Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How Wall Street Turned America into Incarceration Nation
Les Leopold, AlterNet
Transforming poorer neighborhoods into desirable real estate for the new elites often requires getting rid of the poor: jail becomes the new home for many.

The NY Times Uncovers Conservative Attacks and Then Prints One of its Own; Both Are on the Front Page
George Lakoff, AlterNet

As Experts Weigh in, Warmongers Emerge as Sole Opponents of Iran Nuke Deal

The Climate Disaster Bubbling in the Arctic

Americans for Safe Access: Report: Medical Marijuana States Already in Compliance with Federal Enforcement Guidelines

Sierra Club: 12 Michigan Counties Show Unhealthy, Poorly Controlled Levels of Ozone Pollution

5 Things You Need to Know About the Iran-US Deal Over Nuclear Program
Alex Kane, AlterNet

10 Biggest Myths About Retail Workers
Stephanie Luce, The Guardian
Over 1 in 10 US jobs is in the retail trade.  Here’s what their lives are really like.

6 Outrageously Greedy Companies that make Scrooge Look Like a Softie
Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

How Wall Street’s New Empire of Rental Homes Could Blow Up the Economy
Laura Gottesdiener, Tom Dispatch
Wall Street is at it again, this Time, they’re turning rentals into the next get-rich-quick bubble.


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