Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Poem by Joe Allegro

Tis once again upon us, the holiday season,
We gather to celebrate, validate and give reason.
Our many blessings, friends, family and health,
Could there be any other, true measure of wealth?

We’ve all much to give thanks for, in this I trust,
So many on the planet, not fortunate as us.
Economic turmoil, hunger, violence and despair,
Ubiquitous and ever present, pollutants in our air.

They stifle our growth and our progress impede,
For all of these things, we’ve truly no need.
Let us do all we can, to eliminate the blight,
I am certain my friends, we can all make it right.

Winds of change have blown, cross our land this year
The audacity of hope, replacing doubt and fear.
So let us make a new start, please let me know,
That you’re all fired up! And ready to go!

If you find overwhelming, these things that I ask,
I have every faith that you, can handle this task.
You’re a bringer of peace, joy and love, its true,
These things you bring to us, by just being you.


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