Tuesday, October 31, 2006

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MESSAGE FROM JESSICA FLAGG - Want Vote integrity? Get On it!
After seeing the New York Times editorial yesterday, I called the DNC 202-863-8000 and the DSCC 202-224-2447 and the DCCC 202-863-1500 to let them know that I thought they needed a state by state strategy to get voters to vote on paper for every state using the electronic machines. I didn't exactly get an enthusiastic response. The DNC switched me to Howard Dean's voice mail but I spoke to warm bodies in the other two offices. Both the DSCC and the DCCC told me that their strategy was to post lawyers and poll watchers at every polling station. I replied that I didn't think that was a strategy to win, but rather a strategy to watch them steal another election, since voting in PA, GA, OH, NM. CA, CT, SD, in fact most states, will happen 'seamlessly' on electronic machines that produce no audit trail. When I pressed the DSCC Deputy campaign services director about how to get paper ballots at each polling station, I was told that each secretary of state and the boards of election needed to hear from the voters in every state to demand paper ballots. I asked the DSCC to get an email out to that effect to everyone on their list! Pronto! I said that we needed to see a Democratic strategy to guarantee that the vote won't be stolen again. It is highly probable that to get enough paper ballots to cover every potential voter in every precinct (this is not the same as a provisional ballot) election officials will need to hear from voters directly. The Democratic Party needs to deal with this. They should reach out to all the 527's that support them like Moveon to get every democratic voter who they can reach to make phone calls, write letters, send faxes.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ... It's not who votes that counts... it's who counts the votes (that counts) Joseph Stalin


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