Monday, April 30, 2012


Tuesday, April 3rd, I attended and participated in the BFP PF committee meeting.

Thursday, April 5th, I had an appt with Dr Tan in late afternoon, and afterwards headed to the BFP board member meeting.

Early on Friday, April 6th, I headed upstate NY for the Easter weekend with my parents, brother and sister-in-law.  Rented a car [VW Jetta] from Enterprise in Albany for the weekend and had my hair done at salon.  I stopped by Oakwood Cemetery, near Troy NY, on Saturday for some photo ops, as the weather was really quite nice.

Week of April 9th I am working the 11am to 8pm shift at work due to final crunch of “tax season”.  The nice thing about all this is that I get to sleep late in the morning.  Sweet!

Thursday, April 12th, I participated in the BFP A&C committee conference call, which was very productive.  We’re down to the wire and final crunch before the 8th Annual PF happens on the 28th.

Friday, April 13th, I stopped by costume shop to see Wendy at lunch time to pay for the Gibson Girl style costume she is creating for me.  It’ll have the Hufflepuff colors, theme and will be used for HP cosplay and other future events.  She also took my measurements for the vest/skirt ensemble.  So exciting!  Later on I had an appt with my chiropractor for adjustments.

Saturday, April 14th, was a productive day with many chores/errands accomplished, plus attending the “Know Drones Forum” in Ft Greene section of Brooklyn.  Also went around to different businesses in my hood to distribute PF posters and palm cards.  That evening I rented on DVD the film “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” with Gary Oldman.  It was very good.

On Sunday morning, April 15th, I started taking a Hatha yoga session in my neighborhood and plan on doing these sessions every weekend.  I also did more distribution of “Peace Fair” fliers, palm cards and posters.  In the afternoon, I had an appt with Dr Tan, plus stopped by Gothic Renaissance store to try out corsets for an HP ensemble, and then wrapped up the early evening with watching the film HUGO on DVD.

Tuesday evening, April 17th, I attended and participated in the BFP PF committee meeting.

Wednesday evening, April 18th, I volunteered at the WCW national office to assist with computer work and abit of organizing supplies for a rally on April 19th.

Thursday evening, April 19th, I attended the monthly “NYC Friends of Tolkien” at our usual diner in midtown Manhattan.  Main topic of discuss was season 1 and 2 of the HBO series GofT, plus the books, as well as other programs on cable TV.

On Saturday morning, April 21st, my cleaning lady came by to take care of the apt.  In the afternoon, I joined my friend Jackie in taking a 3-hour walking tour of Brooklyn Heights, followed by a late lunch on Montague Street.

On Sunday morning, April 22nd, I participated in my second Hatha yoga session in my hood, and in the afternoon I had an appt with Dr Tan.  Finally, the much needed rain showed up, and it’ll wash away that pollen that bothers many of us with allergies.

Wednesday evening, April 25th, I attended and participated in the BFP PF committee meeting for final flesh out of PF details.

Friday morning, April 27th, I had two teeth extracted by an oral surgeon specialist.  I took off the day from work for this procedure and recovery.

Saturday, April 28th, was the BFP 8th Annual PF at Brooklyn College.  I arrived at Brooklyn College Student Center by car service at 9am.  Busy day of setting up, organizing, monitoring, listening to our two feature speakers [ie: Scahill and Chappell], cleaning up and then a group of us took Capt Paul Chappell out to dinner.  I mostly worked in the Club Room assisting with setting up and distribution of assorted refreshment for BFP members and PF attendees.  It was a great day, and roughly 400+ attended the event.  My day ended around 10pm, after being driven home by Oliver and Charlotte.
Sunday, April 29th, I had an appt with Dr Tan, and afterwards stopped by the bookstore to see Sam.


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