Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jan 1st, I had a “private” class with Fabrice at the yoga center.

Jan 3rd, I joined other members [17] of “NYC Friends of Tolkien” at Druids for dinner and toasting The Professor on his 121st birthday.

Jan 5th, I joined other members of TGTSNBN at the annual skating party at Bryant Park.  Afterwards we all went for lunch at the Red Flame diner on West 44th Street, which was very nice.  Then Debbie, Margaret and I went to see The Hobbit at the Regal.  It was their first time seeing the film and my fourth.

Jan 8th & 9th, I had to take sick days from work, as I was ill with a slight cold, plus lower back issues.  I had appts with my chiropractor and lung specialist.

Jan 11th, I did volunteer work at the WCW office in the evening.

Jan 12th, after Dana cleaned the apt; and I did a few errands around the hood, I went into midtown Manhattan to do some shopping with holiday gift cards.  Oh yeah!

Jan 13th, I had a “private” class with Fabrice at the yoga center, and that afternoon an acupuncture appt with Dr Tan.  That evening I enjoyed episode two of Downton Abbey’s third season.

Jan 14th to 16th, I had to attend to Jury Duty at the courts in Brooklyn.  Total boredom fest!

Jan 15th, I attended the monthly BFP A&C committee meeting and it was very productive.

Jan 16th, I attended an enjoyable, productive monthly BFP PF committee meeting.

Jan 19th & 20th, I was sick all weekend with the stomach flu or rotavirus.  I spent the weekend sleeping, drinking lots of water/tea/soup, watching Doctor Who, and of course episode three of Downton Abbey.

Jan 21st, I took a sick day from work, as I am still recovering from stomach flu and lower back troubles.  I went to see my chiropractor for treatment on the latter.

On Jan 25th, I took half a personal day from work, so I could see Dr Tan and get much needed acupuncture treatment.  Felt much better afterwards  J   Later on I attended the Chase Madar event at WORD bookstore, which was hosted by BFP A&C committee.  The turnout was roughly 30 people, which was pretty good considering it was snowing outside.  The Garden [Greenpoint] donated refreshments for the event and overall it was a good success.

Jan 27th, I had a “private” class with Fabrice at the yoga center.  That evening I watched a tear-jerker episode four of Downton Abbey.

Jan 29th, I attended the BFP Fundraiser meeting and it was quite interesting, as well as informative.


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