Sunday, November 04, 2012


October 2nd, I had another follow-up appt with my foot doctor about the stress fracture.  Looks like I’ll be wearing the wrappings and special bootie for one more week.  I participated in the monthly “Peace Alliance” conference call at 9pm.

October 4th, here is an interesting little event ... happened to me earlier this evening and it’s all true. I received a free taxi ride home from 14th Street to my little neighborhood, and it was entertaining. Yep, you heard me, entertaining and after almost 30 years of living in NYC, I find that humanity still surprises me.  Here is my tale ... I had finished some shopping [ie: iPad2] and trying to flag down a taxi. Three slightly tipsy men were also trying to flag a taxi and were eyeballing me. Finally one asked, are you going uptown, to which I replied "no, I am going to Brooklyn". The chap, his name was Mike, asked if I'd like to share a taxi, as they were heading to JFK for a protest with other union chaps. I was skeptical and we talked further while I tried to flag a taxi. With my wonderful coughing, due to lung issues, they thought I smoked and I said "no, 9/11 related" and that caused more "interesting" dialogue.  Yes, they were slightly tipsy, and also very amusing, plus came across as fun, but decent men [ie: Mike, Gil and John]. So, we finally got a taxi and the driver was totally cool about picking us up and I sat in the front seat. Never done that before in taking a taxi, and the driver from Pakistan was really nice. We all laughed, joked and talked all the way through NYC, midtown tunnel and northern Brooklyn. They were thrilled to meet a charming lady who was also a vegan and into activism. They wouldn't even let me pay for the midtown tunnel toll and that is $6.50! They wouldn't allow it at all, though they joked with our driver that I was paying, and the driver looked at me and knew I was getting a free ride.  After a hectic day at the office, well, it felt good to have a laugh and three chaps tell me I was charming :-) Not to worry, I didn't give out my full name, nor my number or company I worked for. That remains confidential :-)

October 5th, I took a sick day from work to further rest my poor “stress fracture” foot.  My friend Deborah stopped by during the afternoon, and she brought series three and four of Doctor Who with David Tennant.  I gave her back series two, which I greatly enjoyed, and we spent several hours chatting on assorted topics.  We also noshed on some delicious Mexican Chocolate vegan cake from The Garden.  Yum!!  Plus she performed the healing powers of Reiki treatment on my back and foot, which felt good.  Later on my good friend Gail stopped by with some groceries and a plant.  Also received, via FedEx, the new bookcase I’d ordered, so that it’ll replace my “old metal” one I had for 25 years.

October 6th, I had a much needed manicure at my local salon.  Felt so good, and I can’t wait to get a much needed pedicure.  That evening, I spent some time online and on the cell phone with Sherrie, a very nice and helpful Apple representative.  It took awhile, but we got my iPad2 to work.

October 7th, mini-tax season is in full swing at the office, and I was asked to assist [ie: secretarial requests] with it for 6 hours.  Oh yeah, OT for me!

October 8th, I stopped by the Apple Store in Grand Central Station to have my iPad2 looked over, upgraded and add a few free applications.

October 9th, follow up with the foot doctor, more therapy, and have to wear the boot one more week.  Afterwards, I headed to Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn for the monthly BFP PF committee meeting.  Intense discussions on what direction the PF will go in 2013 and beyond.  We also discussed the upcoming BFP retreat in January or February to iron out our goals for next five years.  This retreat is for board members, of which I’ve been one since June 2012.

October 10th, after working the late shift for the FSO tax team, I stopped by Greenpoint Yoga to see Fabrice.  We chatted about my foot situation and in coming back to the classes in November.

October 12th, I had an appt with my lung specialist and he is pleased with the current stability of my lungs.  Also gave me a supply of inhalers to get me through next few months.

October 14th, mini-tax season is winding down at the office, and I was asked to assist [ie: secretarial requests] with it for 6 hours.  Oh yeah, OT for me!

October 15th, I volunteered at the WCW national office and assisted with computer work.

October 16th, I had an appt with my foot doctor and good news, is that, after Friday I don’t have to wear the “black boot”.  Hurray!  Afterwards, I attended the monthly BFP A&C committee meeting.  We invited Kevin Augustine, from Lone Wolf Tribe, and also Tanja from Dixon Place, to the meeting.  Lone Wolf Tribe and Brooklyn for Peace are partnering up to create a LECTURE series and GALLERY exhibition on the “Costs of War and the Mindfulness of Peace”.  The first of many planning meetings started off with a discussion on details, plus watch a short clip of HOBO GRUNT CYCLE.  It’s all so exciting and much jazzed.

October 19th, I attended the second in a series of "Photography Initiative", here at the office, and today’s workshop delve deeper into how the Manual mode on cameras could be used to get better day to day pictures.  Also, a discussion and demo on sports and fireworks photography.  It was an informative workshop. Next workshop will be on taking macro photos.

October 20th, was a busy day from beginning to end, but in a good way.  I started off the day in front of the library at Grand Army Plaza around 9:30am with Charlotte, Sam and Eloise [BFP].  We were out there handing out flyers about “Say NO to War with Iran”; get people to sign petitions and postcards to their congress people.  Afterwards, I took the subway into Manhattan for a free iPad workshop at the Apple Store in GCS.  It was for beginners and learned some interesting things.  I want to take more of these “free” workshops at the Apple Store, as they are very helpful.  Had abit of lunch and then off to do some shopping at Dress Barn.  Then it was down to Union Square to meet up with my friend Jackie to browse through B&N, then afterwards a nice leisurely dinner to catch up on news etc.  Overall a very good day.

October 21st, I attended the NYC Friends of Tolkien meetup at 3pm, and 14 of us had a delightful time, plus received posters from Warner Bros.

October 22nd, I am officially on vacation this week and it feels so good to sleep late in the mornings.  Got a much needed manicure and pedicure.

October 23rd, I had an appt with my foot doctor for therapy, and afterwards purchased my Amtrak ticket from Penn Station for trip to Salem, MA.  I also finished watching series four of Doctor Who.

October 25th to 28th … Visited Salem, MA for a mini vacation and had a great time.  I stayed at the Clipper Ship Inn, along with my friends Debbie and Deanna.  The Amtrak ride up and back was enjoyable, and very comfy.  Got to tour the “House of the Seven Gables”, which I greatly enjoyed, plus hanging out with many friends.  Attended the annual HP Halloween Ball, and wore my new Hufflepuff Gibby ensemble, which was admired by many.  Then on Saturday evening, about 12+ of us did a walkabout around Salem for many photo op-eds.  One of my fav places to eat at was Gulu-Gulu Café and we had great weather the whole time. At one point my friends and I were riding around in pedicabs.  It was a blast!  I also visited with my friend Linda, and her daughter Dawn, at their lovely new home.  Plus, I got to meet Linda’s adorable 4-month old grandson Ethan for the first time.  He is so cute!!  Definitely going to visit Salem next year in October.

October 29th saw Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast with category one force. 

Oct 30th and 31st … Excused leave from work due to hurricane and transit issues.  Did some “work” at home, chat on Facebook and also watched Doctor Who episodes on DVD.


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