Friday, March 01, 2013


Feb 1st, after working the afternoon at a client site, I had an appt with Dr Tan for acupuncture treatment.

Feb 2nd, I attended a fascinating, informative and at times entertaining BFP retreat for the “board of directors”, of which I am one.  Then it was off to my private yoga class with Fabrice at the yoga center.

On Feb 3rd, I headed up to CT to visit with my good friend Katherine, take her out to lunch and exchange our Xmas gifties.  I got home in time to watch last half hour of Downton Abbey.

Feb 4th, I was having some concerns with my iPad and stopped by the Apple store in GCS after work to get it resolved.

Feb 5th, Busy, productive evening starting with an appt with my lung specialist, then a much needed manicure and finally listened in on the monthly Peace Alliance conference call.

Feb 8th, I worked half a day at the office and left early due to the blizzard.  I also had an appt with my chiropractor for lower back issues.  Also went outside periodically to capture the storm in motion with my camera.

Feb 9th, I had an appt with Dr Tan for acupuncture treatment.  Total snow amount for northern Brooklyn was 8.5 inches, and heard that parts of Long Island got 30 inches.

Feb 10th, I attended my private yoga class with Fabrice at the yoga center, and afterwards hung out at Starbucks using their free WiFi for my iPad.

Feb 11th, I had a much needed appt with my chiropractor.

Feb 12th, after my foot doctor appt, I attended a delightfully productive monthly BFP PF committee meeting.

Feb 15th, 10th anniversary of my being involved with peace and political activism.  The following is a brief "outline" of my story.  ****  My entry into peace and political activism started 10 years ago on Feb 15, 2003.  The day thousands of New Yorkers, and others from the Northeast, including a novice like me, came out to protest a possible, and yes illegal, invasion and occupation of Iraq.  It was a bitter cold day, but that did not stop us from raising our voices in protest and solidarity.  It was an amazing sight to behold and still resonates with me to this day.  On that day, a wonderful elderly Quaker couple took me under their wings and told me stories of activism from the 1960s to the present, as well as how to get “information”.  I am in debt to them and their kindness.  Over the ten years I attended more protests, rallies, vigils, forums, panel discussions, reading of books, progressive news articles, listen to WBAI and also volunteered on many progressive Democrat campaigns.  Through the latter I started meeting many fascinating, interesting and inspiring individuals who have become my friends and acquaintances.  I am truly blessed in knowing them.  Through the Kucinich 2004 presidential campaign, I became aware of the Dept of Peace and joined the NYC chapter [NYDoP].  I was active on their board, as well as a volunteer, from October 2004 until it disbanded in 2011.  During the years with NYDoP, other members and I attended three [ie: 2005, 2007 & 2009] amazing Peace Conferences down in Washington DC.  These days I am involved with World Can’t Wait and Brooklyn for Peace.  The continuation of learning non-violent action/communications is an ongoing process, as is activism in general.  It’s not a whim, nor a part time fad, but a strong part of my life until the end of my days.  Once you step into the light, there is no turning back to the darkness.

Feb 16th, started out with Dana cleaning my apt in the morning, and then an appt with Dr Tan later on in the afternoon.  This was followed with seeing Wendy and getting my Hufflepuff dress robes creation started.  She did measurements and we discussed the designs overall look.

Feb 17th, I attended my private yoga class with Fabrice at the yoga center, and from 5-7pm attended Jax’s birthday party in Manhattan.  Had fun at her party and got to see friends / acquaintances.  Got home around 7:30pm and watched Season Three finale of “Downton Abbey”.  Good episode and a cliffhanger at the end.  Season Four to air here in January 2014.

Feb 18th, I did volunteer work at WCW office in the evening.

Feb 19th, I went to see the Harry Potter exhibition at the Discovery Center during lunch time from work.  While there I ran into Christine, Debbie, Deanna, Mari and Jenna from TGTSNBN.  We had a great time chatting and browsing the gift shop.  Later that evening I jumped on a productive and informative BFP A&C committee conference call.

Feb 21st, I attended the BFP hosted forum on US Military and Drones at The Commons.  Guest speakers at the forum [Drone Warfare – Is it Making the World Safer?] were Ann Wright [former US Army Colonel] and Nick Mottern [author & activist].

Feb 22nd to 24th, I visited with the parents, brother and sister-in-law in upstate NY.

Feb 24th, I had an appt with Dr Tan for acupuncture treatment.

Feb 25th, I attended my private yoga class with Fabrice at the yoga center.

Feb 26th, I am now officially part of the BFP Fundraising committee and attended the monthly meeting this evening.

Feb 28th, I attended the monthly BFP “Climate Action” committee meeting to hear the latest on fracking issues in NY and PA, plus climate change in general.


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