Sunday, March 05, 2017

Feb 1st, I had a dental appt at NYU College of Dentistry.  Molds of teeth and spaces taken for permanent crowns and partials.

Feb 2nd, after a much-needed manicure / pedicure, I dashed off to the monthly BFP board meeting.

Feb 3rd, I visited an ex co-worker at my old job.  We caught up on news and she helped me print out updates of my resume.  Then off to an interview with PBH for EA position with CFO.  Afterwards, I headed back to my hood for a much-needed chiropractor appt, and then watched another exciting episode of Sleepy Hollow on TV.

Feb 5th, I had a private yoga class at apt with Fabrice.  Later on, I watched the Mary Tyler Moore tv show marathon on Decades channel.  Brought back memories of my teenage years.

Feb 8th, I had an interview with another employment agency that went well.  Afterwards a late lunch and then visit with a friend at my old job.  Then downtown to stroll around Madison Square Park and the Grammercy Park areas to check out, and photog, fascinating old architecturally interesting buildings.

Feb 9th, snowstorm came through the NYC area and dropped 7 inches of the white stuff  J

Feb 10th, I had an interview with another employment agency that went well.  Afterwards, I headed down the Union Square area and the Halloween costume shop to visit with my friend Wendy.  Then strolled over to the Peacefood Café on 11th Street and University Place for a delicious late lunch.  In the evening, I watched a new episode of Sleepy Hollow on the telly.

Feb 11th, attended the BFP free Teach-In regarding “The People or Trump” at St Joseph’s College in Brooklyn.  The event was insightful, fascinating and informative.  Some of the speakers on the panels was William Hartung, Leslie Cagan, Karen Yau and Shatia Strother.  Afterwards, I headed up to Central Park to meet up with a friend and view part of the Ice Sculpture event.  We went to Nanoosh for a delicious dinner after the Central Park event.

Feb 12th, after my private yoga class at apt with Fabrice, I headed into Manhattan to volunteer at MTC were the wonderful August Wilson play, Jitney, was playing.  Afterwards, I headed down to the Union Square area with my friends Wendy and Deborah for a delicious dinner at Peacefoods Café.  Good food and diverse conversations.  Picked up some groceries at Wholefood’s before heading home.

Feb 13th, started a temp job with my old firm down in the Wall Street area and it feels good to be working once more.

Feb 16th, I had a physical therapy session after work for ankle/foot treatment.

Feb 17th, I finished my first week at temp assignment at my old firm.  Still don’t have a company laptop, security ID card or phone extension, but the temp agency timesheet works and that is a good thing.  Pay day once a week … I like that J

Feb 18th, after my cleaning lady [Dana] finished with my apt, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice, and then picked up an item I had framed.  It looks lovely on the wall in my living room.  That evening I joined other friends and acquaintances at a friend’s birthday dinner in Manhattan.  We had a great time at the Latitude bar and grill on 8th Avenue.

Feb 19th, I joined my friend Debbie in heading up to the NY botanical gardens in the Bronx for the wonderful Orchid Show.  Another lovely, sunny day that felt like spring and the gardens, plus the show, were busy with attendees.  Back in the city we taxied down to the Union Square area for an early dinner at Peacefood Café.  Delicious food!

Feb 20th, after work I got a much-needed manicure J

Feb 22nd, after work I attended a teach-in at “61 Local” called “Resisting the Trump Agenda”.  It was well attended by the community, plus students from Brooklyn College.  Learned about and will join that organization.  Before heading to the teach-in, I stopped by B&N to pick up the Maya Angelou book called “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”.

Feb 23rd, after work I jumped on the productive monthly BFP Fundraising committee meeting and conference call.

Feb 24th, my second week of temp duty at my old firm is done.  It was a busy productive week.  Watched another great episode on the telly of my beloved “Sleepy Hollow”.

Feb 26th, I joined my friend Wendy in the afternoon to see the Oscar nominated film LION at the cinema.  It is an excellent film and I highly recommend it.  Afterwards, we took a taxi to PeaceFood café for a delicious dinner and diverse conversation.

Feb 28th, I participated in the monthly Peace Action conference call after work regarding the DT regime in DC.


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