Friday, January 16, 2009

Coordinated Action in Honor of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – January 19th – 23rd

A Department of Peace and Nonviolence is directly related to Dr. King’s dream. To honor his memory and to continue his work towards a "beloved community" – New Yorkers for a Department of Peace [NYDoP] is coordinating a specific lobbying effort next week.

All next week, after the MLK holiday on Monday Jan. 19th, please contact Domenic Recchia, Chairperson of the Cultural Affairs Committee at 212-788-7045, fax 212-788-7769 or email and ask him for a hearing on City Council Resolution 627.

Looking at some of Councilman Recchia’s past actions, he is a good candidate to move this resolution forward.

"While at John Dewey High School, he joined the Council for Unity, a national non-profit organization, promoting racial harmony. As a member of the Council for Unity, he spread the organization's core message of empowering individuals and groups with the skills needed to promote unity, diversity and safety." Source:

Sounds like he’d certainly be open to the idea of a Department of Peace!

After you’ve made that call, fax or email, why not contact your Member of Congress (Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121), and ask him or her to support HR 808, the Department of Peace and Nonviolence bill.

After you’ve made your call, sent your fax or email please let us know you did so by emailing the NYDOP City Council Resolution (CCR) Committee at

Have questions? Need support? Call Kevin Fagan at 917.865.4763

With gratitude,
NYDoP CCR Committee

[Duchess Note: FYI ... the Duchess is a proud board member of "New Yorkers for a Dept of Peace" and also on the NYDoP CCR Committee. If you live in the NYC, please, lend us a hand with this endeavor. Thank you so much and be peace.]


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