Thursday, December 06, 2012


Nov 1st finds me back at the office after a nice vacation and dealing with Hurricane Sandy.  Took me 2 ½ hours during my commute in the morning to get to the office.  Whew!

Nov 2nd, finds me back at the office once more, but at least a better commute in the morning with a ride into Manhattan.  Later on, after getting off the N train, I had to walk all the way home to northern Brooklyn.  That whole commute took 1.5 hours and it was cold with chilly winds.  Wasn’t feeling at all well upon arrival at home, and a wee bit ill.

Nov 3rd, I did volunteer work [along with others] at the Greenpoint Reform Church to help with food prep and bagging.  Other volunteers took the bagged goodies to hurricane ravaged areas in Coney Island, Rockaway’s and Red Hook.  I also rented some Doctor Who DVDs too.

Nov 4th, I attended my first yoga class in about 2 months, and worked with Fabrice, so as not to injure my foot.  Felt good to be back at yoga class and really missed it.

Nov 5th & 6th, there is still no G train service, so had to walk to/from the 7 train in Long Island City to get to work.

Nov 7th, I worked from home due to the nasty Nor’easter whipping through the tri-state area.

Nov 8th, as a board member with BFP, I attended our “open community” meeting this evening, which was informative and interesting.  We had a really nice turnout of 25+.

Nov 10th, I had my first “private” session with Fabrice at the yoga center.  This is to help me get back into yoga after being away from class for 2 months, plus work around my lung/back/foot issues.  In the afternoon, I did volunteer work at the Greenpoint Reformed Church to make up bagged meals for Hurricane Sandy victims in NYC area.

Nov 11th, I had a much needed acupuncture therapy appt with Dr Tan, who was away during October on a much deserved vacation.  Also, he has me back on the herbs.

Nov 12th, I participated in a BFP A&C committee conference call that stemmed from comments / conversation at the recent “open community” meeting on Nov 8th.

Nov 14th, in the evening I participated with Shawn and Charlotte regarding the BFP fundraising drive, which takes place during the whole month of November.  We made phone calls from Charlotte’s home to members of BFP who’ve contributed in the past.  Many BFP board members help out with this effort every year, and this is my first time, as an official board member, in helping out the fundraising.

Nov 15th, I had my second “private” session with Fabrice at the yoga center.

Nov 16th-18th, I visited with friends down in the DC / VA area for the weekend.  I got to visit Leesburg, Alexandria and a delightful tour of George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.

Nov 19th, I had an acupuncture therapy appt with Dr Tan after work.

Nov 20th, I participated in the monthly BFP A&C committee meeting with Joel, Veronica and Charlotte.  It was a terrific, productive meeting with many action items.

Nov 22nd, I volunteered with Project Find to assist homebound seniors with hot turkey dinners and bags of goodies.  I worked with Diane and Joan, plus ran into Kevin from previous years and we chatted abit.  He’s still working on “Nurse Jackie” cable TV series and lost weight.  Then I did some volunteering in my hood for Hurricane Sandy survivors.  Overall it was a blessed day.

Nov 23rd – 25th, I visited my parents in upstate NY, helped out around the house and took them out to brunch.  Also did some shopping, hair salon and photography.

Nov 26th, I had acupuncture therapy appt with Dr Tan after work.

Nov 29th, in the evening I participated with Shawn and Charlotte regarding the BFP fundraising drive, which takes place during the whole month of November.

Nov 30th, through work I volunteered with other EA’s at an E&Y Alumni event at the Crowne Plaza hotel from 6:30am to 1pm.  This meant that I could, and did, leave the office at 3:30pm.


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