court today (Tuesday, August 24th). To strengthen this case, please make your voice heard in the court of public opinion. Click on link below and go to the NYCLU site to send a fax or email to Mayor Michael Bloomberg today, asking to open Central Park for political protest. It takes all of 10 seconds to do.

You can also call the Mayor at (212) 788-3000 with this message: Open Central Park for political protest during the RNC and issue a Central Park permit to UFPJ for the 29th! Thanks!

En Masse And On Message - Boston Becomes A Progressive Tea Party
by Christopher Hayes

Back on Tuesday, August 17th, I joined Jill and Tanya at TEANY for the monthly Tea Meetup. This small, charming place [ie: a Moby project] is located in the East Village on Rivington Street near Orchard Street. We partook of different teas, both hot and cool, plus enjoyed some good vegetarian food. I noshed on a delicious scone with clotted cream and jam. It was soooo good. Over the two hours we talked about lots of topics and had many good laughs.

FYI ... the next National Kucinich Meetup is scheduled for Thursday, September 2nd, at 7pm. Here in NYC its being held at Washington Irving High School at 40 Irving Place in the East Village. NYC Kucitizens are now focusing our talents and energy towards progressive campaigns, as well as putting the word out on the "Department of Peace". Those campaigns we are plugging: Frank Barbaro, Robert Jereski, Jessica Flagg and Diane Savino. Join us Kucitizens on September 2nd ... become more involved with the progressive movement. Help us take back our city, state and country from the corrupt, foul, evil, peace-hating Republicans. Also ... join the protest march and rally on August 29th. Let the invading RNC barbarians know that we don't want them in NYC and stop abusing the memory of 9/11/01.

Past few weeks have seen a steady flow of work at the office. Dealing with spreadsheets, databases, travel plans, invoices, etc. There is also talk that our department will be moved up a few floors to be closer to another partner. This is suppose to happen sometime around October. Stay tuned for updates as they happen. I'm also doing the prep work for my upcoming vacation to Canada and hanging out with my PJ buddy Josee. Will be visiting Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec. Can't wait!

On Sunday, August 22nd, I spent several hours helping out fellow Kucitizen [Thomas] with his NOTOBUSH [link to website in right-hand column] table at the annual HOWL! Festival in Tompkins Square Park [East Village]. It was a gorgeous day. . . .weather wise. . ..everyone was out and about. Enjoyed helping out Thomas, who is such a darling sweetheart, plus I got to talk to many folk about the upcoming Protest March and politics. It was great! While at the HOWL! festival I picked up some flyers on events taking place throughout NYC. Definitely worth checking out. . . . . . .

Exhibition of Pro-Active, Anti-Bush Works
819 Washington Street, NYC
August 24th thru September 18th
Free AdmissionPhone: 212-243-8572

Iraq Olympians Say Bush Is NOT On Their Team
Some soccer players angrily object to being cited in the president's reelection drive. White House says the message is freedom, not politics.
[Duchess Note: The Bush Administration has repeatedly used and abused 9/11 ... they are using the same lowly tactics in regards to the Iraqi soccer team. Will it never end?!? Yes, in November when Kerry is legally elected president by "we the people".]
by Tracy Wilkinson

[Special Limited Movie Engagement]
City Cinemas Village
East 151 Second Avenue @ 12th Street
11:30pm showings - August 27th thru September 3rd

[A Performance Collage of Music & Spoken Word]
Co-sponsored by The Nation Institute
Washington Square Church, NYC
135 West 4th Street - near 6th Avenue
7pm showings - August 31st thru September 2nd
$15 cash or check donation

[Closing Night Festivities of the HOWL Festival - Anti Bush Event]
Tuesday, August 24th at Webster Hall
125 East 11th Street - near 3rd Avenue
Doors open at 7pm and show starts at 8pm
$10 at door - tickets available at

Stay tuned for more of my DVD/Movie reviews................

Sunday, August 22, 2004

by Steve Kelley, Seattle Times

by Pratap Chatterjee, AlterNet
Missing: one-third of the Pentagon's equipment and $1.8 billion of Iraqi money. Guess who has it?

by Bill Moyers, NOW
Lou Dobbs talks about how American businesses are putting their interests ahead of the national interest with the outsourcing of jobs.

by David J. Sirota, Jonathan Baskin, Washington Monthly
John Kerry understood before most in Washington the important links between illegal banking and terrorism.

by Jordan Smith, Austin Chronicle
If the death penalty is supposed to be a deterrent, executing are habilitated man will serve as a deterrent to redemption.

Friday, August 20, 2004

THE EAST VILLAGE [NYC] WELCOMES THE "RNC: Closing Night Festivities of the HOWL Festival"
Join in a night of political cabaret, activist tabling and all-out rave. On the main stage, Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping, followed by performances from Zero Boy, Chris Rael, Missile Dick Chicks, Moonshine Shorey, Polygraph Lounge, Dan Bern, Billionaires for Bush, and many more. 35 New York-based activist groups, including United for Peace and Justice, the noRNC Clearinghouse, Music for America, the Yippies, and the East Village Community Coalition will be distributing information about RNCactivities. It all culminates in a booty-shakin' good time, with DJ Shakey and friends spinning political beats for your activist-soul pleasure. Tuesday, August 24 at 8pm (Doors at 7pm); $10. Webster Hall, 125E 11th St (between 3rd and 4th Ave). Advance tickets available:

QUOTE OF THE WEEK ... I don’t make jokes; I just watch the government and report the facts. Will Rogers

by Solana Pyne, Village Voice
Access to the American health care system is a luxury item for young adults.

by Christian Parenti, The Nation
A journey down the Tigris River reveals a country in a woeful state of disrepair.

Iraqi Olympic Soccer Team Gives Bush The Boot
by Dave Zirin

According To MEETUP.COM The Top Topics in "Politics & Activism" Are As Follows
Democracy for America (>169,200 members)
Kerry in 2004 (>135,700)
Democratic Party (>67,800)
Townhall (>27,500)
Kucinich in 2004 (>20,800)
20 Million Loud (>15,400)
John Edwards (>12,400)
March for Women (>12,400)
Human Rights Campaign (>11,000)
Republican Party (>9,700)
Fight Big Media (>6,800)
Bush in 2004 (>5,700)
Impeach Bush (>5,500)
Nader in 2004 (>4,700)
Gay Rights (>2,300)

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Republican-Funded Group Attacks Kerry's War Record
[McCain Speaks Up ... Senator McCain who has publicly endorsed Bush and even appealed for donations to the President's campaign, came to Kerry's defense on this. McCain didn't witness the events in question, of course. But he told the Associated Press in an August 5th interview ... "I think the ad is dishonest and dishonorable. As it is none of these individuals served on the boat (Kerry) commanded. Many of his crewmates have testified to his courage under fire. I think John Kerry served honorably in Vietnam.]

Ask Bush Supporters These Basic Questions
by Mary Louise Symon
The upcoming march and rally to say NO TO THE BUSH AGENDA is moving ahead on Sunday, August 29th. Assembly will begin at 10:00am between 14th Street and 23rd Street, stretching from Fifth to Ninth Avenues. The march will kick off at noon and head up Seventh Avenue past Madison Square Garden. The meeting places for various feeder marches will also be announced on that web page in a few days, so keep checking if there's a specific group with which you'd like to march. Mayor Bloomberg still has not given a permit for the rally in Central Park but the march itself has a permit. (Protests to the Mayor and appropriate city officials would be very useful). Beautiful banners are available from United for Peace and Justice (you cansee a picture at for $6 each.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if New York City were covered with these banners during the entire RNC! You can also get poster versions of the flags for a small donation. These and other materials are available from the United for Peace and Justice office, 209 W 38th Street, 9th floor, Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, 212-868-5545 (call the office if you will arrive later). By the way, Dennis Kucinich has been invited to speak at the NYC Social Forum on August 31st, but it is not yet known if he will be able to attend. Hope to see you all on the 29th!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

NYC To GOP: Drop Dead
by Ted Rall
Well aware that it is barren soil for their party's anti-urban, anti-immigrant, anti-feminist, overtly racist ideology, Republican leaders have wisely avoided New York City as a convention site for the past 150 years. Even as the rest of America turns red, we New Yorkers remain as liberal as the people's republic of San Francisco: fewer than 18 percent of the citizens of New York's five boroughs (which include relatively conservative places like Staten Island) cast ballots for Bush/Cheney in 2000. But White House strategist Karl Rove sees the continued exploitation of 9/11 for partisan political gain as Bush's key to victory in November. That means bringing the big bash three miles north of the hole where the Twin Towers used to stand, where most of the victims of 9/11 were burned, suffocated, impaled and pulverized. To read more on this article, go to:

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Does Your Government Really Have An Interest In Protecting You From Terrorism?
by Ivan Eland

Kerry Made A Bush League Error On Iraq
by Robert Scheer

Irons Travels To A New "Dimension"
by Jonathan Cohen

Activist Seeks Election
by Rebecca Baker Erwin

I've Bean Here Before
"News in Brief"

Fleecing America's Soldiers
by Jim Hightower

Whiff Of Voter Suppression Fouls The Air
by Bob Herbert

US Hurricane Victims Face Turmoil

Squelching Protest: The Great American Hush-Up

by Dahlia Lithwick

Sunday, August 15, 2004

This update from the Jereski Campaign will let you know what distractions we've been consumed with. We're sticking in there and can use your support. You can help us raise the issues that are being ignored by attending the press conference on Wednesday, August 18th mentioned here. Or you can send much needed financial contributions to:

Friends of Robert Jereski
2 Tudor City Place, 9AS
New York, NY 10017

For those interested in legal wrangling, we've included a timeline of legal proceedings below as well as the affidavit of service which shows the ends we've gone to to serve Maloney and her objectors. Thanks! In peace and solidarity ... Rob Jereski

Representative Carolyn Maloney Charged with Corrupt Abuse of Authority

Challenger Robert Jereski Appeals To Appellate Court. Charging Corrupt Abuse of Authority and other Serious Irregularities:

What: Press Conference Explaining Rep. Maloney's Abuse of Authority
When: Wednesday August 18th, 2004, 8:30 AM
Where: Appellate Court, 25th Street and Madison Avenue
Contact: Jereski for Congress Campaign, 212.973.1782

NEW YORK, NY - Embattled Congress Member Carolyn Maloney (NY 14th D) continues to face serious charges that her primary campaign engaged in corruption with complicity from a Board of Election clerk. Democratic Party candidate Robert Jereski filed a petition with the court requesting that Maloney's designating petition be thrown out, based on her violation of New York State Election Law. The Jereski case rests on two striking instances of electoral abuse:

1) Corrupt Abuse of Authority ... Rep. Maloney's Congressional Staff worked on Campaign!
2) Court Clerk who reviewed signatures for ballot and made the determination that Jereski missed by 4 signatures, actually collected signatures for Rep. Maloney!

Among the complaints, Jereski's campaign is filing charges that Maloney's campaign manager Micah Kellner engaged in electioneering activities, most notably signature collection, while being employed at the Representative's district office at taxpayer expense. These most serious charges are considered felony offenses and may carry prison terms. In addition, the Maloney campaign, partly operating from her Congressional office, conspired to avoid service of Court papers, with Rep. Maloney actually leaving the country. Furthermore, the Board of Election Clerk who reviewed petition signatures and made the determination that Jereski missed the 1250 requirement by 4 signatures, gathered signatures for Rep. Maloney's Campaign!

Congresswoman Maloney grandly call or the UN to supervise Florida elections, while here in NYC she is trying every trick in the book to avoid an election in her own District. I remind Rep.Maloney that America is a democracy and the voters deserve a choice. Maybe we should have the UN come and monitor this election. I am confident that the Court will determine in the interest of justice that I will be on the ballot and the voters will have a clear choice. Lackluster leadership in the headlines, or down and dirty grunt work on behalf of the people of the 14th District, said Democratic challenger Robert Jereski. Where was Maloney when Wyoming was getting more Homeland security money than New York City? Where was she when our education was not being funded at adequate levels and are children are being left behind? Instead of repeatedly leveling partisan charges against Bush to deflect from her failures, she should be working to make New Yorkers more secure. This is exactly why I am running.

TIMELINE: Affidavit of Service
Maloney's lawyers filed a petition to invalidate Jereski's nominating petition on July 22nd, 2004 (Index No. 110790/04). On August 3rd, 2004, at the Board of Elections hearing on objections to the designating petition of Democratic Party congressional candidate Robert Jereski, the Board of Elections Commissioners ordered a line-by-line on signatures Robert Jereski claimed had been improperly invalidated. Timothy Gay, the Deputy Clerk at the Board of Elections reviewed the petition signatures. Mr. Gay is a Democratic Party District Leader who had himself gathered signatures for the incumbent candidate, Carolyn B. Maloney. Mr. Gay refused to recognize dozens of signatures of registered Democrats residents of the 14th Congressional District. The election Team of Carolyn Maloney acted in a disruptive and boisterous manner (two of her team members were asked to leave the room), which behavior Jereski claims unduly influenced Mr. Gay. The Board of Elections Commissioners, as a result of a new clerk's report by Mr. Gay, made a final determination that Robert Jereski was 4 signatures short of the 1250 signature required by statute (hearing of the New York City Board of Elections).

Jereski filed on August 9th, 2004 in NY State Supreme Court to validate his nominating petition and to invalidate Maloney's petition and sanction her based on the "ethical lapses" and violations of election law outlined below (Index No. 111401/04). At the first hearing on the case on August 11th, Maloney's lawyers claimed that the statutory deadline for filing objections to Maloney's petition had expired in July and therefore the "corrupt use of power and authority" claim could not be adjudicated. They also claimed that service on the necessary party objectors to the Jereski petition had not been properly made. Jereski cross-claimed that the reasons for objecting to Maloney's petition based on the "corrupt use of power and authority" were not known to him before the deadline for filing objections. The Court - based on the Election Law statute - ruled that the objections to Maloney's petition could not be adjudicated (transcript of proceedings before Justice Herman Cahn). The Court ordered a traverse hearing before a referee on the issue of service and for the adjudication of question of valid signatures. The referee reported and the judge affirmed that personal service as ordered by Judge William J. Davis had not been made. Jereski objected that personal service was refused and resisted as per the affidavit of service (attached).

Ethical Lapses:
Congressperson Carolyn B. Maloney hired Micah Z. Kellner to serve her reelection campaign in the capacity of Campaign Manager in her on-going efforts to obtain the public office of Representative in Congress from the 14th Congressional District of New York. Mr. Kellner, is also employed as a member of the Congressional staff of Mrs. Maloney on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. On days in which Mr. Kellner served the Maloney campaign as Campaign Manager he also collected signatures for incumbent Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney's Designating Petition. The employees of Congressperson Maloney working at the District Office of the Congressperson unlawfully provided service to the Congressperson by contacting (by use of telephone and/or e-mail) Micah Kellner, the Campaign Manager, at the Congressperson's reelection campaign headquarters to warn him about the fact that service of court papers was or would be personally attempted - at said campaign headquarters - both on him and the other reelection campaign volunteer, Heather Leifer, both of whom had filed objections to the complainants Designating Petitions.

As a result of the above-mentioned actions, aid to the reelection Campaign of Congressperson Maloney was unlawfully rendered by the Congressional Offices and Staff members of Carolyn Maloney, enabling objections to complainant candidate Robert Jereski's to be compiled, gathered and file and enabling the Campaign Manager and other respondents colluding with him to avoid service of said papers thereby benefiting the reelection campaign of Carolyn Maloney, which was seeking to avoid a primary election in the 14th Congressional District of New York. Andrew Tulloch, the election lawyer for Carolyn Maloney's reelection campaign, and his agents, including Allan Zimmerman, his paralegal as well as Micah Z. Kellner, did benefit said reelection campaign use of this information provided in said telephone call or e-mail correspondence, from the Congressional District Office of Carolyn Maloney by successfully frustrating service and arguing in New York State Supreme Court that service was not properly rendered. (see Affidavit of Service attached) The NY Supreme Court ruled against the Jereski Campaign on the threshold issue of service of Process on August 13, 2004. We are appealing to the New York State Appellate Court and will be heard on Wednesday, August 18, 2004.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Comments From A Good Friend In Canada Who Recently Saw OUTFOXED

FAIR & BALANCED?!? Last week I saw the new documentary OUTFOXED. I can't say I watch Fox news regularly. I do put it on from time to time so I can get an objective view of what's out there. My own impression of the network is basically that of which I have for entertainment shows like Extra and Entertainment Tonight. They're all about ratings and shock value, you never feel like you're getting the full story. I can't stomach some of their news casters like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannerty (sp); I find it really disgusting that they call themselves journalists. I would have no problem with them if the people they interviewed actually had a chance to speak or share their views, but they aren't, they are censored, told to shut up and in some cases their dialogue is edited out completely from the broadcast. Right wing viewers might say that Outfoxed is just edited and sensationalized to make Fox look worse than it is. I wonder if that's possible. Sure they may have edited it to get their point across, but they do it with something the Fox news network rarely uses facts. Some points in the movie that nobody can contest are that Robert Murdock owns and controls a number of stations and is a contributor of the US Republican Party. Is this not a clear case of conflict of interest? Unfortunately nowadays you can't trust even the people who were trained to report the news objectively. One clear message I got this from this movie is that we have the power to stop these people; we just have to get off our asses and do it.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK ... The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Thomas Jefferson

by Walter Cronkite

Greetings and salutations to all my dear friends, family, fellow bloggers and Progressive Democrats!! Have quite abit of news resulting from a busy week of August 2nd. So sit down for a while, get comfy, sip some wine or tea and enjoy the read.

On Monday evening at 6pm [August 2nd], Rob Jereski held a press conference and rally outside 14th Congressional District incumbent, conservative Democrats [phony Maloney] office on upper eastside of Manhattan. The event was video taped by fellow Kucitizen Cielito, Rob gave a great speech and we handed out lots of flyers for the Jereski campaign. Even as I type this that phoney Maloney has her FIVE lawyers beating down on Jereski at Board of Elections about the petition signatures. I posted further news on the “dirty politics” by Maloney via an earlier blog posts. Check it out!

On Wednesday evening, August 4th was the Kucinich General Meeting [7pm]. Our usual meeting space near UN Plaza wasn’t reserved, so we made do with a local courtyard in between two buildings. Those who were able to attend were: Ellen, Bill, Kenny and I. We discussed whether we should reschedule the general meeting. [Is there still interest among NYC Friends of Kucinich?] Decided not to reschedule ... as it was shortly after the completion of the DNC in Boston. And we were all fired up in wanting to discuss the events of that week in Boston. We agreed that future meetings would be held as a "house party" and at a chosen Kucitizen home. So the next “general meeting” will feature photos/video by Ellen and Cielito. Ellen told us all about her experiences at the DNC, as well as showed us items she'd brought back. Her enthusiasm and upbeat tone was inspiring, as she talked about delegate meetings, voting process, progressive forum, etc. We wrapped up the meeting with a discussion on "Progressive Democrats of America", which was recently formed and we feel it important to channel our energies toward this movement/organization. The website is at:

On Thursday evening, August 5th, the monthly Kucinich meetup [7pm] was held at Bar 44 on East 44th Street. Those who were able to attend were: Ellen, Eric, Kenny, Sasha, Virginia, Mike & Charlene. We started the meetup inside the bar, but it got to noisy, so we moved it to the bench outdoors and enjoyed the evening breeze. Most of the talk was about the recent DNC in Boston. Ellen passed around INSIDE/OUT newsprints from that week, as well as showed us items from convention. A few political and election related websites were mentioned … and It was agreed upon that future meetups should be held at private, not public places. As well as discuss, organize and act upon more progressive topics. Our group also touched upon documentary movies that are currently out … Corporation, Fahrenheit 911, and Outfoxed & Orwell Turns In His Grave. The last week or so has been quite productive here at the office. Not only am I learning new databases ... participating in department meetings ... invoicing [yep, the excitement grabs me too] and clocking in some OT. There is "talk" that our department will be moved to a different floor in two months or so. Something to do with restacking or restructuring. Also, on the way to work, via subway, over last few weeks I've even spotted Mr. Sexy Dreadlock Dude again. Sweet! Hadn't seen him on the G or 7 subways in "months". Sigh!

Yesterday, around 4:30pm, while at the office we heard a very loud noise and then the building shook. All on our floor jumped out of our seats, looked around and then out the windows. About 10 minutes later, over the general PA system, they announced a malfunction in the freight elevator. One of the counterweights of the elevator malfunctioned and speed to the top of the elevator shaft [bulkhead], which caused a shockwave throughout the building. When I left the office at 5:30pm there were LOTS of police, firemen and ambulance on 7th Avenue. I heard on the news this morning that there was one fatality. He was an elevator operator with Boston Properties from Staten Island, about ready to go home for the day and pick up his daughters wedding gown. Such sad news and our condolences go out to his family.

Last weekend was fun, interesting and busy with train travel. On Saturday, August 7th, I took NJ Transit down to Red Bank in New Jersey to visit my Pearl Jam friend Andrea. We hadn't seen each other since the two Pearl Jam gigs at the Madison Square Garden last year. Those few days in July 2003 were such fun hanging out with my Pearl Jam buddies. On Saturday I left Penn Station around 11am and arrived into Red Bank at 12:25pm. Andrea picked me up at the station; we drove around her area for abit and then checked out a music shop for PJ CDs and vinyl. Afterwards we headed over to Ocean Grove on the NJ shore. A little bit of history about this NJ town ... it was founded in 1869 by a Camp Meeting Association. Many old and new Victorian style homes are cramped into the 1 square mile of Ocean Grove. Not only was the area an extensive summer retreat, but also a "closed" Christian, spiritual community. It’s been "open" to the general public for 25 years or so. Now nearly a full mile of boardwalk and beach provide a great location for sunny strolls. The Main Avenue offers lots of shops and restaurants. After driving around for 15 minutes or so, we finally found parking. Andrea and I noshed at a pizza place ... very tasty. We checked out all shops, walked along the boardwalk, picked up brochures at several inns, talked about all sorts of things and before driving to her apartment, we got ice cream. At her place, which she shares with her sister, we watched early telly and cable clips of Pearl Jam. How different the band members look from 10 to 11 years ago. After an enjoyable day I headed back to NYC on the 8:20pm NJ Transit train.

The next day I ventured up to southern CT on Metro North to check out the annual SoNo Art Fest. Usually my good friend Katherine joins me and we have an enjoyable visit. This year she had to work on Sunday at Wal-Mart. She and her [2nd] hubby Maurice are house hunting. Plus, the poor darling is experiencing more troubles from her ex-hubby. The man is totally wacko and should have been institutionalized years ago. Even though there was alot of clouds over the weekend, the weather held up nicely and wasn't too hot. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to fully inspect the whole festival. Lots of talented artisans, musicians, singers and refreshment. I was feeling the pull of artistic inspiration from gazing at delightful watercolor paintings, funky ceramics and B&W photography. And also from fascinating conversation with several artists. Headed back to NYC around 4pm, checked out some book stores and visited the office briefly to work on the computer. [Andrea had lent me the Pearl Jam DVD "Live at the Showbox", which I watched over a few evenings. It was really good and from a one-night gig at Seattle's Showbox club back in Dec 2002.]

by Dorothy J. Maver [National Campaign Manager]

As our formal presidential campaign comes to an end, we are aware that many Kucinich supporters have decided to run for political office. We want torecognize, congratulate and support these courageous ones and will provide a candidate page on the website. Please email candidate contact information to . We reserve the right to make the final determination of which campaigns to publicize. Gratitude for everyone's hard work and persistent efforts in this historic campaign. Progressive caucuses continue to form, a Department of Peace resolution is recognized in eight state democratic parties, and groups such as Progressive Democrats of America (co-sponsoring Ani DeFranco's tour) and Progressive Vote are helping to organize the progressive wing of the party and strengthening the voice of the grassroots. With this continuing progress and so many of us running for office to reclaim the heart and soul of this great country, it is with great hope that we move through this next phase together.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Billboard Magazine
by Jonathan Cohen

After Pearl Jam reassembles in early October for its first live shows in nearly a year, the Seattle rock outfit will get busy on its eighth studio album. "I think they're planning on going back to the studio this winter," manager Kelly Curtis tells As for a possible release date, Curtis would only say, "When they're done, they give it to us and we go." The group will play six shows in October as part of the Vote for Change tour, which Curtis helped organize with the managers of Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, R.E.M. and the Dixie Chicks. The trek kicks off Oct. 1 in Pennsylvania and will proceed to eight additional presidential election battleground states. "We were getting bombarded with requests to play around the election, and I thought I would seek out some advice," he says of the tour's genesis. "So I called [Sprinsgteen manager] Jon Landau to see how they were dealing with all the stuff coming in.

The more we talked, the more we thought it would be a good idea to get a bunch of managers together and try to get educated." "What came out of there was five managers connecting and deciding that we should try to pull off some kind of swing-state tour. Then, it became a logistical nightmare," he adds with a laugh. Curtis declined to comment on the possibility of additional acts being added to the tour or rumors of an Oct. 10 all-star finale show in Florida. As for Pearl Jam's specific concerts with Death Cab For Cutie, on-sale dates are still being finalized. Curtis doesn't expect the shows to be made available as part of Pearl Jam's ongoing authorized bootleg series, because "it might be a little shorter set from Pearl Jam [than usual], or a lot of collaboration. But then you're dealing with other people's record companies and it gets too complicated." Curtis hinted at additional Pearl Jam shows in 2004 but declined to reveal specifics.

Asked if the band would unveil some new material at Vote for Change appearances, he said, "I'm sure that will be the case." Having left longtime label Epic last year, Pearl Jam crowned its free agent status with the July 27 release of "Live at Benaroya Hall" via its own Ten Club fan organization and a distribution deal with BMG. The set debuted last week at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Internet Album Sales tally and No. 18 on The Billboard 200 thanks to first-week sales of 52,000 copies. "This was a perfect record to try something new with some different folks," he says. "Luckily, we don't have to decide [about potentially signing with a new label] right now. We want to do as much as we can ourselves, and for what we can't do or don't want to do, we'll rely on someone else."

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE "Jereski for Congress" CAMPAIGN -- This Could Be It!
Corrupt, conservative Democrat incumbent Carolyn Maloney's election lawyers and campaign manager are resorting to corruption. They have used Congressional resources (taxpayer money) to fuel her reelection campaign, disrupted Board of Elections proceedings, badgering Board of Elections clerks, and thereby influencing the outcome of that proceeding - just like Bush did in Florida! They've also conspired to avoid being served with our court papers. They are bent on preventing an election by the voters - preferring one by election lawyers and bullying staffers - by getting us kicked off the ballot. We're fighting back to insist that she run a primary and debate Jereski about the issues we are all concerned with. Tomorrow could be our last day in court! We are charging conservative incumbent Maloney with corrupt use of power and authority and with disruption of the Board of Elections proceedings which decided against us (by only four signatures!). The Jereski Campaign knows we have enough legal [many witnessed by a certifed Notary Public] signatures. We demand a fair shot at making our case to the voters about why Jereski should be chosen by them to represent the district. We need you to come to this hearing! Bring signs and friends.

WHERE: 60 Center Street just north of City Hall across from the AfricanDiaspora Memorial (4, 5, or 6 train to Brooklyn Bridge)
WHEN: August 11th, 8:45 a.m.
WHY: We demand Democracy in our District!

PRESS RELEASE: Representative Maloney's Place On Ballot In Jeopardy. Challenger Robert Jereski To Petition State Supreme Court On Felony Charge of 'Corrupt' Practices
In the most serious challenge yet to her 12-year Congressional career, Representative Carolyn Maloney, was accused in New York State Supreme Court this morning, Monday, August 9, 2004, of 'corrupt use of power orauthority' in securing her place on the ballot for the September 14th primary election. Democratic Party candidate Robert Jereski filed a petition with the court requesting that Maloney's designating petition be thrown out, based on her violation of New York State Election Law, and that she be sanctioned. Among other complaints, Jereski's campaign is filing charges that Maloney's campaign manager Micah Kellner engaged in electioneering activities, most notably signature collection, while being employed at the Representative's district office at taxpayer expense. These most serious charges are considered felony offenses and may carry prison terms. Mr. Kellner will face these charges in a Special Election Part #49 to be held in New York Supreme Court Room #232 at 9:30 AM on Wednesday, August 11th."

Congresswoman Maloney has treated her elected office as an entitlement for far too long," said Challenger Robert Jereski. "This latest abuse of power is typical of her approach to our district. It is not surprising that someone who has regularly ignored the views of her constituents would think that her political office could be used to maintain her hold on power. This is exactly why I am running." Representative Maloney has repeatedly followed the Bush agenda over the objections of her constituents. On issues ranging from the war in Iraq, the Patriot Act, to Free Trade, the Congresswoman has ignored her constituents and the core values of the Democratic Party. With Robert Jereski representing the 14th District, we can expect a voice that again speaks for us in Washington, DC.

NO TO BUSH! SIGNS ARE READY TO SHIP TODAY! [Message from NO TO BUSH website founder Thomas G. He is also a fellow NYC Kucitizen.]
Less than 3 Weeks until Bush & Co. bring their circus to town. 8 million New Yorkers. (How many can we mobilize to take back our city?) 3000 - 12" square WORLD SAYS NO TO BUSH! window signs ( How many store fronts and ground floor windows can YOU get to display a sign? I took a stroll 'round my neighborhood today and was able to find homes for 30 signs. How many of your friends would love to wear a NO TO BUSH! button through the 29th? 10 buttons OR 10 signs for $5 - 50 signs for $20 (click above link to go to website). If you want to order more than 50 signs - drop me a note (I can give you an even lower rate --

For the New Yorkers: I'm also trying to get the window signs out to distribution points and to track where they go up. Two obvious points of focus are the area around Madison Square Garden and the area surrounding Ground Zero. I would also like to see as many of these as possible get up in high traffic areas and neighborhood hot spots. Please feel free to contact me [email address above] with ANY and ALL suggestions for distribution and to let me know what YOU can personally get out. And, of course, for those of you who want to get personal and WEAR your dissent ("wear your heart on your sleeve") - there are 6 different shirt designs featuring the notobush graphics. Local (NYC) orders will arrive within a few days of being placed - so get 'em in soon if you want to wear your shirt on the 29th! Thanks again for the support my friends!

P.S. As most of you are aware, I am funding this project myself, soooo if you can make a donation (by placing an order, or in person) it will help me offset the costs, but what is really going to make the difference in the next couple weeks is the donation of your time and energy to make sure the materials get up and out to help build the largest protest in our city's history.

[Duchess Note: The NO TO BUSH website link is also located to the right of your screen under "favorite links".]
So many disputes about John Kerry's military service record that even the 'wingers can't sort them all out':
Deborah Orin, 8/5/04, New York Post: "The book, by Vietnam vet John O'Neill who served with Kerry, adds: 'What [Kerry's] fellow Swiftees concluded was that Kerry had a very high regard for his own wellbeing and very little nerve for facing serious combat.'
Luiza Ch. Savage, 5/5/04, New York Sun: "Mr. O'Neill did NOT serve with Mr. Kerry, but took over his boat several months AFTER Mr. Kerry left Vietnam."


"Bush Is Losing It"
It's bad enough he has to campaign in Virginia, supposedly solid Red territory. But then, he follows up with yet another "gaffe" ... Bush also said high taxes on the rich are a failed strategy because "the really rich people figure out how to dodge taxes anyway." Right, obviously a notion from personal experience.

A Kerry guy in Virginia hit this softball out of the park ... Asked about that comment, Jonathan Beeton, spokesman for Kerry's campaign in Virginia, said "George Bush can speak with authority about really rich people. ... That's his base, so I'm sure he knows what he's talking about. But that doesn't make it right."

Here's a better idea -- tax those most able to pay for it, close loopholes, increase penalties for tax cheats AND strengthen enforcement. That way, Bush's friends won't be able to dodge taxes. But whatever. Abolish the speed limit because people speed anyway. Abolish drug laws because people do drugs anyway. Eliminate murder statutes because people kill people anyway. Damn that man says stupid things!!

Monday, August 09, 2004

Not Scared Yet? Try Connecting These Dots
by Ray McGovern
Are the recent warnings and heightened alerts legitimate or contrived? Is this yet another case of "intelligence" beign conjured up to serve the political purposes of President Bush and his top advisers? The record of the past three years gives rise to the suspicion that this is precisely what is afoot. To read more ... click here:

Can The Working Class Change The World?
by Michael Yates

Sunday, August 08, 2004

by Paul Menchaca
Kellner argued that Jereski “organized against the Democratic nominee for president in 2000, ran a general election campaign for City Council against the Democratic nominee in 2001, (and) refuses to say whether he will support the Democratic nominees for president in 2004, and only joined the Democratic Party himself last year.” He added that Jereski’s petition includes “not only hundreds of signatures from persons not belonging to the Democratic Party, but were also collected and witnessed by persons not belonging to the Democratic Party.” Read the whole article at ...

[Duchess Note ... I strongly object to Kellner's statement. Being one of Jereski's supporters/volunteers, I am also a registered Democrat here in New York City AND a Notary Public. Not only did I collect about a 100 signatures/addresses on the petitions, I also witnessed [as a Notary] 100s of signatures. People like Kellner play dirty politics ... just like Bush & Co. Its disgusting, unpatriotic and totally undemocratic. Time for regime change in NYCs 14th congressional district AND in the White House on November 2nd.]

Friday, August 06, 2004

Throughout our history Americans have fought for the right to vote. And the fight isn't over. In the last presidential election, millions of votes were never counted. Ballots were tossed, minorities were disenfranchised, voters were turned away at the polls. That's why the Election Protection partnership needs you to stand up and defend voting rights on November 2. To learn more, visit:

In his new book, "Sore Winners," John Powers notes that "today's Winners don't simply win, they win badly: bragging, sneering, lording it over the Losers, and promoting themselves with a crassness that would leave Duddy Kravitz blushing."

by David J. Sirota, Christy Harvey @ In These Times
Misleader-in-chief George Bush is blaming 'intelligence failure' for hyping the threat posed by Iraq. But the evidence shows that the president is lying once again.

by Davina Baum @ AlterNet
Death Cab for Cutie, Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Dixie Chicks, Keb' Mo, Jurassic 5, Bonnie Raitt. They all want you to vote. And if you live in a battleground state, they're coming to your town.

by Tom Engelhardt @
An urgent terror alert was based on information that is as much as three years old and largely based on public documents. Why are the media still playing Keystone Kops with the administration?

by Sean Gonsalves, AlterNet
Until black votes are courted -- and counted -- like white votes, America has a one-party system.

Well yes, it has been awhile since my last update. Work has been meandering along at a steady pace, outside activities have been minimal [ie: lunch with my friend Larry, farmers markets, errands, etc, etc], watching the Democratic National Convention on telly [also listening to it via WBAI] and I’ve been watching several new DVDs that I purchased from several sources at affordable prices. So this update is basically movie reviews … so sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy.

While watching this film, you’ll find yourself thinking isn’t this like the Harrison Ford film “The Fugitive”. In some ways, yes it does, but in others it doesn’t. Neal Byrne (Sean Bean) is convicted of the murder of his wife and daughter. He says he didn't do it. Jury says he did. He's off to prison. Unlike the Fugitive, however, Neal Byrne doesn't wait for things like train derailments, to happen. He takes his future into his own hands when he engineers his own escape. In the course of his investigation, he talks to the police officer that investigated the crime. The investigator tells him that he's investigated crimes in which the perpetrator committed such a heinous act that he wiped it from his own memory. "You did it, Neal." For the rest of the movie, the viewer is left wondering if Neal Byrne did it or not, and this tension is not resolved until the last scene. Throughout the film there are times when Byrne too questions whether or not he has done it, and has to come to terms with his own guilt in the outcome of events. He's got a lot of bad guys and good guys after him. Both groups get closer and closer with each encounter. Moments when the viewer is tempted to develop sympathy for Byrne as a victim are juxtaposed with moments that show him as violent and brutal. These kinds of points/ counter points escalate to critical encounters with the opposition. The groups out to catch or kill him.

Sean Bean is excellent in this and it's a good departure from the Sharpe series. Byrne's bewilderment at the turn his life has taken, his total anger at the people who he believes murdered his family, and his questioning of his own guilt in all this, are nicely drawn. The bottom line is, the viewer wants to like this guy, because he *seems* honest, but the story refuses to allow that, because he might be guilty of some awful stuff. The movie does not rely on improbable leaps from hydroelectric dams, or dramatic, but equally improbable, fight sequences in dry cleaning plants. When someone gets shot ... he goes down. When someone is stabbed, he bleeds. For a moment, it borders on the James Bond, when Byrne dismantles a two-way radio and uses it for phone calls. All in all, this was an exciting movie to watch, and worth 3 or so hours it takes to watch.

This Bond film succeeds in part because it feels a bit like the "greatest hits," with such OO7 trademarks as the Aston Martin, pretty women and big action set-pieces all playing a prominent role. However, GoldenEye (named after Ian Fleming's home in the Caribbean) also acknowledges the fact that times have changed since OO7's Cold War heyday. Bond finds himself traveling to a newly capitalist Russia, and he also has to deal for the first time with a female M, played wonderfully by Judi Dench. There is also a feisty new Miss Moneypenny for Bond to contend with, Samantha Bond replacing Caroline Bliss in the role and making it quite plain that her Moneypenny will be no pushover for OO7. Q, however, is still played by the aging but sprightly Desmond Llewelyn, and although he is only in one short scene it is a good one, providing another link to Bond's past. Unlike many Bond films, GoldenEye has quite a good plot. It certainly helps that the chief villain is a fellow OO agent, who was once a close friend of Bond's. This set-up adds real spice to the scenes between Bond and Trevelyan.

Another plus is the strength of many of the principle characters. Isabella Scorupco is one of the very best Bond girls and proving to be a decent actress. Her character fits in well with the serious, modern tone of the film by being both quite a realistic character and a skilled computer programmer. Sean Bean is quite good as Trevelyan. As much as I adore Sean Bean his rather forced upper-class accent prevents him from being one of the great villains. Still, he is menacing and his final showdown with Bond is gripping and oh so effective. Stealing the show is Famke Janssen, who is the sex-mad henchwoman Xenia Onatopp. Onatopp kills men by crushing them with her legs, and she makes for a classic Bond femme fatale. Then of course there is Pierce Brosnan, who makes a strong debut as OO7. Brosnan makes the most of Bond with a performance that nicely blends toughness with humor, and also traces of humanity. In certain scenes Brosnan does a very nice job of portraying the essential loneliness of OO7, and also his fierce loyalty to his country. In doing so he maintains the welcome seriousness that Dalton brought to the role, but he also comes across as more relaxed and humorous, making his Bond a more rounded character in the style of Sean Connery. [The definative Bond.] GoldenEye is a very entertaining and action-packed film, which captures the essence of Bond and has some real substance too in its plot and characterization.

[Next time I’ll post my reviews on the excellent British series called SHARPE, which stars Sean Bean. I have two of the fourteen DVDs, so far, and they are “Sharpes Rifles” and “Sharpes Enemy”. Plus, more news on other activities. Stay tuned…………]

Thursday, August 05, 2004


Important Announcement From The Jereski Campaign!
Yesterday afternoon, August 4th, after hours of badgering, disruption, and conniving by Maloney's 5-person team of election lawyers and objectors, the Board of Elections ruled that our designating petitions were 4 signatures short of the 1250 needed to qualify. (Details below) The campaign will now have to invest some of our resources on petitioning the courts to recognize signatures mistakenly dismissed instead of putting those resources into our street operations and voter education efforts. We are certain of success in having the courts recognize that at least 4 and most likely two dozen signatures are valid and reinstating us. It is especially important now that all volunteers step forward to help with outreach, donations, and events planning. We are baffled as to why a six-term Congressperson would spend so much time and money running away from debates and an election if she believes in herself and her popularity.

Maloney, the millionaire incumbent, is trying to throw Robert Jereski off the ballot! Maloney, a Democrat in name only, apparently prefers to spend money on election lawyers rather than putting those resources into holding debates where she might explain her views and votes to the voters. We are very disappointed that Maloney, who has voted with Bush too many times, would use her PAC money to unleash her election lawyers to thwart Democracy, instead of facing the voters and asking them to decide. We oppose election-by-election lawyers. If you do as well, please send a contribution to help with the attorney's fees. We continue to call on Maloney to withdraw her undemocratic challenges to our petition, to agree to hold debates with Robert Jereski on the issues to inform voters about their options. The following two-week period is critical. If you reject the world Bush is offering us, then help us fight the Bush Agenda locally and get involved this week.


1. Visibility and Outreach: We need you to help create high visibility for the campaign on the streets and to gather and send to us contact information from people interested in supporting and receiving updates from our campaign. Rush hour is perfect at the subway stop in your neighborhood. Information should be compiled and forwarded to the campaign at Pick up our new materials to help inform voters at subway entrances. Preview the new flyers at and viewing the "posters". Give a call to pick up flyers (212.973.1782) or just come by and ask the doorman at 2 Tudor City Place (41st street between 1st and 2nd avenue). We can also deliver flyers to you, if necessary. Remember our District is in the East Side of Manhattan, Western Queens, Roosevelt Island, part of Clinton (Hell's Kitchen) and those are the voters we would like to reach.

2. Events: We need you to help plan events in our neighborhoods throughout the district where Robert Jereski can speak with voters about issues of concern to them. Please take the initiative to contact the campaign and to plan such events and donate money. Our political system needs actively involved voters. Send potential times and dates early to to avoid scheduling conflicts.

3. Donations: You can help by sending a check to the following address and/or taking action in the district.

Friends of Robert Jereski
2 Tudor City Place, Apt. 9AS
New York, NY 10017

Voters in our very powerful district of the country (with the wealthiest zip codes, a cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic, and educated voter base) must be given a real choice of an alternative to politics as usual in our federal government (see You must be a U.S. citizen and for donations over $200 and up to $2000 (not more) you must include your name, address, occupation, and employer.

Details about what transpired at the Board of Elections yesterday ... At the beginning of the hearing, the Board of Elections had estimated that we were 24 below the threshold. I claimed to have us well above (with at least two dozen more than necessary). I asked for a review. We spent 4 tense hours during most of signatures I claimed valid were reviewed. I got 28 more that put us over by 4. Many I should have had recognized were not given b/c of the badgering of Maloney's team (5 of her people were there). Maloney's lawyer found that they had undercounted by 8 the invalids on my petition. We went in front of the commissioners again. I appealed to them to reinstate another 11 signatures from two other sheets. The Board of Elections Commissioner was applying a very restrictive interpretation of our signatures. The result according to them is that we are off the ballot by 4 signatures. We will contest this finding and give the voters a choice.

Fox News showed its Republican colors last week by giving the Democratic convention short shrift. Fox News host Cal Thomas himself said: "I think if you're going to be there during prime time and if your whole reason for being there is to cover the convention, then you ought to, in fact, cover the convention". Instead of covering the convention, Fox covered it up. For instance, they aired just 45 seconds of former Vice President Al Gore's speech before cutting away to attack him. In sharp contrast, Fox's cable peers CNN and MSNBC showed viewers the full 13-minute speech. As Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz asked ... Whatever happened to "we report, you decide"? Shouldn't Fox viewers get to hear Gore before O'Reilly and his guests start sounding off? This is a disservice to Fox viewers, many of whom don't know what they're missing by relying on Fox. By writing a letter to our local papers, we can reach out to neighbors who count on Fox News for election coverage. Writing a letter to the editor doesn't actually take very long -- you can do it in ten minutes or less. We've made it really easy for you, with talking points, sample letters, and a tool to find your local paper, at:

Gore wasn't alone in getting the silent treatment from Fox. The network also interrupted former President Jimmy Carter and Senator Ted Kennedy to make room for the pundits. Ret. General Wesley Clark and Rev. Jesse Jackson were shut out entirely. All in all, Fox News showed a quarter less of theDemocratic Convention than CNN and a full third less than MSNBC. Fox News insists its reporting is fair and balanced, but the numbers make plain thatFox shut out the Democrats to protect their Republican friends. As Paul Krugman wrote in the New York Times, "Fox News is for all practical purposes a G.O.P. propaganda agency". Serious news networks give their viewers every opportunity to decide for themselves how to vote. Anything less is unfit for democracy. Our letters can inform our neighbors of the convention outrage on Fox.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

OUTFOXED Storms Theatres
The guerilla documentary goes mainstream! Following its tremendous success in DVD sales and MoveOn house parties (3700 screenings in homes across the nation), 'Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism' opens in theatres in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. this Friday, August 6th. Director Robert Greenwald's film, picked up by Cinema Libre Distribution, became a bestseller on via an incredible grassroots network, and now promises to extend its message about the "race to the bottom" of media empires and Fox News in particular to the rest of the American public. For more information about screenings near you, check the website:

by Ronnie Dugger @ The NationComputerized voting systems have been proven insecure; is enough being done to assure that the 2004 election will not be stolen?

by Stefan Braidwood @ PopMatters
Any musical genre that is so successful that it becomes the mainstream inevitably becomes homogenized; hip hop, in its diversity, strength and potential, can fight the tendency towards mediocrity.

by Sheila Gibbons @ Women's eNews
The wives of modern presidential candidates are smart, independent women, but no one in the media seems to notice.

by Jonathan Schorr @ Washington Monthly
John Kerry has quietly assembled a radical school reform plan.

Pearl Jam is excited to announce the Vote for Change concert tour. Vote for Change is a loose coalition of musicians brought together by a single idea. The need to make a change in the direction of our country. We share a belief that this is the most important election of our lifetime. We are fighting for a government that is open, rational, just and progressive. “The upcoming election provides everyone an opportunity to change the direction our country is headed and to elect a government that is just, rational and respectful of the views and rights of the people it serves. This coalition of artists wants to be a part of that change.” said Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam. Artists participating in Vote for Change have merged their energies and talents to focus on states that are expected to have the closest race in the presidential election this fall. This unprecedented effort will include approximately 34 shows in 28 cities in 9 battleground states over the course of a week. These concerts will feature Babyface, Jackson Browne, Bright Eyes, Dave Matthews Band, Death Cab for Cutie, the Dixie Chicks, John Fogerty, Ben Harper, Jurassic 5, Keb’ Mo’, John Mellencamp, My Morning Jacket, Pearl Jam, Bonnie Raitt, R.E.M., James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and more. These and other artists will appear on separate bills on the same night in selected cities around several battleground states. Vote for Change artists hope to accomplish a single goal through the tour: to get people to the polls on November 2nd to vote for a change. The Vote for Change tour will be presented by MoveOn PAC, with all concert proceeds benefiting the work of America Coming Together (ACT).

TICKETS: Pearl Jam and Death Cab for Cutie will be performing the following Vote for Change shows:

Oct. 1 Reading, PA - Sovereign Center ... Oct. 2 Toledo, OH - Sports Arena ... Oct. 3 Grand Rapids, MI - Delta Plex ... Oct. 5 St. Louis, MO - Fox Theater ... Oct. 6 Asheville, NC - Civic Center ... Oct. 8 Kissimmee, FL - Silver Spur Arena

IMPORTANT: Check back here for more information about how to get tickets to these shows. All dates and venues subject to change. For more information about Vote for Change, including ticket information and updates, go to Quote from Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam ... “This is the fourth presidential election which Pearl Jam has engaged in as a band, and we feel it’s the most important one of our lifetime. We believe in the power of the first amendment, and have always exercised our right to free speech in every aspect of our lives and music. This year there is no more powerful way for all Americans to exercise that right than by voting. Given the extreme political climate of a country at war, we are proud to stand among the many artists involved in this tour and to encourage Americans not only to vote for a president this November 2nd, but to vote for the change they wish to see in the world.”

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Robert Jereski's Speech At Press Conference Yesterday Calling For Maloney To Drop Ballot Challenge
Good afternoon. Thank you for coming out here today. My name is Robert Jereski and I am a candidate for U.S. Congress in this the 14th congressional district. Our nation has reached a defining moment in its history when we will decide whether we turn our backs on our finest traditions of justice, fundamental fairness, and democracy, or whether instead we will work to support all humanity as we play out our great role on history's stage. Today, in our district, this question is being asked by many of us and our campaign is providing an answer. It is so critical to our nation's well-being and the well-being of the entire planet that voters step forward and take part in the political process. We have launched an important campaign which raises key issues of concern to voters and which welcomes such participation. Many residents of the district are extremely grateful that we are standing up and putting forward an alternative to the incumbent's program.

The incumbent is not so grateful and would prefer a free ride on her incumbency while soft-shoeing her record of enabling the Bush Agenda. She is filing objections to our ballot petitions. We have gone through our petitions & we have enough signatures to be named on the ballot. We are comfortably above the number of signatures legally required. We have examined the voluminous objections Maloney filed and have found 100s of frivolous charges. Maloney claims not to be able to read 153 signatures or addresses, which we had no problem reading! Perhaps this is a condition we should be worried about: Maloney received 1000 to 1 letters from her constituents against the war in Iraq. Ignoring them, she voted for it. I had understood this as a sign of her contempt for democracy and representative government in our district. Perhaps the real reason is that she couldn't read them!

Seriously though, the war in Iraq was and is a disaster for our country. Maloney can't undo her support for that war which has killed so many young men and women. But principles of accountability in government and basic decency requires her to explain herself to the voters. We have encountered many in the district who deeply resent the transfer of this election from the wishes of the voters on primary day to the clutches of election lawyers and political operatives. And I share that resentment. How coy and hypocritical is it for Maloney to call for the U.N. to monitor the presidential elections in the United States while employing tactics reminiscent of Florida in the year 2000. We call on Carolyn Maloney to withdraw the objections she has made to our petitions and to accept the offer we made on July 15th to debate in front of the voters of our district the issues of most pressing concern to them. The basis of a democratic government is the informed consent of the governed. Maloney ignored our proposal to help inform the people of this district about her record and platform and about the qualifications, record, and platform I offer voters.

The voters are entitled to hear the incumbent explain why she went along with the Bush Agenda on the Iraq War - especially after receiving letters from her constituents 1000 to one opposing the war. The voters want to hear her explain not only how she could vote for the Patriot Act, but also sponsor legislation to allow the C.I.A. to deploy in local and state law enforcement agencies. Voters want to hear how she could support corporate-managed trade which sends good paying jobs overseas and destroys families and communities in this country. The Jereski campaign offers a choice and alternative to the incumbent's enabling of Bush's right-wing agenda. Voters deserve the opportunity to hear what we have to offer and to have their expectations raised of what responsible leadership of this district can provide. Election lawyers should not determine that choice for them. Please visit our website at and join our efforts. Thank you again for coming out here today. I welcome any questions.

Question: Why do you think that Maloney's afraid of you being on the ballot?

Robert J.: When we get on the ballot, Maloney will have to account for her support for the war which has cost our country so much in lives, money and prestige. She will have to explain how cherished domestic programs have been undermined by the huge expense of the war. She will also have to account for her support for expensive and destabilizing weapons programs, including new nuclear weapons and Star Wars. That's right, Star Wars. We thought we had put that one to bed after Reagan promoted it. To have it resurface with the support of a congressperson representing this educated and cosmopolitan district is outrageous. She'll also have to explain why she supports corporate-managed trade agreements which undermine the economic security of Americans while they are forced to compete against underpaid workers abroad, who have little job security, safety, or bargaining power through unions! We're running to replace Maloney with someone who better understands the needs of our district and our country. That's why she's afraid to have us on the ballot. She would have to explain herself.


Thomas Higgins Comments Today .... To begin with there was "misinformation"; Alaska too was told at first that since Kucinich would not be nominated any vote for him would be recorded as present. Later on it was clarified that it would be recorded as present and voiced as Kuicnich. This came from both Tim Carpenter and my Alaska chair. I was asked over and over again to change my mind. If you ask over and over it is because I am not giving the "right" answer; this came from Tim Carpenter and from many in the Alaska delegation. I was told I would give Alaska a black eye since I was going to go against party unity. I was told that we would be booed if I did what I was sent to Boston to do, vote for peace and Dennis Kucinich. I was told that I was sent because they knew I would make the right choice, but of course the right choice was agreeing with the unity idea, no other idea was right.

I was told I should follow my candidates lead; even after I told them over and over again that I supported the ideas that Kucinich carried for over a year as he campaigned and those ideas I believe was what I was sent to Boston to support, not the man's every decision. I could not give my vote or the votes of peace from those who sent me to a man who speaks of war and preemptive invasions. No one could answer my question "has there ever been an nominee that had 100% on first roll-call. If not then why is it so needed for Kerry to have such mandate?" Such mandate portrays all Democrats and thus most Americans to be War Pigs. At the roll call they had me sign in last even though my name is in the middle of the list. I can see several reasons for this. #1 they did not want me to start a trend with the other Kucinich delegates that they had already bullied into "unity". #2 they were hoping I would go to the restroom leaving them to fill my voting spot with someone else. #3 It was one last chance to bully me by give me the roll call sheet with everyone else already "unified".

When Alaska made the voiced roll call I was waiting with everyone else in a tight camera shot when I was told to "get that sign down". It was a Kucinich sign. To that I said "my vote for Kucinich is just as important as yours for Kerry" so she told me "well go ahead and vote for him in November" Almost 50% of Alaska state delegates sent me to vote for the ideas that Dennis Kucinich had campaigned for for over a year. Yes I think it "shameful" that anyone would request me and even bully me into turning my back on his or her wishes.

Thomas Higgins Comments From A Few Days Ago ... The Democratic Progressive Conference sponsored by the Kucinich For President campaign was held on the afternoon of the last day of the DNC and, one of Kerry’s handlers came. Did he come to welcome these people of peace and to listen to what we had to say? NO! He came with slides showing the percentages of swing votes, the people that the Kerry Campaign are after and how they were going to get them. Many others and I stood with signs of peace held high. And what did he tell us our “job” was? To go out and bring in the over 50% of the population that does not vote and those who vote Green, Progressive, Independent, etc. Do they really want or need these votes? I don’t think so. I think it is busy work to keep the peace voters too busy to work for peace.

Besides if he came with charts to talk with people who feel from their hearts, this guy and the Kerry camp is clueless. The handler talked about how they are going to win these swing voters. But I have to ask, if these people really know how to run and win an election, why was the 2000 Election close enough to be stolen and why did they not fight till the end, instead of caving in?!? I am trying to find some reason to support Kerry, but he is not helping. I brought a bunch of Alaska Green Party shirts to Boston, because I was really pissed off when I packed. I traded one of them for a “Kerry Don’t Make Me Vote Nader Shirt”. I was wearing this when I met Senator George McGovern on the plane out of Boston, and I quote him … “I like your shirt”.

By Charley Underwood

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By Gary Harding