Wednesday, February 11, 2009


[Duchess Note – Sincere apologies for the long delay with “personal news” and that it’ll be in a condensed version. Enjoy!]

Monday, December 22nd, I enjoyed a tasty holiday lunch with EY co-workers Keith and Lily at Jacks, which is off of 7th Avenue.

Tuesday, December 23rd, Dee and I did volunteering at the St Luke’s Lutheran church “soup kitchen”.

December 24th through 27th – I visited my parents, brother and sister-in-law for the Christmas holiday in upstate NY.

Friday evening, January 2nd, I enjoyed a nice, leisurely dinner with Jackie at Fiddlesticks pub in Greenwich Village.

Saturday, January 3rd, after my chiropractor visit I headed into Manhattan for a NYDoP working meeting at Carol’s place with Marianne and Priscilla. Afterwards I headed home to do laundry and change into nicer clothes for dinner/drinks with members of the Northeast Tolkien Society at the Pig ‘n Whistle pub. We were celebrating the birthday of Professor Tolkien with a toast and then afterwards strolled over to Rockefeller Center to observe the holiday décor.

Sunday, January 4th, I went to the Unitarian Community Church on East 35th Street to see the documentary “Invisible War”, which was regarding Depleted Uranium in warfare. Afterwards I headed back up to Carol’s place [Marianne joined us] for a follow-up working meeting.

Tuesday evening, January 6th, I joined other members from NYDoP CCR committee on a conference call to discuss upcoming Community Board meeting presentations. Very productive conference call and feeling inspired.

On Thursday, January 8th, I learned that I would no longer be supporting FSO Insurance Tax at E&Y. Plus the upcoming move would also incorporate a “new” group, not only here in NYC, but with all E&Y offices around the US. That group is known as the “Business Services Center”, or what I and other EAs refer to as the new “secretarial pool”. So I’m being moved into the BSC, along with 10 others at our NYC office. Amidst all this there were more E&Y layoffs here in NYC and throughout the other US offices. Unsettling is one way to describe one’s feelings at this time, as well as jittery.

Friday evening, January 9th, I joined other ladies at “Friday Nite Knits” in Fort Hamilton section of Brooklyn.

Monday evening, January 12th, I joined Kevin and Howard at the Community Board Manhattan #6 “public safety” meeting on the eastside. Kevin gave a brief presentation, and then this was followed by a 40 minute Q&A segment.

Following evening, January 13th, was the NYDoP board “business” meeting held at Healthy Body. The meeting was very productive and successful, plus it’s always a pleasure seeing other NYDoP members.

Thursday, January 15th, was a busy day at work with meetings, being moved to a new floor and then attending Community Board Manhattan #9 meeting with Kevin on upper Westside. Kevin gave a presentation on DoP and this was followed by a brief Q&A segment. We also ran into Matt from Councilmember Dickens office and had a brief, informative discussion.

Saturday afternoon, January 17th, I headed up to Yonkers ferret shelter to help Joanne with volunteer duties. Hadn’t been to the shelter since April 2008 and it felt good to be with the wee furkids again, plus catch up on news with Joanne.

Wednesday, January 21st, watched the 2-hour season premiere of LOST. WooHoo!

Thursday evening, January 22nd, I joined other “Park Slope knit” ladies at Sweet Melissa’s. It was an enjoyable evening and interesting conversations.

Friday evening, January 23rd, my living room window was cracked by an icy snowball thrown by a group of 10 kids. Apparently these youthful “gangs” do this sort of thing randomly. I’ve lived at this location for 23 years and this is the first vandalism to my abode. I hope it’s the last! Called my landlady and she came over with clear plastic, duck tape and cardboard to cover up the window. I also phoned the local police and they came by to view the scene, plus write up a report. All this is abit unsettling, to say the least.

Sunday, January 25th, I attended a “transitional meditation” [ie: Share International] meeting on the upper Westside. I was invited by fellow goddess Cielito.

Monday, January 26th, I took a personal day from work, so I could be at home to supervise the living room window is properly repaired, and that no one broke in to my abode. Feels good not having chilly drafts whipping into my home. Amen!

Tuesday evening, January 27th, I joined other members from NYDoP CCR committee on a conference call to discuss upcoming Community Board meeting presentations. Very productive conference call and feeling inspired.

Saturday, January 31st, I joined about 8 to 10 other members of TGTSNBN for brunch at TOAST on the upper Westside. Due to the freezing temps, brisk winds and icy conditions on the Quidditch pitch, the game has been postponed until February.

Feb 3rd through 5th … Worked at a client site with another BSC member for three days on a project.

Saturday, February 7th, evening was “movie night” at my friend Linda’s home. We had a tasty meal of tuna casserole, mango juice and chocolate chip cookies. We watched “Lady Hawke” and “Yes”, both of which were really good films.


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