Friday, August 14, 2009

Commentary on American TV News
by Andrew Bayuk

Truly the so-called "news" on TV has hit an all time low. Driven by primarily ad sponsors and corporate lobbying, the news we see on TV is little better than tabloid journalism. All day long we hear supposed "news" reports that might as well begin, "rumor has it that...". These particles of gossip are then endlessly speculated upon, editorialized and peppered with inexpert personal opinion as the stories weave their way through the broken 24-hour news cycle. This negates a check and balance that journalism used to have on our political system.

The day of responsible journalism, which checks its sources, verifies and substantiates initial reports, are all but over. In its place we have interest driven propaganda. Some so-called news sources purposefully slant the news; such as Fox and MSNBC, but the rest have been become little more than uninteresting talk shows. It's very difficult to get to the meat of any real story, we have to watch a story be launched in a hyperbolic hyped rumor style, and then over the course of many days or weeks get distilled down to its real substance.

Personally, I am to the point where I can't even watch TV news anymore, and I have to get my news online where I can get a little closer to reading the actual story. Still an imperfect system, but I don’t have to hear the inane babbling that includes inappropriate emotional reaction and hand wringing to horrible crisis and trauma.

I challenge any TV Station or Network to step up and provide a real news alternative, one that follows the true rules of responsible journalism, with proper verification and vetting of news reports. Any news program that does that will gain a large audience once the word gets out. The program may not constantly be "scooping" all the other news programs, but it will be trusted and be an American Treasure, instead of an American Disgrace....

[Duchess Note: Absolutely! I totally agree with Andrew’s commentary 100%. The only “news” I deem worthy of listening to is WBAI, Democracy Now, BBC World News and occasionally Air America. Though the latter has become more disappointing over the years, as they seem to becoming “centrist”, plus I read my news “online”, and can’t stand newspapers. Yes, “real” new can be boring at times, but at least one is obtaining more “truth” than the crap on Fox News and MSNBC. The latter two deal more in rumors, lies, hate and scare-mongering. If we really want to change TV news and America in general, then we have to be united. A united force, we the people, has so much power it’s amazing. Many have forgotten how to utilize it properly, or believe the continued “lies” on TV news. We can make a difference … big time.]


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