Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Aug 2nd, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the yoga center and got to play with his new kitten Shiva.

Aug 3rd, I headed into Manhattan to spend time with my friend Wendy and she started alterations to my HP robes costume.

Aug 5th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the yoga center, and of course lil Shiva joined in.

Aug 6th, I had a follow-up appt with my lung doctor on recent “situation” and afterwards attended “Evening with an Edge” featuring TJ Glenn at Stone Creek lounge.  The latter was a success with an attendance of 20+, books were sold / signed, and the sword demos were excellent.

Aug7th, I attended the productive BFP Fundraising and PF committee meeting.

Aug 8th, I had an appt with Dr Tan for acupuncture treatment.

Aug 9th to 11th, I visited with Nadine and Pete at their weekend home in the Catskills.  Weather was humid and rainy on the way up in the bus.  After 9pm it cleared up to give us a glorious weekend of sunshine, a few clouds and cool breeze.  We went to the Ellenville annual blueberry festival on Saturday and that evening watched for stars / meteors in the sky.  On Sunday afternoon we enjoyed the views along the “Walkway over the Hudson”, which is impressive.  Also, we had meals at Karma Road café in New Paltz and Aroma Thyme Bistro in Ellenville.

Aug 12th I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the yoga center, and of course lil Shiva joined in.

Aug 15th I had an appt with Dr Tan for much needed acupuncture treatment.

August 16th I had an appt with my chiropractor, and afterwards I went to yoga class with Fabrice at the yoga center.

On Saturday, August 17th, after Dana finished cleaning my apt, I joined my friend Jackie at the Prospect Park zoo.  It was my first time visiting this zoo and it was a fun experience.  Afterwards we walked through Prospect Park to Grand Army Plaza to do a wee bit of shopping at the farmers market.  Then it was off for a leisurely, tasty dinner at Faros on 7th Avenue in Park Slope.  We ended the day at Cocoa Bar for some dessert.

On Sunday, August 18th, I joined my friend Judith for a delicious lunch at Nanoosh near Lincoln Center.  Afterwards we strolled to the cinema to see the excellent film “The Butler”, and then had dessert at Fiorello’s.

August 19th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the yoga center, and of course lil Shiva joined in.

August 20th, I co-chaired the BFP Arts & Culture committee meeting and call.

August 21st, I met up with an ex-friend of mine at the Cocoa Bar in Park Slope for a “reunion”, as well as receive the owl necklace she created for me.  Overall it was a nice, interesting evening.

August 22nd & 23rd, I had to work overtime at the office on several projects.

August 24th, I visited my friend Yvette out in Long Island, and we spent the afternoon [12-6pm] out on Fire Island.  We had a great time visiting Ocean Beach, Ocean Bay Park, Sea View and Point O’Woods.  Plus had a delicious lunch at Flynn’s, walked along the beach, picked up seashells, shopping, encounters with deer, took lots of photos, and the weather was perfect.  Last time I visited Fire Island was in September 1982 with my Mom and brother.

August 25th, I had brunch with my friends Gail and Rob at Le Gamin in our hood.  Afterwards we hung out in their backyard with lovely garden and their dog Sage joined us.  Then it was off to get a much needed pedicure.  In the evening I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the yoga center.

August 26th, I had a much needed appt with Dr Tan after work.  Said my body was under some stress, tension and abit of exhaustion due to work, not enough sleep, allergies and other activities.  He suggested rest and relaxation during the upcoming long Labor Day holiday weekend.

August 27th, I met up with my friend Nadine on the upper Westside of Manhattan and we had a delicious dinner at Candle Café West.  The establishment has wonderful atmosphere, friendly help and tasty affordable vegan food.  Nadine and her hubby Pete also lent me their Ionic Breeze air purifier for my apt, as they had extra’s to spare.  Use this to help keep the air quality in my apt clear and be of assistance to my lung condition.

August 29th, I attended a march and protest in Times Square regarding “NO to US Bombs on Syria”.  The majority of “We the People”, not only here, but around the world, are NOT in favor of endless wars committed by the US Empire.  Stay out of the Middle East!

August 30th to Sept 1st … I visited my family in upstate NY for the long Labor Day holiday weekend.  Spent some time with my brother and sister-in-law, chillin around the parents’ house, brunch at Jean’s Place, eat farm fresh corn on the cob, hair salon appt, tag sales, photos, rest, relaxation, reading Sherlock Holmes stories, needlepoint, etc.


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