Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Second Organizing Meeting & Platform for Progressive Congressional District 14 Candidate Rob Jereski Against Carolyn Maloney

I'm writing to you because you have expressed interest in being kept up to date on our efforts here in New York City to elect a Progressive Democrat to Congress and thereby provide better representation to the people of our city in Congress. We are working to replace a pro-war, pro-Patriot Act, anti-fair trade and anti-Universal Health Care Democrat with a progressive Democrat representative of the values of our District (CD 14). We hope to make at least one of our unaccountable politicians pay for their betrayal of the public trust. Please forward this invitation/announcement to Progressives you know in Long Island City, Astoria, and the east side of Manhattan from 100th Street down to the Grand Street Projects in east Chinatown.

"My name is Robert Jereski and I'm running for Congress. Answering the call by Dean and Kucinich to become part of a House of Representatives which will deliver on their hopeful vision of a world working together to address the most urgent domestic and foreign crisis of the day. Against Carolyn Maloney, I will present a platform (website to be launched soon) to hold her accountable for her undemocratic vote in support of the war on Iraq, the Patriot Act, and more recently the redrawing of the CIA Charter to allow it to deploy in local and state law enforcement agencies. I am offering an alternative vision and platform for a domestic and foreign policy to provide economic opportunity for all (not just the few and the wealthy and multinational corporations), peace (through arms control and disarmament and multilateral cooperation), and participatory democracy (through nurturing human security and respect for civil and economic rights). I propose health care for all, jobs for all who are looking for them (a public works project akin to that our government created in the 30s), cutting the bloated military budget to provide universal child care, investments in affordable housing, and the protection of our Constitution.

I support Congressman Kucinich's proposal for a Department of Peace and, as your Representative, I will sign the bill to create one, support legislation for a Universal Single Payer Health Care system, and aggressively promote investment in truly renewable energy technology which will help address the crisis of global climate change, create millions of jobs, reduce air pollution, and nurture democracy around the world. I agree with Governor Dean's reminder to us that, in a democracy, We the People, have the power. I am ready to work hard on Capitol Hill to address the major obstacles to meaningful participation in our political system, including the barriers presented by the concentration of media ownership, the increase in government secrecy, the low turnout of voters in sound-bite dominated electoral cycles and the inadequate attention given to educating young people in the important duties and critical thinking skills necessary to exercise their roles as active citizens. I support public financing of elections and other reforms to address the corruption of our political system by special interests.

I look forward to this challenge and hope you will join our exploratory committee and field operation (or point your friends in the city towards us). Please consider pledging a donation by sending the amount pledged, your contact information, and your name to Susan Mainzer, Campaign Press Secretary at If you live in the NYC area, please see the invitation below to our next (second) Exploratory Committee meeting."

Invitation: On September 17, 2004 we can elect Robert Jereski [Democrat for Congress - 14th District]. A candidate for Peace, Prosperity, and a Revitalization of Our Democracy. Take part in a campaign to reclaim a Congressional seat from Rep. Carolyn Maloney, who supported the war on Iraq, the Patriot Act, and trade and economic policies favoring corporations at the expense of our national well-being. Come to our second organizing meeting at 2 Tudor City Place on March 31st at 7 pm. [Future meetings will be listed here at Duchess website.] Email for directions: Together we can help deliver a Congress with integrity which reflects our principles and values.

Liberal Voices Get New Home On Radio Dial
by Jacques Steinberg

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Exporting America: False Choices
by Lou Dobbs
In none of the attacks on my position on outsourcing has a news organization addressed the facts.

Ferret Webcam Cafe From The UK

Great News From Two Of My Fav Bloggers ... anonyMoses & iddybud ... Regarding The O'Franken Factor ... Liberal Radio Starting March 31st
Current stations: WLIB (NYC, AM 1190am), WNTD (Chicago, AM 950), KBLA (Los Angeles, AM 1580).
Will also be streamed online at
The O'Franken Factor: 12:00-3:00pm

Legendary Broadcaster Alistair Cooke Dead At 95

Surf Rocker Jan Berry Dead At 62

Oscar Winner Sir Peter Ustinov Dead At 82

Oregon Trail Is HOT! Kucinich Is On A Roll!
A standing room only crowd turned out last night at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. Kucinich spent the weekend in Oregon and drew maximum capacity or overflow crowds at events throughout the state, proving that even though the nominee seems to be determined, many Oregon voters agree with Kucinich on issues such as peace, universal health care, civil liberties and fair trade. "The issues which are going to frame the debate in 2004 are going to be decided here because you happen to be at the end of the primary cycle," Kucinich told the Oregon crowd. "The Democratic Party needs to represent the broad-based concerns of the American people if it has any chance or hope to win the White House." Oregon field operative Clint Raulsten, thrilled by the enthusiasm shown for Kucinich, said: "The response to his visit has been incredible. If you saw the crowds packing in to hear Kucinich speak event after event, you’d think he was the presumptive nominee. The energy here demonstrates that the issues Kucinich is talking about resonate. These people are craving for a candidate who speaks for them."

Monday, March 29, 2004


"Embedded With The Enemy
by Don Hazen

Kucinich Preaches Message
by Shawn Day

Clarke's View Of Terrorism Unclouded
by Jay Bookman

Kucinich Speaks At LCC
by Chelsea Duncan

The Casualties Of Iraq Include GI Suicides
by Sheryl McCarthy

Condi's Credibility Gap
by D.J.Sirota, C.Harvey & J.Legum

[Seen Recently On Bumper Stickers] BIPARTISANSHIP: I'll hug your elephant if you kiss my ass.

[Easter Sunday is only 13 days away. Have you purchased your lovely colored eggs or chocolate bunnies yet. Hum?!?]

To sign the petition, click on the following link: And to learn more about this and other petitions, click on the following link: Thank You So Much

A Wonderful Story From Dave K at Yahoo Group "kucinich4president"
Butterfly Attacks!

Walking down a path through some woods in Georgia in 1977, I saw a water puddle ahead on the path. I angled my direction to go around it on the part of the path that wasn't covered by water and mud. As I reached the puddle, I was suddenly attacked! Yet, I did nothing, for the attack was so unpredictable and from a source so totally unexpected. I was startled as well as unhurt, despite having been struck four or five times already. I backed up a foot and my attacker stopped attacking me. Instead of attacking more, he hovered in the air on graceful butterfly wings in front of me.

Had I been hurt I wouldn't have found it amusing, but I was unhurt, it was funny, and I was laughing. After all, I was being attacked by a butterfly! Having stopped laughing, I took a step forward. My attacker rushed me again. He rammed me in the chest with his head and body, striking me over and over again with all his might, still to no avail.

For a second time, I retreated a step while my attacker relented in his attack. Yet again, I tried moving forward. My attacker charged me again. I was rammed in the chest over and over again. I wasn't sure what to do, other than to retreat a third time. After all, it's just not everyday that one is attacked by a butterfly. This time, though, I stepped back several paces to look the situation over. My attacker moved back as well to land on the ground. That's when I discovered why my attacker was charging me only moments earlier.

He had a mate and she was dying. She was beside the puddle where he landed. Sitting close beside her, he opened and closed his wings as if to fan her. I could only admire the love and courage of that butterfly in his concern for his mate. He had taken it upon himself to attack me for his mate's sake, even though she was clearly dying and I was so large. He did so just to give her those extra few precious moments of life, should I have been careless enough to step on her. Now I knew why and what he was fighting for.

There was really only one option left for me. I carefully made my way around the puddle to the other side of the path, though it was only inches wide and extremely muddy. His courage in attacking something thousands of times larger and heavier than himself just for his mate's safety justified it. I couldn't do anything other than reward him by walking on the more difficult side of the puddle. He had truly earned those moments to be with her, undisturbed.

I left them in peace for those last few moments, cleaning the mud from my boots when I later reached my car. Since then, I've always tried to remember the courage of that butterfly whenever I see huge obstacles facing me. I use that butterfly's courage as an inspiration and to remind myself that good things are worth fighting for.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Personal News - Part XI

Another busy, productive week is at an end. What new Duchess?!? Hum ... lets see ... several topics on display for perusal. Where to begin ... well ... at the beginning ... naturally.

On Tuesday evening, March 23rd, I attended the first Exploratory Committee meeting for Robert J's 14th Congressional District campaign at his apartment in Tudor City [7pm]. There was a good turnout of folk who are quite interested. Some of whom are from the "NYC Friends of Kucinich", of which yours truly is still a proud volunteer and member. On hand were the following who want to help Rob in his campaign ... Danielle, Robert, Harry, Evelyn, Brian, Aditi, Barry, Stephanie, Julianne, Michael, Edward, Brett, Tensi, myself and of course Rob. ["Milk" the cat was also present.]

Rob J is up against the Republican incumbent, Carol Maloney. Whom I gather from the meeting portrays herself one way in public and behind the scenes is dealing her constituants a raw deal. Not good ... where as Rob would be an honest, progressive Democrat. [Plus Working Families ballot.] During the first part of the meeting Rob talked briefly about his life, career[s], travels, activism and political leanings. Which I found to be impressive. Much work needs to be done over the upcoming months as we look for more volunteers to handle certain tasks and get endorsements. [One does not need to live in NYC area to endorse this important grassroots campaign. We're looking to raise over $500,000. If you wish too make an endorsement, contact Rob J at ...] Throughout the long evening, which ended for us around 10:30pm, we discussed issues and strategies, plus come up with a questionnaire for the constituants in the district. That last bit I was mostly working on and lending my secretarial expertise. It was also strongly suggested that we join Democratic Clubs in our neighborhoods, as well as check out other political meetups. Next meeting is slated for Wednesday, March 31st, at 7pm. If you live in the NYC area and would like to get involved, contact Rob J at For me its a continuation of being involved in some form of politics and with others trying to make a difference. Keep democracy alive! Peace & Solidarity!

The following evening, March 24th, I attended the "NYC Friends of Kucinich" general meeting in offices near the UN. We had a good turnout for this meeting ... which included ... Stephanie, Mike, Paul, Laurie, Judy, Kim, Carl, Jane, Nick, Bud, Ann, Linda, Bob, Maureen, Steve, David, Beth, Ellen, myself and Efram. We learned that as of March 23rd Kucinich has 25+ delegates that will be going to the July Democratic Convention in Boston. There are still several more primaries and hopefully DJK will pull in a few more delegates. We need to keep the issues in the forefront and not buried in the backyard. Much was discussed during the two hour meeting, as well as listening to one [Bob Ginsberg] who turned on us and has been involved in Kerry campaign for over a month. The asshole was there trying to get us to convert, look for donations and ALL of us present looked at him like he was a demented fruitcake. [Applause to Stephanie in giving him a setdown.] The NYC primary results were passed out and discussed at length. For our next meeting we'll be setting up a forum and invite other supporters [ie: Dean, Kerry, Sharpton, etc] to come and debate Democratic Issues. Another topic raised was should the DJK organization continue here in NYC up to Election Day and 80% agreed. Some statistics brought up at the meeting, which I found of interest, are as follows:

* 34% of the American people are not affiliated with either party in the US.

* About 800,000 voted during recent NY State primary.

* A little over a million voters turned out for the Ohio primary.

One final note, the morning of 24th, I picked up the photos and CD of pix I'd taken at Peace Rally last weekend and most of them came out pretty good. Showed them to a few Kucitizens that evening, as well as email some to others. I'm in the process of setting up another Blogger that will display my pix, as well as those of fellow Kucitizen Bud Plautz. Hope to have it completed soon and a link will be available on this Blogger. Stay tuned.............

Now for the final bit of news ... this is from Thursday, March 25th, when I took a personal day from work and visit my good friend Katherine in CT. Hadn't seen Katherine since her wedding back on December 26th to her dear Maurice. It was also her day off from pesky Wal-Mart and she was up in Danbury where her daughter is taking Nurses Aide classes. So I took an early train up to Danbury and arrived at 10am. Weather was crappy that day which was overcast, cool and abit rainy. As I type this on 27th the weather outside is warm and sunny at times. [Don't worry, I got out earlier to enjoy it.] Anyhow ... we hungout while her daughter was in classes. [She related the latest news which wasn't all good & some of it upsetting.] We went shopping at a few places and had lunch at Bennigans. We noshed on appettisers ... spinach/artichoke dip with flatbread & some mexican goodies. Picked up her daughter, drove back to Norwalk, dropped Aimee at the house and then me to train station for ride to NYC. Got into Manhattan in plenty of time to haul my butt to gym for one hour session with personal trainer. Katherine and I also exchanged our Xmas gifts. As for work, its been a nice steady busy and not at all hectic. I'm now working for 10 from 3 different departments. Never a dull moment [[smiling]

Recently a web video crew spent the afternoon in the Kucinich for President national headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Watch and listen as these employees and volunteers tell you why they continue to stand with Dennis Kucinich. This one-minute video stars members of the Kucinich for President campaign crew and features National Campaign Manager Dot Maver. Watch the video or hear the audio - "I Stand With Dennis":

Speak Out about why you stand with Dennis:

Results are not yet final from the recent Alaska primary, but with 85% of precincts reporting, Kucinich is expected to draw 5 delegates from the state. Kucinich received overwhelming support in several of Alaska's 41 caucus voting districts, notably in the Juneau area and the Kenai Peninsula. In one district, the margin was Kucinich 83% - Kerry 17%. In several others, he received more than 60% of the vote, compared with votes for Kerry ranging from 19% to 37%. And, in the Fairbanks area, Kucinich captured about 50%, while Kerry received about 36%. Kerry received his best results in and around Anchorage, the state's most heavily populated area. Alaskans responded to Kucinich's positions on civil liberties, medical marijuana, jobs, and health care.

The Oregonian newspaper ran a story on March 25th on the enthusiasm for Kucinich in Oregon despite what some would call a finished race. "We have a candidate who is not going to be elected," said Barry Marks, a retired lawyer who is Kucinich's local campaign spokesman, "but we're gung-ho." Why? Because Kucinich is offering to the millions of voters in the remaining Democratic primaries and caucuses in 16 states and U.S. territories a chance to influence the direction of the Democratic Party by registering their concerns about peace, universal health care, the Patriot Act, and trade policies. Read article from The Oregonian:

Read press release about remaining states:

Senate Action On Overtime Pay/Jobs Tour Highlights - From Working Families
There's been a step forward in the fight to protect overtime pay on Wednesday when Senate Democrats successfully held their ground against a Republican effort to stop progress on a measure to block President Bush's overtime pay take-away. The Senate could finalize that measure to stop the Bush administration from gutting overtime pay protections next week. At the same time, Bush's Labor Department is expected to issue the rules taking away overtime pay any day now.

We need to really get the word out and let America's leaders know we won't stand for having overtime pay taken away. Please reach out to your friends, family and co-workers right now and urge them to sign the petition at the link below to stop Bush's overtime pay take-away.

Show Us the Jobs Tour The Show Us the Jobs tour is in Wisconsin today after visits to Missouri, Iowa and Minnesota earlier in the week. Fifty-one people--one from every state and the District of Columbia--are traveling the country by bus to tell the personal stories of how America's jobs crisis has affected them, their families and their communities. The bus riders are heroic workers caught in a jobless crisis that affects us all. After a round-table discussion with media in Des Moines, Iowa, the riders took up a collection for two jobless Iowans who joined them at the table. In the parking lot, away from the view of TV cameras and reporters, these 51 jobless and struggling workers pulled together more than $800 for these two jobless moms with small children. You can be part of the tour by visiting the Show Us the Jobs website by clicking on the link below.

Some of the bus riders are posting "blogs"--online journals. Read these inside details about the tour--some are serious, some are silly, some are heart-warming and some are heart-wrenching--by clicking on this link:

ACTION: Sign the petition calling for good jobs, overtime pay and good benefits. Click here:

Friday, March 26, 2004

Kucinich Congratulates Maine Lawmakers For Challenging Patriot Act

Ohio Congressman and Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich today congratulated the Maine Legislature for voting yesterday to ask Congress to reconsider the controversial law known as the Patriot Act. Maine became the fourth state to take a stand against the Patriot Act, joining Alaska, Hawaii and Vermont. An estimated 300 communities around the country have taken a similar stand. "I would like to congratulate the members of the House and the Senate in Maine for adding their voices to those of leaders in Alaska, Hawaii and Vermont, as well as millions of other citizens who see the dangers that this law poses to our basic American freedoms,” Kucinich said. He said he hopes Maine's action sends a message to the Democratic Party, potential Party nominee Sen. John Kerry, who voted for the Patriot Act in 2001, and all other members of the U.S. Congress.

"It's not enough for candidates to say that the law is flawed or its implementation by the Bush Administration poses threats to our civil liberties," Kucinich said. "It's time to stand up for our rights as Americans and demand that unconstitutional laws be repealed, as I have." Kucinich is the only Presidential candidate who voted against the act. He, along with 20 other members of Congress, has introduced the Benjamin Franklin True Patriot Act, which would repeal several major sections of the existing law. It would eliminate the Patriot Act's subjective search-and-seizure provision, unwarranted incarcerations, and the authority of federal officials to search private records without probable cause. The proposed law would restore the fundamental right of attorney-client privilege, revoke various Department of Justice secrecy orders, and repeal provisions harmful to the rights of immigrants. In addition, it would restore transparency to Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security administrative procedures by revoking Freedom of Information Act secrecy orders.

Bush's Iraq WMDs Joke Backfires
The joke about the fruitless search for Iraqi WMDs, so far, Washington's prime justification for the US-led invasion, has been branded as tasteless and ill-judged.
[Duchess Note ... War and occupation is NOT a laughing matter. The loss of OVER 500 American soldier lives, plus thousands wounded and Iraqi brutally slaughter is NOT some damn joke. Yo, Shrub the Lesser, shame on you!!! Just goes to show how little this administration values Americans. They don't give a damn about Americans unless your millionaire or billionaire, then they love you, but the average citizen on the street ... NOTHING, NADA, ZIPPO!! This administration enjoys greedily taking from middle/poor classes and giving generously to the filthy rich. This has got to stop people ... vote them OUT of office in November. Take back your country!!]

Hi, this is Dennis with a special message. We've been informed by our Alaska campaign managers that we picked up as many as five new delegates to the national convention as a result of the personal campaign we took to Democrats in Alaska last week. It is instructive the returns in the City of Fairbanks, where I spoke, were as follows: Dean 6%, Uncommitted 20%, Kerry, 22%, Kucinich 51%.

What was that message in Fairbanks? The message was that if you want to keep alive the hopes that the Democratic party will stand for peace, for health care for all, for civil liberties (repeal the Patriot Act) and for fair trade, then support our campaign so we can continue to speak for those principles and so we can take this message all the way to the convention in Boston. Our campaign stands alone in providing Democrats with an opportunity to let the Party know that while the direction of the nomination may be decided, the direction of the Democratic Party has yet to be determined. Sixteen Caucuses or Primaries remain ahead, including Colorado, North Carolina, the Virgin Islands, Guam, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Nebraska, West Virginia, Arkansas, Kentucky, Oregon, Alabama, South Dakota, Puerto Rico, Montana, and New Jersey.

Even though the nomination may be decided, why should millions of Democrats in these sixteen voting areas be denied a chance to affect the direction of our party? The fact is there are sixteen more opportunities for you to have an impact on the future of the Democratic Party. Sixteen chances to register your concerns about peace, about universal health care, about the Patriot Act, about our trade policies which are costing us millions of jobs while diminishing workers rights and environmental protections everywhere. This weekend I am headed to Oregon to continue to press forward with a message of hope and the possibilities of an expanded meaning for the Democratic party. I am dedicated to taking this race right through to the convention.

Even though eight other presidential campaigns have conceded, you've helped us make a difference over the past year. You have brought us a great distance. Help us arrive at the convention with the message of hope, of peace, of social and economic justice. The convention is only a few months away. We need you now more than ever. Now is the time for us to make a renewed commitment while there still is a chance to influence the debate within the party. You've been generous with your time and your money. We need your continued support and the support of your loved ones and friends. Help us raise the money to cover the next few months! Help us carry the message, your message. Help us carry the hopes, your hopes and those of millions of Americans, help us demonstrate that courage of commitment brings with it the possibility of creating new outcomes which others may have missed because they quit trying. Forward, with your help. This is Dennis with such gratitude for all that you've done and will do for this common effort. Thank you.

From MoveOn.Org - Richard Clarke's Revelations On Bush Empire
As you may have heard, Richard Clarke, a former counter-terrorism advisor to Bush, and a registered Republican who has worked in every administration since Reagan, has exposed Bush's mishandling of 9/11 and the war on Iraq. In his book "Against All Enemies," Clarke does an amazing job of presenting the facts and connecting the dots. Instead of refuting Clarke's claims, the Bush Administration has launched a campaign of character assassination, hoping that the story will just go away. We're committed to stopping that from happening by making sure that the American public hears Clarke's extraordinary comments. If we can raise $300,000 in the next few days, we can run a hard-hitting ad nationally that highlights his message. You can see a rough story board of the ad and donate to get it on the air at:

When the World Trade Center was hit on the morning of 9/11, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice dubbed Richard Clarke, the administration's top counter-terrorism official, "crisis manager." As the White House, which was thought to be the next target, was evacuated, Clarke heroically stayed on, coordinating the government's response from the Situation Room in the West Wing. Clarke is viewed by colleagues as a hawk, a "true believer" who doesn't play partisan politics. So the shocking facts he revealed about the Bush administration's approach to terrorism before 9/11 and its response after must be taken seriously. On Sunday, Clarke told reporters that the President and Defense Secretary downgraded counter-terrorism and ignored repeated warnings about an al Qaeda attack prior to 9/11. And, perhaps even more explosive, Clarke revealed that President Bush and senior administration officials wanted to bomb Iraq after 9/11 even though they knew that it had no connection to al Qaeda, and that al Qaeda was responsible for the attacks.

Already, the White House spin machine is in overdrive. Since they can't rebut Clarke's facts -- which independent witnesses have confirmed -- they're trying to paint him as an angry partisan, even though he's a Republican. But Clarke's words remain a searing indictment of the Bush Administration's campaign against terrorism. Together, if we act today, we can beat back the spin by widely airing a TV ad which gets these uniquely credible comments directly to TV viewers. Richard Clarke had an intimate view -- perhaps the best view -- of how the Bush Administration responded to terrorism. So we should all listen carefully when he says: "Frankly, I find it outrageous that the president is running for re-election on the grounds that he's done such great things about terrorism. He ignored it. He ignored terrorism for months, when maybe we could have done something to stop 9/11. Maybe. We'll never know. . . I think the way he has responded to al-Qaeda, both before 9/11 by doing nothing, and by what he's done after 9/11 has made us less safe, absolutely. I think he's done a terrible job on the war against terrorism." Together, we can make sure every American knows what President Bush's true record on terrorism really is.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Here's a National Security Plan That Can Work ... Peace through Justice ... Not Violence

Working for social change often means focusing on what's wrong and what needs fixing. Some folks even measure success by slowing the rate at which things get worse. We're committed to taking on tough struggles. But we also need to focus on what's possible and strive toward those ideals too. Here's such an opportunity. Lynn Woolsey, Congresswoman from California, has introduced legislation providing a positive vision for America's national security. It's a thoughtful and comprehensive view of how to make us safe here at home and throughout the family of nations across the world, calling for the United States to, for example:

1] Work with the U.N. and NATO to root out terrorist networks and lead international efforts to cut off financing for terrorist organizations;

2] Pursue diplomacy, enhanced inspection regimes and regional security arrangements;

3] Integrate peace building and conflict prevention into developmental programs;

4] Reduce dependence on foreign oil and promote long-term energy security through greater investment in sustainable and renewable alternatives.

If you want to send a fax (see text below) to your member of Congress urging him or her to cosponsor Rep. Lynn Woolsey's resolution for real security, and you're a TrueMajority member, just click "reply" and "send" in your email program to send your free message. If this was forwarded to you or you'd like to customize the message to your Representative, click here:

The issues that Rep. Woolsey raises are dear to our hearts at TrueMajority. But, of course, these ideas spring not just from the heart. Our heads tell us too that, without justice, there can be no lasting peace. This rational analysis is backed up by the distinguished folks who advise TrueMajority through two advisory boards of business people and retired military brass. Check out

Successful business executives supporting sensible federal priorities serve on our business advisory board, including the present or former CEOs of Eastman Kodak, Black Entertainment Network, Goldman Sachs, Men's Warehouse, Calvert Funds and CNN. Our military advisory board includes Lawrence Korb, Assistant Defense Secretary under Ronald Reagan; Admiral Stansfield Turner, former CIA Director; and Vice Admiral Jack Shanahan (Ret.), former commander of the Navy's North Atlantic Fleet. So, Congressmember Lynn Woolsey's plan is not just rooted in our shared values of compassion, justice and sustainability, but is also supported by rational analysis of what works best.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Sunday evening I was talking on the phone with a good friend of mine down in southern FL. Sheila lives in a retired Jewish community not far from West Palm Beach, which is a heavily Democrat area and very few Republicans. We got talking about politics since she mentioned that she is joining a Democrat meeting group to do something about upcoming presidential election. [Trust me, Sheila hates the Bush Empire as much as I do & voted Gore in 2000, tho I went with Nader. I was in Green Party at the time & not a Democrat.] She also wondered if I was still majorily involved in DJK campaign and I said YES. Anyhow ... she told me about what happened in her area during the FL primaries. Which, as you know, was quite recent. What she told me damn near floored me. Sheila mentioned how the voting booths were "set up" inside after closing the curtain. Can you guess? You won't believe it. I'm still flabbergasted! She told me they were only given two options or choices. I asked which Democrat candidates did they list. No names she said ... the two options were Republican and/or Democrat. NO NAMES ... just Republican & Democrat?!?!? [Naturally she flicked the Democrat switch.] I was like ... "what the hell is this country coming to"?!? Fascism?!? Sounds like Jeb [evil, demented, greedy bastard] Bush is at it again. When I explained how the booths should of looked, naturally my friend was terribly upset and horrified. And that furthered her resolve in becoming more involved in the Democratic groups in her area. Just wanted to share this news with all my readers. We need to come together as one and take back our beloved country from the greedy bastards. NOW!

In yesterdays postal delivery, I received a short note and signed photo from actor Scott Patterson of the GILMORE GIRLS TV show. [One of the main reasons I watch this show is so I can gaze at Luke.] One could tell it was all personally done by Scott [ie: Luke] himself. No agents office handled this, which floored me even more. At first, receiving this in the mail totally perplexed me, until I remembered that I sent a very nice long fan letter to him about 5 to 6 months ago. Not only is the man very handsome; but he's into baseball, politics AND Pearl Jam. Hell yeah! Also, in his brief note, he mentioned he spent a day back in 1998 surfing in Malibu with Eddie Vedder. That is so cool!

Lifting The Shroud
by Paul Krugman

Personal Voices: In Defense Of Liberalism
by Walter Cronkite

Although the final count is not yet in, with more than 85 percent of its precincts reporting, Dennis is showing a strong second-place in the Alaska Democratic caucus. Unofficial tallies to date show John Kerry with 47.75%, Dennis with 25.83%, uncommitted with 12.31%, Howard Dean with 11.41 percent and John Edwards with 2.7%. Dennis is expected to pick up possibly five delegates to the national Democratic Convention from Alaska. [ Video of Dennis speaking in Alaska last week: In the Wyoming primary, Dennis picked up approximately seven percent of total votes cast. The primary in Guam has been postponed.

"One by one, all of John Kerry's rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination have fallen by the wayside," reports the Associated Press, "except for Dennis Kucinich." The article notes that "The Ohio congressman said in a statement Sunday, a day after his second-place finish to Kerry in Alaska's presidential caucuses, that he intends to campaign through the remaining primaries and caucuses in early June." Read the complete article at:

Several weeks ago, Tom Cole, a Republican Congressman in Oklahoma spoke to supporters about the upcoming election. "If George Bush loses the election, Osama bin Laden wins the election," he told them. Later, he said that a vote against Bush was like a vote for Adolf Hitler.

These hateful and outrageous remarks –- which neither the RNC nor the Bush/Cheney campaign will repudiate -- are representative of the negative campaign being rolled out against John Kerry. Bush is now airing the first negative ads of the season, which according to nonpartisan monitors seriously misled viewers about Kerry's record. In response, Senator Kerry is taking the high road. He's asked President Bush to engage in a series of monthly debates on the country's future -- debates on the real substance of the issues that face us. It's a simple proposal that could elevate the campaign and truly educate the country about the positions and records of each candidate. But President Bush's campaign brushed off the suggestion with a snide remark. Today, we're asking President Bush to stand up and face a real debate. You can join our petition asking President Bush to debate Kerry on the future of our country at:

We'll send your comment on to the Bush/Cheney campaign and highlight this issue in the media. The negative tenor of the campaign so far even has Republicans worried. Senator John McCain reprimanded the President for the negative campaign, saying, "Already, I'm hearing from people here that are saying, 'Look, I'm not even going to vote if this is the way the campaign's going to be conducted.'" Here's a summary of some of the attacks that have unfolded just in the first two weeks:

1] In the first negative ad of the general election, President Bush claimed that Kerry would raise taxes by $900 billion. The figure turned out to be entirely made up -- John Kerry promised to lower taxes on working families, not raise them.

2] President Bush personally accused Kerry of attempting to "gut" the intelligence budget in a "deeply irresponsible" move: Yet, as independent media monitor pointed out, "the proposal Bush criticized would have amounted to a reduction of roughly 1%. And senior congressional Republicans supported a cut two-thirds as large at the time."

3] Vice President Cheney told reporters that he believed Kerry does not have "an impressive record for someone who aspires to be commander in chief in this time of testing for our country."

By any standard, the campaign is already one of the most negative in political history. But by engaging in a forward-looking debate, President Bush could turn things around. It's much easier to make misleading claims in TV ads than to someone's face, and both Kerry and Bush would have hours -- not seconds -- to make their case to the public.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Comments From D.C.Williams at Yahoo Group "kucinich4president"
The main thing Kucinich for President supporters see in Dennis Kucinich that they do not see in John Kerry or other politicos in general is that Kucinich is standing up for the real truth instead of the made up versions of the truth considered as "politics" where we are constantly embarrassed to see even news commentators on TV explain with a knowing nod and wink when discussing candidates' rhetoric that even the news folks expect the politicians to "spin" the truth instead of standing up and speaking it like only Dennis Kucinich is doing. It's just that we want a truthful president for a change in America and the world, not just another double-talking politician spinning webs of fabricated "truth" that they make up and change as they go along for "political advantage". In other words, "integrity"! Kucinich has it and neither Bush nor Kerry have it in this sense of speaking the real truth. It is beyond my understanding why the public would even consider Kerry since he is a fellow "brother" of GW Bush in the infamous Yale Skull and Bones Society which requires secrecy and hence lies to maintain their "vows" to one another and who refuse to repatriate the remains of Geronimo to the Apache for burial and so demonstrate their kinky faith and disrespect of the sanctity of life. Totally twisted, just like the idea of DNC "unity" event excluding Kucinich!

Quote From DEMOCRACY NOW! Radio Program On WBAI ... Featuring Why Kucinich Vows To Stay In Presidential Race
Only one presidential candidate attended one of the mass protests marking the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the US invasion of Iraq. It wasn't George W Bush and it wasn't John Kerry. It was Ohio Congressmember Dennis Kucinich. He addressed more than 100,000 people at the large protest in New York City on Saturday. This weekend Kucinich issued a statement saying that he will not drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination. Kucinich said he is committed to ensuring that a peace platform is adopted by the Democrats ahead of November's elections.

This Thursday, the Democratic National Committee is holding a "Unity Dinner" honoring John Kerry. Former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton will be in attendance, as will all of the Democratic presidential candidates who were once competing against Kerry. All of them, that is, except Kucinich. A DNC official said Kucinich was not invited because, in the words of the official, Kucinich is not preaching party unity and is continuing his campaign. Kucinich responded to this non-invite by saying he is preaching unity on issues of peace, social justice and equal rights.


[Dennis Kucinich in NYC on Saturday, March 20th, with students who are circulating a petition to create a Department of Peace based on his proposal. Photo: Ryan Adkins]

Peace Must Be Our Goal - March 21, 2004
Dennis Kucinich welcomes you to continue to take part in his campaigns efforts to bring the focus of the Democratic Party to the principles we have consistently stood for - peace and social and economic justice - both in America and abroad. Thank you for the overwhelming support you have shown over the past year. One year after the invasion, your help is still critical. If you possibly can, please contribute or volunteer. Also, please ask everyone you know who wants to end the war to pitch in. Remember, one person can make a difference.

On Saturday, March 20th, Dennis was one of the keynote speakers in New York City, the site of one of the largest events on a Global Day of Action to protest against the invasion, occupation and corporate control of Iraq. Around the world, hundreds of thousands of people protested against the U.S. presence in Iraq.

Thousands March For Peace
by Sarah Ferguson

Commentary from "Buttermilk & Molasses" Blogger Website
When former terrorism czar Richard Clarke came out punching this weekend, did anyone expect the White House to curl up and whimper? Of course not. So, they came out punching back. And whimpering a little. Clarke, who spoke out rather smartly on "60 Minutes" tonight, beats the Bush administration around the ears for dancing around al Qaida for eight months, trying a little too hard to link Iraq and bin Laden, and missing the beat over the past few years when it comes to fighting terrorism. He almost managed to come across as genuine. And that's more than you'd expect from a former Bush administration official.

For all of the quibbling you might hear about Clarke's facts-n-figures, his general theme is on-point. The record is pretty clear that Condoleeza Rice ignored the al Qaeda portfolio when she sailed into the White House in January of 2001, despite warnings from Clarke, Sandy Berger and others. The record is pretty clear that the Defense Department's Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld, at a minimum, had Iraq on the brain before the September 11 terrorism attacks -- and that they were even hotter to trot into Iraq on September 12. And the record is pretty clear that ticking off a handful of al Qaida hotshots (hot in 2001) ignores the dozens of new faces being slotted into new roles in the terror group.

Whether Clinton, Gore or Bush were in office on that Tuesday morning in September, sadly, is not the issue. It's highly likely that the thousands who died would still have died. But there were opportunities before September 11 to foil the plot, and the Bush team failed. And there is a laundry list of post-attack failures and fumbles -- inadequate funding for homeland security, foreign policy bungles galore, Iraq has become a new battleground instead of an old one, al Qaida and its junior partners have been fragmented but are possibly more dangerous as a result. The Bush administration has, in fact, been fighting a war since September 11, 2001. They've fought it earnestly. They've fought it inadequately. And that's why they don't deserve a second chance.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Great Pix From Around The World Of "Global Day of Action"

Yesterday was the big event ... Global Day of Action here in NYC, throughout the US and the world. [Happily the weather cooperated to give us sunshine, tho it was breezy cool.] Naturally many of the right-wing spin newscasts on tv down played the number of people [ie: amongst other things] who attended the events. We in the march heard differently from non-corporate, alternative radio stations, as well as those who made speeches throughout the day. Plus throughout the day from my different vantage points we encountered no hostility from the police force. Why should there be hostility when we protesters conveyed our passionate angst towards Bush Empire in a peaceful, orderly manner. But I'm getting ahead of myself and should start from the beginning.

Left my apartment [took my camera] at 9:45am to head into Manhattan [via three subways] and hookup with designated Kucitizen meeting spot. Got to the Community Church on East 35th Street at 10:25am. Due to a few conflicting emails the Kucitizens showed up between 10am and 11:30am. Ran into several folk [ie: Mary, Laurie, Bud, Mike, Paul (sweet man), Stephanie, etc] I know from past meetups et al, plus someone had provided vegan breakfast goodies. Chatted with some Kucitizens, read the different banners/posters, helped pass out Kucinich items, etc. Before heading out after 11:15am, I took some pix of the whole scene, we then headed to the march route in three different groups.

[Duchess, Laurie & Mary - Getting Ready With Other Kucitizens Before Peace Rally At Communittee Church On East 35th Street In Manhattan]

For the first quarter of the march I mostly hungout with Paul, Laurie, Mary, Cielito, Carl & a few others who's names I don't recall. [My bad....] We were walking with many other marchers and protesters down Madison Avenue to where the "speakers" were assembled on 24th Street, next to Madison Square Park. [Near the famous Flatiron Building.] After we heard the many speakers, one of which was our own dear Kucinich, we commenced with marching again and ran into Jessica and some of her group. Down to 23rd Street we marched, then west to 6th Avenue and north on that throughfare. At one point we got separated from Paul and Jessica, but I managed to stay with Mary, Laurie, Cielito, Carl and two other delightful ladies. Occasionally we'd see other folk with Kucinich posters and buttons. I also saw a sign that said ... "John Kerry, Why Aren't YOU here?!?" [Maybe he was participating in another city, thats if his corporate sponsors would let him. Ha!] Along the sidewalks, on other side of the police barricades, were New Yorkers watching us march and cheering us on. People would be leaning out of windows waving white kerchiefs and flashing the peace sign. All the while we marchers would be chanting slogans like ... "hey hey ho ho George Bush has got to go" ... others would be playing bongos, tamborines, etc. All so inspiring, peaceful, exciting and energizing.

At 6th Avenue and 40th Street we turned right and walked back to Madison Avenue, then right again back down to 25th Street. All the while I'm taking the occasional pix of the crowds or a particular banner. Along the way we spotted many Kucitizens, one of which was Thom [such a hottie] with his parents and we waved back in comradery. At 25th Street and Madison Avenue the marchers came to a halt, but that didn't deter Mary, Laurie, Cielito, Thom and I. We snaked thru the crowds until we got to 24th Street and could just make out the stage were the speakers were again addressing the crowds. [We also saw Paul, Jessica and several other Kucitizens. Did we see any signs or buttons for other Democrat candidates? No, nada, zippo!! Some folk had buttons that said "War is Terrorism".] By this time it was going on 3:30pm and we were losing the glory of sunshine behind scattered clouds. Finally, just after 4pm, Dennis Kucinich was announced and received a huge cheer from the crowds. His speech was greatly received by those in attendance. [Also, Amy Goodman from WBAI was there to speak.] At this point our little group was cold, tired & hungry. We slowly snaked our way out of the enclosure and onto side street. After awhile Mary, Laurie, Cielito and I decided to find a restaurant for food, drink and bathroom break. We ended up at TOSSED on 23rd Street and Madison Avenue [near #6 subway]. Felt so good to be indoors where it was warm and give our aching backs/legs a rest. I ordered a delicious roasted corn soup with croutons. We talked about numerous topics and before saying our "goodbyes" said we'd see each other again at March 24th general meeting. Overall it was a truly fantastic, inspiring day.

Global Protests Mark Iraq War Anniversary

by Andrew Cawthorne

Protesters Scale Big Ben Ahead Of London Rally Against Iraq War

Messages From DJK on U.S. Invasion & Occupation of Iraq
On March 19, 2003 Congressman Kucinich pulled no punches in assailing the president for starting the war. He urged Bush to bring the troops home and focus on problems in America's cities. "This is a sad day for America, the world community and the people of Iraq,'" Kucinich said. "These are offensive, not defensive attacks, and they are in violation of international law." Friday, March 20th, on the one-year anniversary of the U.S. invasion, Dennis will be one of the keynote speakers in New York City [received huge cheers from crowd of 90,000+], the site of one of the largest events on a Global Day of Action to protest against the invasion, occupation and corporate control of Iraq. Check out: now for video of March 20th New York City event.

On March 20, 2003, Dennis Kucinich spoke to the National Newspaper Assocation about the U.S. invasion of Iraq that was being launched that day. Here's what he told the Association:

"For the past year I have led the effort in the House of Representatives to challenge the Administration's march to war in Iraq. I have used my voice and my vote to try to help avert the tragedy of this immense diplomatic failure and this departure from morality in world affairs. I have used every legal and legislative resource available to me to challenge this war. This culminated in 126 Democrats, nearly two thirds of the Democratic caucus, voting against the Iraq resolution last October. Yet the war begins. This a sad day for America, the world community and the people of Iraq. Today we hope and pray for the safe return of our troops and the end to this unjustified war. I support the brave young men and women who are following orders that have placed them in harm's way. While I support the troops, I cannot support this mission. President Bush has launched an unprovoked attack against another country. Iraq does not pose an imminent threat to the United States or any of its neighboring nations.

Dark clouds have gathered over the political horizon. This Administration has assumed an aggressive, ideological policy approach which calls for America to be the first to attack. These are offensive not defensive attacks and are in contempt of international law. This is a radical and extreme policy which departs from a national security policy which has helped America guide its way through the nuclear age and the cold war. Containment and deterrence have worked well throughout the last 50 years. They have helped America to negotiate a balancing of power in a world were 16 nations have or are trying to acquire nuclear technologies, 19 nations have or are trying to acquire biological weapons, 25 chemical weapons and 16 with missile technologies to deliver the weapons. In such a complex and even dangerous world, strategies for preemption carry with it the risk of unleashing war around the world. A preference for confrontation instead of cooperation can lead only to disaster. Yet the Administration's National Security strategy, of which this attack on the Iraq is the auspicious beginning, spawns unilateral military action, preemption, cancellation of treaties, refusal to participate in treaties, using force to initiate regime change, assassination policies, and seizure of resources (such as oil) of conquered nations. This approach to international relations will not eliminate threats to the United States. It will increase anger and hostility towards our nation. The policies imply that only the United States knows what is best for the world and the United States will act without consideration of our friends and allies and international law. As we go it alone in the world, we will be left alone in the world, to pay the price of security alone and suffer the insecurities alone.

America is losing its way at home and in the world. We have no money to rebuild America's cities, but we have money to blow up cities in Iraq. No money to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to shelter the homeless in America, but money to rain death, destruction, and starvation on Iraq. No money to build bridges over the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, but money to blow up the bridges over the Tigris and the Euphrates. We have a right to defend ourselves, but America is launching a pre-emptive, unilateral attack on a nation which has not attacked us and does not represent an imminent threat. Iraq was not responsible for 911. Iraq has not been credibly linked to Al Queda and 911. The question is not whether Saddam Hussein is moral. We know the answer to that. The question we face is whether our own nation will lose its moral authority in the world. We stand ready to send thousands of rockets into Iraq to destroy lives, families, houses, buildings, water systems, electric systems, to light fires to force populations to move, to engage in house to house combat. All in the name of fighting terrorism. In the name of removing weapons of mass destruction.

"Somehow this madness must cease" said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. thirty five years ago as he spoke out against the war in Vietnam. "I speak for those whose land is being laid waste, whose homes are being destroyed, whose culture is being subverted. I speak for the poor of America who are paying the double price of smashed hopes at home, and death and corruption in Vietnam." Once again the hopes of people of two nations are being smashed by weapons in the name of eliminating weapons. Let us abolish weapons of mass destruction at home. I am from the inner city. I have inspected these weapons. Joblessness is a weapon of mass destruction. Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. Hunger is a weapon of mass destruction. Poor health care is a weapon of mass destruction. Poor education is a weapon of mass destruction. Discrimination is a weapon of mass destruction.

Let us abolish such weapons of mass destruction here at home. Eight and a half million Americans are unemployed. Bankruptcies are up. The number of uninsured without health care is up. The price of prescription drugs is up. Poverty is up. Crime is up. Homelessness is up. Hopelessness is up. Fear is up. Let us use the trillion dollars which some would cast upon Iraq in bombs and warring troops, instead for the restoration of the American dream, to rebuild our economy, to rebuild our cities and to expand opportunities for all. Those who say we can have guns and butter do not know the cost of guns and do not know the bread you would put your butter on is being stolen. America may spend over a trillion dollars for war in Iraq. America can give a trillion dollar tax cut to the rich, spend a trillion dollars to put weapons in space, but not a dime more for temporary assistance to needy families. It is time to say stop this war. It is time to recognize that the terror we visit on the people of Iraq will bring terror to our own people. Bring our troops home. Come home America. Come home and fix your broken streets and mend your broken dreams. Come home and rebuild your cities and create full employment, put millions who are unemployed back to work. Come home and establish a living wage, let workers' share the wealth they create. Come home and provide affordable housing. Come home and provide single payer, guaranteed health care for the forty one million Americans who suffer illness with no relief. Come home America. Come home and provide free public college for all who aspire to attend.

Come home and act affirmatively to make sure that all opportunities are afforded to all Americans. Twenty five percent of the opportunities to serve in the Army are afforded to African Americans. Our civilian life should offer opportunities as well. America! Come home and provide guaranteed social security for generations to come without privatization and without extending the retirement age which would be devastating for minorities. Come home, America and end racial profiling. Come home and fix your voting machines, restore both voting rights and your democracy. Come home and replace those civil rights lost to the Patriot Act. Come home and make non-violence an organizing principle within our society through the creation of a Department of Peace. America!

America! Stay the hand that would drop the bomb and extend the hand that grants mercy to innocent people abroad and to your own people here at home. "Come my friends, 'tis not too late to seek a newer world," said the poet. If America is to remain a leader and promoter of democracy in the world, we must lead the rest of the world to find diplomatic solutions to our problems. We cannot set a doctrine of preemption for our country and then expect other countries will not do the same. We must work to protect Americans, and our way of life, and work with people around the world without going to war. It is not too late. It is time to rally Americans to the cause of peace. "We must see that peace represents a sweeter music, a cosmic melody, that is far superior to the discords of war," said Dr. King. We must not be the first to attack others. The United States can be first in peace through international cooperation. Working for peace in a complex time requires strength, wisdom and courage. I believe the American people are people of strength, wisdom and courage. They have a right to expect their government to be truly representative! "It is not too late. It is time to rally Americans to the cause of peace." Let us rally all Americans to the cause of peace and justice. It is time to make the peace movement and the movement for social and economic justice one. It is time to move away from war as an instrument of policy and move toward a higher plane where peace is inevitable because we will it, want it, and work for it with our hearts and with our souls.

Dennis spoke in Juneau at the University of Alaska this past week about the U.S. role in the global community, and about peace in Iraq. In this video/audio/text clip, Dennis explains the trend toward ruling by fear in this country. Dennis Talks about Fear in America:

Friday, March 19, 2004

A Great Item From TrueMajority
It's great, isn't it, when someone bakes you cookies or gives you flowers they grew - or a handmade sweater or something they drew. Those types of gifts are the best. That's why we are so happy and touched that Stephan Smith asked us to give you a song! It's called "You Ain't a Cowboy." (Hint: It's about a blue-blood who now lives in Crawford, Texas.) It's a single that won't be released until June, but he's given it to the TrueMajority community because he likes what we're all doing together. Just click here to hear the song:
Stephan, who's toured with Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, and others, dedicated his entire tour of 140 shows last year to raising money for community groups. The themes of his music - compassion, sustainability, and peace - are a good match for us all. Spread the love & happy listening.

A sweet poem [shared with me by a friend in the UK] dedicated to the handsome fella on the G subway [Brooklyn morning commute] with dreadlocks

The red rose whispers of passion;
And the white rose breathes of love,
O, the red rose is a falcon;
And the white rose is a dove.

But I bring you a cream-white rose bud;
With a flush on its petal tips,
For a love that is purest and sweetest;
Has a kiss of desire on the lips.

A Message From "NYC Friends Of Kucinich" Supporter [Rob Jereski] to All NYC Kucitizens, Deaniacs and other Progressives
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you all to contribute towards the improvement of our government by educating our neighbors and others about the thoughtful and common sense policies which Congressman Dennis Kucinich is offering. Your passion and dedication are heart-warming and encouraging and our work is part of that movement of activists which is raising voter expectations of what our government should be doing. I have been asked by local activists in NYC to turn my attention towards responding to Dennis's call to provide a Congress which he could work with to further our vision of peace and prosperity for all. I am excited about the opportunities which my running for Congress presents. We have formed an Exploratory Committee to explore these opportunities.

Please let me know if you're interested in being kept informed and/or joining our efforts. If you can pledge a donation to the campaign that will help us assess our strengths and manage our available resources. Just send me an e-mail at

We believe that we can win this seat in New York City, replacing a Democratic Leadership Council Democrat with another member of the Progressive Caucus. We've got a good shot if we raise a fraction of what the incumbent has raised and if we organize and work together to develop a strong field operation for my Congressional District. We need donations and staff to come on board now, and so we can achieve an early momentum to define this race and determine its outcome. Volunteers and donors do not have to live in New York City. Campaign work can be done remotely and donations can be sent from Alaska and Hawaii!! Please attend the first organizing meeting of our Exploratory Committee for this exciting opportunity. It will be held on Tuesday, March 23rd, at 7 pm. Please contact me at the following email address [] for more info. Peace & Solidarity!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

This weeks recipe from the Duchess is one I snatched off of a Vegan website. Made it a few times and even brought it to a party earlier this month. Easy to make and very tasty. Give it a try..........


4 cups Grape Nuts cereal
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup tahini
1 cup maple syrup
wheat germ (optional)
Mix together the peanut butter and tahini until well blended in a sauce pan on stove [low heat]. Add the maple syrup and heat to boiling, stirring occasionally. Add the Grape Nuts and mix thoroughly. Spread evenly in a lightly oiled 13" x 9" pan. Sprinkle wheat germ on top if desired. Chill in refrigerator until firm and cut into bars.
Variation: Instead of the tahini, use another 1/2 cup peanut butter. I probably would've done this myself, but I had some tahini that I wanted to use up. :-)

Statistics Lie On The True Cost Of Living
by Robert Kuttner

Debasing Democracy
by D.Sirota & C.Harvey

Farewell To The Sixties
by Bill Moyers

Europe & The US Are Now Adrift
by Martin Jacques
Spain confirms the huge impact the Iraq War has had on our World.

Death Of A Patriot - No More 'Blind Faith Voting'
by Bob Fitrakis

Out With The Old
by Matthew Wells
After the 2000 Florida fiasco, the retired Jewish community in West Palm Beach are in no mood for the possible re-election of George Bush. "We were really angry in 2000, but we feel worse now. I'd vote for Mickey Mouse if he was running against George Bush, anyone, but Bush," says May Duke, who is sitting with her husband Sam, in their home of their mutual friend Sam Oser.

Welcome To The Titanic
by Timothy Garton Ash
The West is Falling Apart After Europe's 9/11, Just as it did after America's

Latest News From MoveOn.Org

A year ago today, the Bush Administration was making its final push toward war in Iraq. We know now that much of what we were told about the threat that Iraq posed was untrue. And rather than own up to their distortion of the facts, Bush administration officials are denying they ever said such things. But this Sunday, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld got caught blatantly contradicting his past statements, and we have the video clip. You can check it out at:

Congress' responsibility is to hold President Bush and his administration accountable for this pattern of deception -- that's why we have the Constitution. But instead, Congress today will debate a resolution congratulating Bush, for (they claim) making the world safer. [Duchess Note: Apparently most of Congress is f--king nuts & totally living in La-la land!] We must demand, at a minimum, that Congress censure the President. It's our Representatives' duty to formally reprimand him for misleading us. And we've got to demand it today, while they're debating their anniversary resolution. Please call your NY Representative now, at:

Congresswoman Nydia M. Velazquez
DC Phone: 202-225-2361

Make it clear that you are a constituent, then let the staffers know you expect nothing less than Censure.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The Seamróg (pron. sham-roh-g) is a three-leafed clover that grows in Ireland. It is seen in the artwork of the Celts and is used to illustrate the divine nature of the trinity. The Irish god Trefuilngid Tre-eochair: Triple Bearer of the Triple Key and Master of All Wisdom is the consort of the triple goddess Macha and controls the setting and rising of the sun. With the seamróg or Triple Key he created sacred trees and told the history of Ireland to the people. The latin word for clover is trefoil after him. His feast day is March 17th.

Personal News - Part VIII

They say the weather in March is always unpredictable and it certainly was the case yesterday with a snowstorm. Dumped three wet, slushy inches of the white stuff here in Brooklyn and just slush over in Manhattan. And Saturday is suppose to be the first day of Spring, as well as GLOBAL PEACE & ACTION DAY, when the "world still says NO to war in Iraq". I plan on being out in full force with my fellow Kucitizens that day, plus listen to our favor Democrat give a speech at the event. So far the forecast for that day sounds like it'll be sunny and in the low 40s. Nothing like last years protest march when it was a sunny day in the 60s. No matter what the weather ... "we the people" will be out there peacefully congregating together to show the evil Bush Empire our displeasure in their horrific actions.


On Tuesday, March 16th, I joined several secretaries from the 28th floor to celebrate a co-workers recent promotion at work AND engagement to a swell chap. One of the partners footed the bill and we had a terrific, fun luncheon at BARBETTA Restaurant on West 46th Street. This part of 46th Street, off of 8th Avenue, is known in the theater district as Restaurant Row. [A brief history on Barbetta Restaurant ... was opened in 1906 by Sebastiano Maioglio, and now owned by his daughter (Laura Maioglio). Barbetta is the oldest restaurant in New York that is still owned by its founding family. Located in the 1874 and 1881 townhouses.] To learn more about this restaurant ... go to the following link:

We arrived shortly after 12 noon and pretty much had the dining area to ourselves for first hour. [The group consisted of me, Barbara, Michelle, Debra, Paula, Florence, Lani & Ginger.] During second hour businessmen occupied three other small tables. Much of the pricey menu was in Italian, but from what we could tell, it was of northern cuisine and the waiter acted as translator. Many of us ordered wine to go with our meal. I dined on a delicious chickpea/red pepper soup, followed by Swordfish with a unique lentil sauce and for dessert nibbled on a lemon/pistachio tart with raspberry puree sauce. OMG! It was all out of this world and I was so full for hours afterwards. The decor reminded me of 18th Century France, but it was actually northern Italy. The look of 18th Century was similar in certain ways between the two countries. And while we dined it was snowing outside. We ladies agreed that this was something we'd love to do once every four months AND especially if a partner foots the bill. Hell yeah!

Over the past weekend ... in between watching a few DVDs [one being Pearl Jam's "Live at the Garden"] ... I was helping out my good friend Larry check out Condo "open houses" throughout parts of northern Brooklyn. The people that run these "open houses" tend to give more "info" to couples than single folk, so Larry and I pretended to be a couple. Well hey ... if it helps out a friend ... why not. As for these Condo's ... mon dieu ... there isn't much to them with little square footage and hardly any closets. [Poorly built & in some cases crappy neighborhood.] Some had other features, like access to a roof garden or parking space, but for the prices [ie: over $400,000] they were asking I felt like one was being very much shortchanged. Personally, I'd rather get a house in the suburbs or a cottage up in VT.

Have you ever spotted someone of the opposite sex on a train, subway or bus and instantly felt a strong attraction or deep yearning?!? Hum......... That’s happened a few times over the years for me ... but not as strongly as over last 5 months on the G train. There is this one young white dude [mid to late 20s] I've seen once or twice every week, whom I find terribly attractive, even with his dreadlocks. Actually, that latter bit adds to his allure. I've tried to get my nerve up to talk to him, but always become shy or fear of rejection stops me. So I gaze at him with care and glance away occasionally when he looks my way. I try to play sleuth and figure out where he goes just by glancing at his nice, very hip, though clean appearance. So far I've come up with him possibly being a teacher at a school or college out in Queens. He always wears a look of concentration, his thoughts in another realm and broken occasionally by a yawn. We both change trains at the same stop to jump on the 7-subway line. He goes to Queens and I towards Manhattan. Whenever I see him on the train it brightens up my morning and brings a smile to my face. Wish I knew poetry, so I could dedicate a passage or two to him. Maybe one day I shall..............

Congressman Kucinich spoke out against the life-threatening use of radioactive depleted uranium munitions on Monday at a press conference in Illinois. He is seen here with Dr. Doug Rokke, who is one of the world's leading experts on the use of munitions containing depleted uranium.

The Weeklty Tirade
Every Monday In Comedyzine
by Scotty Kowall

Song by Patti Smith
[During Pearl Jam's RIOT ACT tour in 2003 they sang this wonderful song a few times. One of those times was at the Albany, NY gig I attended in April 2003. Many fans in the audience were holding up PEACE signs in protest against the war & occupation of Iraq. It was a beautiful moment!]

I was dreaming in my dreaming
of an aspect bright and fair
and my sleeping it was broken
but my dream it lingered near
in the form of shining valleys
where the pure air recognized
and my senses newly opened
I awakened to the cry
that the people / have the power
to redeem / the work of fools
upon the meek / the graces shower
it's decreed / the people rule

The people have the power
The people have the power
The people have the power
The people have the power

Vengeful aspects became suspect
and bending low as if to hear
and the armies ceased advancing
because the people had their ear
and the shepherds and the soldiers
lay beneath the stars
exchanging visions
and laying arms
to waste / in the dust
in the form of / shining valleys
where the pure air / recognized
and my senses / newly opened
I awakened / to the cry

Refrain [chorus]

Where there were deserts
I saw fountains
like cream the waters rise
and we strolled there together
with none to laugh or criticize
and the leopard
and the lamb
lay together truly bound
I was hoping in my hoping
to recall what I had found
I was dreaming in my dreaming
god knows / a purer view
as I surrender to my sleeping
I commit my dream to you

Refrain [chorus]

The power to dream / to rule
to wrestle the world from fools

it's decreed the people rule
it's decreed the people rule
I believe everything we dream
can come to pass through our union
we can turn the world around
we can turn the earth's revolution
we have the power
People have the power ...

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

In December 2003, Congress passed a Medicare bill written by and for the drug and insurance industries. The bill just barely passed as President Bush begged conservative Republicans for votes and assured them that the cost of the bill was under $400 billion. BUSH LIED!

This week, we learned that chief Medicare actuary Richard Foster told the Bush administration weeks before the bill passed that the cost would be much, much higher. Instead of passing along this vital information to Congress, the administration threatened to fire Foster if he told the truth. And just a few weeks after the Medicare bill passed, the administration admitted that the cost would be somewhere between $500 and $600 billion -- an even bigger windfall for the special interests. TAKE ACTION

The Bush White House's lies to Congress and intimidation of a federal employee show that the administration will stop at nothing to do favors for President Bush's special interest friends. Click below to sign our petition demanding a full investigation into the White House lies about Medicare and its threats to fire an expert for telling the truth!

Kucinich: Ouster of Spanish government sends message to U.S.
The ouster of Spain's pro-Iraq-war government by voters yesterday should send a clear signal to the Bush Administration and to Democratic Party hoping to defeat him that "a war built on lies and an occupation based on greed" are issues that will determine the outcome of this year's Presidential election. "The defeat of the pro-war, pro-Bush leadership in Spain comes as no surprise to Americans and other members of the world community who believe the invasion of Iraq has made us all less safe, rather than more safe," Kucinich said. "And unless the Democratic Party is willing to display the courage to challenge the war and the no-end-in-sight occupation, peace loving Americans will not place their confidence in our Party." Kucinich, who is still actively campaigning, said Sen. John Kerry and the Democratic Party leadership "must understand that this issue will not go away simply because they appear to have collected enough delegates." "I am in this race to make sure that doesn't happen," said Kucinich, who led the fight in the U.S. House to oppose the resolution empowering Bush to invade Iraq almost one year ago.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Spain's Ruling Party Ousted From Power
by Ed McCullough
Bravo! The Spanish people came out in force [77%] in exercising their rights in a democracy, as well as sending out a message to the Bush Empire & the World. Right-on!

On Saturday, March 20, people all around the globe will take to the streets to say YES to peace and NO to pre-emptive war and occupation. A number of leading peace groups and coalitions have recognized this day as a Global Day of Action to protest against the invasion, occupation and corporate control of Iraq. The Kucinich for President Campaign has endorsed the national action on March 20th. Dennis has been invited to speak at one of the largest of these rallies, in New York City. The cause of peace has been central to our campaign from the beginning. We urge all supporters to rise up, be seen and be heard at this large event and at other events being held around the world on March 20th.

Check out the new Hip Hop page here:
In a letter to the Hip Hop community, Dennis wrote: "I do not claim to know the names of the top ten greatest MCs of all time or who has the hottest Hip Hop album on Billboard at this moment. I do know what it is like to live on the wrong side of American society." Read Article:

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Hi Everyone, this is Dennis. I'm on the road right now. In the last couple of days we've been all over the State of Illinois. We started off in Chicago, and went to Aurora, and we've been through Rockford, and Galesburg, and now Peoria, and we're making our way across the state in preparation for the primary coming up on Tuesday. I want you to know that the commitment of this campaign is as steadfast as ever. And while it may seem that the nomination process is pretty much a foregone conclusion, what the Democratic party stands for is not. And so we're continuing our efforts to press for a new approach in Iraq, where we can bring in U.N. peacekeepers and bring our troops home. To press for a universal, single-payer, not-for-profit health care system, and to finally get the Democratic party to take a strong position for fair trade, which will mean the end of NAFTA and the WTO.

This campaign is moving forward because we realize the hopes and dreams of so many Americans for a new direction rest on a continuing debate, and we're going to provide that debate. I want to thank each and every one of you for all of the efforts that you've made, for the continued effort you're making on the ground and in the campaign states ahead, and for the effort that you've been making in helping to raise the funds that sustain our campaign. We're moving ahead with all due speed, and all due courage, and with all due respect for Senator Kerry and his campaign. Because in the end, when all is said and done, if the Democrats are going to win the White House it must be because we stand for something, and it is this campaign which will help the Democratic party take a stand. Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from all of you, and I'm back on the road.

"While the nomination may be a foregone conclusion, what we stand for as a Democratic Party is NOT a foregone conclusion," Kucinich said in a highly charged speech at the Rainbow-PUSH weekly forum in Chicago yesterday. He was introduced by Jesse Jackson at the forum. Kucinich will be campaigning in Illinois tomorrow as well for their primary.

Perspective: Kucinich Still Could Be Factor In Presidential Race
by Malia Rulon [Associated Press]

Friday, March 12, 2004

Finally ... The SAVE THE CHILDREN Climbers Have Reached The Summit Of Mt Kilimanjaro!

March 12: There’s a sign at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro welcoming climbers to the roof of Africa. Early today, 14 elated members of Save the Children’s Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb for Children 2004 – Jeff Ament, Pandora Andre-Beatty, Wade Beatty, Shelley and Steve Brown, Donovan Cook, Steve Kelley, George Mahaffey, Laura Mason, Tom Miller, Linnea Nasman, David Robinson, Bob Seidensticker and Derek Ward – had their own photo taken there to document the crowning moment of their six-day ascent. They also joined the select few who’ve climbed the mountain with a higher purpose: to raise support for Save the Children programs in Africa and around the world. It was exactly three weeks from the day that Linnea, the youngest climber, had shown a video about Kilimanjaro during a fundraising event she organized at her church. “This is 10 times better than I ever thought it would be,” she said. Laura, whose mother made the trek in 1999, is eager to share her photos and experiences with her. “This has made me feel more connected to her than I ever have before.” Their brief stay on the summit over, climbers made a day-long descent well down the mountain. On Saturday, they will step off the trail, ending the 14-day journey, but not their commitment to help do more for children in need – those they met in Malawi, and children wherever Save the Children works.

Cashing In On Tragedy
by D.Sirota, C.Harvey & J.Legum

Democracy - Not "The Free Market" - Will Save America's Middle Class
by Thom Hartmann

Some Folk Are Making Up Their Own Anti-Bush Campaign Signs & Here Are Some Possible Slogans.

"The Regressive Choice!" ... "Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!" ... "Don't worry! Diebold already elected us!" ... "Less taxes! More attacks!"

And Now For Some Pretty, Funky Kucinich Buttons ... Remember One Of His Slogans Regarding Iraq ... "UN In US Out"

Recent Commentary From "NYC Friends Of Kucinich" Supporter L.S.White On Current Events In Haiti
Eleven years ago, I had the good fortune to be hired as a sound recordist for documentaries about Haiti, during the time of the first coup d'etat against President Aristide, 7 months into his first term. His campaign slogan was, "from misery to poverty with dignity", a modest goal for the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. They never gave him a chance. I witnessed first hand the crushing poverty and abject fear of the populace under the thugs that were running the country under Gen. Cedras and the FRAPH paramilitary. I also came to understand the United States complete complicity in everything that goes on in Haiti, past and present, Democrat and Republican. So, when the situation began to deteriorate shortly after Haiti celebrated the 200th anniversary of the overthrow of slavery and kicking the French out, I read between the lines very carefully. But you don't have to read between the lines to see what the Bush administration has done to the duly elected head of state in the past couple of weeks. Recent first-hand independent press reports and interviews with Pres. Aristide, collected with great difficulty, reveal that he was tricked and coerced into exile by the U.S. and France, and a puppet regime is being installed that will be compliant to the wishes of America and France. This must not stand. Congressperson Barbara Lee and John Conyers have introduced legislation entitled the TRUTH Act, calling for a full Congressional investigation into the Bush administration's organization of and complicity in Artistide's overthrow. Please write, call or email your representative and ask, no DEMAND that they co-sponsor this legislation. Eight million impoverished Haitians will be ever grateful to you.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

[Came Across A Whole Slew Of Interesting, Fascinating, Thought Provoking News Articles]

Waking Up The Vote
by Doris "Granny D" Haddock

The Dead, The Bad And The Ugly: President's Ad Blitz Bombs 9/11
by Pierre Tristam

by Marc Cooper

The Worst Form Of Exploitation - A Hypocritcal Bush Uses 9/11 Images But Resists An Accounting Of The Truth
by Robert Scheer

President In Exile
by Amy Goodman

On International Women's Day, Iraqi Women Have Little To Celebrate
by Medea Benjamin

Can Social Security Be Saved? ... Greenspan's Got His Eye On Your Retirement & For All The Wrong Reasons
by Dean Baker

A Different W ... Move Over NASCAR Dads, The Sex And The City Crowd Could Turn The Election
by Martha Burk

More News From SAVE THE CHILDREN Expedition To Summit Of Mt Kilimanjaro
March 11: Every big mountain has its own challenges and its own weather. Our climbers encountered both on Mt. Kilimanjaro today, emerging tired but undaunted. They overcame the steep slope and rocks of the mountain’s toughest terrain – terrain likened to a giant stone staircase and one that teases all climbers with a tantalizing view of the summit – in their last big test before reaching Africa’s highest point on Friday morning. They began in sun and ended the day in snow and sharp cold at Crater Camp, some 18,500 feet above sea level. “Everyone hung in there and made it,” said Donovan Cook, Save the Children’s trek leader, making his fourth ascent. “But it was a very, very grueling effort.”

Personal News - Part VII
Yesterday evening I attended a Vegetarian Meetup for the first time. Sadly I was short on funds, so ate some pasta I'd brought from home [tupperware], before heading down to the east village via subway. Arrived at the "Counter Vegetarian Restaurant & Wine Bar" around 7:15pm, which is located at 105 1st Avenue. [Between 7th & 6th street.] Most of the 15+ meetup group were already there and situated at a long row of tables. I scooted my butt to the far end and joined part of the group. Conversing with the whole group was abit difficult ... so I focused on those around me. They were Steve, Tanya, Marion [cute, young Russian chap], Beverly, Shirley & one other lady who's name I cannot recall. I ordered a glass of white wine while the others ordered from the vegetarian menu. The restaurant was very chic, as well as abit pricey, as my glass of wine was $6.50 and that was the cheapest. Anyhow ... over next hour or so we talked about food [naturally], travel, meetups, politics, etc. [When the food did arrive at our tables ... it looked and smelled good ... those around me confirmed it was quite tasty too.] Overall it was a very nice evening and I got home around 9:30pm.

Kucinich is Back!
Congressman Kucinich made a surprise visit to his staff at the Cleveland headquarters yesterday afternoon. After taking a few days off campaigning to recover from a brief bout with gastroenteritis, the Congressman reported, “I feel great. They ran every possible test on me and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in.” Despite being confined to a hospital bed, the candidate did call-in interviews for several radio stations. Kucinich will resume his full campaign pace beginning Saturday in Illinois.

To All Kucitizens!
Many of you are aware that March 20th marks the one-year anniversary of the pre-emptive war in Iraq. A number of leading peace groups and coalitions have recognized this day as a Global Day of Action to protest against the invasion, occupation and corporate control of Iraq. Rallies and marches will bring millions of people into the streets in cities around the world, to rally for peace and protest the effects of the Bush Administration's policies at home and abroad. Dennis Kucinich is the only national political leader who represents the peace movement. Before the war began Dennis Kucinich saw through the lies that fueled the Bush Administration's climate of fear and violence. He led the opposition to the war in Congress, and he remains one of the most credible voices within the Democratic Party when speaking about the need to bring our troops home. His position - US out, UN in - remains the only credible alternative to the current reality.

For these reasons, and for others, Dennis Kucinich has been invited to speak at one of the largest March 20th rallies, in New York City. Supporters of the Kucinich Campaign will be on hand there, and all over the country, to bring home the message: US out, UN in. Please locate peace activities taking place in your part of the country, and work with the Kucinich Campaign to make them a success. Look for events in your area at:

Thank you, Charles Lenchner
National Movements Coordinator
Kucinich for President

For more information about what your local Kucinich for President Campaign is doing to support the March 20 peace rallies, contact your state coordinator. Find contact information for your state at: If your primary or caucus has passed and no state coordinator is listed online, contact the national office at (866) 413-3664.

Could The Military Draft Return in 2005?!?
First of all, the Bush Administration [ahem ... empire] is quietly trying to sneak through twin bills S89 and HR163 through Congress now to reinstate the draft as early as June 15, 2005. They consider it political suicide to announce it now and want to time it so that it is announced after the November election. At this point, John Kerry also seems to support this action. Secondly, our excuse for mainstream media is so far cooperating in not publicizing this issue. However, CNN has begun reporting on the touch screen voting problem over last couple days (Florida). Thirdly, I feel it important to try to get this issue out in the open. This could help drop poll numbers for both Bush and Kerry and turn more attention to Dennis Kucinich, who opposes a draft. This could also become as big or bigger issue than the rigged voting machines.