Friday, March 06, 2009

“LOST” – TV SHOW [Questions & Thoughts]

· What is the smoke monster? How did it come into being? Why does it live underground in an ancient temple?
· Who built and/or sculpted the huge statue [facing the ocean on the beach], that has 4 toes?
· How “old” is Richard Alpert? Why does not age over time? How did he come to be on the island?
· When did the ship, the Black Rock, come on shore? Were there any survivors?
· Of the original Oceanic flight, where are the survivors since Ben Linus moved the island?
· Who or what is the mysterious Jacob?
· Where did Charlotte’s “dead” body disappear to?
· Where did Frank Lapidus [pilot of helicopter etc] go with the passenger list/ manifest?
· Are the young Ben Linus and his father on the island in the 1970s?
· How is it that Hurley can see and speak with dead Oceanic flight passengers?
· How did Charles Widmore make his millions? And why did he leave the island after many years of living on it?
· What is Eloise Hawkings main connection to Dharma Initiative and the island? [Her last name is the same as Stephen Hawkings the physics genius & author.]
· What type of magnetic forces stem from the island and/or control it?
· How does the island travel in time?
· Why was the US military interested in the island back in the 1950s?
· Richard says Locke is special, how so?
· Why are there Polar Bears on the island?
· Is Claire alive or dead?
· What did Kate do with Aaron? [Personally, I think she gave him to Claire’s mother.]
· Are Penny and Desmond dead? If so, did Ben Linus do it?
· How is it possible that Locke is “alive” after being dead?
· Why does the Dharma Initiative fear the “hostiles”, whose leader appears to be Richard Alpert?
· Walt [ie: Michael’s son] is special too and has visions about the people on the island.
· Pregnant women seem to go full term leading up to the 1970s, but from 1990’s onward die after first trimester or during labor. Why is this?
· Rose’s cancer disappeared and Locke could walk again. How did the island cure them?

[Duchess Note: More to follow, plus feel free to add your own to list above.]


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