Tuesday, November 03, 2015

October 1st, season three premiere episode of Sleepy Hollow on TV.

October 3rd, I went to the farmers market in my hood with my friend Gail and got lots of goodies.

October 4th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt.

October 6th, I participated in the BFP A&C committee conference call this evening.

October 7th, I participated at work in assisting with the ITC conference.

October 8th, I attended the monthly BFP board meeting, and afterwards headed home by taxi to watch episode 2 of Sleepy Hollow on TV.

October 10th, after Dana cleaned my apt, I had numerous errands to do around the hood, plus did some photography.

October 11th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt.

October 13th, I joined Wendy and Claudia in seeing the extended edition of “The Hobbit – Battle of the Five Armies” in the cinema after work.  It was great seeing it on the big screen.

October 15th, started out with me going for acupuncture treatment during lunch.  I was not feeling well and the treatment helped a lot.  Then around 5pm at work many of us got to meet Ray Knight of the 1986 NY Mets World Series champs.  After work I headed to the RailLine diner for the monthly “NYC Friends of Tolkien” meetup.  Topic of discussion was on writer and Inkling member, Charles Williams.  And finally jumped in a taxi to head home and watch episode 3 of the new Sleepy Hollow season.

October 17th, started out the day with a much needed chiropractor appt in the morning.  I then celebrated my birthday by hanging out with my friend Dennis at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Prospect Park and then dinner at The Jungle Café in my hood.  Weather was sunny, but very chilly, and ran into my friend Debbie near Grand Army Plaza.

October 18th, met up with Debbie and her hubby Larry at RoseWater Café for a delicious brunch.  Afterwards, Debbie and I strolled along parts of Park Slope to check out shops.  I got home in time for my private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt.

October 19th, I met up with my friend Deanna for delicious, enjoyable dinner after work.  We went to a Thai place on 14th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue.

October 20th, I had lunch with my friend Anni at the office.  After work I participated in the Brooklyn for Peace, Arts & Culture committee, happy hour event at The Brazen Head pub on Atlantic Avenue.  We had a nice turnout of 25 people and will be holding these “events” on a quarterly basis.

October 22nd, I stopped by the theater to see Wendy and pick up the Steampunk vest she created for me.  Then home to watch episode 4 of Sleepy Hollow on the telly.

October 23rd, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt.

October 24th, I had brunch with Dennis in Park Slope before heading over to Grand Army Plaza to assist BFP with UNICEF project.  Afterwards, I joined Dennis in a leisurely drive through Greenwood cemetery to engage in photo adventures.  It was so sad to see that many of the trees / leaves haven’t changed into their autumn colors.  Back at my hood I went and got a much needed manicure.

October 25th, I participated in a beginner’s workshop for Crocheting.  It was fun, interesting and informative.

October 30th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt.

October 31st, I joined friends of mine in Manhattan for dinner and attending the wildly outrageous annual NYC Halloween parade.  Fun evening  J


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