Friday, December 28, 2007

[Note: Xmas afternoon at the Duchess home with presents under the tree]

[Note: Some holiday decor at my parent’s home]

[Note: Sharing Xmas morning with family ... Duchess with her Mom]

[Note: My sister-in-laws Xmas village display]

[Note: Gazing up at a pretty tree on Xmas Eve]

[Duchess Note: More “personal news” will be on the way. Stay tuned………….]

On Saturday, November 3rd, I attended an impromptu dinner/meeting with some NYDoP board members and Marianne Williamson was our guest. We converged on a nice, charming French bistro on the upper eastside of Manhattan to discuss plans for 2008. Our thoughts on how to “be the Dept of Peace legislation”, to which Marianne Williamson added her thoughts and several suggestions. We also had a general discussion on the upcoming 2008 Presidential primaries. It was announced that Dot Maver would be stepping down as president of The Peace Alliance, and that Marianne has taken over that stewardship. Overall a terrific meeting and the food was tasty.

Sunday, November 4th, I joined my friend Jackie for an afternoon visit to Piermont, NY, which is situated north of Manhattan on the western slopes of the Hudson River. Piermont is such a charming little town with some fine houses, condo’s, restaurants and shops along the river. Both of us were having some health issues, but we ignored them as best as possible to tour as much as we could of “downtown” Piermont. We took a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, farmers market, shopping at the boutiques, a tasty lunch at a nice restaurant, plus admiring the views of the river. [See photos below] Our next excursion will be in the spring and we’ll explore Nyack, which is just up the road from Piermont. Before jumping on a 5pm bus back to NYC; Jackie and I stopped at a café for some dessert type refreshment. Despite the increasing foot discomfort I had an enjoyable outing.



On Monday, November 5th, I went to see a foot doctor [after work] about issues I was having with bottom of my left foot/heel. This situation has been getting progressively worse over past few weeks with discomfort and some difficulty in walking. After a discussion with the doctor and X-rays it was determined I had Plantar Fascia. Thankfully no surgery was required. All that was needed was shots of Cortisone in my heel, foot therapy, stretching, Ace bandage and anti-inflammatory medication. Doctor said it could take 4 to 6 weeks to completely heal.

Sunday, November 11th, I joined several other NYC Kucinich Team members [ie: Thomas, Phoebe, Linda & Max] to do petitioning and tabling in the Park Slope area near the Food Coop. With my foot situation I sat it out next to Food Coop’s table loaded down with Kucinich campaign materials. We were all bundle up, as the weather was abit brisk and cool. Despite the weather the team pulled in over 420 signatures in three hours. We gave out lots of flyers, discussed issues with voters and brought in $50 in donations. It was a productive, interesting afternoon.

Thursday, November 15th, was the last monthly NYDoP board and core team meeting for 2007. Not many team members attended, so we were able to briskly go through the agenda and finish up in less than two hours. Main topics of discussion were upcoming events and conferences for 2008. Dept of Peace chapters in the northeast will be hosting a weekend conference in Rhode Island during March. I am so looking forward to attending. It’ll be exciting, fascinating and inspiring.

Friday, November 16th, volunteer work for City Harvest at the Union Square farmers market.

Saturday, November 17th, joined several other NYC Kucinich Team members [ie: Thomas, Phoebe, Linda & Max] to do more petitioning and tabling in the Park Slope area outside of the Food Coop. We did very well in obtaining signatures on DJK petition forms, though not as well in regards to donations. The weather wasn’t as brisk as the week before, but we all dressed accordingly. Plus I treated the team to hot beverages from the Tea Lounge, which I might add, were very tasty.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Press Release from Congressman Kucinich – Assassination of Benazir Bhutto Represents Dangerous Moment for the World


PEACE QUOTE OF THE DAYPeace-making is a healing process and it begins with me, but it does not end there. Gene Knudsen Hoffman


Buy Some Stuff, Enslave Somebody
Josh Rosenblatt, Texas Observer
Why are we so disconnected from the slave labor that produces to many of our products?

Corporate America’s War on Unions
Paul Krugman, NYTimes
The US labor movement isn’t dying a natural death; corporations and politicians are helping.

On Thursday evening, October 25th, a group of NYC Kucinich Team volunteers and supporters showed up for ballot access petition training. After a month of organizing it was finally happening. Amen! Back in September I invited Mary G to do the actual one-hour training for the “statewide” ballot access petitions. Mary was involved with the 2004 campaign and did petition training, amongst other duties. I was also getting advice and support from Stephanie L here in NYC. [Many thanks to both ladies for your support, it is greatly appreciated.] I’d also been in communication with David Bright [Kucinich campaign], who came up from DC to help with “other” questions. Sharon Manitta [media director] referred me to him and I am so thankful for her support as well. BC and David met up with me at my office after work, and we headed to the location via subway. The actual training went very well and one of the NYC Kucinich Team members [Terry T] obtained space for us in the East Village. Afterwards David treated me to dinner before he had to jump on an Amtrak for Boston. Over dinner we discussed the campaign and other diverse topics. It was a long day and by the time I got home, close to midnight, I was so tired.

Saturday, October 27th, was the UFPJ march and rally to protest the war in Iraq and demand impeachment of Bush/Cheney. One of the NYC Kucinich Team members [Stephanie C] worked on getting volunteers together, as well as a table at Foley Square, so we could get the word out on the congressman’s campaign. The weather that morning was abit windy, overcast and rainy. The forecast said it would clear up in early afternoon. UFPJ assigned our Kucinich Team a tented table at the end of Foley Square and sharing it with a Socialist group. Both Stephanie and I brought campaign materials, plus flyers, for the event. By the time the marchers arrived at Foley Square the weather was finally clearing up. This left me little time to frantically dry the table, put down plastic and set up campaign materials. [Many thanks to the nice Socialist chaps who gave me a roll of paper towels.] Couldn’t do it before with the rain blowing around and the tents didn’t quite provide adequate covering. Over next two hours I was busy at the table talking with marchers, greeting friends/acquaintances, and taking in donations for buttons/bumper stickers. We even ran out of buttons, as the demand was so high. NYC Kucinich Team members, who also attended, handed out flyers to marchers, as well as spoke about the congressman’s views. We did really well in donations and I sent the funds to the campaign office in Ohio. Afterwards I joined Robert, Linda G and an acquaintance of Linda’s for some refreshment at a local Starbucks. Felt good to sit down for abit, use the restroom, partake of warm refreshment and discuss the event.

Thursday, November 1st, was the monthly meetup for NYC Kucinich Team. Such a good feeling to see an excellent turnout for this meetup, plus we’re in a new location near the New School. [Thank you so much Phoebe!] We had much on the agenda to discuss [ie: upcoming events, forums, etc] and also hand out the ballot access petition forms, plus full detailed instructions on how to do petitioning. There were some members at the meetup who didn’t attend the training on October 25th and their questions needed to be addressed.

Friday, November 2nd, did volunteer work for City Harvest at the Union Square farmers market.

Osama Bin Laden, the Terrorist, is Safe in Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, the Democrat, was Not; Truly, Musharraf is Bush-Cheney's "Strong Ally" in the War IN, OF, BY & FOR Terror
By Richard Power
"Every time you ask yourself why US political leaders will not stand up to the Bush-Cheney regime, why impeachment is off the table, why the betrayal of US secret agent Valerie Plame's covert identity goes unavenged, why those who looked the other way while 9/11 went down, then lied us into war with Iraq and attempted to lie us into war with Iran, continue to occupy positions of power and privilege, why violations of FISA, FOIA, the Geneva Accords, the Bill of Rights, etc. have gone on unchecked, why no one is under criminal investigation for obstruction of justice in the firing of the US attorneys or the theft of elections in 2000, 2002 and 2004; remember the beautiful face, passionate heart and eloquent tongue of Benazir Bhutto, remember too Yitzhak Rabin, and John F and Bobby Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Omar Torrijos, and Anwar Sadat, and the answer will come to you. They do not stand up because they are afraid. She was not afraid."

[Duchess Note: In memory of Benazir Bhutto ... who strongly believed and spoke passionately for democracy. She was a brave, compassionate lady.]

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Story of Stuff
What is the Story of Stuff? From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It'll teach you something, it'll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever.

Another Way – 10 Little & Big Things You Can Do To Be Pro-Active Regarding “Stuff”
1. Power Down
2. Waste Less
3. Talk to Everyone About These Issues
4. Make Your Voice Heard
5. DeTox Your Body, DeTox Your Home, & DeTox the Economy
6. Unplug (TV & Internet) & Plug Into The Community
7. Park Your Car & Walk & When Necessary MARCH
8. Change Your Lightbulbs & Then, Change Your Paradigm
9. Recycle Your Trash &, Recycle Your Elected Officials
10. Buy Green, Buy Fair, Buy Local, Buy Used, & Most Importantly, Buy Less

Congressman & 2008 Presidential Candidate, Kucinich, Wins IndependentPrimary.Com
Congressman Dennis Kucinich is the clear favorite of independent-minded voters in the IndependentPrimary.Com internet poll. Over 110,000 people voted in IndependentPrimary.Com

Kucinich won over 75% of the votes cast on the Democratic side. (And Rep. Ron Paul won overwhelmingly on the Republican side).

As long-time independents we decided to do this poll because we were very concerned that Paul, Kucinich, and Gravel were excluded from some of the televised debates by the corporate media. We believe elections should be competitive and that the voters should decide at the polls! We want to give voters the authority to vote with their hearts.

Independents can swing the 2008 primary elections. 44% of voters in New Hampshire are registered independent. Since New Hampshire is an "open primary" state they can vote in the Democratic presidential primary.

Help us publicize the results of IndependentPrimary.Com in New Hampshire. And inform the state's independent voters that they can vote in the Democratic Primary.

This is an extraordinary election. All the pundits say independent-minded voters will determine the outcome. So let's make sure that the election is open and fair and voters are educated about their choices.

The Shock Doctrine in Action in New Orleans
Naomi Klein, Common Dreams/Huffington Post

Friday, December 21, 2007

Secret Santa Rides Again in Kansas City
Yahoo! News

[Duchess Note: This is a wonderful, inspiring and uplifting story. The story gave me a warm glow inside, as well as tears to my eyes. The link to the Secret Santa website is included at the end of the above article. I guess, in a way, I'm a year round secret Santa with being involved with different charity/volunteering. Anyone can become a Secret Santa ... become one today.]

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, while both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer each year, male reindeer drop their antlers at the beginning of winter, usually late November to mid-December. Female reindeer retain their antlers till after they give birth in the spring. Therefore, according to EVERY historical rendition depicting Santa's reindeer, EVERY single one of them, from Rudolph to Blitzen, had to be a girl. We should've known, ONLY women would be able to drag a fat man in a red velvet suit all around the world in one night and not get lost.

Send Comforting Thoughts to Congressman Kucinich
Dennis' youngest brother Perry (51) was found dead in his apartment Wednesday morning by his brother Larry. It is not known yet what the cause of death is. Dennis was very close to Perry. Perry was like a son to him. They talked almost every day on the phone. Understandably Dennis is quite shaken by the sad news. Let’s send some comforting thoughts on Dennis' way. Thank you all. There is more info about Perry on Dennis' webpage at:

Kucinich Cancels Campaign Appearances Following Brother’s Death

The Corporate Media Means No Real News - When Impeachment is Out of Print
Dave Lindorff

Kucinich’s Impeachment Train

Field Center Certified Facilitating in NYC – Message from Gili Chupak
As many of you know, I have started my Facilitating practice. I am excited to announce my new web site is now up at Please visit the site and explore at your leisure. If you feel that Facilitating will be useful to someone you know feel free to pass this on.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday, October 11th, I joined Veronica in attending the Village Independent Democrats [VID] Group for their Presidential endorsement meeting [part 2] in the East Village. There were also reps there speaking on behalf of Edwards and Gore. Yes, I know, Al Gore hasn’t thrown his hat in the presidential ring yet. Seems many throughout the US want him on the ballot. Back in 2000, he lost votes [including mine] due to his choice of "running mate" [Joe Lieberman], amongst other issues. Anyhow, there was a decent turnout at the meeting, and Veronica gave a wonderful speech. Afterwards the VID members asked questions of the reps and then placed their votes. Top three choices by the VID members were for Edwards, Kucinich and Obama. Overall it was an interesting meeting and we handed out Kucinich flyers.

Friday, October 12th, did volunteer work for City Harvest at the Union Square farmers market.

Saturday, October 13th, was the Bay Ridge Peace Fair, which was hosted by Bay Ridge Neighbors for Peace [BRNP]. Of which my friend Linda G is a member and invited NYDoP to table at the event. Originally was to ride to and from the event with a NYDoP Core Team member, but that didn’t work out, as Lori had abit of a car accident that morning. [Not to worry, she’s doing okay and only a few minor injuries.] So I had to scramble to get backup transportation. First I called my friend Cielito, who was also attending the event, and tabling with Share International. Then I received a call from Doreen, a LIDoP member who was coming to event to lend her support. Doreen was on her way, via car, along with her friend Mary, and they said they would pick me up. Excellent! So I called Cielito back and said I’d see her at event. Linda saved us a table and we arrived 1 ½ hours after it all began. Despite the late start, we did well for the few hours in telling folk about Dept of Peace legislation, as well as selling my peace bead style earrings and other DoP materials. Grannies for Peace were their and sang many of their fun protest songs to a receptive crowd. Many other speakers and activist singers had their turn, plus there were about eight groups, including NYDoP, tabling at the event. The weather held up for this decent turnout for BRNP first endeavor and I hope they have more.

Next day, October 14th, I headed up to Westchester County for the annual Pound Ridge Art & Craft Show in Scotts Corners. I was raised in this town during the 1960s and 1970s. Pound Ridge [NY] is a nice blend of country and city, plus an hour away from Manhattan by MetroNorth. Upon arriving at the New Canaan [CT] train station I found my friend Katherine’s mother [Joan] waiting for me. Apparently a serious situation arose that morning and Katherine had to deal with it. So Joan and Bob picked me up and we drove back to Pound Ridge to hangout at their home. While there we got a call from Katherine and said she was on her way, that the "situation" was not resolved, but not as serious. Once Katherine arrived we drove up to Scotts Corners to attend the enjoyable, delightful Art & Craft Show, which was followed by a late lunch at a Chinese restaurant. I did find a few items at the show that would make good Xmas gifts and we conversed with several artisans about their creations. Then it was off to Stamford to do some shopping and an ice cream snack at an ice cream place. Throughout all this we caught up on news, gossip and discussed further the "situation" centering on her youngest daughter. By this time it was getting abit late and caught the next train back to NYC. Both of us have busy schedules and it isn’t always easy to see each other that often, but we do keep in touch on a regular basis via email. We’ve been good friends since we attended elementary school.

Monday evening, October 15th, I attended the Upper Westside Democrat Presidential Political Forum with some of the NYC Kucinich Team. Veronica was again speaking on behalf of Congressman Kucinich and she was by far the best speaker that evening. [Received most applause when mentioning DJKs key platform views.] Even better than Congressman Nadler who was representing the Clinton cow. I mostly attended to the tabling area, spoke to people and gave out flyers on the congressman’s campaign. The NYC Kucinich Team were the only "volunteers" there, as the ones who tabled for their candidates are all paid. They all claim to be supporters of their candidate and when I questioned an Edwards "paid person" if they weren’t paid would they still support the man. Most of them gave me a blank, embarressed stare and mumbled "no". Some folk are so shallow and transparent. Very sad……….

Thursday, October 18th, I attended the monthly NYDoP Board and Core Team meeting. We had a good, productive Board and Core Team meeting. Major discussion on upcoming events and plans for the new year. We are more and more "being the legislation", even though it hasn't passed yet in a very disappointing Congress. So much for a Democratic majority ... most of them are spineless buggers who only care about themselves and not much about their constituents.

Friday, October 19th, did volunteer work for City Harvest at the Union Square farmers market.

Impeachment Advocates Crash Server, But Still No Reports in the Corporate Media - The push for hearings on Dennis Kucinich's Cheney impeachment bill (H Res. 799) continues, with the number of signers of Wexler's petition now topping 90,000
Dave Lindorff

The rush to sign on has been so heavy that on Monday it crashed the server. Rep. Robert Wexler's people have since changed to a better server, but in the process, there were some resets of the tally, which has led to a lot of concern and even to anxious conspiracy theories among impeachment backers. Wexler's office says there has been no problem with sabatoge, and that the current number, just over 90,000 as of 10:45 am Tuesday, is accurate. The list has been checked for duplicates and other signs of trouble, and looks clean, they say. So impeachment advocates should continue to push for support for this call for action. Get people to the petition site and signed on. But don't stop there.


Last night, the Patrick Henry Democratic Club of America announced its annual awards for 2007 and Dennis Kucinich was chosen Congressman of the Year.

The nomination and voting takes place over approximately a two month period and includes the entire national membership, During that time the members are sworn to secrecy about the names of the nominees. There is close to 100% participation in the voting process. Members are emailed, called and sometimes tracked down in person to make sure everyone has a chance to vote. Imagine the kind of leaders America would have if everyone was required to vote. This is the fourth year in a row Dennis Kucinich has been the Congressman of the Year. The fact is he is simply the best and anyone looking at his voting record knows it.

The Congresswoman of the Year is Maxine Waters. She stood with Dennis against sending impeachment back to committee. Like Dennis, she is brilliant and is doing great work at fighting Bush. Like Dennis, she opposed the war and the attacks on our rights and freedom, she opposes the death penalty and she supports lowering the voting age. Everyone was pretty disgusted with the Senate so the Senator of the Year Award went to the Spirit of Paul Wellstone.

Sheila Kuehl (SB840) is the State Legislator of the Year. Hugo Chavez is the World Leader of the Year. Bush/Cheney is the Villain of the Year. We figured that, since they commit their crimes together, they might as well get their award together. Nancy Pelosi was the runner up for Villain.

There were other winners. There were 14 categories. Actually, one of the trophies was a big surprise to the chairman. The members even more secretly voted her the Activist of the Year Award. You can look at the website. A lot of the winners were at the meeting last night. It was raining and we still had a great turnout.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Visions of the Holiday Season

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[Note: Holiday Season at the Duchess Home]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
[Note: Looking out onto a Snowy Brooklyn Street through Decorated Window]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
[Note: NYDoP Party Weekend of December 15th]


Why Dennis Kucinich Is My Choice For President
Pam Holt, Your Three Cents

Press Release: Kucinich Fondly Remembers Friend & Colleague, Congresswoman Julia Carson

Press Release: Kucinich Votes Against Afghan War Fund: “Our Troops are at Risk, Occupying a Narco-State in Which Heroin Production is at Record Levels”

Atlanta Progressive News Endorses Kucinich, McKinney for US Presidential Primaries
Matthew Cardinale, APN

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Linda Z in TX for providing this informative, valuable info. Please feel free in sharing the above with others.]

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Urgent Message from “Democracy Now!” - Kucinich Barred from Democratic Debate in Iowa
In campaign news, Congress member and Democratic hopeful Dennis Kucinich has been excluded from today’s Democratic presidential debate in Iowa. Debate sponsor the Des Moines Register told Kucinich he isn’t eligible because he doesn’t meet local requirements on a local campaign office and paid staff. Kucinich’s Iowa field director works out of a home office. The most recent poll of likely Democratic voters shows Kucinich has one percent support in Iowa the same as Senator Chris Dodd. Nationally, Kucinich has two percent support the same as Bill Richardson and Senator Joe Biden. Dodd, Richardson and Biden are all taking part in today’s debate. In a statement, the Kucinich campaign called the exclusion arbitrary and unreasonable, saying: [If] the Register has decided to use hair-splitting technicalities to exclude the leading voice of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, the entire process is suspect.

[Duchess Note: Apparently the BS from Iowa, when one makes a call, is that “he didn’t meet the criteria”. This is a load of crap! Not sure who is behind banning him from the debate, but who ever is the chief instigator(s) is, well, they are being unpatriotic, undemocratic and violating civil rights, liberties and the Constitution. This is disgusting and thoroughly appalling behavior. Keep calling the numbers below throughout the day. Let those buggers know in Iowa how displeased we Americans are with their behavior. As you can tell, I am NOT feeling peaceful towards my fellow Americans in Iowa.]

AND KEEP CALLING THROUGH TODAY … LET'S FLOOD THE REGISTER WITH CALLS demanding that they include DENNIS KUCINICH in the debate today. Repost from redemption (on the action site) "...Carol Washburn is the one person that made the decision to remove Dennis from the Debate." CALL Carol Washburn NOW 1-515-284-8586

Also call 1-515-284-8041, and call ALL of the numbers below, beginning with the President's office!!!

The Des Moines Register 1-800-247-5346
Laura Hollingsworth President and Publisher (515) 284-8041
Rick Bell, Vice President, Circulation (515) 284-8319
Kevin D. Hall Vice President, Advertising (515) 284-8384
Julie Harvey Vice President, Finance (515) 284-8226
Kevin R. Johnson Vice President, Production (515) 471-3505
Susan Patterson Plank Vice President, Marketing and Digital Development (515) 284-8261
Joyce M. Ray Vice President, Human Resources (515) 284-8586
Carolyn Washburn Vice President, Editor (515) 284-8502
R. Dee Wilson Vice President, Information Services (515) 284-8385


Press Release – Kucinich Amendment Passes, Creates New Jobs

Kucinich Press Release – Iraq War Funding Deal Is Immoral

Arizona Congressman Co-Sponsors Cheney Impeachment
Cleveland Leader

The Green Philosophy of Dennis Kucinich
Amanda Griscom Little, Salon

Time for Change’s Journal – The Psychopathic Meaning of “Patriotism” to Militant Nationalists

Ready for change? Vote for Kucinich
Letter to the Editor, by Anna Ragland in Utah
Tuesday, December 11, 2007 1:50 AM

Politics is probably something many of us don’t like to get involved with. A large percentage of us may not even vote in the upcoming primary. But now more then ever we all need to get out there and vote on Feb. 5. We are provided via the major news corporations our candidates. Right now that means for Democrats that there are only three choices that get our attention. But will these candidates represent the people or will they be beholden to the corporations and special interests groups that provide their funding and promote their interests? If you are concerned about the state of affairs in our country, about the mismanagement of international relations, of wars without end, of lies and spies and destroyed CIA tapes then you need to get out and vote this primary.

For Democrats, our top runner received more funding from the defense industry than any one of the Republican candidates. Her foreign policies don’t stray far from those of Bush and Giuliani. She has backed Bush on every war funding vote and the result is we have spent over $1 trillion in Iraq. We have increased recruitment in al-Qaida as a result of these policies. This five-year war has displaced 2 million Iraqi people and killed about 80,000 civilians with at least 3,800 confirmed American soldier deaths.

If you are ready for a change and want a serious candidate who actually reads the bills presented to him in Congress then look no further. Dennis Kucinich is ready to restore democracy to this country. Famous for his pocket version of the Constitution, this is the candidate who can get it right the first time. I encourage you to look into a real Democrat, not one propped up by big business or corporate media; one that will work for environmentally sound policies, peaceful means of solving international issues and provide all the people with a not for profit health care system.

Why Is “Peace” A Dirty Word?
Alex Miller, The Vail Trail

Kucinich, top-Rated Democrat, Excluded from Des Moines Register Debate,240680.shtml

Barack Obama & the Audacity of Deception: The Manufacture of Progressive Illusion
Black Agenda Report Journal

Zenith Presents a Photographic Exhibition by The Police
Europa Star
Zenith Swiss watch manufacture presents "I'll be watching you: Inside the police 1980-1983". A photographic exhibition by Andy Summers of The Police.

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Linda Z in TX for sharing many of the above articles.]

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How to Vote in the Primaries and Make It Mean Something
David Swanson, After Downing Street

QUOTE OF THE DAY - "I'm damned if I want to go through another presidential primary with everyone trying to figure out who has the best chance to win instead of who's right. I want to vote for somebody who's good and brave and who should win." Molly Ivins

Monday, December 10, 2007

35 Reasons to Vote for Dennis Kucinich [2008 Presidential Candidate] During the Upcoming Primaries – And Yes, He is Electable – Listed Below is His Track Record in Congress & Views

1] Voted against a bill that enables Bush to attack Iran (Hillary voted for it, Obama skipped the vote)

2] Has no corporate strings - takes money only from individuals & works for the people

3] Organized 125 Congressmen to vote against the 2002 resolution to authorize force in Iraq

4] Voted against the Patriot Act which stripped us of our rights

5] Supports withdrawing from NAFTA and the WTO which take away our jobs

6] Has called for impeachment of the Vice President AND the President

7] Stands for a NOT FOR PROFIT healthcare system, Medicare for All

8] Does Not Belong To The CFR - Council On Foreign Relations - a shadow government that oversees governance of the United States for the international money power. Corporate members include Halliburton of Dubai. All presidential candidates are members and work for the corporate elite, except Kucinich, Gravel and Paul.

9] Plans immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq; replacing them with an international security force

10] Received the Gandhi Peace Award for his dedication to a more peaceful world

11] Proposed a Department of Peace and Non-violence to promote national and international conflict prevention and structured mediation of conflict (Dept. of Defense is just a nice name for Dept. of War)

12] Works for environmental renewal and clean energy

13] Researches the issues and reads the bills before he votes - he votes by the facts instead of by "briefings"

14] Has The Courage To Speak Out Against What Is Wrong15] Opposes the privatization of social security

16] Supports full social security benefits at age 65

17] Was a lone voice in the House as he urged moderation and diplomacy in dealing with Iran. (Intelligence agencies revealed with "a high degree of confidence" that Iran halted work on nuclear weapons projects in 2003. Other candidates said before: 'Iran must be stopped at all cost." They base their votes on unreliable briefs instead of researching the facts.)

18] Forced a floor vote, using his right of personal privilege, when Speaker Pelosi blocked Judiciary Committee hearings on the bill to impeach Cheney.

19] Plans a swift return to constitutional democracy via the immediate repeal of the notorious “Patriot Act”

20] Fosters a world of international cooperation

21] Introduced reforms to bring about instant-runoff voting

22] Protects a woman's right to choose while decreasing the number of abortions performed in the U.S

23] Was elected to be the youngest mayor of a major city in the U.S. and despite huge pressures to cave in he stood for the interests of the people of Cleveland. At the time he was ridiculed for opposing the sale of a municipal electricity facility, but he saved over $195 million and several hundred union jobs. We need leaders who can stand up to big money.

24] Has the guts to vote his principles

25] Spoke to over 150 academicians, journalists and politicians in Syria where he presented his new security doctrine. "Strength through Peace turns the neoconservative doctrine of Peace through Strength on its head. The neo-cons' Peace through Strength, has led to unilateralism, military build up and illegal war." Kucinich told the packed audience, "Strength through Peace favors the upholding of international law, treaties and direct engagement, which is why I am here" Kucinich added.

26] Said "I believe that through direct communication there is new hope for peace," he said. "The world is ready to fall in love with America again. It is important that America reaches out to show our true values, our compassion and our willingness to work for peace."

27] Favors Guarding Our Country Over Policing The World

28] Has Faced Tremendous Opposition With Dignity

29] Is For The Bill Of Rights

30] Is Against The Creation Of A Surveillance Society

31] Opposed The War In Iraq From The Beginning

32] Is Willing To Listen And Reason With Others

33] Believes in Freedom Of Speech & Individual Rights

34] Is Optimistic & values The Traditions That Have Kept Us Free

35] Will speak for the citizens of this country, not for the interests of the top 1% who increasingly own and run everything.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Civics Lessons for Dummies Like Me or How I Chased After Candidate Kucinich
Deborah Emin Commentary/Huffington Post

Kucinich and Paul Challenge Their Parties to Take Peace Seriously
Peace voters have choices in 2008, but will they have the courage to support peace candidates?
Kevin Zeese / Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel

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[Duchess Note: This “peace voter” will be following her gut instinct and voting for a candidate that best represents my views and values. That candidate, since 2003, has always been Congressman Kucinich. There is NO way in hell the corporate mainstream media, nor DNC, will scare me with their outrageous propaganda and fear tactics. They can’t scare me, because knowledge is power. Also, Kucinich’s track record in congress speaks for itself and quite clearly too. Don’t believe me, well then visit these websites OR and learn for yourself. Recently, here in NYC, many Kucitizens and registered Democrats were petitioning to get the congressman on the Primary ballot for NYS. (Primary is Tuesday, February 5th in NY, NJ & CT!) Some of the commentary we heard from fellow voters made us realize that they were being manipulated by the two parties and the corporate media. What is sad is that, some of them don’t even realize their being manipulated or brainwashed. If everyone we met, who said Kucinich is the only true candidate, actually voted for him in the Primary, he would then WIN. He would beat Edwards, Obama and yes, even Clinton. Vote for the candidate that best represents YOU and NOT the candidate that best represents corporate America. Make a difference and be a “peace voter” today!]

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Message from “Progressive Democrats of America” [PDA] - Kucinich First, Edwards Second in PDA Straw Poll
Not surprisingly in a field of eight contenders, no candidate came close to gaining a majority of the total vote in PDA's recently completed presidential straw poll. But two candidates--Dennis Kucinich (41%) and John Edwards (26%)--combined for more than 2/3 of the total vote. Over 15,000 PDA activists voted in the presidential straw poll.

After Kucinich and Edwards, only one other candidate-Barak Obama (13%)-made it into double digits. All the rest were in single digits: Hillary Clinton (9%), Bill Richardson (5%), Joe Biden (3%), Chris Dodd (1%), Mike Gravel (less than 1%). In contradiction to media reporting on the primary race, PDA's results parallel those of DFA, Daily KOS, the Texas Democratic Party and others whose polls show very weak support for Clinton among the Democratic base.

PDA was founded largely by activists from the Kucinich '04 campaign (with support also from Dean activists). The Congressman's showing indicates that Progressive Democrats are still in sync with the Kucinich agenda: Out of Iraq; no attack on Iran, single-payer healthcare, fair trade, etc. Sen. Edward's showing suggests that his increasingly progressive message on poverty, trade and confronting corporate power has caught the attention of many PDA activists.

“The straw poll results are instructive,” said PDA National Director Tim Carpenter. “PDA has a proud history of working with Dennis Kucinich on his Congressional initiatives, including the impeachment of Vice President Cheney--we recently co-sponsored an impeachment town hall with him in New Hampshire. PDA activists have long backed Kucinich--while a growing number are taking an active interest in Edwards.”

PDA, for whom election protection is a key issue, made that a priority of this survey, adding extra layers of security to their online voting process in order to strengthen the integrity of the poll.

Kucinich: New NIE Report Shows Bush Administration Has Once Again Tried To Falsify Grounds For A War With Iran

Kucinich Takes on a New Cause – The Constitution
Jon Greenberg, NH Public Radio


Iraq Veterans Sue VA Over Alleged Delay in Disability Payments, Medical and Mental Healthcare
Medical News Today

Saudi Whiplash – A Regime That Inflicts Medieval Punishment on Rape Victims is Celebrated in Annapolis
Washington Post

Olbermann: Guiliani Linked to Kutar Emir Who Covered for 9/11 Mastermind KSM

Impending Destruction of the US Economy
Paul Craig Roberts, Information Clearing House

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Linda in TX and Chris in NYC for the above articles.]

Monday, December 03, 2007

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Great Video’s, Articles & Ads for Kucinich Campaign

(Koo-sin-ich Re-mix) Dennis4President 2008

Kucinich for President 2008

Only Dennis” by Raul4Kucinich

“Imagine” Kucinich 2008 Ad by Raul4Kucinich

Congressman Kucinich at the Iowa Heartland Forum
[Kucinich answers questions from grassroots community leaders.]
Movement Vision Lab

Kucinich Does Make a Difference
Carl Kurek Blog, Central Ohio
I am writing about an article in the News Journal on Nov. 13 "Dennis Kucinich's objectives are no laughing matter." Kucinich is the only politician that is working for the American people. The Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans. There is no one fighting for the little people (you and me). Gas prices have skyrocketed for absolutely no other reason but for money. As was stated in an earlier article, they are making so much money, they can't even take it to the bank in one trip. Greed, greed, greed.

He wanted to impeach Cheney and Bush. The Democrats are not standing behind him. They wanted to impeach Clinton for an "enth" of what these sleazes have done. They flushed our beautiful America down the toilet; trillions of dollars in debt; given our manufacturing to the Chinese for slave labor. They want to send everything to sell to America for big bucks. Where do they think the Americans will get these big bucks if our manufacturing is done by China? They are building a huge Navy and we are helping. American people are more interested in football and baseball than what is going on in this country. If they put half the energy and money into fighting what is going on in this country, just think what could be accomplished. Go Kucinich. Don't give up. Keep fighting for us.

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Kucinich 'Connects' with Everyday Citizens at Massive Iowa Presidential Forum

Kucinich Hopes America Will Take a New Direction
Garry Rayno, NH Union Leader Staff

Kucinich To Ask DNC to Reschedule Cancelled Presidential Debate

Kucinich Holds Alternate Forum
The Caucus – NYTs Politics Blog

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Thomas in NYC and Linda in TX for their contributions.]