Sunday, February 08, 2009


The Pseudo Stimulus
James S. Henry, The Nation

Kucinich on Lou Dobbs Show about Citigroup Sponsorship of NY Mets Field – On CNN’s Lou Dobbs Show, Dennis Kucinich says Citygroup [a recipient of federal bailout funds] should drop its $400 million sponsorship deal of the NY Mets field.

Kucinich Reintroduces Dept of Peace Bill with 62 Co-Sponsors

Barack Obama’s Not-So Non-Ideological Inaugural Address
Paul Street, Black Agenda Report

Obama Preserves Renditions as Counter-Terrorism Tool
Greg Miller, LA Times,0,4661244.story

Pearl Jam Pumped up to Hit the Studio
Jonathan Cohen, Billboard

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Linda (TX), Carol (NYC) and Andrea (NJ) in sharing many of the above articles. I am also so excited to learn that Pearl Jam is working on a new album and even more jazzed that Kucinich re-introduced HR808 into Congress. To learn more about the latter and attend the upcoming 5th Annual Peace Conference in DC, go to ]


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