Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Weapons of Mass Distraction – The Big, Long Lie about Iraq Lingers Still
Dennis Kucinich, Common Dreams
The Iraq War remains with us as long as the lies continue and those responsible avoid accountability.

Senator Bernie Sanders on More Tax Breaks for the Wealthy – ‘Obscene, Immoral, Bad Economics’

5 Disturbing Stories About Mitt Romney that Expose his Private Worldview
Lauren Kelley, AlterNet
A close look at Romney’s past reveals many warning signs, some even worse than driving with his dog on the roof.

Walmart, the Most Powerful Company in the World, Admits that Protests and Strikes Lead to Wage Increases
Matt Stoller, Naked Capitalism
Workers threaten to walk out on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year.  Speedbump in Walmart’s race to the bottom?

Humanity Once Came to the Cliff’s Edge of Total Self-Annihilation – Let’s Make Sure it Never Happens Again
Noam Chomsky, TomDispatch

5 Ways America is Being Hollowed Out by Unfettered Corporate Greed
Paul Buchheit, AlterNet
There’s no free market, just businesses doing whatever they please with virtually zero accountability.

Leaked Documents Reveal “Monopoly-Like” Control of Presidential Debates
Common Dreams Staff Commentary
Two party agreement stultifies debates and encroaches on open democracy, say critics.


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