Wednesday, August 28, 2013

America is Not the World’s Policeman in Syria or Iraq
Global Viewpoint, Christian Science Monitor

Phyllis Bennis on the Misrepresentations by Kerry about the UN Chemical Inspections!!
I'll be doing a discussion on Syria tomorrow [August 28th] morning with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!  One part will be on the new information we just learned, that Kerry's claim that the Syrian government "waited too long" to allow the UN inspectors access, and therefore they can't do their work, isn't accurate.  It turns out that while there were public calls from the U.S. and the UN on Thursday, the UN's formal request to the Syrian government didn't arrive till Saturday. Then Syria agreed on Sunday, and the inspectors went and did their work on Monday.  So at least one part of Kerry's justification for immediate war is already crumbling.

In Rush to Strike Syria, US Tried to Derail UN Probe
Gareth Porter, IPS News

Syria: Another Western War Crime in the Making
Paul Craig Roberts, IPE

[Duchess Note:  The majority of people around the world say NO to war and YES to peace!  Sadly, our governments, mostly run by the 1% and corporations, run this horrible show.  "We the People" must still protest and march peacefully and non-violently.]


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