Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thursday, June 2nd, I attended the monthly TGTSNBN meetup, and as always, it was alot of fun.

Friday, June 3rd, I attended a NY Mets baseball game with other City Harvest volunteers at Citifield in Queens. I chatted with Tes, Jennifer, Tom and Vlad throughout the game. After the game, which the Mets lost to the Braves, I was given a ride home by Vlad and Tom.

On Saturday, June 4th, I hosted a “British Tea & Gathering” at my humble abode and Linda, Margaret, Mary, Andi, Carole, Kathy and Dennis attended. Much prep work in the days before went into the “gathering” regarding baking, cleaning, tidy apt, make sandwiches, hummus, trail mix, setting up buffet, flowers, etc. Margaret showed up 30 minutes early and was a big help in last minute prep work. Everyone brought a little something to contribute to the festivities. Discussions throughout the afternoon into early evening ranged from HP, LOTR, movies, health, literature and even the Game of Thrones cable TV series. It was all a lot of fun and so glad everyone had a good time.

On Sunday afternoon, June 5th, I attended an Indian cooking demo by Mukti at her home. We learned how to make Samosa, Dosa, Kati roll and Chaat. Afterwards we got to sample the goodies and they were all so tasty.

Tuesday evening, June 7th, I participated in the monthly Peace Alliance conference call.

Wednesday evening, June 8th, I did volunteer work at WCW national office with regards to data entry into their computer system.

Thursday, June 9th, I had lunch with Kim Grover at Ruby Tuesdays. Kim and I grew up in Pound Ridge and went to the same school[s]. Hadn’t seen her in YEARS and it was lovely catching up on news and such. At 6pm that evening I went for a CTSCAN regarding my lungs.

On Friday evening, June 10th, I joined other ladies at Friday Nite Knits and had a delightfully good time.

On Saturday, June 11th, I had a much needed massage therapy in the morning here in my hood. Afterwards did many errands before getting a manicure and heading into the city. Met up with my friend Jackie at an animal shelter on the upper eastside, where she does volunteer work on weekends. Checked out the kitties and doggies for adoption, then we headed down to Greenwich Village for dinner at Village Natural. Afterwards we strolled around the village to check out shops and catch up on news.

Tuesday evening, June 14th, I joined Mary and Carole for a quick dinner before heading to the AMC Empire cinema to see the extended version of “Fellowship of the Ring” on the big screen.

Wednesday, June 15th, I exhibited some of my watercolors at the 2nd Annual EY Art Show.

Thursday evening, June 16th, I volunteered at the WCW national office. I assisted with data entry and creating several questionnaires/surveys for upcoming events.

Friday, June 17th, I had several doctor appts.

Saturday, June 18th, after several chores and errands I decided to take on a little excursion. Recently, the “East River Ferry” service started along the shores of Brooklyn and there is now a pier in my hood. I ventured over there during the afternoon and took a free ferry ride. At the last minute I decided to jump off at Governors Island to check things out. I only covered a small bit of the island and saw Castle William, Castle Jay, Colonels Row and of course views of the harbor and lower Manhattan. Next time I visit this island I’ll rent a bicycle and cover more ground. Jumped back on the ferry and headed back to Brooklyn. I got home about 7pm tired and sweaty. Had a shower, dinner and finished reading “A Feast of Crows” by G.R.R. Martin.

Tuesday evening, June 21st, I joined my friend Mary for a quick dinner and then off to AMC Empire cinema to view the extended version of “The Two Towers”.

Wednesday evening, June 22nd, after my chiropractor appt, I headed down to Cobble Hill for the monthly BFP Peace Fair committee meeting.

Thursday evening, June 23rd, I joined other friends and members of the “NYC Tolkien” meetup group for dinner and fascinating conversation.

Friday, June 24th, I joined other EY EA’s on my floor for a “power lunch”, and later that evening I attended Friday Nite Knits.

Saturday, June 25th, after a day of errands, I volunteered with other members of City Harvest at Union Squares farmers market. Then took my dinner [i.e. delicious falafel sandwich] down to the pier and waterfront park in northern Williamsburg to enjoy a lovely sunset, plus view of NYC skyline.

On Sunday, June 26th, I joined other volunteers with WCW, CodePink and Vets for Peace to march in the annual Gay Pride parade. Our presence is in support of the gay community, and also to bring awareness to the plight of US soldier Bradley Manning.

Report on the “Gay Pride Parade” from WCW National Office...............
The Bradley Manning Coalition was spirited effort that brought the message “Free Bradley Manning” to thousands, if not millions, of people who watched and participated in the NYC Gay Pride Parade. Many of these people (we estimated 40%), both LBGT and straight, had never heard of Bradley Manning before. At the same time, our anti-war, pro-Manning message received rousing cheers all along the parade route. Our contingent had a clear and cogent message: Blowing the whistle on war crimes is not a crime and Bradley Manning is a gay hero who for his alleged acts has been treated with incredible harshness before he has even had a trial. With whistles and drums and glorious banners, people young and old distributed 3,500 palm cards and about 1500 Bradley Manning stickers to those lining the parade route. The coalition included World Can't Wait, the Freedom Socialist Party, Code Pink, Vets For Peace and Brooklyn For Peace, Radical Women, and Peace Action NYS. These groups were not just endorsers, but active participants in a process of coming together in a common cause.


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