Thursday, November 02, 2006

DOESN’T SHOW THE COURAGE OF HIS CONVICTIONS … AGAIN [Commentary From My Friend Judith In Riverdale, NY]

What is wrong with John Kerry? His apology for his "joke", saying he meant to insult President Bush, absurd. The original joke told the truth and what the US has; (of course with MANY, MANY exceptions) is a "poverty draft". Most (NOT all, of course) of those who, in recent years (right before & since the Iraq war), go into the National Guard and the Army, do so for THE MONEY. (I know several examples of this myself … former students, some in their families; a friend's relative) These are poor people. Some go in to get money for college, others because they are HS graduates and can't get a civilian job, or have civilian jobs that don't pay enough to support their families as they would want. The army recruiters don't go into rich white neighborhoods and high schools, or rarely do. They concentrate on the poor black neighborhoods, on ghetto schools, on poor whites, too, in the south and Midwest. This is (the students are told) their way out of poverty, their way out of the streets, the way to get opportunities. (They don't say, "If you don't get seriously injured or disabled, physically or mentally, or killed".) Not being in college, not having a high paying career, or being in the process of studying for one, is the reason MOST (again, NOT ALL) are those "on the firing line" in Iraq. This is the reality. And Kerry meant this, and didn't (again) show the guts to say it, once confronted. The same pathetic showing Kerry had in his Presidential campaign. He is always afraid to show the courage of his convictions and tell the truth.

[Duchess Note – I so agree with Judith and many thanks in sharing your views. I’m still pissed at Kerry for this latest weakness. Dude, get some backbone! His comments were correct and he spoke the truth. There is no need to apologize AND the other Democrats should of supported him 100%. I’m disgusted with many Democrats right now and will be voting for some Green Party and Working Families candidates on November 7th.]


Anonymous Josee said...
Here's a good article by Nader about this.

I got Kerry's joke and I think the only people who are insulting the troops are the people taking what he said and miscontruing it into something it's not. Maybe Kerry's still working with the white house to distract the country from what's really going on. I did however read an article with Kerry's explanation and he totally put down the Bush. I'll try and find it and post it. If that explanation was printed it should have shut everyone up, but of course it's easier to lie.

9:29 PM  
Blogger Charlene said...

Thanks for the link to the Nader article, of which I'll read shortly. Your exactly right MF regarding Kerry's joke. The ones who are insulting and abusing our troops are the Republicans who were demanding Kerry apologize. As the saying goes, "truth is a bitter pill to swallow", and I'm all for truth and putting down slugs like Bush. If you can find the "explanation" that would be great. I'd love to read it and I'm sure others would too. The voting polls open here in NYC in roughly 8 hours. On Air America this evening, there have already been reports of major tampering with voting machines in 8 states. I've been telling some people over last week or so to vote for candidates who are pro-peace, anti-war [hum, well, that leaves out Hillary Clinton] and also to be vigilant. Why? Cause the Republicans will be trying to steal this election. Just like they stole 2000 and 2004. Power and greed just begats more.

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