Tuesday, September 08, 2015

August 1st, I participated in a 2-hour art class on working with polymer clay, phemo, sculpey, art tools and acrylic paints.  I was fun, interesting, informative and a wee bit messy  J

August 2nd, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at my apt.

August 3rd, I had a much needed chiropractic therapy session after work.  It had been 3 months since my last visit and my neck down to pelvic area were talking nastily to me.

August 5th, I attended the monthly BFP Fundraising committee meeting at Ken’s apt.  It was a productive meeting regarding details for the November “Pathmakers to Peace” event.

August 6th, I attended the always fun and entertaining monthly TGTSNBN meetup at Uno’s.  We had “show & tell” at this meetup and I brought baby Hedwig with me.

August 7th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at my apt.

August 8th, after Dana cleaned my apt, I got a much needed manicure and then headed into Manhattan for acupuncture treatment with Dr Tan.

On August 9th, along with TJ and Carole, I hosted the “Cosplay 101” event at Stone Creek bar & lounge for the “NYC Friends of Tolkien” group.  We had a nice turnout to hear our 6 guest speakers [ie: Aislin, Babs, Christine, Wendy, Timdalf and Ken] give fascinating and informative presentations on cosplay.  Afterwards, Wendy and Pauline joined me in going to dinner at Tamba Indian cuisine around the corner from the bar.

August 14th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at my apt.

August 15th, after dealing with many errands, I did bead style earring work for an upcoming EY event in September.  I then headed off to the gym for a workout.

August 16th, I headed up to CT to visit my good friend Katherine, and we attended the annual SoNo Art Fest.  After having a tasty lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, we did some leisurely shopping at Home Goods.

August 17th, I had a follow up appt with my lung doctor.  Got new inhaler prescriptions and don’t have to see him again until November.  Then I headed home for my private yoga class with Fabric at my apt.

August 20th, I attended a town hall meeting regarding the TPP in Park Slope and Congressional member, Yvette Clarke, attended [spoke] the event.

August 22nd was a productive day around my neighborhood with errands, chores, shopping, and manicure/pedicure and worked out at the gym.

August 23rd, I worked on creating more bead style earrings for an EY event in mid-September.  I then visited Greenwood cemetery to do some photography of the mausoleums and statuary.  That evening I caught up with some friends on phone calls.

August 24th, I stopped by the Halloween Store on 4th Avenue to visit with Wendy and discuss details regarding my Steampunk vest costume.

August 26th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at my apt.

August 27th, I had lunch with LOTR friend, Mary M, and we caught up on news at Wasabi.

August 28th, attended the NY Mets ballgame with Nancy Pina after work.  We had a great time, but sadly the Mets lost to the Boston Red Sox.

August 30th, I joined my friend Margaret in visiting Woodlawn cemetery up in the Bronx for a warm, humid afternoon outing.  It’s a lovely cemetery and so many impressive mausoleums.

August 31st, I jumped on the 8am bus bound for Albany, NY and the beginning of my vacation.  Picked up car rental from Enterprise in Albany and drove to Salem, MA to visit with friends.  I stayed overnight at the Clipper Ship Inn before heading up to Maine on the Tuesday.


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