Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wednesday afternoon, April 1st, I attended a one-hour BSC meeting with our manager. That evening I participated in the NYDoP CCR Committee conference call regarding recent Community Board meetings, and a new agenda to focus our efforts on for R627.

Thursday evening, April 2nd, I joined others from TGTSNBN at Café Metro for the monthly HP meetup. The evening was in celebration of the Weasley twins [Fred & George] birthday and any other member who was born on April Fools Day. It was very enjoyable and some members did comic sketches that were HP themed.

Saturday, April 4th, I joined many members from TGTSNBN at Riverside Park for Quidditch. Afterwards we trekked over to TOAST for a delicious, warm brunch and lively conversation. Then I joined a few members [ie: Elaine, Pam, Deanna, Christian and Lisa] in going to the Scottish Tartan Day parade on 6th Avenue. From there I headed up to B&N on the Westside to purchase more of Lynn Kurland’s wonderful time-travel romance novels.

Tuesday evening, April 7th, I participated in the monthly Peace Alliance “all call” at 9pm. Lynn McMullen was the host and the guest speaker was Juan Pacheco; who currently volunteers as the East Coast Representative for Barrios Unidos–Virginia Chapter. Barrios Unidos is a youth violence prevention / intervention and community awareness organization. The uniqueness of Barrios Unidos, Inc. lies in its transformational approach. Barrios Unidos offers hope by exposing youth to the power of resiliency through utilizing adults and older youth who have themselves experienced and overcome the challenges young people face. Barrios Unidos believes that drawing upon the resources of adults and older youth that have made it out of the “street life,” assists youth in choosing life-affirming behavior, positive self-esteem, constructive goals, supportive community, and cultural pride. Mr. Pacheco provides many motivational speeches and presentations, as well as running educational and recreational youth groups. He founded the Kids Club/Computer Lab program, in addition to organizing many community activities. Juan was also a guest speaker at the recent 5th Annual Peace Conference in Washington DC, which I attended with other members of NYDoP.

Wednesday evening, April 8th, I attended the NYC LOST meetup at the Irish Rogue pub. Also joining me was fellow TGTSNBN member, Deborah. We had a great time and it was awesome chatting with other LOST fans about the show, and our “theories” on certain storylines.

Easter weekend, April 10th through 12th, I visited my parents, plus my brother and sister-in-law, in upstate New York. Activities over the holiday weekend included … ride my bike, yard work with Dad, hair salon appt, brunch at Country Gals Café, shopping at “Over the Moon” bead shop, cable TV, etc.

Saturday evening, April 18th, I joined my friend Cielito in a Landmark Forum event, which was followed by a Sock Hop.

Sunday, April 19th, I volunteered with others at the annual MS Walk, and we were stationed at Cadman Plaza West in Brooklyn. That evening I joined my friend Linda in attending a “talk” regarding Night Hawk Minerals. It was at someone's cool, funky apartment in the Union Square/Chelsea area of Manhattan. Jay Gutierrez spoke with clarity, passion, intelligence and charm about his business ... Night Hawk Minerals. He's been committed for 20 years in helping people to wellness via these “Stone & Radiation Hormesis”. I purchased one of the items, a charming necklace, which I’ve been wearing since Monday. One of these days I want to purchase the “kit”, but for now the necklace will suffice. Check out more on this topic at

Tuesday evening, April 21st, I participated in the New Yorkers for a Dept of Peace “training” meeting, which was hosted by Marianne and Kevin.

Early Tuesday evening, April 23rd, I joined Kevin in attending Community Board Manhattan #2 meeting down on the Greenwich Village & Chelsea border. We’ve been plugging DoP HR 808 and of course New York City Council Resolution 627.

Tuesday, April 28th, I joined Kevin and Howard in attending Community Board Brooklyn #15 meeting out at Kingsborough Community College. Howard and I met up at Kevin’s home in Windsor Terrace neighborhood in Brooklyn, and then drove out to the college near Brighton Beach. It was a really good meeting with some interesting interaction among the CB members. Afterwards the three of us talked briefly with Councilmember Fidler and a news reporter from Brooklyn’s own News 12.

Thursday evening, April 30th, I participated in the NYDoP CCR committee conference call.


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