Monday, January 28, 2008

Message from Kucinich Campaign: Corporate media strategy: silence Kucinich, then remove him from office

Over the past several weeks, the alphabets of corporate media dug their heels in the court system and in the federal agency established to protect and advocate fairness on the public airwaves (FCC), to keep Dennis Kucinich from bringing his ideas “your ideas” to the Democratic Presidential debates: ABC ... NBC ... GE ... MSNBC ... CNN.

On Sunday, another major media corporation, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer newspaper, followed the lead established by the national media, and demanded that Dennis Kucinich should be removed from his office as Congressman in the 10th District of Ohio. Why? "his defiance" of Congressional go-along, get-along policies. It's time to fight back against the powers that are trying to steal your power as citizens of the United States of America.

So far, the corporate media have succeeded in setting the agenda. They have argued, for their own profit-driven and self-serving interests, that private corporations are exempt by the First Amendment from providing full and fair and non-pre-selected information to you, the people -- even though freedom of speech is your right under the U.S. Constitution. They have manipulated the political and judicial process to ensure that private media corporations will decide what you can hear, what you can see, what you can read, and what you are allowed to know.

But, when media influence over news and information becomes media control of our government, it's time to rise up in protest in defense of ourselves.

Please, watch this video.

Let your family and friends know that it was not enough to keep Congressman Kucinich out of the Presidential debates. Now, they want to remove him from the U.S. Congress. The only way to fight back is to contribute to his re-election campaign so he can continue to represent you: ending the war in Iraq and bringing those trillions of dollars back home; a national health care system for all Americans, an end to NAFTA and other trade agreements that have outsourced millions of American jobs; restoration of our civil liberties; an environmental program that will ensure our energy independence and create untold new jobs.

Don't let the corporate media take everything away from you. Help re-elect Congressman Dennis Kucinich. The strongest and truest voice you have is the one they are trying the hardest to silence: Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich.

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