Sunday, July 02, 2017

June 1st, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt in the morning.  That afternoon I joined my friend Liz and others at Bryant Park for the weekly tea party.  The weather was a lovely, sunny Spring day and it was so enjoyable in the park sipping tea.  Afterwards, I headed over to my old job to see my friend Nancy and chat for an hour.  Then off to the terrific Highline in Chelsea for a leisurely stroll and take photos.  Back in my hood I had a delicious dinner at The Jungle Café before heading home.

June 3rd, I headed into Manhattan, around Lincoln Center, to attend the 41st annual American Crafts Festival.  Not as many vendors / artisans as in past years, and despite that, there was a lovely selection to view.  I did purchase one item for a small price, and while there my friend Sheila called me.  Afterwards, I headed up to West 68th Street for a delicious late lunch at Nanoosh.

June 4th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt in the morning.  Spent some time at Starbucks utilizing their free WiFi, so that I can do more job hunting.

June 5th, I had a physical therapy session in the morning for my ankle / foot.  Afterwards, I utilized the free WiFi at Starbucks in my hood for an hour.  Plus, the free WiFi at The Jungle Café while I noshed on a delicious lunch.  Had a call / interview with agency, HumanEdge, about possible EA positions.  Received some calls about upcoming EA job interviews for remainder of this week.

June 6th, after doing job hunting online in the morning, I headed down to Atlantic Avenue, and the new BFP office to assist with unpacking/organizing.  Then to The Jungle Café for a delicious vegan dinner and to utilize their free WiFi for more job hunting.

June 7th, meeting with my counselor at NY Dept of Labor regarding updating my resume and cover letter for job hunting.  Very productive and informative meeting.  Headed into Manhattan to do volunteer computer work at the WCW office.  Then on over to the Strand bookstore and then up to Grammercy Theater for the Mike McCready [Pearl Jam guitarist] book signing event.  Great evening!  Got to meet Mike, chat for a few minutes and he graciously signed my book.  Then home to relax.

June 8th, I had two interview calls in the morning that didn’t go so well.  But the in-person interview down on Wall Street went very well in the afternoon.  Afterwards, I headed to Park Slope in Brooklyn, to help out with the BFP Supporter Appreciation event at a member’s home.  It was a successful event, well attended, and great food by Mukti’s Kitchen.

June 9th, after I had my private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt in the morning, I headed to the BFP office on Atlantic Avenue to assist with computer work.  Afterwards, I headed into Manhattan, and the upper westside, to enjoy a delicious vegan dinner with friends at Candle Café West.  Went back to their apt to meet their rescue doggie, the delightful Pookie, and then headed home.  Many thanks to Pete and Nadine for the CD called “The Road Home” and several pairs of socks.

June 10th, I joined my friend Dennis at the Central Park zoo, as he had free admission.  Weather is warmer and sunny with lots of people out in the park enjoying it.  Afterwards, we headed down to the “Friends of Tolkien” meetup to enjoy dinner and watch the 1978 Bakshi animated film of LOTR.

June 11th, I had my private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt in the morning.

June 13th, I had two phone calls with temp agencies this afternoon.

June 14th, I had an in-person interview on Park Avenue and it went very well in the early afternoon for a 4-month temp assignment.  Afterwards, I headed back to Brooklyn and Atlantic Avenue to do volunteer work on the computer at BFP office.

June 15th, after an interesting call / interview with another agency, I went to get a much-needed manicure.  Afterward, I had a light lunch at The Jungle Café before heading into Manhattan, and joining my friend Liz for the weekly tea party in Bryant Park.  She was there with her sons and friends.  It was an enjoyable few hours of tea, goodies and diverse conversations.  I then headed to the BFP office for the monthly board members meeting, which was very productive.  Throughout the day I received about 7 to 9 calls from agencies about possible interviews.

June 16th, one of the calls from the 15th was from a new agency and they wanted an in-person interview with me this morning.  It went very well and informative.  Back home I had some lunch and answered emails before heading to the BFP office to volunteer with computer work, plus impromptu meeting regarding some upcoming committee meetings.

June 17th, after my cleaning lady finished with my apt, I had my private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt around noontime.

June 19th, after a phone call interview that went so-so and a call with an agency; I headed into Manhattan for my dental appt, which lasted three-hours.

June 20th, I had two job interviews today.  First one was in the morning and it’s a second interview at Park Avenue location.  It went very well.  While waiting for the second interview, via phone, I got a call that Mom was rushed to the hospital with troubles breathing.  Dad and his brother-in-law drove to the hospital.  Second interview, via phone, went very well with a global bank.

June 21st, I worked with my old job online / phone regarding their Benefits Express for retirement / pension.  Took up most of the morning.  Whew!  In the early afternoon, I had a phone interview with a bank and it went very well.  Afterwards I took care of chores and errands, plus made phone calls, especially with my parents.

June 22nd, I attended the newly rebooted BFP A&C committee meeting, and we accomplished quite abit during the 1.5-hour session.

June 23rd, after my physical therapy session for ankle/foot; I received a phone call from a company I had interviewed with two weeks ago.  They made me an offer and I happily accepted.  I start new job as EA on Tuesday, June 27th.  Today marked 2 months since I last worked and I am so relieved to have a new job lined up.

June 24th, after my private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt, I did grocery shopping, and then my friend Cielito showed up for the weekend to visit.  Before heading into Manhattan, she treated me to a delicious dinner at The Jungle Café.  Headed to Central Park on a lovely Summer day to watch NYC at its groovy self.  Bongo players, peeps roller skating to disco music and the SummerStage fest that is a free event.  The bands and musicians were from Portugal.  Music was uber kewl and groovy.

June 25th, I volunteered with BFP at their tabling during the annual Smith Street Fair.

June 26th, after an emergency dental appt to re-cement a temp crown that had fallen out, I headed down to my new job for 2-hours of paperwork and meeting some of the office staff.  Felt good vibes from it all and excited about my first day on Tuesday [9am to 5pm].

June 27th, my first full day of work at new job as EA to the Executive Director.  Working with his current EA, as she transitions out and I transition into the role.  Started training on the numerous duties I will be undertaking as the new EA.  Lunched at one of my ole haunts from the Water Street temp days.  After work, I did some window shopping at Dress Barn before heading to my physical therapy session for ankle and foot.

June 28th, another full day of work at my new job as EA down on Wall Street.  Still training on the transitioning of the role.  During lunch, I enjoyed the sunshine and my tasty lunch at a small park near Water Street.  After work, I head to the BFP office on Atlantic Avenue for the monthly fundraising committee meeting.

June 29th, another full day of work at my new job down on Wall Street and still in training for the transition.  After work I headed up to Union Square to attend the “Intro to Buddhism” at the SGI center.  Looking to get more spiritualism into my life and be part of the Buddhist community.

June 30th, after a productive first week of work at new job, I took the East River ferry boat from Wall Street back to my hood.  Headed to The Jungle Café for a tasty lunch on this sunny, but humid day in NYC.


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