Thursday, April 24, 2014


Why the United States is Destroying its Education System
Chris Hedges,
A nation that destroys its systems of education, degrades its public information, guts its public libraries and turns its airwaves into vehicles for cheap, mindless amusement becomes deaf, dumb and blind. It prizes test scores above critical thinking and literacy. It celebrates rote vocational training and the singular, amoral skill of making money. It churns out stunted human products, lacking the capacity and vocabulary to challenge the assumptions and structures of the corporate state. It funnels them into a caste system of drones and systems managers. It transforms a democratic state into a feudal system of corporate masters and serfs.

Its Not Russia that is Destabilizing Ukraine
Sergei Lavrov, The Guardian

NYC Parents vs. Wall Street-Backed Charter Schools
Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams staff writer
Governor Cuomo and charter lobby ‘strong-arming’ bid to evict special needs students in favor of charter expansion.

Eliminate All Nuclear Weapons
Noam Chomsky – Peace Action Blog

Naomi Klein: Why US Fracking Companies Are Licking Their Lips Over Ukraine

US Has Littered Afghanistan With War's Deadly Garbage

Senator King Joins Republicans to Block Equal Pay Act

Leaked Report: CIA Lied, Lied, Lied to Conceal 'Brutal' Torture

War on Terror's Trickle Down Effect: The FBI's Military Evolution Exposed

Findings That Fracking Causing Quaking Leads to Drilling Shutdown in Ohio 


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