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Cameron Crowe’s ‘Pearl Jam Twenty’ To Be Released This Year
If film fans felt lucky that 2011 held not one but two Steven Spielberg movies, they’re going to be ecstatic that it’ll also hold two Cameron Crowe movies. We know the musically-inclined director is hard at work on production of “We Bought a Zoo”, which stars Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, Elle Fanning and Thomas Haden Church and is scheduled for release December 23, but now it turns out that a documentary he’s been working on for several years about the Seattle grunge band PEARL JAM will also be released this year. According to the band’s official website, “Pearl Jam Twenty” will be released during 2011 to help commemorate the band’s twentieth anniversary.

The Pearl Jam website only says that the film will be released this year, accompanied by a book and soundtrack. The Playlist, however, has some more info.

As briefly reported in 2009, Crowe has been working on the film for a while all aiming at this 20th anniversary. At the time, guitarist Mike McCready said the director would have access to “all our footage, with all of our existing footage that we have” so one can assume the film will be almost a historical document of the rise of Pearl Jam. Plus the title nicely mirror’s the title of the band’s first album, TEN.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Crowe working with Pearl Jam. He directed
a music video for the band in 2009 (which you can watch here and used a bunch of the band’s music not only as part of his screenplay to “We Bought a Zoo”, but also as a big part of the soundtrack to his 1992 film “Singles”.

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Letter to Michah Kellner of NYS Assembly from NY Metro Progressives
“Closing the Budget Gap”
January 20, 2011

Dear Michah,

I disagree with your unabashed support in your recent newsletter for Governor Cuomo’s brutal expense cutting program to balance the budget on the backs of the poor and the middle class—with deteriorating schools, roads, bridges, water, health services. New York is becoming a second class state with a greater disparity between rich and poor than any other state in the US. (See yesterday’s Daily News story at P. 19, Towering $$ Gap, 1-19-11)

What’s wrong with increasing taxes on the wealthiest among us? According to the Daily News article, NY’s top 1 % about 90,000 households had average incomes of $3.7 million. When Eisenhower was president we had a 91% tax bracket and I went to Queens College for $5 per semester!! Today, all money over 35% of one’s income is untaxed, giving the greatest earners among us a free ride! There’s been a huge upward distribution of wealth since Reagan and enormous tax benefits to the rich.

How could Democrats, like you and Cuomo, support a continuation of this unfair policy which is killing the middle class and the poor? Shame on you if you don’t support a modest tax increase on the wealthiest among us to meet our human needs without sacrificing plain people to the greedy moneybags among us. Illinois’ Democrats are raising the state income tax rate from 3 to 6% to close its budget gap. Why can’t we do that in NY and not need to fire thousands of government workers, put their pensions at risk, short change our schools and healthcare systems and all the other ills contemplated by this Republican royalist plan to close the budget gap? Please do the right thing!! Ordinary citizens and working people have always counted on the Democrats to take care of their interests. Don’t fail us.

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