Monday, April 17, 2017

April 15, 2017
Commentary by M.Weinstein / BFP

In hundreds of demonstrations across this mighty country, Americans, by the tens of thousands, marched on Tax Day to demand that the only President in decades who has refused to show his taxes, do so now as they ask: "What are you hiding from us, Donald Trump?"

In NYC, tens of thousands gathered at Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan and the streets echoed to the cries of "Show us your Taxes! What are you hiding" as speaker after speaker heaped scorn on Trump's claim that Americans are "not interested" or "don't care" about his tax returns.

After speeches the marchers headed up Sixth Avenue in an hours-long parade. The march ended at that blot on the NYC skyline, Trump Tower. Never in all my years of protests against the Vietnam war and the Iraq war, with the administrations of Regan and Bush, have I witnessed such universal disdain and scorn for a President and certainly not this early in their administration.

With increasing hints of subversion of our electoral process and amazement at the open corruption and conflicts of interest of his appointments to high offices of fellow billionaires and scoundrels, it's no wonder that increasing numbers of Americans are looking at the President with increasing dislike and repulsion.

This was a peaceful and friendly outpouring of every-day patriotic Americans who seem to be saying "we want our country back. The sooner you leave, the better, Donald Trump!"


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